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Hillary Returns the Favor

It had been about two weeks since I found out about Hillary's secret, and today, she was coming over to visit me. A couple days before, I went and bought a pack of Depends Refastenable Underwear. I was going to surprise Hillary by going in the bathroom, slipping one on, and going back upstairs wearing nothing but the Depends. So, around 3:00, Hillary came over. We said hi to each other, and we hugged. I asked Hillary if she wanted anything to drink, and she said she wanted a Pepsi, so I got us two Pepsi's, and we went upstairs.

When we got up there, Hillary and I started to talk. I asked "Hillary, are you wearing a diaper?" She said "No. I didn't really feel like it." I said "Really?" She said "Yeah. I actually peed in my diaper yesterday, and the day before." I asked "Were they both Goodnites?" She said "Yesterday, I had on a Goodnite, but the day before, I had on Huggies." I said "You never told me you wear Huggies." She said "Yeah, didn't you see them in my drawer?" I said "No." Hillary said "Yeah. I love Goodnites, but I don't want to wear them all the time." I asked "Do you wear any other diapers?" She said "Yeah, I wear Pampers, Luvs, and Pull-Ups." I asked "Have you pooped in any diapers recently?" She said "Yeah, the day before yesterday, I pooped in my Huggies." I said "That's so hot." She laughed and said "I know you like seeing women poop in their diapers." I said "Of course I do. It's so hot!"

I told Hillary I was going downstairs, and I asked her if she wanted anything, and she said no. So, I went downstairs to take care of the two Pepsis. When I was done doing that, I went to the downstairs bathroom, so I could put on my Depends. I went to the bathroom closet, opened up the Depends bag, and pulled one out. I then stripped naked, and slipped on the Depends. Man, was it comfortable. I then left the bathroom, and started going upstairs. I was very nervous, because I had never worn a diaper in front of a woman before. Also, I wasn't sure how Hillary would react when she saw me in just the Depends, because I was really overweight, and I figured Hillary might be disgusted by my fat body.

I got to my bedroom door, walked in, and I said "Hey Hil." She gasped and said "Oh my God, you're wearing Depends!" I said "That's right. You said you wanted me to wear a diaper in front of you, so I am." She said "Cool." I asked "Hil, are you disgusted by my body?" She said "Not at all." I said "Are you sure, because if you are, I can always put my shirt back on or something." She said "That won't be necessary. You look okay." I said "Thanks." So, Hillary and I talked for a while, when all of a sudden, I felt a cramp in my stomach. I forgot to mention I took a laxative before I put on the Depends. Bad idea. My stomach hurt SO BAD! I grabbed my stomach, and Hil asked if I was okay, and I said that I had to poop, and she said to go in my Depends. So, I stood up, stuck my butt out, and I dropped a huge load in my diaper. What a relief it was!

Hillary said "Damn Cory, you really had to go!" I said "Yeah. Hil, will you get the wipes and powder, and a new Depends? The wipes and powder are in the bathroom, and the bag of Depends is in the downstairs bathroom." So, Hil went to get a new Depends, and wipes and powder. She bought the whole bag of Depends up. She said that it would be easier to just leave it upstairs, so if I used another one, they'd be right there, and she could put me in a new one. When Hil got the stuff, I lay down on the floor, and she opened the diaper. She said she couldn't believe how much there was. She then wiped and powdered me real good. After she was done cleaning me up, she put me in a new Depends, took the used Depends, ran downstairs, put it in a bag, and threw it away.

When she came back up, I said "Hil, I'm sorry there was so much." She said "It's okay. By any chance, did you take a laxative?" I said "Yeah, before I put my Depends on." She said "I figured as much." I said "I am never using a laxative again! That hurt so bad." Hillary said "I hear ya. I once took a laxative, and I hated it, and I said never again, and I haven't taken one since." So, Hil and I talked some more, and she said that she thought I looked kind of cute in my Depends.

A little while later, I wet the Depends. I should say, I flooded it. So, I lay down, and Hil got a new Depends, and then she opened my Depends, and she commented on how much I had peed. She noticed that I had a huge boner, and she said "Cory, let me take care of that." So, the next thing I know, she starts giving me a hand job. I soon had an unbelievable orgasm. She said "There you go honey. Do you feel better?" I said "Much better, thank you." Hillary said "No problem." So, she wiped and powdered me real good, and she put me in a new Depends.

I said "Hil, thanks for changing me, and diapering me, and giving me a hand job." She said "You're welcome Cory. You earned it. You've been nothing but a sweetheart to me, and this is the least I can do to pay you back for all you've done for me." So, Hil and I talked some more and a little while later, Hil said she had to get home, and she left. When she left, I thought to myself "Man, I can't wait to have her diaper me again."

The end

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