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Doctor Daddy

PART 5 - The War was started.

I ran as fast as I could into a nearby park with Ronaldo while everyone else was firing diapers at innocent people me and Ronaldo wanted to escape. I called over Johnny and Simon to our secret hideout behind a row of bushes. It was horrible it was kinda like the whole town was filled with men so basically everyone got caught and no one got hurt. We managed to escape when they locked those poor guys in cages and everyone was boarding the trucks again.

"Ronaldo, where to now?" I asked "Well I have a house not to far from phoenix so itll be about a 45 minute drive." he said "But don't you want to help those guys that got caught?!?" Johnny said "No not really." Me, Simon, and Ronaldo said in unision. There was only 4 of us here so that against an army of diaper guys. I'd rather not.

We found a car, hotwired it and made our way to Ronaldos house.

*Doctor Daddys POV* I look at the footage of my army of good little boys. I'm excited. I was about to take down my undies, when a stupid Uncle came in.

"God, what is it?" I said " Sir , we have the captives from Case Grande and Globe what should we do with them?" he said "Excellent *checks badge* Nurse Jace. Send all of them to auditorium in the basement make sure they are secured in the diapers and handcuffed with binkies." I said "Yes sir." Excellent now I can start my welcoming speech for my new found babies.

*Greg* About 30 minutes in the drive I start to become restless. My diaper is soiled with poop and pee and I'm tired of todays events I just want to go in my cri- bed.


"Yes, Greg?"

"Do you think I'm going to stay in diapers forever? Even living with you."

"Well its up to you if you still want to be my little soldier or my boyfriend Greg." Humph. Either I could a baby in Ronaldos house or be his boyfriend. Either way I still have to be potty trained again. A month without the toilet scars you for life. Ahead there is a town.

"Finally" Ronaldo parks the car in his driveway and for a small town this isnt a bad house. Its a one family house and as I continued to explore it I find that there are 3 bathrooms, a basement, and 2 bedrooms. I find Ronaldos bedroom and from his window you can see a great view of phoenix.

"Wow" I mutter.

After that its a blur. I fell asleep in ronaldos bed.

*Doctor Daddy* I step up onto the stage with all my uncles behind me. I look at the beautiful view. Hundreds, probably thousands, of men squirming on the floor begging for mercy, some even crying. They're all big and small, tall or short, some of them are fit to be uncles with the proper training.

"Welcome" I say into the mic.

They all reply with muffled shouts.

" I'm Doctor Daddy, Your new father. Now a lot of men grow up just to be big babies, and here at doctor daddys house, you can be a big baby. No stress of taxes, kids, wifes, and money. We train you to become the babies that you truly are. Now, you will all be wearing diapers 24/7, you will be changed by your care givers your "Uncles", you will be bathed, clothed, and guided by them. But do not forget I am the head Daddy so if anyone in anyway gets out of order. You will be put to rest...forever. Thank you and Welcome my sons." I conclude.

After the speech I order most of the to get back to duty with their babies who have been outside playing. I ordered the new Uncles from the top floor to come down and get assigned a baby. Their should be enough Uncles for each baby.

I walk through the crying crowd all on the floor most of their diapers already soiled. While I do that my secretary uncles have been putting big yellow tags on their ears giving the child a new name and a number for ease of assigning when the new uncles come down to be assigned. No name is repeated twice cause it was made by computer not hand. I look at one. Head shaven. Tattooo sleeves and Tattoos on his chest while having a six maybe four pack. I look at his tag.

"Jamie.. Well isn't that cute, you are one cute little guy. I'll see you around Jamie." I rubbed his head. He let out a muffled scream and turned red. I enter my office. Already 2 uncles are there "What is it Jace and ?"

"Alex sir."

"Okay what is it" i say "Well sir, there are 3 babies and a Uncle missing from the list."


"Greg, Simon, Johnny, and Uncle Ronaldo." I am shocked. Ronaldo left. Ronaldo my prized sexy latin hunk. Left. I am outraged.

"I want a military car waiting for me in the front in 15 minutes, I'm going to find them myself." I storm off to my master bedroom and walk into the secret room in my walk in closest. The door is covered by a picture of a hunk of a man and a penis of a god. I get dressed in my old hunting outfit. Black vest,boots, underwear, jacket, bulletproof vest, ski mask, horse whip, and a small handgun i hid at the side of my left boot. It brings me back to a time of where I had to hunt for my children not lure them. I go outside and hop into the car. I press on the gas headed towards the dot on the GPS that says where Ronaldo's chip is.

PART 6 *Greg*

I wake up under covers and see the sun setting over phoenix. I get up looking for Ronaldo. Hes not here, so maybe hes downstairs. I check the other rooms, and find Johnny and Simon sleeping together in the queen sized bed in the guest room. So hes gotta be downstairs. I head down to the kitchen where I hear the tv, and what sounded like sizzling from a pan.


"Yes Greg I'm in the kitchen." he replies "Oh oh Naldo what are you cooking?"

"Naldo? new nickname huh?" he says with a smirk I nod. I didn't mean that but it slipped out. I start to blush when he looks and on the inside I'm raging and my member is to.

"Well I'm cooking some girlled chicken and rice, and freshly squeezed orange juice and milk for my little boys." Boys? Oh Johnny and Simon. Oh. Oh.

"Oh okay" I say as I take a seat at the island.

" Do you need changing I think you do." he says Oh yeah i forgot "Yes yes" So ronaldo lifts me up and takes me downstairs to the basement where it has been changed to a giant nursery.

"Wow ronaldo what what is this?" I say "Its your nursery, just in case you want to be mine forever." he says " Oh yes yes yes." I say then I kiss him.

I kissed him and wanted more. We start making out when he puts me on the changing table and i forget about the diaper. He changes me out of the stupid overalls and diaper, and with that I'm naked the diaper sure stinks but I want more. I start unbuttoning his beautiful baby blue dress shirt and it happened. I blacked out after I saw his huge member, and we did it. We had sex. Afterwards I was tired and happy at the same time. He cleaned me up and he cleaned himself up. We went upstairs to a quiet Simon sitting at the island and Johnny watching the football game while laying down on the couch.

"Dinners ready." Ronaldo says.

We had a nice dinner, and afterwards he cleaned up Johnny and Simon and dressed the three of us into baby blue onsies. Afterwards he read simon a story and I waited in his room. He said goodnight to johnny and simon and came back to his room. I was still thinking if I should stay a baby or be his boyfriend.We made out goodnight and while he was asleep it took me about an hour to knock out.


I fell asleep and dreamed of my future with Greg. I would potty train him, and we would be one happy married couple once we get out of arizona and marry in New york. We will travel to Europe and Asia and Africa and I could finally have my happy ending. We could get a surrogate and have babies of our own and grow old together and wont have to worry about doctor daddy or anyone else. Just us. I was awoke from my magnificent dream by a fall of a body downstairs.


I was tired, beaten up, and I just wanted to go home. I wanted to go back to my dad and my grandparents. I'm only 24 I didn't need this I don't want this life. I mean sure I did get turned on by seeing my 43 year old dad in underpants but who doesn't. Johnny snores just like him. I miss home. Greg was my friend but we werent really close and Johnny didnt care he just likes to be in diapers unlike the rest of us. I was thinking while looking at the ceiling I couldnt sleep maybe if i go downstairs for some milk i could sleep easier. I lifted johnnys arm off of me and tip toed downstairs. It was dark and scary but I'm 24 not 2 I have to keep telling myself. I found a glass and poured some milk. I finished the milk and ended up watching paid programming at 3 in the morning. I started to doze off when someone slammed through the door, he was dressed in black and underwear.

"Daddy!" I yelled out. I started running when he got my feet in a rope. He tied me up and pointed the barrel of a gun at my chest.

"Doctor NO!" someone screamed out Ronaldo probably, but it was to late he shot me through the heart. Death is slow and quick and easy, I am free.

"Simon baby?" a woman appeared in a dark room.

"Simon baby its me your mom its time to go now."


Simons bloody body lay there.

"Why" I said.

"Daddy doesn't let his naughty kids get away." he says He caught me by the wrist and grabbed a bar chair from the island.

"Now Ronaldo you have been a naughty boy and deserve to be spanked and locked up back at the house. We have new babies and I think you will be joining them." he said while I'm over his lap. He grabbed his horse whip and started spanking, after about 50 Greg and Johnny came downstairs.

"Ah look more naughty boys." He pointed the gun at them.

"Come any closer and I'll shoot both of you.

"Greg he's serious" I cry out.


I cried and cried watching Ronaldo my one true love get spanked. I had to do something but I couldn't he laid ronaldo down on the counter and put a diaper on him! I was in so much tears and so was ronaldo.

"Now you two will be spanked once we get back home lets go hands out where I can see them." he tied the three of us up and we sat in the back of his car. I cried into ronaldos shoulder and as hard as he tried he tried not to cry to. Johnny was just quiet and angry. We kept driving when something hit the back tire.

"Oh fuck what was that" he said as he got out. He inspected the gun shot in his tire.

"Wow who could that- silence.

"Ronaldo whats going on"

"I-I don't kknow."

"Hey guys!" a familiar voice said from the window.

"JACE" Ronaldo and I said.

Jace let the three of us out the car and untied us. Ronaldo hugged him.

"why, how jace how?!"

"Well when it said you were missing I was happy I was going to let you escape and erase you guys' names off the list of missing people when stupid Alex printed a list out himself, and by then it was too late. So once he left (pointing at a bloody doctor daddy) I got dressed and kinda stole a motorcycle from his private garage.

"Jace oh my god I thought we would have to go back there."

"Well Ronaldo you deserve to be happy."

"Thanks man" *hugs*

"So now what?" Johnny asks.

"Well I'm heading back to the camp I'm going to be in charge now and I'll sure as hell be nicer than that jerk." Jace says.

" Oh congrats Jace lord knows you love kids" I say

"Well take me with you Jace" Johnny says.

"Johnny really?" I say

"Yeah heck I have no life outside the camp and you know what I kinda of like being a baby." he says

"Well lets go!" Jace says

And with that Jace says his goodbyes to Ronaldo, and I say my goodbyes to Johnny. They both board the black motorcycle and turn around back to the camp with us waving them bye.

"So where to ?" Ronaldo asks as I climb into the passenger seat.

" Somewhere with adventure ." I say

We start riding down the highway and the sun begins to rise. I think about my time at doctor daddys depression camp. Sure I came in depressed, but I think now I can say i'm truly happy with life and the one that I love. Its a very long rode to happily ever after but this right now is all I could ask for.

~The End~

Prologue: Greg decided to be a adult with Ronaldo and they got married in New York in the summer of 2012, They are now in The Netherlands and enjoying every minute of married life. Greg sometimes has his accidents and Naldo tolerates them, Greg now wants to be a baby anytime at home. Ronaldo says he can as long as hes the dad haha. They will start looking for surrogates for children once they get back to the states.

Jace became head daddy of Doctor Daddys depression camp, and Johnny is his baby assistant and also his boyfriend. The new class are starting to welcome babyhood and Johnny doesnt allow spanking or anything bad for the little ones. The new class will be the final baby class and as for the future of doctor daddy, it will become a adult baby day care for ages 25-50.

As for Kayleigh, well she escaped from doctor daddy about a year ago. She was living as a wife in his private home and one day she just left, she now lives in Seattle with her new husband and sons. She is friends with Ronaldo on Facebook

Message from author: Thanks to everyone who read ! Doctor Daddy was once a small idea blossomed into a huge series. Thank you thank you. I will be writing short stories for now on. Thanks ! ~ Jace

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