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Defiant Dawn

Part 4

Dawn was the first to wake she was still naked in Brittany's lap with a puddle on the couch cushion she was laying on. She didn't know if she had wet herself while she was asleep or still awake but it didn't matter. Dawn knew her mommy would take care of everything. Dawn sat up and saw the same pool dripping off the couch from underneath Brittany. Dawn smiled and wondered who the real baby was, afterall if Brittany was already having accidents it would stand to reason that Brittany wore diapers first.

Dawn yawned and stretched, it didn't really matter to her. As far as she was concerned Brittany was a great mommy. Not soon after Brittany awoke and saw the stain on the couch and Dawn's cute smiling face. Brittany laughed at the situation. Brittany smiled and kissed Dawn passionately on the lips. Dawn returned the kiss and Brittany lead Dawn back into the nursery. Dawn followed still naked and now rather cold. Brittany escorted Dawn onto the changing table and began to clean her diaper area. Brittany then easily put her baby into a diaper with princesses and teddy bears on it and over top put a blue baby dress that came down barely past her naval. Brittany then switched with Dawn, it was her turn. Dawn took off Brittany's dripping wet diaper and after a quick clean and powdering was back in diapers, this time cloth with plastic pants. Brittany stood up and placed a pacifier in Dawn's mouth.

"Alright we're almost ready." Brittany said casually examining her diaper slightly hanging out the back of her dress.

"Ready for what?" Dawn questioned through her pacifier. Also inspecting herself in the mirror seeing her dress onto covered the top half of her diaper.

"To go to class, it's Monday morning." Brittany said putting on make up and selecting which high heels to wear.

"What! I can't go to class like this everyone will laugh at me!" Dawn whined.

"I know this isn't all fun and games, remember this is punishment, baby." Brittany retorted emphasizing the baby. Brittany was soon ready to go and after packing a diaper bag took Dawn out the door nearly dragging her.

They arrived in class that was in stunned silence at Dawn's appearance. Dawn crinkled her way to her desk as her classmates gazed at her infantile figure. Dawn was wearing a blue baby dress that did nothing to conceal her diapers, a blue pacifier, her hair was in pigtails and instead of books in one hand she had an oversized baby bottle full of formula and the other another diaper. Dawn was bright red and was on the verge of crying but she had to follow her mommy's instructions. She wasn't allowed to mention anything about her appearance if asked, she has to finish her bottle before the first break, she was to use her diapers as normal and she wasn't allowed to change herself.

Dawn sat at her desk and suckled the formula from her bottle while people stared and she listened to Brittany's lecture. Everyone was so enthralled by Dawn they didn't notice their teacher also had half a cloth diaper hanging out the back of her skirt.

The first two hours of class proceeded without incident other than a few snickers her and there no doubt at Dawn's exspense. Dawn drank her bottle and kept her head down in shame. She couldn't believe it last week she was an eighteen year old woman this week she was having accidents in her diapers and drinking out of a bottle in class. She wasn't even allowed to change her diapers, she felt frustrated at the lack of control. Dawn sighed and drained most of her baby bottle listening to Brittany. Dawn continued drinking and started to day dream of her night with her mommy. Soon Dawn's hand drifted down into her diapers and she began to touch herself gently and quietly. After a few minutes she began to writhe in her desk. Brittany noticed and took immediate action.

"Dawn! I told you no touching your diapers." Brittany exclaimed she walked over to Dawn's desk pulled her out and walked back to Brittany's desk. Brittany pulled Dawn over her lap and pulled her diaper down around her knees. Brittany began spanking Dawn in front of her whole class. Dawn was so upset and mortified she began to cry and wet herself. Most of her tears streamed down her face and only some of her accident made it into her diapers, the rest pooled on the floor.

To be continued...

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