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My boss started off my Monday by saying "so Curt, have you ever been to Flagstaff? " I replied "no, why?" He then explained that our company had just been chosen to lead a major remodeling of the city/county building and that based on my experience and design flair with southwestern architecture that I was selected as lead architect on the project. The project was scheduled to kick off in 3 weeks and would require that I basically lived in Flagstaff on and off for the next 18 months. I was really excited as I'm completely enamored with the southwest and look for any chance I can to be there. Over the next couple of weeks documents and drawings were prepared, estimates built and arrangements were made as I prepared to "be out of town" more of less for the next year and a half. A big plus for me was that my best friend/college roommate Steve and his wife Kim lived in Flagstaff and my temporary relocation there meant that I would get to spend time with them.

I called Steve and let him know that I was headed to Flagstaff. After the usual conversation between friends who haven't spoken in awhile I asked he knew of any places that I could rent. Steve just laughed and said that I was going to stay at his house. I thanked him for his offer but I explained that I was going to be in and out of town for the next 18 months and I need a long term solution. He just laughed and said "Mi Casa, Su Casa". Steve said he had recently bought a new house and that he had more room than 20 people could live in and that he and Kim would be upset if I didn't take him up on his offer. Hesitantly I agreed to stay with at their house and told him I'd be there the following week.

On Sunday I left Seattle and headed south. Throughout the drive I thought of Steve and Kim and how our lives had unfolded. Steve and I were now both in our mid 40's and we had both followed our dreams. Steve and I grew up together and we both went to Minnesota State, he for Prelaw, and myself for Architecture. After college he headed off to law school and I took a position with firm in Seattle. For the first few years we managed to get together every year for a vacation but as time progressed our vacations become less frequent and over the last couple years we hadn't seen each other in person. Steve became a high priced lawyer and a partner in his firm, needless to say he done extremely well for himself. Kim and Steve met during the first week of our freshman year college and they soon became a couple. For lack of a better term we became a threesome and for the most part went nearly everywhere together. Steve and Kim had married within 6 months of graduation and even though Steve was my best friend I always thought that he didn't treat Kim with the respect she deserved. I secretly had great feelings, or should I say love for Kim but based on the unwritten rules between guys I never considered acting on my desires. In reality I was more excited to see her then I was Steve, but applying the rules of best friends I suppressed my thoughts...needless to say with much anticipation I continued my journey.

The high pressure world of architecture often had me working under the stress of timelines, budgets, construction delays, and the coldness of the corporate world and clients who had no idea of what they wanted. This stress often left me emotionally drained at the end of the day and seeking methods to unwind and to "de-stress". Over the years I tried working out, yoga, meditation, partying, reading, etc...each of these methods worked to a point but as individual techniques they never quite hit the mark. Using combination of running, yoga and meditation I dealt with the rigors of life but it was completely by mistake that I discovered my "saving grace".

10 Years ago I had been involved in a bicycle/motor vehicle accident that left me temporarily incontinent and as result I had to use adult diapers, especially at night. At first it was very strange but after a couple months it became routine and I can to enjoy my diapers. Over time and through much rehab I was able to rebuild and strengthen my muscles and control was regained. After a short period my need for diapers went by the least that's what I thought.

The whole thing began roughly 6 months after I no longer "medically" needed my diapers. From out of the blue I began to have trouble sleeping. I'd often toss and turn for hours or I'd go to sleep only to wake up in the middle of the night unable to get back to sleep. This sleeplessness was driven by a feeling of insecurity that I couldn't resolve. One night I was so frustrated that I drank a few too may glasses of wine which helped me go to sleep...or should I say pass out! In the morning when I woke I had a major headache and found that due to the alcohol I had wet the bed. What a way to start the day. Two days later I climbed into bed only to find that my anxiety once again had me tossing and turning. Getting up I poured myself a drink and began to read, three drinks later I felt I had calmed enough to sleep. Sliding in the covers I attempted to sleep but crazy as it sounds I was now apprehensive about wetting the bed again - but I had a solution to this problem!

Remembering that I had a few of my diapers left I climbed out of bed and headed for the closet. Pulling down one of diapers I headed back to the bedroom and stripped off my shorts. As I unfolded the diaper I ran my fingers across the smooth crinkly plastic and found my mind wandering back to the comfort it and others had given me in past, I suddenly felt very relaxed. I positioned the diaper and then laid down on it and with practiced hands pulled it up between my legs and fastened the tapes snuggly. Climbing back into bed I smiled and sighed and as I laid my head down on my pillow, within minutes I was fast asleep!

All the next day my mind kept drifting back to night before the secure and calm feeling that I felt once I was diapered. Could this be the solution to my recurrent anxiety? I decided to test my theory. The next night as I prepared for bed I once again went the closet and pulled a diaper from the shelf heading back to my room I proceeded to "diaper up". Climbing into bed I noticed that I felt very relaxed and sleep found me in minutes.

In the morning I awoke feeling refreshed and ready to go and knew that I had stumbled on a possible solution to my problem. Over the next couple months my bed time activities become routine and life was good. I confined the majority of my diaper time to bed/sleeping but occasionally I'd wear them during the day while at work and there have been weekends at home when I've worn nothing but diapers, a long sleeve t shirt and maybe fleece sweat pants if it was chilly.

That was nearly 8 years ago and as I headed towards Flagstaff in the back of my truck along with the rest with my belongings was a box of Bambino medium size diapers and a couple pairs of Baby-Pants plastic pants...just like American Express, I never leave home without them.

After 3 days on the road I finally arrived at Steve and Kim's house. I hadn't been to this house before and one of the first things I noticed as I pulled in the drive was that Steve was correct in his statement that he had more room than 20 people could live in...this place was huge! Turning the truck off I crawled out and reached for the sky to stretch muscles that were tense from sitting so long. While I was enjoying my "stretch" I heard the door open and turned to see Steve and Kim bounding out of the house. For the first time in nearly 5 years we reunited and we expressed our happiness with open arms, handshakes, hugs and kisses.

Steve was still the strapping 6 foot 5 inch hulk he always was and Kim had grown more beautiful as time had passed. Her sun kissed blonde hair was still long and her body had filled out since I last saw her. The skinny little 5'3" girl now had the perfectly proportioned curves of a matronly woman which is to say that nothing was too big or too small. The biggest attention grabber was that she still had that smile which radiated a youthful glow from her slightly freckled face.

After a few minutes Steve and Kim led me into the house and gave me the complementary tour and showed me how to navigate the maze that comes with 6000 square feet of house. The final stop was at what was to become my room but the term "room" is an understatement as this place was a 3 room suite. It had a bedroom, living room, complete with kitchenette and huge bathroom. After my tour we went back outside and the two of them helped me carry in my bags and such...needless to say I carried in my "special" box.

As I began to unpack Steve poured us a drink. I placed clothes in drawers and hung stuff up we chatted about life's events since we last saw each other.

After dinner we had a few more drinks and around midnight we decided it was time to retire for the evening as we had plenty time to catch up in the upcoming days. We said goodnight and parted ways for the evening. I entered my room and began to undress. Once I was unclothed I reached into my "special" box and pulled out a fresh new my thoughts I was thinking "hello baby, I've been waiting for you all day". With a skill developed through years of practice I quickly had myself diapered up and snuggled in between the sheets.

The next morning I woke early and removed my wet diaper after which I tucked it into white opaque plastic garbage bag which I then tied shut. With that task complete I pulled on running gear and headed out the door for a few miles. After a really good 40 minute run I entered the house and headed to the kitchen for coffee.

Kim was sitting at the bar in her big fluffy robe looking fresh as the morning with the sun light coming through the glass door back lighting her blonde hair making her smile seem to radiate from her delightful face. As I entered she grinned and got up to give me a hug, I hesitated to hug back as I was really wet from my run but she just giggled and squeezed me tighter. I said "Yucky...I'm all sweaty" Kim replied "it's just water and besides I haven't taken a shower yet myself". I grabbed cup and filled it with coffee and then sat on the stool next to her at the breakfast bar. She asked how my run went and how far I had run and did I run every day? Basically the same questions most runners get asked all the time. She then asked if the room was okay and did I sleep well and was there anything that needed to be changed? I assured her that everything was great and I was very happy to be staying with her and Steve and that I really appreciated them letting me mooch off of them. She smiled brightly and said they had plenty of room and that my staying there was no imposition at all and then she said that she would enjoy the company. Her last statement left me a little puzzled but I just let it slide. After a few minutes I said I needed to go and get ready for work as I had a customer planning meeting that day and therefore I had to wear grown up clothes to work. She said okay and that she would see me later. I gave her a quick hug and a quick kiss or shall I say "peck" on the top of the head as I walked away and said see ya later. As I was walking out the door Kim said "Steve" I stopped and turned to face her and in a very serious manner she said "I'm really glad you're here..."Me too" I replied. .

So went life. I'd get up, go for a run, go to work, return home and hang out with Kim and Steve for awhile and then retreat to my suite to work for a bit before diapering up and climbing into bed. Weekends were spent hanging out with Kim and Steve, taking in the local area and enjoying the picturesque world of the high desert. In all, things were pretty good.

I had been at there just over a month when late one night Steve came knocking on the door of my suite. I was late so I was dressed in sweats, a tee shirt and underneath I was swaddled in the comfort of a Bambino. As I got up to answer the door I made sure that the top of my diaper was covered and that I was not revealing my secret. Opening the door Steve can in and brightly announced that the house was mine as he was leaving. I was not completely sure what he was talking about as I sat there with a confused look on my face. He laughed and said "its' okay buddy, I'm just going out of town for business for a month or two...I do this all the time". "Oh, Okay" I replied. He explained that his firm had offices in San Jose and that they had a couple big cases there that needed his oversight. Continuing on he said that he normally spent anywhere from 4-6 months year there. The firm rented apartments for the senior members and they offset cost of living expenses for having to basically maintain two households. "I'm driving out and I need to be there by Sunday, so I'll be leaving day after tomorrow. Kim is used to this, but I have to admit having you here is a comfort knowing that she won't be alone. I'm not sure of when I'll be back as these cases can and often do drag on for far too long". With that he said "well I guess I need to let you get back to work, I just wanted you know what was going on and that I'm glad that you're that here. I'll talk to you tomorrow...night buddy".

I sat there for a minute or two and took in what Steve had said and then said to myself "interesting turn of events" then went back to work.

Over the next day or two Steve went through process of packing up and getting ready to head out of town. It seemed to me that he taking a lot of stuff for a couple months, but then again Steve never did travel light. I guess this process was a normal thing around their house but even then something seemed amiss...I couldn't put my finger on it but there was a "strange air" about the house. Finally Sunday morning came and after soon after breakfast Steve hugged Kim, shook my hand, climbed into his SUV and said "see ya when I see good...I'll call ya" and with that he started the engine and drove away.

Kim and I walked back into the house and I asked her "are you okay?" She smiled brightly and replied "I'm very good...and now that the cats away its time for the mice to let's go get into trouble!. An hour later we were headed for Vegas.

We got into Vegas around 7 o'clock. We checked into the MGM and went to our respective rooms to freshen up. We met back up at eight at the bar for a few drinks as we waited for our nine o'clock dinner reservation. We giggled and laughed soon they were calling our names as our table was ready. After a leisurely but fantastic dinner we decided to hit casino. Kim was on a roll that night and seemed to win at everything she touched while I was lucky to just break even. In summary we had a very good time and from afar I expected we looked like a couple even though we were just friends, but in my mind I secretly wished that the assumptions of the onlookers were true and that we really were a couple. Somewhere around 3 am we decided it was time to call it a night and headed to the elevator. I walked to Kim to her room and gave her a hug. She looked at me with that little girl grin of hers and said "I had so much fun tonight, I really needed this...Thanks" Trying to be cool I said "Always happy oblige ma'am" . She hugged me again and then gave me a quick peck of a kiss and said "now get to bed young man...your driving home tomorrow!"With that she turned entered her room and I turned and headed towards my door.

I walked in my room and began to undress. Opening my overnight bag I pulled out a new crisp diaper and moved towards the bed. As I diapered up I thought to myself; ahh...diapers...never leave home without them. Soon I was in the sheets and soundly asleep.

A week later I was working late on some proposals and the house was quiet as I sat at the desk in my suite tapping away at my lap top. I was wearing my flannel PJ bottoms and a t-shirt and underneath it all I was snug as I could be in my Bambino diaper. I heard a soft tapping on the door followed by Kim's voice asking if I was decent...giggling softly I said "I sure am, come on in". Kim opened the door and stepped in saying "I thought I heard movement down on this end, what are you doing up so late? " I explained that I couldn't sleep and figured I'd use the time to get ahead of some work task. She asked if I wanted some company answer was "no...but you're not company so get in here" She giggled and walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. We talked for a few minutes and then she asked what I was doing? I briefly explained what I was working on and then I asked her if she would like a drink to which she replied "always" As I turned to get up to get the drinks she got up and said I'll get them. Moving to kitchenette/bar she poured us each a couple fingers of "crown" and returned handing me my glass as she took a sip of hers. For a period of time we talked and about this and that and before we knew it we were 4 drinks in. I noticed that she was looking at the picture on my computer screen and I asked "what's got your interest?" Kim asked what the picture was. I turned and pivoted my chair to look at the screen, that's the design for entry hall for the city building. She got up and moved over to get a closer look at the screen. She leaned over my left shoulder and looked at the picture as I described the concept. As I talked I noticed that her eyes kept repeatedly glancing downwards toward the space between my back and the chair. She said she really like the design and moved back to her spot on the bed. After few minutes she looked at the clock and said "wow! Its 2am". I guess neither of us had paid attention to the time and it had gotten away from us. With that she got up and said "I'm sorry sweetie I didn't mean to keep you up so need to get to bed" I agreed and got up to give her a hug as she was leaving. I got up and moved towards her and it was then that I noticed that she had of those sly little smiles on her beautiful face. As I hugged her she said "see ya in the morning" and then as our hug broke up I turned to take our now empty glasses into the kitchenette she patted my backside and said "get to bed young man" as she walked out the door.

At that point my mind went into over drive or more a less a panic! Reaching back I could feel what she was looking at! As I was sitting in my chair my T-shirt had pulled up and roughly 2" of the top of my diaper was exposed...I imagined it may have been more as I leaned forward in my chair. Worse was that as I moved I could clearly hear the distinctive but delightful "rustle" from my diaper and I realized that she too had picked up sound. This explained the pat on the butt; putting the two clues together she patted my butt to see if what her senses were telling her was true...needless to say her conclusion was validated....I was wearing a diaper.

I had no idea of what to do! Should I approach her and explain or should I say and/or do nothing and see what happens? I decided to sleep on the subject and see what the morning brings forth. With that I climbed into bed and slept a restless sleep.

In the morning I dressed and went for my daily run to see if the time on my feet would provide any clarity to my dilemma. It didn't! I finished my run and walked into the house and headed to kitchen for coffee. As I entered there was Kim looking as sweet as honey having her morning coffee reading the newspaper. Nervously I walk in said "morning" as I poured myself a cup of coffee. She smiled brightly and asked "how was your run"? I replied "good". Making conversation I said "so what's on your plate today?" She outlined that she had some errands to run, lunch with friends and a doctors' appointment and that she expected to be out most of the day. I told her that I was headed out to the site for a couple meetings but that I would be back before three. She said that's good maybe we can get together later and go have dinner, "sounds like fun" I said as I headed off to get ready for the day.

All day long the evenings' events played on my mind and kept me distracted. Around two o'clock I gave up and headed for home. I arrived home and found the house to empty which was good because I needed to digress for awhile. I grabbed a drink and headed for my room, shutting the door I began to undress from my work clothes letting the go of the day as each piece of clothing dropped to the floor. Feeling a little bewildered I decided I needed some comfort and with that I opened my special drawer and pulled out a crisp clean "nappy". I opened the diaper and spread out on the bed and then lay down and diapered myself. As I did so my mind imagined how it would feel like to look into the face of Sweet Kim as she diapered "her big boy" I could almost feel her cool soft fingers against my skin as she tucked the sides around my waist and then carefully setting the tapes in place. Hmmm I thought...what a dream! As I laid there I open the nightstand drawer and grabbed my "Binky" which I popped into my mouth as I rolled over pulling the bedspread over me as I snuggled in for a quick nap.

I was awakened by the sound of phone ringing. In that "just woke up" fog I grappled for my phone. I hit button and said hello, and immediately was met with Kim's voice saying "hey hot stuff what ya doing?" I quickly explained that I was at the house taking a nap and asked where she was? She said she was downtown and wanted to know if I wanted to meet her for dinner at a Greek place that she just loved but only got to go when Steve was out of town as he didn't like Greek food. Needless to say, I said "sure" but advised that she'd have to give me a bit to get dressed and to find my way to restaurant. She replied no problem and said not worry because she'd run by and pick me up in 30mins....I replied "I'll be ready!" I hung up and rolled back over and sighed. Reaching down I felt the crisp comfort that only comes from a comfy diaper...verbally expressing my comfortable with an audible "hmmmm". Reaching inside I validated that I was wet...even better I thought. Sitting up I undid the tapes and let the wet diaper slip my body and as I got up I expertly rolled up the wet diaper and deposited it into the trash can hidden in the closet as I headed off for a quick shower.

. I had just finished up and walked into the kitchen when I heard Kim pull up. In true Kim fashion she yelled out the window "Curtiss you get your butt out here and get in this truck, I ain't waiting all day for you young man"! I jogged out and jumped in and as I slid into the seat she leaned over gave me peck on the cheek and said "how ya doing?" I replied "great now" and off we drove.

The food was great, the wine was better and the company was outstanding. We chatted about this and that and by the end of the night my concerns over her discovering my secret were resolved as it seemed she didn't suspect anything. As all good things do the night finally ended and we headed for home.

Once at home we decided the wine tasted too good to stop so we decided to have a nightcap or two. She scurried off to change as I headed for my room to do the same. Within minutes we were back in den both in our flannel "jammies" with wine glasses in hand. We both sat on the couch, her at one end and me on the other. We talked about various things both old and new and once again before we knew it bottle was empty and it was time to turn in. We said good night and headed off in our separate directions and once again as I turned Kim lightly swatted my behind and said " its past your bed time young man" giggling softly she walked down the hall.

As I entered my room I guess you could say that was relieved that her swat on butt was not met with the soft "cush" of a diaper but was met with what one would feel patting a skinny 40 year old man on the butt. Smiling, I headed for my drawer and pulled out my real "jammies"...a soft crinkly plastic covered bambino! Within a minute or two I was diapered up and sliding into bed....ahhhh!

The next couple of days were nothing special. Get up, work out, go to work, come home, relax, go to sleep and repeat. Other then casual conversation in the kitchen in the morning or evening overview of the day's events Kim and I really didn't spend any time together.

Finally Friday arrived! I had to attend a casual social gathering thrown by the mayor for all the city commissioners, investors and the project planning staff. I knew the majority of the people attending and for the most part they were a fun group and I can say that I was excited to attend. Not wanting to go alone I asked Kim if she'd like to "hang out with me at the mayors house" she just laughed and said "baby, I'd hang out anywhere with you". We left the house at six and arrived at the mayors only to find the party fully in gear. Grabbing a couple drinks we moved around socializing. As the evening wore on more drinks were had and before we knew it was nearly midnight. As we made our departure and headed for home I couldn't help but noticing that the multiple drinks had Kim feeling very good and she was all giggles and smiles and the drive home.

Once at the house I helped her to her to room and sat in a large overstuffed chair while she changed in bathroom. After a minute or two she emerged wearing her flannels only run across the room and jump into the bed laughing like she was little girl. I told her she was silly as she climbed in between the covers I tucked her in and said "nighty-night" She replied "nighty-night to you" as I turned and headed for my room. I smiled all the way down the hallway and as I entered my room I quickly removed my clothes and in what have become the norm I soon had myself diapered and ready for bed.

I woke fairly early the next morning. Rolling over I reached down to check and needless to say I was wet. I lay there for a few minutes as I tried to talk myself into getting up and going for run. The drinks the night before had me feeling a little fuzzy and I figured the run would help me clear my head. I finally got up and got dressed and headed out for run. As I passed Kim's room I almost stopped in to see how she was feeling but I thought it better to let her sleep so I headed out and down the street. The run did its job and by the time I returned to the house I was feeling much better. As I entered Kim was sitting at her usual spot in the kitchen sipping her coffee looking just a little worn out from the night before. I said "morning sunshine-how's your head?" she giggled softly and said "please not so loud". She furthered saying she really didn't feel too bad, just a slight headache. We talked about the night before and reviewed the party and our observations of the people. After a bit Kim stopped and said can I tell you something? I said sure you can tell me anything. With and embarrassed look on her face she said "believe or not, I wet the bed last night...I must have really been out of it". I just said "it's nothing to be embarrassed about, it happens to all of us from time to if you keep doing it we may have an issue" she giggled and said "I haven't wet the bed since I was three. Maybe I'm having a mid life regression, next thing you know I'll be wearing diapers!" We both laughed. She then started telling me about something that had happened at the party the night before but the whole she was talking my mind was busy flashing me images of Kim's perfect little butt snug in a Kim continued to tell her story I smiled and nodded, all the while I moved in closer to the bar to hide my dick that was now rock hard!

Kim asked what my plans were for the day and I replied nothing really, being Saturday I had really had planned on just relaxing around the pool with a good book and cool drink. She came back with "want some company"...I said "of course, but then again it's your pool so you really don't have to ask"...she just giggled and said "okay mister, get your crap and get out by MY pool, I'll be there in 20!" Yes Ma'am! I replied as I took my coffee and headed off to change.

Entering my suite I quickly disrobed and jumped into the shower to rinse off before I went to the pool. As I stood in the shower my mind kept flashing on a visual of Kim in diaper. I normally I didn't associate diaper wearing as being sexual but the thought of her ample butt encompassed in soft plastic, the sound of that delightful crinkle, the picture of her face she shot me that little girl smile of hers and I swear I could almost smell the aroma of baby lotion mixed with the natural sweetness that she emitted... was all too much! Reaching down I found I was as hard as rock, and without forethought or hesitation I began stroke my cock....within minutes I was cumming! As the water hit me in the face I came back to reality, taking deep breath I finished my rinse off and then turned off the water. Stepping out of the shower I roughly dried off and slide into my swim trunks and then headed out poolside.

Kim was waiting me when I got there. She had the radio on and was leaning back in her chaise chair moving her feet in time to the rhythm of the music. She was wearing a pale yellow one piece suit that made her natural glow seem even more radiant. As I slide into the chair next to her I said sorry I took so long I had to rinse off after my run, she just smiled and said no problem, the day was ours; no clocks, no schedule, no worries. Bravo! I said. We lay poolside for awhile and after a bit I got up and jumped in to cool off. Kim sat up and said "how's the water?" "Great" I replied. She then reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle. She opened the top and squirted a bit into her hand and then began to rub it on her legs. Immediately the smell wafted across my olfactory senses...almost audibly I said "Baby oil!" Just what I needed! Once again my mind went into overdrive and to make matters worse Kim had rolled over and was now laying on her belly giving allowing me to stare directly at that beautiful rear end of hers. Again my thoughts were filled with visual images of Kim in a bambino. My thoughts had her in the same place, same position, except that I was looking at the soft round ass encased in white crinkly plastic instead of yellow nylon. My only solace was that the water was fairly chilly which helped keep my throbbing dick somewhat under control. After a few minutes I turned and swam to the far end the pool and then I pushed off and began to swim a lap or two just to burn off some energy. As I approached the end of the pool on lap eight Kim met me there. I reached the end I lifted up my head to met her. She had knelt down and as soon as I had shaken off the water she said "hey there...Mark want a drink? I'm making Mojito's" my reply; "of course I do".

As I climbed out of the pool Kim disappeared into house. Grabbing a towel I roughly dried off and took my seat next to hers. Within a couple of minutes she walked out carrying a large glass pitcher filled to the brim with Ice and the delightful concoction known as "the Mojito" and two glasses. She filled a glass for each of us and then sat down in her chair. Picking up her glass she reached over and softly"clinked" our two glasses together "here's to us" she stated.

We wiled away the afternoon listening to music, taking dips in the pool, drinking mojitos and conversed about everything from our favorite dogs to best pizza we'd ever ate. Around five Kim stated that she was getting hungry, I agreed with her, and so began the conversation on what we should have...there were many questions to be answered; do we go out, stay in, cook ourselves, order in, pick up, delivery, what kind of food, etc...after 20 mins it was decided that we were going to stay with the "mojito" theme and go out to a local restaurant the was well known for its Cuban food. We headed off to get showered and dressed. In a short time we were both ready to go. Realizing that we had both drank a few too many mojitos to drive decided play it safe and called a cab. The cab arrived and we jumped in giggling like two kids on their first date. We arrived at the restaurant and so began the evening. The food was fantastic, their mojitos were better than ours and music was made for dancing. After too much of everything we headed for home.

As we entered the house Kim said "I'm going for a swim to cool off before I go to bed, come join me". With that she ran through the house throwing off her clothes as she headed out to the pool. I quickly followed and by the time I got there she was down to her panties and bra and was diving in. I stood there not really knowing what to do. Kim surfaced from her dive and turned to me and said "what's the matter young man have you never seen a girl in her undies?" I said "no it's not that, you just caught me off guard" and with that pulled off my shirt and jeans and once I was down to my "undies" I too dove in. We swam and splashed and the water felt great. After a bit she jumped up on the deck and grabbed a towel. Wrapping it around her she said this has been fun day! I climbed out and following her lead I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist and replied "I agree we should do this again about tomorrow? Kim moved over and without forewarning quickly kissed my lips...quickly turning away she walked towards the house with a soft giggle she replied "it's a date...see ya in the morning, now get to bed young man". Entering my room I removed my wet clothes and hung them up to dry. I then opened a brand next box Bambinos that I had received the day before and opening one of the inner bags I excitedly pulled out a fresh new diaper. Moving over to bed I performed my ritual diapering...once I was done with the diapering process I lay back and let out a long contented sigh. Rolling over I turned out the light and snuggled in. It didn't take long before my mind started to reply the day's events and once again I had visions of Kim wrapped in a diaper. I my head she was walking around the kitchen with her coffee cup in her hand dressed in tee soft pink T-shirt and a white diaper. Once again my visions were quickly turning into sexually charged fantasy that was readily identified by my ever harding cock-somehow I managed to push the images aside enough to fall asleep.

In the morning I awoke fairly late. As I lay there I was very aware that I needed to pee and instead of getting up and going to bathroom I used my diaper for its intended purpose. As the warm liquid flowed I lay back and enjoyed the sensation as my diaper absorbed the fluid..."hmm" I said. Climbing out of bed I was getting ready to remove my wet diaper when suddenly I said the heck with it and pulled on a pair of sweat pants and t-shirt and headed off to find coffee. I expected to find Kim in the kitchen but when I got there the room was empty. The coffee was made and as I poured myself a cup I found a note from Kim saying she had to run an errand or two and that she'd be back soon and not forget that we had a date. I couldn't help noticing that in-lieu of her name she had just signed the note by drawing a heart.

Grabbing the newspaper I wandered outside to the patio. Sitting down in one of the overstuffed chairs I settled in to catch up on world events. It felt so good to be lounging around in my diaper - I guess it was really the only thing I missed not being in my own apartment. After nearly an hour or more I heard Kim enter the house. She yelled out "Good Morning" as she scurried across the house. "Hey" I yelled back, her reply was "be out in a minute". A couple minutes later she appeared in the doorway and asked "so how's my Curtiss this fine morning?" Great! I said. "Good, so do you feel like taking a hike today" she asked. I replied that I did and that a hike would be fun. She described a trail to the top of a local mountain that provided an aerial view of the whole city and had a get picnic spot near a creek. "What are we waiting for" I said. She said that she already had lunch ready to go, backpacks loaded, in the truck and all she needed was me. I stood up and standing at attention, I said "yes ma'am! Give me 15 minutes and I'll be ready to hike ma'am"! She laughed and said "go get ready young man". As I walked towards my room my mind wondered if she could tell I was still wearing from the night before. Could she hear the crinkle as I walked.

Quick as could be I showered dressed and headed for the truck. We drove up into the hills and parking the truck we grabbed our gear and began the climb to the top. After 2 hours or so we reached the spot she had described and it was exactly as she had outlined. We took off our boots and sat with our feet in the creek. The cold clear water was like magic and within a few minutes had rejuvenated us. Opening our backpacks we began to remove our picnic. What a cold sandwiches here! We had wine, various cheeses, bread, olives, fresh sliced pears, roasted chicken and decadent dark chocolate brownies! As I perused the smorgasbord I said "my dear you've simply out done yourself", she said "don't thank me, thank the Deli down the street". "Ah ha, mystery solved" I said, I wondered where you had run off to this morning. With giggles we spread out a blanket and dug into our goodies. We ate, we drank, we lounged, and I expect that if someone had been watching us for the bushes they would have thought we were a couple. But all good things must end and soon it was late in the day and the shadows were growing telling us it was time to head down the mountain. We quickly packed up and shouldered our now nearly empty packs and began our trek back to civilization.

Soon we were at the truck and on the way home and as I drove Kim sat curled up in the passenger seat. When we arrived at the house we climbed out and she turned and said it's still early want to watch a movie? I replied "sure why not". The plan was for each of us to get cleaned up and we'd meet in the media room within the hour.

I showered and was getting ready to pull on sweats and a t-shirt when I had the overwhelming urge to "diaper up". Why not I said to myself, Other than the few minutes in the morning hadn't lounged in the comfort of a sung diaper since I left Seattle. With that I went to work and with deft hands it only took a minute or two for me to be snuggled into my little bit of plastic covered heaven. I pulled on a pair of flannel sweat pants and an extra large t-shirt hoping that the combination of two would conceal my larger than normal rear end and help to stifle the crinkle. Looking in the mirror I decided I was good to go and therefore I set course for the media room.

Kim was not yet there so I proceeded to turn on everything and fired up the popcorn machine (yes they have a popcorn machine). I had just got everything in motion when Kim appeared in the doorway. She too was wearing flannel jammies and as only she could do, she made them look really good. "Ooohh Popcorn!" she said as she walked in. She went to work deciding what movie to watch as I filled the popcorn bowl. We decided to go with an old movie and settled on Casablanca. She sat on one end of the couch and I on the other with popcorn between us. As I moved around the room and as I took my seat I paid attention any crinkle that my diaper may be making and watch her to see if she heard anything. After that night in my room when I "tipped my hand" I hadn't picked up any signs from her that she was aware of my secret but I still wasn't going to any chances at this point. Settling in we got comfortable and started the movie. After 30 mins or so Kim got up to refill our drinks. As she walked in front of me I swore I heard the distinct "rustle" sound that comes from one walking with a diaper on. When she returned I paid attention to see if I could hear it again or was I just hearing things. Kim walked over and handed me my filled glass and then turned and stepped towards her end of the couch and took her seat. There is was again! The "rustle" I wasn't hearing things. My mind raced and my heart began to pound in my chest. I sat there watching the movie and worked to not let my emotions show all while my mind pondered the question; Was Kim was wearing a diaper.

Not long after Kim turned and lay down on the couch. She laid on her left side with her head on the far end and her feet more or less on my lap and this position placed her gorgeous butt in all its glory roughly 12" from me. Once again I distinctly heard the crinkle or rustle as she moved into position. Without being too apparent I tried to assess the situation and determine if she was truly diapered conclusion, YES she was! Right there in front of me covered in pink flannel was the ass of my dreams, connected to the girl of my dreams, who was wearing one of my favorite things... a diaper. I thought I was going to pass out from the excitement.

We continued sitting and lying in these positions until the movie ended. I sat there momentarily not sure of what to do when suddenly Kim sat up and said "okay young man, time for bed". I replied "ok, if you say so" We quickly turned everything off and started towards our bedrooms when Kim turned and said" but first you have to tuck me in". With a pounding in my chest I calmly said "no problem". We entered her room and she said "I'll be right back" as she headed off to the bathroom. I moved over and turned down the bed. Just then Kim appeared in the doorway wearing only the top to her pajamas and lo and behold my suspicions were now confirmed covering her lower half was a beautiful white, plastic covered Bambino diaper. As I stood there staring she simply said "do you like my new jammies?" Trying to be "Mr. Cool" I said "sure do". She giggled and squelled like a little girl as she ran across the room and jumped into the bed saying "I do too". She lay down and I pulled the covers up and she said "now it's your turn". Trying to act ignorant of the situation I said "my turn for what". Sitting up she grabbed my sweat pants and quick as a flash pulled them down and said "to show she me your jammies"! Before I could react I was standing in front of Kim with my sweat pants around my ankles revealing that too was wrapped in a diaper. She just giggled and said "I love it" as she reached out and ran her hand across the front of my now plastic covered bulge. Sliding over in the bed she commanded "get in here young man". I stepped out of my now crumpled up sweat pants and slid into the bed next to her. I hadn't even made it fully into the bed before she was nearly on top of me. She excitedly hugged and kissed me. "Finally" she said. "Finally what" She explained that she had been dreaming of this moment for weeks. I said what we two in bed together? Her reply was "no silly, hell I've been dreaming of that for years, I'm referring to us in bed together and both of us wearing diapees"! Looking into that sweet face I said you need to explain, I'm lost here. She said that she had been in love with me ever since collage and very early on came to the realization that she ended up with the wrong guy. She said that she loved Steve but she always felt that she should be with me. I said that I felt the same and that she was always the "one that got away". Before she could say more I said okay that explains part one, now let's discuss our jammies or diapees as you called them. Okay she said. You remember a week or so ago when we were in your room, it was late, we were drinking and you were showing me the drawings for the city building. Well when you leaned over the computer your shirt pulled and your secret was revealed. At first I wasn't completely sure that what I saw was true but a casual pat on the behind provided more evidence. Well I was a bad girl and a day or so later when you headed off to work I went into your room and found your special drawer. She then said I was so excited that I peed my panties! I laid there still somewhat stunned and then I asked "Didn't you think I was some kind of freak...How many grown men do you know that wear diapers?" She said hell no, I was so happy I almost cried. Once again I said "okay I'm lost you need to explain". "Remember the other day when I told you that I had wet the bed? Well it wasn't the first time. When I was young I was a bed wetter and up until I was fifteen or so I routinely wet the bed. During those years my mother used to make me wear diapers to bed and even though I acted like she was cruel for making wear them I actually loved wearing them. What my mother didn't know is that there were many days when I left the house going to school or wherever and I was secretly wearing diapers. As I got older the bed wetting subsided but the desire to wear diapers remained. When I first got collage I would wear them when my roommates were gone away or when I knew I would not get caught. Eventually I just pushed my desires aside and for fear of embarrassment and I quit wearing them. Over the years the desire still lingered but I never acted on it...that is until this week. When I saw that you were diapered all my desires came flooding back. I took one of yours and wore it around the house while you were gone to work and I can say that up until that point I hadn't felt that good in years-that is, up until now. As result the other day I went bought my own diapers and ever since that day I've been wearing every night and most days while you were gone. Hell, on Wednesday I was diapered under my skirt when I went to get my hair cut. Somewhere in all this I decided that it was time for my dreams to come true and I went to work on my plan, which has brought us here tonight". I sat there not knowing what to say and the only comment I could drum up was "wow". She smiled brightly and said okay young man it's time to earn your keep, I need to be changed! I sat there completely stunned and I'm sure I was smiling like I had just won the lottery as I got up and said "Yes Ma'am". Kim said "everything you need is in the closet".

I opened the door and she was right everything I needed was there: diapers, wipes, powder, lotion, pacifiers, onesies and a changing pad. I took a diaper, wipes, the changing pad and powder and moved to the bed. I lay the pad down and Kim slid over on laid down on it. I undid the tapes of her wet diaper and slid it out from underneath her. I then took a wipe from the package and began to gently clean her mound which was completely shaven. I then opened the powder and sprinkled a light dusting on her and gently rubbed it in. She moaned as I did so and I couldn't help but noticing that she was extremely wet. I then positioned the diaper underneath her and lifted the front into place. Deftly I fasten the tapes in place and the job was finished. Sitting up Kim placed her hands my face and pulled me in kissing me long and deeply. She then pulled my down on top of her as we kissed. Within seconds her hand reached down to find my diaper covered cock which was as hard and as it could be. She squeezed it and moaned deeply. I undid the buttons of her top and removed it freeing her beautiful soft breast. Immediately took one of the nipples into my mouth and sucked greedily. She then reached into my diaper and began to softly stroke my firmness, I moaned deeply as her soft hands ran the length of my cock. Pushing me back Kim guided me into a standing position in front of her, as she did she pulled the front of my diaper down enough to reveal the tip of my dick which she quickly covered with her warm wet mouth. She swirled her tongue as she eased its length in and out of her mouth within a minute I felt as if I was going to cum. She sensed my rapidly approaching orgasm and quickly pulled back "not yet" she said. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs as she reached her hand deep into her plastic covered delight. I was easy to tell that she was fingering herself. She moaned passionately as her arm motion sped up, suddenly she gasped loudly and arched her back, I knew she had cum. She pulled her hand from inside her diaper and immediately stuck her wet, cum, covered fingers into her mouth sucking them as a baby would suck a bottle. After a minute or so she said NOW! It's your turn. She reached up and undid the top two tapes on my diaper and then refastened lower allowing my cock to emit from its plastic covered den. Grasping it she pulled me into her waiting spread. Reaching down she pushed her diaper aside and guided my dick into her. As soon as I felt wetness I pushed deep inside, we both moaned with pleasure. I lay still for period simply enjoying the moment and then I slowly began to work myself in and out of her dripping pussy. What glory! As we moved in unison our diapers "crinkled" and "cushed" as they were driven together by our passions. It's unfortunate, but in less than 2 minutes I was cumming and there was no way to stop it! As I was cumming she pulled me in tight and wrapped her legs around me as she kissed me deeply. My body shuddered and shook as I felt I was releasing a year's worth of delayed sexual tension. Soon after my spent cock slipped from her wetness I rolled over and lay next to Kim.

"Wow" was about all the words I could muster up. Smiling broadly she replied "I agree". We lay there for some time and suddenly Kim grabbed my hand and placed it between her legs on the outside of her diaper, "feel it?" she said. Yes, I could feel it- what I felt was Kim's' diaper becoming very warm she filled it with pee. Laying there watching and feeling the warmth as she filled her diaper spurned me on to do the same. It only took a quick adjustment to front of my diaper and I soon was filling my own diaper, "feel mine" I said. "Hmm...I love it" was her reply. Nearly as soon as I was done, Kim looked at me with lustful eyes said "fuck!" Not being one to disappoint a lady I happily fulfilled her wishes I mounted her and once again I slid her now soaked diaper aside and thrust myself into her with reckless abandon that I hadn't felt since my teen years. For what seemed like forever we went at it all while the heaviness of our soaked diapers, the sounds of plastic coverings being pushed together and the smell baby powder/lotion heightened the intensity. Soon we were both reaching our peaks and with much grunting and groaning we both came. Once again we lay back and caught our breath. After a few minutes Kim said "I think we need a shower" I replied "I agree. "Well come on then" Kim said as we both got up. Giggling like two teenagers we smiled at each other as both removed our very wet and now sticky "diapees". We plodded off to the shower and soon the warm water was running over us as we took turns soaping each other up. Stepping out we grabbed towels and dried each other off and then headed back towards the bed room. Kim looked at me and said "okay you first, lay down" As I did she pulled out two clean diapers, one for me and one for her and in fantasy come true I lay back while the girl of my dreams powdered and diapered me. . Next Kim jumped on the bed and lay back announcing "My turn". As I had done earlier I powdered and diapered her and as I fastened the tapes I said "isn't this how this whole thing started" She just giggled and said "no, this thing started a long time ago, tonight is just the first time we actually did something about it". She crawled in between the covers and lifted them for me as I climbed in. As I lay down she snuggled in close to me and said "good night young man".

In the morning I woke and looked over to see that Kim had already gotten up. As I nearly always do I reached down and found that I was wet. I got up and pulled on my t-shirt and pajama bottoms and then went to find Kim. As always I found her in the kitchen sitting in her robe sipping coffee. "Morning" I said as I walked in. She jumped up and quickly walked over and hugged me, as she did her robe opened up and I saw that she was in just her pink shirt and her diaper. As she squeezed me I was overcome with a wave of happiness. We moved over to the table and sat down across from each other. I looked at Kim and started a conversation I really did not want have. "Kim...what are we doing? You're married to Steve. Steve's one of my oldest friends and here I am in his house wearing a diaper and sleeping with his wife who just also happens to be wearing a diaper, this isn't right". She looked at me and smiled which completely confused me. She then said, "Curt, Steve is not just gone on business, Steve is gone period. We've been more or less living together but apart for years. Technically he is out of town on business, but he's also with his assistant Miranda who does a whole lot more than get his coffee, if you know what I mean. His firm has satellite offices in San Jose and he spends a lot of time there with Miranda running the operation but needless to say they don't work 24 hours a day and therefore he spends much of his non working hours also with Miranda. I've known about them for some time and he really doesn't try to hide it. We've agreed for some time that it's been over between us but neither one of us really took any action to end it until a few weeks ago. Don't get me wrong I don't hate Steve and I have no ill feelings towards him we just fell out of love with each other. We still appreciate each other and there will always be a love between us but it's not the kind of love you base a life together on. I sat there more or less dumb founded not really knowing what to say. She then said "so we've nothing to worry about and we can finally be together" and then she changed her facial expressions and voice tone to that of a little girl and said "that is if you want to be with me?" I smiled broadly and said"no, I don't want to be with you....I HAVE TO BE WITH YOU!" With that I moved over and reached into her robe and pulled her to me hugging her like I would never let her go. As we stood there she said "do you have to work today"? I replied that I had a few things to do but I was suddenly feeling ill and think I needed to stay home and baby myself. Looking up at me she said "hmm that's funny I don't feel well either, I too think I need to stay home and baby myself today". Stepping back slightly I said "well then, shall we"? Kim giggled and replied "yes we shall", and took running down the hallway towards the bedroom, her diaper rustling like fireworks on the fourth of July, giggling she yelled out "First one there gets their diapee changed first".

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