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Defiant Dawns Diapering

Part 3

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Dawn looked up over Brittany towering over her making Dawn feel very small. Dawn instictively placed her thumb in her mouth and suckled, she blushed at the mention of her not just bed wetting more of bed soaking. Brittany smiled down at her now infantile student and smiled in triumph, she had made her obedient, quiet and her baby in the space of a few days. She even had her wetting the bed. Brittany was sure there was no way it could get better than this. Brittany then noticed Dawn was wetting herself through her already soaked panties, Dawn didn't even seem to notice.

"Did you feel that baby?" Brittany asked watching Dawn still dribbling a little.

"Feel what, Mommy?" Dawn asked thumb still in her mouth.

"Oh, nothing sweetie." Brittany replied picking up Dawn and setting her on the changing table. She was wrong now it couldn't get any better. Brittany lifted Dawn's legs and removed her dripping wet formerly white panties.

"I'm hungry Mommy." Dawn whined like a toddler.

"Hold on sweetie let me change you into a diaper first before you wet yourself again." Brittany replied. Brittany lowered Dawns legs and spread them to clean her pussy.

"No! I'm hungry now!" Dawn pouted, throwing a tantrum. She sat up and folded her arms over her naked perky breasts.

"Fine," Brittany conceeded to Dawn's whinning. She carried Dawn into the living room and sat her on the couch her head in Brittany's arms. Brittany removed her shirt and bra then placed her nipple close to Dawn's mouth. Dawn latched onto her nipple and suckled. Dawn breast fed from Brittany for about ten minutes when Brittany turned on some cartoons for Dawn to watch. Dawn fell asleep on Brittany's lap for an hour.

Dawn awoke looking up at her Mommy looking down at her with care. Dawn and Brittany locked eyes and stared passionately. Brittany leaned down and kissed Dawn tenderly. Dawn accepted and kissed back. Their kissing soon became more involved as Dawn's naked form laying across Brittany's lap was too much to ignore. Brittany's hand slid down to Dawn's pussy and touched it playfully, stimulating Dawn quickly. Soon Dawn was moaning from the touch of Brittany's hand. Dawn writhed in passion, Brittany was so wet she could hardly contain herself. Dawn returned the favor she placed one hand over Brittany's leg and gently moved closer to her pussy, only to be stopped by something puffy, soft. Dawn immediately knew and looked knowingly into her eyes. Brittany blushed but accepted the warm touch of Dawn's hand. As both girls drew closer to their climax Brittany felt something warm and wet touching her hands she knew Dawn was having an accident, Brittany didn't care, it turned her on. Brittany and Dawn finally at the same time climaxed. Soon after Brittany wet her diaper and they both relaxed in each others arms.

Brittany didn't care she needed a diaper change or the fact that Dawn needed to be put in another diaper before she wet herself again. She didn't care, neither of them cared they had each other.

To be continued...

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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