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True Love

Brad is a 27 year old 5'10" man weighing 245 lbs with brown hair and hazel eyes. Kallie is a 19 year old 5'2" girl weighing 120 lbs with long brown hair and green eyes. Brad has had a major crush on Kallie since the first time he saw her. After several failed attempts to get her to go out with him he basically gave up. After 8 months she asked him one day if he still wanted to go out with her, of course his answer was "Yes". So they went over their work schedules and arranged the day they would go on their date. That date turned into 2, then 3, until they decided they were a couple. So after about a month of being together, one night Kallie met Brad at his house, a two story 2 bdrm. 2 bath house, for dinner. After dinner he took her on a tour of the house ending in his bedroom where they just sat on the bed and talked for a couple of hours. While Brad excused himself to go to the bathroom, Kallie walked around the bedroom looking at some of his family photos and ceramic Eagles that he was collecting when she come across a drawer on his dresser that had a latch and a lock on it. Since Brad was not back yet, Kallie curiously looked over the dresser for the key with no success. After Brad returned they continued talking when Kallie asked about the locked drawer. This made Brad really nervous, and just responded by telling her that it is something really private and felt like they needed to be together a little bit longer before he let her know what was in it. Kallie said that she would accept that if he would only answer one question, Brad said sure, so Kallie asked if it was anything illegal? Brad assured her that there was nothing illegal about the contents of the drawer.

As time went on Brad and Kallie reach 9 months together. Brad, still wondering when Kallie will ask again about the drawer, has been trying to come up with the words to say to explain its contents. The night they celebrated their 9 month anniversary, they went to a movie and had dinner at Brad's house. After dinner they sat on the couch watching TV when Kallie turns the TV off and turns to Brad and ask, "Are you ready to tell me about the "Secret" drawer in your bedroom?" Brad's heart dropped and he got really, really nervous. Kallie could tell that this made him nervous and she assured him that whatever it is, she will be able to handle it. Brad felt slightly better, no much, but better. He tells Kallie that he has been trying to come up with the words to say and is still not sure how to put it. So Brad takes Kallie's hand and leads her up to his bedroom. He pulls out his house keys and tells her witch one it is, that she will need to see for herself. With that, Kallie took the keys from Brad and walked over to the dresser, unlocked the drawer and pulled it open, with a surprised look on her face she just sat there on her knees and stared at the contents of the drawer.

After a few minutes of silence, Kallie just reached in the drawer and pulled out an adult diaper. She put the lock and key on the dresser, walked over to the bed and sat down looking at Brad and then the diaper, then Brad and back at the diaper. Brad let Kallie be the first to break the silence, when she asked why he had a drawer full of diapers. Brad sat down next to her on the bed and began to explain to her that there are times, not all the time that he just likes to wear diapers. Sometimes it's for a few hours and sometimes he will wear them for 24 hours. Kallie asked why he likes to wear diapers and Brad answered that he really does not know why. At this point Brad is so nervous he is going to need a diaper soon but he also feels relieved that Kallie is still sitting there and has not ran out the door saying she doesn't want to see him anymore. Kallie then ask Brad if he uses the diapers when he wears them. Brad tells her that he only pees in them, he does not mess in them. In a way Kallie was a little relieved to hear that. Then Kallie ask if he is wearing one now, which Brad answers "No, but with my nerves acting like they are I wish I did because I could pee right now!"

Kallie spends the next few minutes trying to calm Brad's nerves by getting into a conversation about the diapers. She would ask the question and he would answer her. This would go on for about 30 minutes when she finally asked him if he would put the diaper on so she could see him in it. Brad thinks about it and says yes. He takes the diaper form Kallie and heads to the bathroom to change. After about 5 minutes Brad returns to the bedroom to find Kallie looking at the rest of the diapers. When Kallie turns around to see he has returned, she ask him to remove his pants. Brad unbuttons and unzips his pants removing them so now he stands there in front of Kallie wearing just a t-shirt and a diaper. Kallie walks up to him and starts to fill the diaper all around and asks if he needs to pee. Brad says he doesn't at the moment due to his nerves have calmed down. Kallie just shakes her head and says "OK"! Kallie then suggest that they go back downstairs and watch some TV. Brad goes to put his pants back on when Kallie asks him not to, he agrees and they head back down stairs to watch TV.

After 45 minutes of watching TV, Kallie still exploring the diaper on Brad, rubbing the front and back, Brad is so relaxed that he just starts wetting the diaper without realizing it. Kallie knew right away that he was wetting the diaper since she was rubbing the front of the diaper at that exact time. She just holds her hand there feeling the diaper get warm from the pee. When Brad finishes Kallie looks at the diaper and see that it is bulging almost to its max and says to Brad, "WOW! It really holds a lot doesn't it?" Brad looks to see what she's talking about and notices that he wet his diaper right in front of Kallie. Now he wouldn't be too embarrassed about it since that's what Kallie was really wanting to see upstairs, but now, if it wasn't already obvious to her, Kallie could see that he was hard. Seeing the surprised look on his face, Kallie asked if he didn't know he was wetting his diaper. Brad just admits that he was so relaxed and caught up in the show that he honestly didn't know what he had done. Kallie then suggest that he change before it happens again, because the diaper will not hold if it does. Brad said that he will wait until the show is over that they were watching since it only had like 10 minutes left. After the show Brad and Kallie went upstairs to the bedroom and Brad retrieved another diaper and was headed to the bathroom when Kallie asked him something that made him stop dead in his tracks. Kallie wanted to change his diaper!

Brad asked if she was sure she wanted to do that, and Kallie responded telling him that if he was going to wear diapers that the least she could do was make it easier on him by changing him when he needed changing. Brad just handed her the diaper and laid on the bed as she proceeded to take his wet diaper off, now fully exposing his hard-on to Kallie. Kallie just went about her business like she never even saw it. As she was preparing to put the fresh diaper on Brad she commented, "Well the last diaper held up to concealing it so this one should do the same!" With that she pulled the front of the diaper up and taped it shut. With Brad in a fresh diaper, they just sat there on the bed and talked some more about the diapers. After some time talking about the diapers, Kallie shocked Brad when she told him that she would like to try it, wearing diapers!

Brad just looked at her with a shocked look on his face, and then asked if she was sure she wanted to wear a diaper? Kallie told him that she wanted to see if she would like wearing them as much as he does. Kallie brings up how big the diapers are that Brad has, he confirms that his are big because of how big his waist is and that he doesn't have any diapers that are small enough for her. So, Kallie tells him to put is pants and shoes back on so that they could go buy some diapers that "Will" fit her. As Brad is putting his pants and shoes on, Kallie disposes of the wet diaper in the kitchen trash and they get in his car and head to the nearest store that sells adult diaper. They arrive at a drug store that is down the street from him, which is where he buys his diapers from, and they go in and head straight to the adult diaper isle. They browse the shelves when Brad points out the purple pull up style that is designed for women, but Kallie says that she doesn't want the pull up, she wants the diaper style that he wears. Brad stops dead and starts to look around, Kallie just now realizing she said that kinda loud. Brad puts the pull up style back on the shelf and gets the same brand of diaper that he gets, just in the smaller size and shows them to Kallie. This time Kallie comes closer to him to talk and ask of those are like the diapers he wears. Brad assures her that they are, he also points out that it's a pack of 18, that if she doesn't like wearing them, that's a lot of diapers to be throwing away. Kallie tells him that if he buys them she will use the whole pack before deciding if she likes them or not. With that said they proceed to the counter, checkout and head back to Brad's house.

Back at Brad's house, Kallie is excited and nervous all at once about wearing diapers again. They head back upstairs to the bedroom where Brad opens the drawer with all his diapers in it and makes room so that Kallie's will fit in the same drawer. After getting the diapers put away, Brad grabs one of Kallie's diapers and one of his. Kallie asked him why he was getting one of his out and Brad tells her that when she said that in the drug store that he wet his diaper because he was afraid that someone had heard her. Kallie just snickered and walked up to him undoing his pants just to see that he had in fact wet his diaper again.

"Well that's twice tonight that I'm glad you had a diaper on, otherwise you would have wet your pants twice!" Brad just looks at her and smirks.

"So do you want to change my diaper again?" Brad asked Kallie.

"Only if you put my diaper on my after I change you!" Kallie replied. Brad agreed, he kicked off his shoes, stepped out of his pants and laid down on the bed. Kallie changed his diaper and once again had to work around his hard-on. After Kallie was done, it was her turn to be diapered. She took her shoes and pants off and laid down on the bed, she was leaving her panties for Brad to take off. Brad stood over her, took her panties off and prepared to diaper her. Brad couldn't believe that here was the girl he had such a huge crush on and now loved with all his heart laying naked from the waist down about to have a diaper put on her. He was the luckiest man in the world.

Now with both of them in diapers Brad told Kallie that if he had to walk around without any pants on, then she should have to do the same. Kallie didn't argue, she just walked up to Brad and kissed him like she had never kissed him before. It was getting late and Kallie called her parents to let them know she was staying the night at Brad's since they trusted him and knew he was not the kind of guy that was going to take advantage of Kallie and try to force her to do anything she didn't want to. The both of them went to the kitchen and decided to eat a bowl of cereal before they went to bed. Brad said that he would prepare the second bedroom for her, but Kallie stopped him and said there was no need since they were sleeping in his bed together. Kallie said she trusted him to not force her into anything. After eating they went back upstairs to the bedroom and got in the bed to go to sleep, when just before they dosed off Kallie turned to Brad and told him "I Love You", he responded with "I Love You, too" and they shared a passionate kiss good night. Before she finally went to sleep, Kallie told Brad that it was OK for him to feel her diaper the same way she felt his earlier that night.

The next morning Kallie was the first to wake up, she woke up Brad while at the same time feeling the front of his diaper to find it dry. He woke up giving Kallie a kiss, she led his hand down to the front of her diaper and to his surprise it was soaked. Brad was shocked that she wet her diaper during the night. Kallie confessed that in the middle of the night she woke up on instinct and went to the bathroom, forgetting that she had the diaper on, and when she finally realized it she just stood in the bathroom, wet her diaper and returned to bed. Brad asked how did it feel to be in a wet diaper and she said it wasn't as bad as she thought. He asked if she wanted him to change her, she said she'll wait until after breakfast, maybe then he will have wet his and they could change each other. While cooking breakfast Brad, sure enough, wet his diaper as he always does about 15 minutes after waking up. Kallie noticed he had wet his diaper and also noticed, once again, how "Excited" he was. After breakfast they decided to take showers and then diaper each other after their showers.

When Brad got done with his shower, Kallie went on in to take hers with a comment to Brad; "You better not put your diaper on, that's my job now!" Hearing this Brad just walked into the bedroom to sit and wait on Kallie. When he arrived at the bedroom, Kallie had already pulled out one of each other's diaper but on top of his was something else and a letter. In the letter Kallie instructed him to put on nothing but the condom and wait for her. He did as instructed and soon after he heard the shower stop, Kallie appeared in the bedroom wearing only her towel. Kallie walked over to the bed and moved both diapers to the dresser. Kallie told Brad that she has noticed his "Excitement" every time he was wet and every time she changed him, so she said it was time to calm him down, that she was ready to have sex with him. Brad wrapped his arms around her, picking her up took her to the bed, opening her towel and proceeded to have passionate sex with her.

When they were through making Love, Kallie got up, helped Brad take the condom off, tasting a little while she was at it, cleaned him up and got him diapered up. When she was done Brad would follow suit, standing in only his diaper he diapered up Kallie. He asked her if she was still up for shopping today, she of course said yes. She was actually looking forward to going out diapered and shopping for clothes. They both got dressed; Brad took their dirty clothes to the washer and started them while Kallie disposed of the dirty diapers in the kitchen trash which Brad took out before they left.

Fast forward one year, Brad and Kallie are happily married and every weekend they have a diaper weekend. True Love!!

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