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Ciera, Road to the Prom

Part 1

Ciera was a beautiful Italian girl from Venice, she had C cup breasts and beautiful black hair and delicate curves who came to the states for her last year of high school she had always had many friends but she was transferring to a new school and had no idea what the people would be like. She was afraid that people would make fun of her if they knew she had always had a bed wetting problem. Ever since she was little she couldn't keep her bed dry. Her parents tried everything and eventually had enough and just kept her in diapers when her only dry streak ended after a week when she was five years old.

Ciera was a third generation pizza maker and loved to make Italian food but she also had another love she loved to wear diapers. She loved the way they felt and how she never had to worry about needing a bathroom and just being able to wet herself whenever she wanted. She loved the freedom of her diapers. Ciera normally wore over night diapers as she could conceal them under her dresses. Ciera didn't have normal diapers though she had special diapers with the Italian flag that covered her whole diaper, and her night diapers flag would fade when she was wet. Ciera loved Italy and she loved her diapers so she thought it was only natural to wear the flag at all times.

Ciera wasn't having much of a problem fitting in at school she had met a few other foreign exchange students whose family's had moved to their school as well. There was a German family, a French family and a Family from Spain.

Ciera's first day of school was tomorrow and she had to get ready, she already had packed extra diapers and her books. She laid out her green dress for tomorrow and decided she would ready to go come morning. Ciera relaxed and laid down on her bed, she felt the front of her diaper, it was somewhat damp but she didn't need a diaper change yet. Her parents had resigned to putting her in diapers all the time but they had no idea she liked it or she liked to act like a baby.

She got off her bed and locked her door, this was Ciera's time. She laid back down on her bed and relaxed. She checked the time it was almost midnight, her parents would be asleep by now she saw no reason to cover her diaper. Ciera took off her night gown her diaper sagged slightly from Ciera wetting it. Ciera decided she would get a bottle and go to bed, she retrieved a baby bottle hidden in her room and walked into the kitchen in the darkness. Her diaper crinkled every step of the way. Ciera reached the fridge and took some milk from the fridge. Ciera poured the milk into her baby bottle and put it into the microwave. She warmed the milk for a few seconds until it was warm to the touch. Ciera put the nipple of the bottle to her mouth and suckled the warm milk, she pretended it was breast milk as she walked back into her room.

Ciera got back to her room and sat on her bed. Her bladder was full and drinking the warm milk wasn't helping. Ciera decided to soak her diaper, change and then go to bed. Ciera relaxed and began wetting diaper. Ciera kept going until her diaper began to dribble on her bed a little. Ciera noticed it and giggled this really made her feel like a baby. Ciera noticed her laughing had made her keep wetting.

Ciera finished wetting herself decided it was time for a change. Her current diaper was still dripping a little, and it hung heavily on her hips. Ciera moved down to the floor and took out a fresh night time diaper from under her bed, she was a bedwetter, but the night time diapers were very absorbent and could hold a lot before they came close to a leak. Ciera ripped the sides tapes off her soaked diaper and tossed it in the garbage. Taking some baby wipes Ciera carefully cleaned her pussy. Satisfied she took the diaper and taped it on herself. The thick padding made her waddle a little but she loved it. Ciera looked at her puffy diapers in the mirror and smiled in just her diaper and bottle she looked so much like a baby. Ciera all smiles climbed into bed and closed her eyes.

The next morning she awoke to a very faded Italian flag covering her, "Yep, it's Monday alright." Ciera thought. Ciera sat up and yawned stretching.

"Mom!" Ciera called out to her mommy from her room.

"Yah, sweetie?" Ciera's mom Lina called back.

"Can you change me I'm tired!" Ciera called out not wanting to stand up from the grogginess of sleeping.

Lina soon walked into Ciera's room and saw her daughter sitting on the bed in nothing but her night diaper which was now almost swirled into a red, green and yellow mess of color. She also saw the baby bottle that had dripped milk onto her bed from Ciera falling asleep while drinking it.

Lina picked up her daughter Ciera and sat her down on a changing mat on her floor. Lina removed her daughters soaking wet overnight diaper and grabbed a day time diaper for her as well as wipes and baby powder. Lina expertly cleaned Ciera's pussy and rubbed the baby powder in with a gentle loving hand. Lina took one of Ciera's thinner day time diapers with the Italian flag and taped it back over her hips.

"It's a good thing we ordered 10 cases of your custom diapers last time, you've been going through very fast." Lina helped her daughter stand and playfully swatted her diapered butt, "Now get dressed and get to class. Don't want to be late on your first day as a senior."

Ciera rushed down stairs, filled up a bottle of milk and put it in the microwave. While she warmed up her bottle she looked at the mail. She noticed something strange, a large envelope with her name on it. She picked it up and it was covered in glitter. She opened the envelope inside was an invitation covered in diapers, pacifiers, teddy bears and bottles. Even the background was the Italian flag.

To be continued...

Gina, Road to the Prom

Part 2

Gina rolled out from underneath of her car, she had just finished changing the oil. She was a beautiful German girl who had enormous E cup breasts and long brown hair, her curves were just as strong as she was. She was a foreign exchange student who was staying with a foster mom, her name was Jessica was even kind enough to change her diaper every once in a while. Gina wiped the sweat from her brow and cleaned the oil from her hands. She had just started to let the oil drain and she had a few minutes to wait she decided it was time for a little fun, Gina reached a hand down the front of her diapers and began to stimulate her pussy with her fingers. Gina moaned softly and gasped at the tingling from her pussy as she played with her lips. Gina rubbed her breasts with her free hand as she drew closer to a climax. Gina gasped and writhed letting out a loud moan of ecstacy she came into her diaper and instantly after her juices covered her fingers she was wetting herself. Gina soaked her already wet diaper even further, she had always had accidents after she orgasmed, she was grateful for her diaper to hold it all. Gina soon got back to her work.

"Well oil's changed," Gina said, "Guess I should get a change soon too." She said to herself looking down at her diaper printed with the German flag. Her diaper sagged around her waist, she definitely needed a diaper change and soon. Her diapers were black at the top red in the middle and yellow at the bottom, the oil even had left black marks on the other colors of the flag. Gina smiled to herself, her work done, it was much cooler to be in the garage in just her diapers. Gina had always like to go with just a diaper that was when she was most comfortable. Gina examined her diaper more carefully and giggled to herself, the pattern to the flag made it look like her diapers were always wet. Gina was very dirty from the oil change and not just her diaper, she was sweating and had oil on her breasts, she loved it and she wanted nothing more than to go play outside.

Gina walked outside into her backyard far more than half naked. She headed out towards the kids playset the foster family had and climbed up the slide, She slid down and giggled to herself, she landed on her diaper with a squish from the wetness of her diaper. The cushion padded her landing considerably. She went down the slide a few more times and then started playing with the hose they had in the backyard. She splashed around in the water and played in a puddle like a toddler, she was getting very muddy and her diaper wasn't just wet from her using it anymore. After getting sufficently filthy she decided it was time to come inside.

Gina hadn't always worn diapers nor did she always like them. Though for some reason when she was a little girl of seven or eight she began to wet the bed at first ocassionally and only a little; Then it began to get worse, ocassionally turned into weekly, and soon every night. Not only did the frequency increase but also the volume. As she got older the problem only got worse now every night she flooded her diapers, even her overnight diapers would ocassionally leak. Gina was very shy and never had a boyfriend because of it. Gina had resolved herself that she would be wearing her diapers the rest of her life. She even had grown accustomed to wearing diapers during the day and just wet them the way should would normally use the bathroom. Gina also didn't mind that the diapers were cute and made her ass look good.

"Jessica!" Gina called out looking for her foster mom.

"Yes?" Jessica called back.

"I need a diaper change! Can you help me?" Gina yelled.

"Coming!" Jessica returned coming down stairs.

"Oh wow, what were you doing?"

"Well you know I'd rather wear just my diaper especially when I'm doing dirty work, I changed the car tire and I went and played outside."

"My goodness girl look at you!" Jessica exclaimed, shocked at Gina's; oily, muddy, wet, and soaked diaper appearance.

"You look like a big toddler who got attacked with a hose." Jessica adding laughing.

"You don't need a diaper change, you need a bath and a diaper change." Jessica grabbed Gina by the hand and lead her into the bathroom.

Jessica removed Gina's diaper and turned on the tub. Gina stood there naked and shivering waiting for the bathwater to fill up, her nipples became hard. Jessica left to grab a fresh diaper for Gina. The water finally was mostly full and Gina climbed in. The warm water felt good against her skin, soon Jessica was back and began gently bathing Gina with a gentle shampoo. After washing her hair Jessica began cleaning Gina's back. Gina relaxed at the gentle bathing she was receiving from her foster mom. Soon Gina was clean again and was dried off with a large fluffy towel. Clean and dry Gina was ready for another diaper so she could get back to getting dirty. Jessica had grabbed one of Gina's over night diapers aside from having the German flag they were custom made to hold twice as much as a normal overnight diaper since Gina was an extremely heavy wetter.Gina soon had her new diaper taped on but Gina wasn't just going to be playing in the back yard she was going to be taking a nap which required her plastic pants. The plastic pants also bearing the German flag were pulled over her diaper snugly. The plastic pants were extra insurance to make sure Gina didn't end up wetting the bed through her diaper.

"Thanks Jessica!" Gina said happily and walked off plastic pants crinkling to go play in her room.

"Your welcome, we'll see how long that lasts." Jessica said smiling to herself at the similarity of her German exchange student to a German baby.

Gina sat in her room and turned on the TV, it was time for a nap it had been a busy morning.

Gina awoke to find her step mother gently rousing her.

"Gina honey, This just came in the mail for you." Jessica said handing an invitation to Gina. Taking the invitation in hand she opened it to see a background of a German flag and many baby items like bottles and pacifiers..

Part 3 - Belle, Road to the Prom

Belle was a beautiful petite blonde French girl she had C cup breasts and a cute ass. Belle was different than most girls she had to wear diapers to bed, she had wet the bed as long as she could remember. Belle wore a blue white and red diaper that showed her pride in the french flag, she loved fashion and she thought her diapers were fabulous. Aside from the diapers Belle normally didn't wet during the day unless she got excited sexually or otherwise. There was one difference though Belle had been breast fed her whole life, she hardly ate much solid food she loved the milk from her mother. Belle always carried around a bottle of breast milk with her incase she got hungry, even now she was at the mall, trying on dressed carrying her bottle in her purse and wearing a now somewhat wet diaper from the excitement of trying on dresses.

Belle had already had tried on several dresses and skirts and settled on a few purchases, before she left the dressing room though she reached into her purse and pulled out a bottle that held a liter of breast milk. She smiled to herself, she told her mom to pack her a lunch to shop with all day and she didn't dissapoint, her mother Sera had given her a full days supply.

"My god all this shopping has made me hungry," Belle said holding the bottle of breast milk to her lips she suckled and drank over half of the bottle. The milk tasted amazing and warm in her mouth and it made her think of her loving mother and how she would breast feed her and change her diapers. Satisfied for now Belle put the bottle back in her purse, adjusted her diaper, burped softly and went to go pay for her purchases.

Belle walked to the next store and walked in, she selected many possible purchases including some lacy bras. Belle loved a good matching bra with her diapers. She walked into another changing room and tried on all her selections, she wanted something that would pop with her diapers and a lot of the clothes she was finding weren't working. At home Belle would normally go naked save for her fabulous flag diapers, but she wanted something to play in at home and maybe show off her diapers a little if she was feeling in the mood. Settling on a sun dress that was a few sizes too small so her diapers hung out the back. Belle bought the dress and moved on to the shoe store.

Belle loved shoes and really wanted to find a good pair of high heels that matched the flag pattern on her diapers. Belle searched and selected a few different types of heels to compare. Belle then found the perfect pair of shoes she got so excited she wet herself a little. Belle didn't care though she was so happy they were perfect. Then after she calmed down she realized how full her bladder had become in the past few hours. Belle stood there in the store silently she concentrated and began wetting her diapers. Belle hoped her wetting herself wasn't loud enough for people to hear because she heard a faint hiss as her diaper began to fill.

Finally done filling her diaper to near capacity she bought her shoes and went straight to the bathrooms. Belle found the family restroom and went in quickly while no one was looking. She locked the door behind her and unfolded the changing table. From her purse she pulled out a fresh diaper and wipes as well as baby powder. Belle threw away her soaked diaper and cleaned her pussy carefully. Then something she wasn't expecting to happen occured, her stomach rumbled, Belle was hungry again.

"Wow, I've done more walking than I thought I'm still hungry." Belle said to herself, She quickly powdered herself and taped on a fresh diaper.

"I need to get some food and finish off this milk." Belle said walking to the food court. She quickly found that where she had moved had a nice to-go French resterant with some tables outside. Belle approached the counter and looked at the menu.

"I think I'll have a salad and a chocolate crepe." Belle requested. She paid for her food and went out onto the tables outside. There were four tables with a couple at one end, Belle decided she would sit at the opposite end. She set down her tray and reached into her purse. She pulled out her bottle and set it on the table. Belle started by taking a few drinks from her bottle and slowly ate her saled. Belle then savored the sinfully sweet crepe with the warm delicious taste of breast milk.

"So much better than regular milk with chocolate." Belle said softly to herself. Belle was soon finished with her meal and her bottle. She put her empty bottle in her purse and decided she better get home.

Belle returned home and walked inside with an arm full of purchases. She placed all her new things in her room and plopped down on her bed. A few moments later Sera, Belle's mother walked in.

"Hey mommy." Belle said fatigued.

"I had a fun day, thanks for packing me some lunch, I'm just exhausted and a little thirsty now.

"Oh well let me come sit with you sweetie." Sera said sitting putting her daughters head on her lap. Sera slipped her hand down her daughter's diaper, it was quite wet.

"Well I say you could use a change and a nap, little girl." Sera commented picking up her petite daughter and laying her down on the changing table they had in Belle's room. Sera removed Belle's diaper and tossed it and began cleaning her pussy.

"hey you know what would be fun since Sunday is the last day before school starts, let's see which of your outfits is the cutest and go to the mall and get us new purses?" Sera suggested.

Belle got really excited she loved spending time with her mother and she had a purse in mind. Without realizing it Belle had began to pee the stream hit Sera's dress and soon her dress was dripping wet from the shoulders down. Sera only smiled removed her dress and stood there in only thong and bra that were blue white and red.

"I'm sorry mommy." Belle said sulking in shame at her accident.

"It's ok sweetie I know you have problems with accidents when your excited." Sera said laughing it off.

"So what do you think about tommorow sweetie?" Sera asked again Sera was rewarded with a stream of pee hitting her leg and thong and dripping on the floor. Sera only laughed again and continued powdering her daughter and taping on a fresh overnight diaper. She carried Belle back over to her bed and set Belle in a breast feeding position. Sera removed her bra and let Belle begin to suckle. Belle drank her mother sweet warm milk and eventually feel asleep suckling still in her mother's arms.

Belle awoke to a soaking wet over night diaper full of what she could only assume was mostly from milk and an invitation laying in front of her. Belle sat up and opened the invitation, it was set to a backdrop of the French flag and covered in many babyish things including; bottles, diapers, pacifiers and bibs. Belle knew what it was instantly and got so excited she started peeing herself. Overcome with excitement she didn't stop wetting herself for almost a minute. When Belle looked down at her overnight diapers the flag had become a mishmash of colors and there was a small wetspot forming on Belle's bed.

Part 4 - Victoria, Road to the Prom

Victoria was a gorgeous black haired spanish woman. She had large D cup breasts and gorgeous curves. She was a nanny part time and went to school at an American school. She at this moment was wearing a skirt a white top and her spanish flag diapers, that were diapers that had bars of red yellow and red lines that comprised the majority of the spanish flag. Victoria was at the park sitting on a bench near the playground watching the kids play and pretending to read a book. Victoria longed to be a toddler again running around on the playground, not even having to worry about using the bathroom. Even though she didn't have to worry about that anyways.

Victoria glanced over her book and noticed the parents of the kids were taking them home because it was near sun set. Victoria saw the last family leave playground and noticed no one near by, so she set off to the playground giggling with excitement at the prospect to be little again. Victoria made sure no one was looking one last time and then finding it safe she took a ride down the slide laughing the whole way. When she came to the bottom of the slide she sat there for a moment and examined her comfy diapers. They were dry and she decided now that it was almost dark it was safe, she took her pacifier out of her shirt pocket and stuck it down the front of her diapers. She began to furiously masturbate with it using it to excite her and bring her to a quick climax. She came onto her pacifier with a loud moan of exaltation and then put it into her mouth and suckled. It turned her on so much to suckle a pacifier with her own juices. Then suddenly she heard a twig snap, nervous it was someone who had spotted her she saw no one but that sudden nervous shock cause her to flood her diaper. In the space of a few seconds she had emptied her bladder completely into her diapers. She was relieved no one had seen her and she continued to play on the playground.

After about a half hour of enjoying herself on the playground in her soaked and cum filled diaper with her pacifier coated in her own juices she decided it was time to leave and get to work, she had to babysit two girls that night. It was an easy job all she had to do was put them to bed and do some chores around the house until their parents came home.

Victoria arrived in her car at the family's house which was a borderline mansion, she normally watched the girls for the family. Victoria grabbed the key from under the mat and opened the door. There was a note attached to the other side it read.

"Dear Victoria, the twins are already in bed all you have to do is the usual chores, money for pizza is on the counter, thanks so much we will be back by midnight."

"Awesome, I'm craving some pizza." Victoria said to herself, she then set out to start doing chores around the house starting with laundry. Victoria while tossing laundry in the washer wet herself slowly enjoying the warming wet sensation of her sagging diaper. Victoria decided her clothes could use a washing plus it was an excuse to parade around the house doing chores in just her diapers. Victoria finished loading the washer including her skirt, shirt and bra then pulled out her cell phone and ordered some pizza. With the pacifier from her shirt she stuck it in her mouth and suckled happily. Seeing she had some time to spare she sat on top of the washing machine set to spin cycle. Combining the vibration and stimulation with her hand she was soon moaning in ecstasy. A few minutes before the spin cycle was over she came to a screaming climax where she relaxed while the washing machine came to a halt. No sooner had Victoria thrown all her clothes in the and turned on the dryer did the doorbell ring.

Quickly Victoria walked back through the kitchen and grabbed the money. Without thinking she opened the door and instantly realized her mistake. The boy delivering her pizza was bright red with embarassment, standing before him was a beautiful black haired spanish, large girl? He didn't know what to make of it. Victoria was shocked at her mistake she was naked except her diaper and pacifier, she was so nervous through the whole encounter she was wetting herself. The boy stepped closer.

"Looks like you need a new diaper," he said. Walking Victoria back in by the hand. By the time she got back inside with her food her diaper was starting to drip a little on the floor. She couldn't believe what she just did. Victoria collapsed to the floor with the pacifier in her mouth her eyes welled up and she began to cry. Her diaper was wet she was embarassed and she couldnt stand it anymore. The boy hugged her and tried to console her. After a minute or two she finally stopped crying. The boy took notice of how heavily saturated her diaper was while she was sitting on the floor.

"My name is David, would it make you feel better if I changed your diapers?" he asked sweetly. Victoria with the pacifier in her mouth could only nod her head in response.

David picked up Victoria and easily carried her into the kitchen he set Victoria down and noticed changing supplies and a fresh diaper Victoria had left out for herself, David removed her sopping wet diaper and threw it away, he gently cleaned her pussy and rubbed in some baby powder before placing her in a dry diaper and kissing her gently on the lips. He left as quickly as he came and he left with the best tip he ever got Victoria's phone number.

After a quick change and bite to eat Victoria was back to chores until the parents came home, by then she was dressed and the chores were done. Exhausted Victoria went home, heading straight to her bed.

Upon reaching her room Victoria laid down on the changing mat next to her bed removed her old diaper and grabbed an overnight diaper from under her bed. She cleaned herself with a wipe and added a little baby powder then taped on the thicker night diaper. satisfied her diaper was snug she climbed into bed with her pacifier and fell asleep suckling.

The next morning Victoria awoke to a wet diaper and something that hadn't been there before, it was an open invitation sitting on her computer desk. She stood up and waddled over to the invitation and opened it examining its contents. The inviation had the backdrop of the Spanish flag and had many baby related objects like diapers and pacifiers all over it.

Part 5 - Karen, Road to the Prom

Karen was a stunning red head from Manchester England she had a beautiful face and body with D cup breasts. She would have no problem finding a boyfriend but she never had one because she was scared. She was scared to let anyone know that she was incontinent, every woman in her mother's side was. She had never been out of diapers her whole life and she never would be out them. She had custom United Kingdom flag diapers that were a red cross outlined with white and blue. She didn't mind being in diapers they were actually quite comfortable for her she loved the extra padding.

Karen was a bartender at her mother's traditional english pub. She had worked there since she was a little girl and had been a bar tender for over two years. She even waited tables from time to time. Today she was wearing what she normally wore to bar tend, a pink tank top a plaid skirt and of course her diapers.

"Karen I need you to clean a spill near table twenty." One of the waitresses called to her. Karen quickly with a rag walked over to the spill and got on all fours to sop it up. She cleaned up the mess but then realized she was flashing her damp diapers to everyone in the resteraunt. She was embarassed and scared at the sat time, she quickly stood up and froze. She was peeing herself, she couldn't help but wet herself when she was scared. She was so scared she emptied her bladder and flooded her diapers.

Karen's focus on seeing if anyone noticed her diapers didn't see her co worker come up to her.

"Karen your mom wants you in her office." The waitress said and went back to work.

Karen unfroze herself and walked diapers squishing each step towards her mom's office. She opened the door to see not just her mother Katey but also, her aunts Eloise and Sarah both of which were in their mid twenties and she considered them more sisters. This wouldn't have been so different but they were all naked save for the family's diapers which were all different depending on where which sister was born. Sarah's diaper was green white and orange like the Irish flag you could tell she had just gotten out of bed because her colors were faded green yellow and orange because she was wearing night diapers. Eloise's was blue with a white X on it like the Scottish flag. Lastly was Katey's diaper which was the same as Karen's an English flag with a red cross outlined abd the rest white.

"Karen I have good news sweetie, I'm promoting you to manager, it's a payraise and a new uniform that will help cover up your diapers." Katey said laying Karen down to change her daughter's diaper. Katey retrieved one of Karen's thicker overnight diapers with extra padding where she would wet.

"Oh also, we're going to throw a party for you with some of my friends daughters whom I'm sure you'll like because you all have something in common." Katey said after she changed Karen's diaper she helped her to her feet.

"What kind of party and what do those girls and I have in common?" Karen asked confused.

"It's going to be a slumber party, but all these girls also have to wear diapers. They are all at least almost incontinent and they are all very sweet girls. They have never been to a slumber party either, so I thought it would be fun." Katey said warmly to her daughter.

"I don't know what to say, I am so excited this sounds like a lot of fun!" Karen said.

"We thought you would like it," Eloise said.

"It was really your mom's idea," Sarah added.

"Who are the girls?" Karen inquired.

"Well, theres; Victoria from Spain, Belle from France, Gina from Germany and Ciera from Italy. I met their mothers when I was in school and we and their mothers were going to get together and throw a party for you." Katey stated.

"Interesting. I can't wait when is it?" Karen prodded.

"Friday night." Katey said informing Karen that it would be 5 whole days. Karen was hardly able to wait as is.

"Karen sweetheart, I hate to ask but were all soaked could you change our diapers please." Sarah asked legs crossed shifting uncomfortably in her soaking wet diapers.

"No problem, everyone lay down and I'll get some supplies from Mom's drawer." Karen unlocked her mom's special drawer and took out baby wipes, baby powder and diapers for each of her family members. With her mom and aunts lieing on the floor she started with her mom who's diaper was only damp. She threw away the old diapers and cleaned her pussy with a baby wipe then gingerly rubbed in baby powder. Powdered and clean Karen taped on a fresh diaper and helped her mother stand up. Karen then began working on Sarah's diaper change while Katey got Eloise a new diaper.

"Wow Aunt Sarah, you really soaked your diaper." Karen commented.

"I know I've always wet a lot." Sarah said blushing at the comment feeling rather infantile at the comment.

"You know I'm not much different sis'," Eloise commented to her sister Sarah.

"I always used to dribble out of my diapers. Ever since I was a little girl." Karen and Katey finished diapering Karen's aunts and they were comfy and dry at least for a few minutes anyways it never lasted long in her family.

"Now hurry up and get home to bed it's getting late and tomorrow is your first day as a senior. Make sure the dress you pick for tomorrow doesn't show off that big diapered butt of yours." Katey said shooing her daughter out the door to go home. Karen happily drove home and went to bed barely able to wait for Friday night.

To be continued...

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