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Diaper Punishment

It stated of inocently enough or at least it seemed innocent. I had just got home from work and was then getting ready to go out with a few friends as it was a friday night. my wife linn had decided to stay as she had a bit of work to be getting on with. Linn was a beuatiful skinny women with blonde hair and blue eyes. she was tall but not as tall as me and was a very loving wife to me. As i walked out the door she told me to be back before midnight and that i have a good time.

I left the house around 7pm and was going to a nightclub in the middle of town with a few friends to celebate a bithday. when i got there most of my friends seemed to be already drunk which i didnt care about because i knew i was going to get very drank aswell. whilst we where there we danced , talked and messed around. i hadent been out with friends in a while so this was a great break from everything. anyway we left the nightclub around 1am and just about stammered into a taxi to get home.

well i got home and i must of just passed out on the sofa because i couldent remeber anything after that.

I woke up to a very strange sensation around my crotch. when i managed to get my head round things and sit up i realized i had wet myself in the night. i knew it was because of all the drinking last night but still i knew linn was going to be very angry.

before i could clean any of it up linn was coming down stairs towards me.

I must of gone bright red when she saw me because she knew exactly what had happened. I just stood there not knowing what to stay until she spoke up and she was furious.

"how dare you come home so late last night i told you to be back before midnight ! and now look whats happened you have wee weeded all over the sofa and ruined your trousers!"

i just stood there feeling very ashamed of everything that had happened. I knew that what i had done was unaccetable and she was going to do something about it but i never imagned what she had in mind for me until it became reality.

she grabbed my wrist and stormed me upstairs. i was so shocked i nearly fell over but followed her knowing that if i said anything it would make it worse.

when we got upstairs she took all my clothes of except my boxers leaving me looking rather stupid.

"since you have been such a bad boy and you have acting so much like a 5 year old you are going to get a hard spanking and dont try anything or it will make a lot worse!"

i stood their in disbeileif as she picked up a hairbrush and pulled me over her knee.

"please hun im really sorry please dont !"

before i could saying anything else a loud smack peirced my ears. i pleaded for her to stop but she just ignored me and carried on. she delivered 4 hard smacks to my behind before she stopped. with all the pain and shock i acceidently peeded myself a little bit. praying that linn wouldent notice i just stood up as she put the hairbush back on her dresser.

"michael!" she screamed "look at yourself!"

she led to me to the toilet where she pulled down my boxers and stood me infront of the toilet.

"right then lets see if you can even finish like a big boy or does mommy have to help you ?"

"no i can do it myself" i grumbled

As i was stood their trying to wee linn went into the bedroom to get changed into normal clothes. she came back in a couple minutes later and i was still stood there having not done anything.

"right sit on the toilet"she said after becoming very inpacient.

i sat on the toilet tying my hardist to have a wee after all that had happened i though it was probably best i did what she told me to. after about 2 minutes of waiting i finally releaved my bladder and had a wee in the toilet.

"see you can go in the toilet like a big boy" linn mocked.

After i was finished she pulled me back into the bedroom and sat me down on the bed. I was trying to think of what to say to her but i couldent think of anything to say for the way i had acted.

"I cant beileve you i told you to be back before 12 last night and you delibretly disobeyed me! for all this silly childish behaviour you are going to get punished" she shouted "you will not call me linn anymore you will call me mommy and thats exatly what im going to be do you understand?"

i just sat there not knowing how to respond. I couldent beileve she was doing this ! this was my wife linn.

"michael i asked you a question do not ignore me" she growled

i nodded my head.

just before i could say anything else she got up and went into the bathroom i could hear the running of water when she came back in.

"Right looks like im going to have to give this little boy a bath arent i"

i was about to answer but aprently it was a retoricle question because she just carried on.

"Right come on then baby come with mommy."

i followed her into the bathroom with her holding my hand. When we got in there she took down my boxers and lifted me into the bath.

she started washing my chest and arms first then when it came to my private area she said "Whats this ? babies dont have hair down their we are going to have to do something about that arent we?"

she got up and went to the cupboard just above the toilet and picked up a razor and a wash towel. when she came back she washed my whole body with the towel then started shaving. By the time she was done she had shaved under my arms, my chest, my legs and my private areas.

"Thats much better right mommys just going to go and getthings sorted in the other room you can play with the toys until i get back and dont spill water over the side!"

as she instructed i started to play with the little boats she had put in the water and was actually starting to enjoy myself. after a little while i was starting to make tidle waves in the bath and thats when linn decided to come back in. just as she walked in i made a tidle wave that splashed over the side of the bath and made a puddle on the floor. Linn picked me out of the bath just about keeping her anger in. I thought she had just forgiven me about it but i was wrong she took me by the ear and dragged me into the bedroom and layed me down on the bed.

"I told you to be carefull and you didnt listen to mommy!? looks like you cant even be trusted to be in the bath on your own can you?"

when she was finished shouting she told me to go and stand in the corner and think about what i had done. I felt like a 3 year old as i was standing in the corner of my bedroom in only a towel whilst my wife was downstairs watching TV.

it was about 45 minutes before she came back in. i didnt dare turn around just incase.

"Right has my baby learned his lesson about listening to what mommy says?" she said

"yes linn please im really sorry for all thats happened" i pleaded

"yes what ?"

"yes mommy" i said

"thats better now come here"

as i walked over to her i noticed she had layed out a changing mat and had a diaper in her hand and a bottle of powder in the other. I was struck with disbeileif how could she be doing this! she pulled me over and led me on the changing mat and started rubbing cream all over my private.

"wouldent want my baby getting a rash would we?" she cooed. after she started rubbing baby powder in and then strapped this masive disposible diaper around my waist then plastic pants. she then put a white T shirt that only came down to my belly button over my head and stood me up to look at her work.

"Doesnt my baby look cute ! right now that we know there will be no more acceidents lets go and get you something to drink shall we"

she took my downstairs and to my suprise there was a bottle of warm milk on the side. she picked up the bottle and led my in her arms like a mother would to a real baby.

"come on then drink up baby i want you to finish all of it for mommy"

i thought best not to argue as she slipped the nipple into my mouth. as i led there in her arms i started to wonder how it had all got to this. when i finished she started to pat my back wanting to burp me. after a few minutes i eventually burped and i could of sworn i heard her laugh but just ignored it. when i had finished all the bottle i had the erge to go for a pee really bad.

"mommy i need to go to the potty" i said

"thats what the diapers are for honey"

As i led there i just couldent keep it in any longer and flooded the diaper. linn knew straight away becasue she said "Looks like my little baby needs a change doesnt he"

I just stood up in disbeileif as i felt the diaper realizing how wet it was and i started to cry.

"aw baby dont worry thats what they are for all babies go pee pee and poopie in their diapers."

well that was exactly it i wasent a baby i was 40 year old man!


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