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Crinkle Crinkle

There is this woman at work who I've admired from afar for some time. Her name is Lisa and she is just plain cute. She stands all of 5'3" tall with strawberry blonde hair and possesses what I would call a near perfect figure; not too skinny, not too heavy, curves in all the right places in the correct proportions. We get along well very well and our association is professional as the work place requires but we are still friends who occasionally flirt back and forth at work. We've gone to lunch together many times and have been to each others house for holiday get parties or work related projects. We are very good friends and talk to each other both at and away from work. During our conversations I've always sensed a certain air of attraction between us but for whatever the reason neither of us ever took any steps to go beyond the boundaries of the work place and a close friendship. Somewhere in there I feel that there is more to us but it's never progressed. Needless to say she is the source of many fantasies.

About me; I'm a confirmed DL with a bit AB...have been since I was teenager. I don't wear 24/7 but there are weekends when I worn nothing but diapers either disposable or cloth with plastic pants under my jeans. To me, wearing a diaper just feels right. This may be one of the reasons that I've never approached Lisa beyond work. I'm not sure of how she would react if she found out that "her best buddy" as she calls me was a diaper wearing fool who loved the snug feeling of being wrapped in a Bambino and the smell of Baby Magic baby lotion and Johnsons Baby Powder! If she only knew the number of times that I've stood talking to her while I was secretly enjoying the comfort that comes from being swaddled in crisp bambino...or even better how many times I've looked at that sweet face while I was enjoying the warmth that only comes from a proper wetting.

It was a warm spring day and I really did not want to be at work. For whatever reason I got to work very early that day and had managed to get a lot of things done before the rest of gang arrived. Lisa walked in looking radiant in a pale yellow sundress. She said good morning, how's my little buddy today? I'm great I replied. We went through the typical morning discussions and then we headed off to our respective desk. A little while later Lisa came walking into my cubicle holding a document she had a question on. As she leaned over showing me the document I was able to distinctly smell the sweet fragrance of Baby Magic! I took me a second to gather my senses to be able to answer her question. I responded to her question and she quickly turned and said thank you much! As she walked away I thought heard a familiar sound....I could have swore I heard a crinkle! Actually, I heard the repeated crinkle or rustle that comes as one walks in a diaper. I must have be dreaming I told myself, I'm hearing things, I've got diapers on the mind. I had really wanted to wear that day but for no real reason I could explain I didn't diaper up that morning and now I was really missing it....I figured it was my missing my diaper that caused me to imagine that I heard a rustle/crinkle as little Lisa walked away.

A bit later I got up to take a walk to stretch my muscles and as I walked down the aisle I saw Lisa stand up and reach her arms up to stretch. I said hey Lisa, I'm going to take a break and go for a walk outside care to join me? Yes, she said. We turned and headed for the door. As we wove our way through the building I once again heard the "crinkle" as Lisa walked. My heart raced with each step as my mind considered that fact that Lisa, my Lisa, could be wearing a diaper! As we headed outside and both immediately looked up feeling the warmth of the sunshine on our faces...Lisa made the first comment "wow it's beautiful out today" Yes it is I replied. We walked down the sidewalk enjoying the sun and warm air. As we walked, we talked, but I can't really tell you what we talked about because the only thing I could focus on was the ever present rustle/crinkle that came with nearly every step that Lisa took. I tried rationalize the source of the crinkle saying it could be a stiff nylon slip under her dress, or it she may have something in her pocket, etc...but I actuality I was hoping it was really a diaper crinkle! We finished our stroll and headed back into the building to get back to our various projects. At the end of the day Lisa dropped by and said see ya tomorrow....have fun.

As I drove home the concept of Lisa in a diaper played heavily on my mind. Was she really wearing? Was it for medical reasons or was it by choice? She hadn't mentioned anything about any medical issues, did I miss something? Did she do this all the time or was this something new? She seemed comfortable and didn't appear to be worried about the possibility of anyone discovering she was wearing...that is if she was wearing? I decided that I had to investigate.

Pulling into my driveway I almost sprinted into the house as I quickly disrobed and grabbed my diaper supplies. Within minutes I was powdered and diapered and walking through the house "crinkling" with each step! was good!

I got on the computer and began searching ABDL social sites searching Lisa's heart raced as I searched. There were too many Lisa's for me to try to see if "my Lisa" was listed anywhere. I tried and tried but my search was futile. I needed a plan "B"

Lisa was going out of town on business for couple days and because I wasn't going on this trip I knew that she was going to ask me to watch Max. Max was Lisa's Jack Russell terrier and he was great. He was a rescue dog and was truly one of the smartest dogs I've ever what does this have to do with my plan "B"? What it did was give me access to Lisa's house for a day or two. Yes, I know that searching through her house probably crossing the line of trust between friends but I had to know if Lisa was wearing diapers.

So the day finally came, she left on Tuesday and would not be back until Friday afternoon. With much excitement Tuesday after work I headed for Lisa's. I opened the door and was met by Max who was very happy to see me. We played around for a minute or two before I open the back door and let him out. I watched him for few minutes and then turned to start my search. I walked in Lisa's bedroom and just inhaled. The entire room smelled of her which is to say it smelled fresh and sweet. Scanning the room I decided to start at the closet. I walked in and looked around for any clues of "diaper activity" what was I looking for; Baby powder, baby lotion, actual diapers, diaper wipes, plastic pants, etc...anything that would tell me if Lisa wore diapers. The house was quiet and as I walked I was able to hear my own diaper crinkling...for some reason I found it funny and I giggled. I didn't see anything obvious in the closet. On the left there was a built in cabinet that had two large doors on the top and multiple drawers below. I open the top drawer and found myself staring a Lisa's underwear drawer! I couldn't resist touching the collection of panties within the drawer. I didn't disturb them but they sure were soft and it appeared that Lisa liked soft pastel colors in mostly bikinis and high cut brief styles. As I shut the drawer I reached up and opened the cabinet doors. As the doors open my eyes scanned the contents and my heart raced...for there in front of my eyes was what I was hoping find...Diapers! Not just diapers, there was powder, lotions, pins, plastic pants, both disposable diapers and cloth diapers and a tub of baby wipes...stepping back I yelled out "yahoo"! To say I was excited was an understatement! "Wow" I said. I was mesmerized as I looked through her collection she had multiple types of diapers and many colors of plastic pants some in solid colors and some really cute ones with little bunnies on them. As I stood there drooling on myself It was Max's barking that brought be back to reality. I quickly closed up the doors and went to let him in. He came in and we played around for a few minutes before I gave him his treat. He gently took the treat from my fingers and then he turned and scampered off.

I too scampered off ...right back to the Lisa's bedroom and her closet of "babyness". As I open the doors I was once again met by the sweet smell of baby lotion and powder and it then occurred to me why Lisa always smelled so sweet. Once again I poured over her collection, my heart racing in my chest. After a few minutes I decided it was time for me to excise myself from her things and to head for home. Petting Max for one last time I headed out the door and ventured towards home.

As I drove along my mind began to ponder the question;"now that I know Lisa's secret- what do I do?"

The next morning I woke early and prepared myself for work. I did the usual things; I showered, shaved, brushed my teeth, put on my diaper and plastic pants, dressed in my work clothes, poured a coffee to go and headed out the door...normal everyday stuff.

I arrived at Lisa's and went in to let Max out before work. He was happy to see me and ran circles to show his excitement. After a few minutes I let him out and then I made a bee line for Lisa's room. Back to the cabinet I went, opening the door I once again was staring at Lisa's diaper collection, "Okay, I wasn't dreaming" I said to myself. I decided to look a little further and as I closed the cabinet doors I opened the door to Lisa's closet. The entire closet smelled of Lisa which is to say that it had an air of sweetness. I look through the clothes and in the far corner I found a collection of adult "onesies" and a couple of frilly dress complete with ruffled panties. I pressed my face to them and inhaled and was met by the lingering scent of baby!

I stepped back and almost tripped over a laundry basket that was sitting behind me. As I turned I scanned the basket and there on top was a soft pink pair of panties. I couldn't resist picking them up and running the soft material through my fingers and without thought I placed them to my nose and breathed in. My brain was completely infused with the scent of baby lotion and Lisa's sex. My heart was racing like never before. Taking the panties I turned and walked back in the bedroom. I set them on the bed and then went to check on Max. He was laying in the back yard and seemed to be enjoying being outside. I quickly scampered back to the bedroom and started to remove my clothes. Within seconds I was down to my diaper and lying across Lisa's bed with her panties held to my face. My free hand worked its way into my wet diaper and began to stroke my very hard dick. As the tempo increased my tongue reached out and ran across Lisa's panties and I was rewarded with the taste of her and as if someone had flipped a switch my dick began to jerk as cum spewed into my diaper. I laid back and as I calmed down and realized I was now a sticky mess. I glanced towards Lisa's cabinet and thought there's the solution! I open the door and removed a diaper, the tub of wipes, powder and lotion. I removed my wet sticky diaper and began to clean myself with the wipes. Once I was cleaned up I lay down on the floor and with the practiced hands I diapered myself, it's a simple little process: lotion, powder, wrap, and simple but so gratifying! Getting up I put my clothes back on and proceeded to straighten out the room making sure everything was back exactly as it was minus the one bambino diaper. As I was dropping Lisa's panties back in the basket I quickly took in last smell and then sadly placed them back where they belonged.

I let Max in and gave him a cookie and told him "see ya later buddy" as I headed out the door now 15 minutes late for work.

Lisa called me later that afternoon to tell me that she was home safe and sound and to thank me for watching Max. She asked if I was busy later that evening and if I had time I should stop by as she had a very special gift for me for watching Max. I told her a gift wasn't necessary as it was not a big deal and Max was easy to take care. What I really wanted to say was "you don't owe me a gift cause you gave me one this morning" but those words were only spoken in my mind. I agreed to stop by on my way home and said I'd see her later.

As I drove to Lisa's I kept reviewing the situation over and over in my head. I still didn't have a clue what to do with my knowledge that Lisa was an ABDL...all I knew is that each time I thought of the situation I felt my heart was going to jump out of my chest.

I pulled in her drive and proceeded towards the door. It was a little funny- here I was pondering what to do that about "my little Lisa" being an ABDL yet I was not even a little bit concerned that I was an ABDL who was currently wearing a wet diaper. I found the whole thing really funny.

I didn't have time to knock as Lisa opened the door just as I got there. She looked so cute. She had her hair in ponytails and was dressed in a form fitting pink T-shirt and matching sweat pants. She gave me a hug and then we entered the house. We walked in and headed towards her living room. As we walked I listened for the tattletale crinkle and much to my delight it was there! We sat down on the sofa and Lisa asked if Max was good, I replied of course he was. She proceeded to tell me all about her trip and she paused for a second and then said okay I've got a present for you. As she got up her sweat pants pulled down ever so slightly in the back and there it was! Just a little tiny bit of top of Lisa's diaper was exposed! She didn't acknowledge it at all and said she be back in a second. She disappeared into her bedroom but kept talking to me telling me more about her travels, saying she'd be out in just a second. I sat there replaying the last 48 hours in my head...she was in her bedroom, the same room that I was in that morning, the room that had her baby stuff, the room with closet that contained those sweet panties. I sat there with my head in a buzz. Lisa's voice brought me back to reality. From the bedroom she said "Okay are you ready for your surprise? " I said "yes ma'am". Close your eyes she said and no peeking. I complied and closed my eyes and said okay their closed. I kept them shut as I heard her come closer to me, she again said keep them closed! I replied " I'm not looking. Suddenly I could feel her standing in front of me and then she said okay open them! I opened my eyes and there was Lisa standing in front of me...wearing her pink T-shirt, hair in pony tails, wearing pink ankle socks, no sweat pants, but in place of the sweats was a Bambino Diaper! As I took it all in she giggled and said Surprise! My mind mouth connection would not work and all I could say was "Nice!" I was smiling so big it hurt. She made a slow pirouette and said "so what to do you think?" ... "I love it!" was my reply. Making a joke I said "if this is what I get for watching Max I can't imagine what I would get if washed her car" She laughed and then moved forward and sat on my lap, leaning back she put her head on my shoulder and said "I like to be Baby Lisa".

"I like for you to be Baby Lisa too" I said. Then said what I need is someone to play baby with and I want you to my special baby friend cause I think you like being a baby too. I sat there not knowing what to say as Lisa said "do you want to be my special baby friend?" I nodded yes.

"Good" she said. Standing up she took my hand and pulled towards her room. As she lead me in to the room she said "first thing we need to do is to get you changed I'm pretty sure your diaper is wet" I stammered "what diaper, what are you talking about?" With a skilled hand she undid my pants and grabbed the front of my very wet diaper and said "this diaper silly". Within seconds she had me on the bed, my clothes off and she was in front of my undoing the tapes of my soaked diaper. I could feel myself blushing as she undid tapes and then pulled down the front on diaper allowing my now rock hard dick to stand up. In her little girl voice she said "that's a big pee pee for a baby, your diaper isn't gonna fit right, I'm gonna have to fix it". She then climbed up on the bed and straddled me. I could feel my dick rubbing against her plastic covered sex. Leaning over she began to kiss me and as she did she slowly worked her hips back and forth stroking me with her plastic covered pussy. She then sat up and reaching down she rubbed her pacifier on the tip my dick covering it with my precum and then without hesitation she popped in to her mouth. Again she reached down except this time she pulled her diaper aside and in almost one motion buried my dick deep inside her. Slowly she began to work her diaper covered hips and ass back and forth as she moaned a deep guttural moan. Deeper and she drove as she proceeded to ride me until she began to buck in an almost spastic orgasm. She continued her gyrations until I too came. When it was over she lay down on my chest and said I think you like being my special baby friend.

After a few minutes she got up and said we needed to go and take a bath. Leading me into the bath room she turned on the water and added bubble bath. As the bubble grew she undid her diaper and expertly rolled it up and dropped it into the trash. She then removed her shirt and stepped into the tub and motioned for me to join her. As I inched into the water she sat across from me and asked "You do like being my special friend...don't you? "Yes I do!" I replied. We sat quiet for a second and then I broke the ice and asked how did know? She then explained that she suspected I was a diaper lover for some time. How did you know I asked? She said I heard you crinkle a couple times so I started to pay very close attention. I began to listen for crinkles, I watched what you wore and how your pants fit, I noticed that you didn't go to bathroom very often and every now and then I could smell baby powder. As I listened I must have looked horrified because she said "don't worry silly nobody else suspects anything, the only reason I saw the signs is because I was doing the exact same thing".

I then told her that I had suspected the same thing of her and that in the last couple weeks the signs were very prevalent. She just giggled and said I know they were... I was making them that way...I wanted you to know. I on purposely wore the loudest crinkliest diapers I could. I also wanted you to find my baby closet, that's why I had you watch Max, I knew you were going to did find my baby closet didn't you? I nodded yes and then apologized for being nosey and she just laughed and said "it was meant to be found silly".

She then said she'd been a big baby for a long time but never had anyone to play with and that she was very happy to find out I liked being a baby and wearing diapers because I was already her special friend and now I could be her "really really special baby friend".

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