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Mother and I

Part 1

I always wondered what my spankings would look like to anyone who watched. Here I am, a grown ass teenager, sprawled over my mother's lap as she spanks me meticulously with the palm over her hand.

Seriously though, my mother is about 3 quarters my size, so it would probably seem unfathomable to most people why I would even submit to such a punishment. She stops her slapping for a brief moment to slip her fingers in between my thighs. She pushes my legs a part, spreading them wider over her knees. I don't see how this benefits the punishment, but she does it periodically.

"Spread your legs young man. I don't want to see you clenching. I don't want to hear any sniffling. You brought this spanking on yourself and you're going to behave while you take it."

I don't talk back. I remain silent as she continues to slap my cheeks. She gives them equal attention as they turn red.

"Bad boy. Such a bad bad boy." She mumbles quietly as she watches my bottom closely.

She grabs my hips periodically to adjust me on her lap. I think she does this to remind me that she's the one in charge.

I find the whole process incredibly erotic. The erect penis in between her knees is evidence of my twisted pleasure. The state of my penis will go unmentioned as it always has. I'm quite certain she's enjoying this too. She's let herself go over the years and doesn't get much male attention. A thin teen boy's bare bottom at her disposal is probably a worthy substitute.

I know she enjoys it because no rational mother would spank a boy my age for wetting the bed – an act I committed on purpose in order to get this intimate attention from her. I didn't wear the Pull Up that she had instructed me to wear. It's not that I needed it to begin with, but I used it as an excuse for the big wet spot pressing against my face on the bed. She thinks it's beneficial to rub my nose in it while she spanks my bare cheeks.

After a good ten minutes of punishment, she stops and rests one hand on my bottom. She taps it lightly as she says, "What am I going to do with you, young man?"

"Sorry Mom." I say quietly as she again spreads my legs wide. She rubs by bum and thighs lightly.

"Now why didn't you wear your Pull-Up like I asked you to last night?" She inquires.

" It made me look like a baby. I wanted to wear my real underwear." I mumble weakly.

Mom shakes her head disapprovingly.

"Do you remember what I said would happen if you didn't wear your Pull Up diaper again?"

I nod, "You said I'd have to wear real diapers like the ones babies wear."

She adjusts me again, causing my penis to rub against her chubby thighs. The tip of my penis goes purple. I wonder if I can keep from cumming before she's finished scolding me.

She continues to rub my bottom as she explains, "Yes, Sir. And you know what that means: A changing mat, baby powder, dydees and no more sleepovers with friends."

Mom grabs my shoulders and leads me up. She's not strong enough to do it herself, even though I am quite thin. I sit up on her lap. My hard as rock penis still the unmentioned elephant in the room. She rubs my shirt covered stomach and kisses my head.

"I know I'm your mother and we don't talk about things like this, but I want you to know that while you're wearing your dydees I don't want you masturbating. I don't want to find any tissues under your pillows or under your sheets. I know you're a young man and young men do those kinds of things – and that's fine, but only as long as you keep it inside your diapy. I don't want you ripping off any of the tapes. If I find out you've been playing with your peepee outside the diaper you'll be going straight over my lap. Do you understand?"

I nod my head, "Yes, Mom." She smiles and puts her mouth to my tummy. She playfully blows air, tickling me while making a funny sound.

"Do you have gym class today?" She asks. I shake my head no. She adds, "Well then, I think you'll be wearing your Pull Up diaper under your regular undies then. You can think about why it was wrong to disobey me while you're at school."

I sit down on the bed as she gets up. She walks over to my dresser and pulls out a blue pack of Goodnite diapers. She calls them Pull Ups because the real ones don't fit me properly.

Mom walks back over to the bed. She grabs each of my feet as I lay down on my back. She pulls the diaper up my legs. The diaper pushes my penis up diagonally toward my stomach, the tip bent over to the side, completely covered. She spreads my legs and uses one hand to play with the elastic cuffs of the diaper. I don't know what she's doing, but she's smiles lovingly. Her other hand pats the front of my diaper.

She continues to pat it as she goes on "You're such a good boy. I just wish you'd start acting like the one I know you are. Mommies special little boy..."

I can't help it. My penis flares up as I begin to cum.

"I know my special boy will try his best to keep his didee dry. Won't he?"

I struggle to respond as I orgasm, " Ye- ye- yes, mum..." . She knows what happened, but says nothing. She grabs my boxer shorts and slides them up over the diaper. She pats my bum as I step up, kisses my forehead and leaves me to put my jeans on.

School was business as usual. I hung around my usual small group of friends. I made sure to keep my boxers up to my belly button lest I bend over and expose my Pull Up. There was legitimate fear in being found out at school. The thought was incredibly erotic, but if I ever did get found out I knew my life would be over. This wasn't diaper fiction, my friend's weren't going to come over for a sleepover and play baby with me.

After a twenty minute bus ride I step through the door of our apartment. My mother sits at our small dinner table, smoking a cigarette next to the open window.

"Hi sweetie. How was school today?" She inquires as she ashes her cigarette.

"Just a normal day." I reply vaguely. Mom stands up and walks over toward me. I drop my bag next to my shoes. Saying nothing she reaches for my belt and undoes it. I don't resist as she lowers my pants, and then my boxers.

She grabs the waistband of my diaper and peaks inside the back. She goes on, "I wish you'd tell me more about your day. You're such a shy boy." Mom pinches the front of my dry diaper.

"There's a good boy." She praises as the bulge in my Pull Up grows. She releases her grip and walks back over to her seat. She leaves me standing in nothing but a T-shirt and Pull-Up as she lights another cigarette. I go take a seat at the couch and watch television without bothering to put my jeans back on.

When mom finishes her smoke she comes to sit next to me. She pulls my head against chest as we both watch a rather bland sitcom show. She strokes my hair and side, making sure to pat my Pull-Up every once and a while to remind me what a good boy I'm being.

As I begin to stand, she pulls gently at my shoulder and asks, "Where are you going, Sweetheart?"

"I have to use the washroom." I reply. She shakes her head disapprovingly asking, "Number one or number 2?"

"I just have to pee." I tell her. She pats the seat next to her and says, "Come sit down sweetheart. There's no reason to get up to make a pee if you're wearing you're Pull-Up. You were a good boy today for not wetting. It's okay to make a peepee next to mummy."

Her words make my diaper bulge even more. I sit down next to my mom. She pulls my back onto her knee. She looks down lovingly at me as she reaches underneath my bum and cups my diapered genitals. My diaper begins to puff up as I relieve my bladder.

"What a big pee!" She says playfully as she mushes around the front of my Pull-Up with her hand. She does this until I finish peeing. I've never wanted to cum so badly in my life.

Mom gets up and leaves me lying on the couch in my Pull-Up. Alone in the living room, I can't help myself as I pull my penis out from the diaper. I stroke my hard on back and forth vigorously. ‘I'm such a naughty boy' I tell myself as my eyes roll back into my skull.

Before I can finish my mother steps out from her bedroom. In one hand is a thick adult diaper, in the other is J&J baby powder. She nearly drops them both as she walks in on her pull-up clad teen son violating himself. I stop dead in my tracks, although I wish I could finish in front of her.

Mom quickly scurries over to the table and sets the diaper supplies down as she rants on, "I can't believe my son would do something like this. Right in the living room?! Sick sick boy!"

I yank the Pull-Up over my hard on. She walks over to me and grabs me by the ear.

"Up!" she instructs me as I stand.

"There's no point in pulling that wet diaper up young man. You've really dug you're own grave this time."

I keep silent as she pulls me by the ear into the kitchen. She opens a drawer as she mumbles about what a bad boy I've been these last few weeks. She pulls out a spatula from the drawer and looks me sternly in the eyes.

"Naughty boy. I leave you alone one minute and you have your wet diaper down right in the living room! Let's get these back down."

Mom grabs the back of my diaper and pulls it down just enough to expose my bare bottom. My erect penis holds the front of the Pull-up in place as she takes a swat at my bum with the flat spoon. It really hurts. She's never spanked me with anything other than her hand before.

She scolds me as she continues to swat my cheeks.

"A good spanking is what a boy like you needs. A good spanking from a mother who knows how to deal with such a filthy boy. Look at yourself! Sixteen years old and getting spanked by your mother in a wet didee!"

She clenches my side with one hand as I bend forward over the counter. I do nothing but stand there taking my spanking.

She takes her hand off my side and pinches the front of my wet diaper. She squeezes it about as she rhythmically spanks both of my cheeks with the spatula in her other hand.

"Wet, filthy young man. I can't believe I still have to deal with your diapers at this age." She scolds as she punishes my already bright red bottom.

Eventually she stops. I stand exposed over the counter as she walks back into her room. I turn my head to see what she's doing. She comes back out of her room holding a puffy, little square mat. It has bright colored cartoon Elephants in diapers all over it.

"Do you remember this? This is what I used to change you on when you were still a baby. It's a little small but it'll do the job." She gives me one more spank with her hand and then again grabs me by the ear. This time she pulls me back into the living room. Once there, she lets me go and throws the mat onto the ground. She bends down and flattens all the creases with her hands. At this point my penis is aiming right at the back of her head.

She grabs my hand and pulls me down onto the mat. She pushes my chest back, laying me down on my back. The mat is only big enough for the lower half of my body. Luckily the carpet is quite comfortable.

Mom gets up and walks over to the table. She grabs the white adult diaper and baby powder and walks back over to me. She sets the powder down next to me. Then she lifts up my t-shirt, placing the cold, plastic diaper on my stomach.

She stands up, her hands on her hips. She looks down at me shaking her head disapprovingly. There I am, sixteen years old, waiting to be diapered by my mother.

"Now, mommy forgot to pick up baby wipes from the store, so you're gonna lay here and think about how bad you've been while I go out to pick some up. Do you understand?"

I nod my head yes. She lifts one of my thighs and gives my bottom a good slap.

"I asked you if you understood?" she reaffirms sternly.

"Yes Mother." I submit. She smiles at me. She pats the thick plastic diaper sitting on my chest.

"Don't you worry, I'll have you nice and sorted out in twenty minutes."

With that, my mother grabs her coat and steps out. There I am, lying in a wet Pull-Up on a changing mat with a folded diaper pressed against my belly. I grab my stiffy and begin to tug. With every stroke, the wet bulk of the training pant rubs against my testicles. The head of my penis turns purple, and I begin to uncontrollably cum. Some of the juice gets onto my shirt. I hope it dries before mom gets back.

Mom gets back twenty minutes later holding two little boxes of baby wipes. She smiles at me and asks, "Did my young man behave while I was gone?"

"Yes, Mother." I reply as she puts her coat and shoes away. She walks over to me and goes down on her knees. She picks the adult diaper off my chest and unfolds it. I can't help but get hard again.

"I just can't believe I have to put my boy back in baby diapers. I hope you know I'm doing this because I love you."

Mom spreads my legs with her hands. She pulls a few wipes out of the box and begins to wipe me down. She cleans in between my cheeks first.

"Mommies going make you a good boy. You'll see." She says affectionately as she wipes up toward my testicles. She uses one hand to push my erect penis back while she cleans around it. Then she begins to wipe up and down my shaft.

"Hopefully once we get this diapey on your bottom you'll start to behave." She goes on as she continues to wipe up and down my penis. The pressure becomes too strong and I start to cum. She doesn't acknowledge it. She just wipes away the semen.

She finishes wiping me down and then spreads the wings of the diaper underneath me.

"Upsy daisies" she ushers me as I lift up. My bottom plumps back down on the thick, cushiony diaper.

Mom works the powder in meticulously with her hands. She uses so much that she ends up rubbing some onto my thighs and stomach.

"Good boy. Nobody likes a diaper rash." She coos as she pats my powdered bottom. Finally she pulls the front wings over my genitals. The diaper is thick, loud, and comforting. She tapes all eight tabs tightly around my waist, making sure I'd never be able to pull my penis out without ripping them.

"Well don't you look adorable wrapped in that big ol' diapey of yours!" She chuckles as she pats the front of my thick plastic diaper. She then runs her fingers under the leg cuffs of my puffy diaper.

Lending her arms out, I grab her wrists and she helps sits me up. She bends over and hugs me tightly. She pats my thickly padded bottom and rubs it affectionately.

"My boy's getting so big. I think maybe he just needs a little extra attention from mommy. That'll keep him from acting up."

She stands, leading me up with her, "Upsy daisy."

She grabs my hips gently and spins me around. She rubs the back of my crinkling diaper.

"Such a big diaper for my big boy.

" Mom pulls the back of my shirt up.

"Arms up." She instructs me.

She tosses the shirt onto the couch, leaving me wearing nothing but a poufy, plastic diaper. My diaper bulge becomes evident. She grabs my hand and leads me out of the living room. I waddle a long behind her, my diaper crinkling with every movement.

She brings me into my room. I notice that she's put my childhood Winnie the Pooh sheets and blanket on the bed. On the bed is a shoe box.

"Sit down, Sweetheart." She says as she seats me next to the box. She sits down on the other side of it, opening the lid as I look down. Inside is a photo of me as a baby. There's also a pacifier, a baby bottle and my old baby bib.

"I wasn't sure if any of this would still fit you..." She says as she ties the cartoon bear bib around my neck. It's small, but it fits around my neck. Then she grabs the pacifier and forces it into my mouth.

I sit there staring at her like a deer in headlights. She puts her hand on my thigh and speaks bluntly.

"I want you to know that mommy is going to embarrass you. I'm going to put you in diapers and give you spankings when you don't listen. I'm going to treat you like the disobedient baby you've been acting."

Mom grabs me by the arm and pulls my stomach over her knees. She uses her hand to spread my legs wide. She rubs my diaper as she says, "To be honest this is going to be embarrassing for myself as well. I can't believe I still have a teenage boy that needs to be spanked and diapered... I'm going to spank your diaper after every change – not because it hurts, but because every smack will remind you of the diapey between your legs and why you're in it."

Mom begins to spank my diapered bottom. It doesn't hurt, but it actually is quite embarrassing. I feel the bulge grow larger and larger in my diaper. She grabs my hips and adjusts me as she always does, my pouf covered penis rubbing against her thighs.

Powder shoots out the sides of the diaper with every stroke. An indent forms in the thick of my diapered behind.

"You feel this?" She asks as she stops to grab my diapered crotch.

"This is how a boy who still wets his bed at sixteen feels. How would you feel if people saw this? What do you think they would think of your diapey?"

Mom reaches into my mouth and pulls the pacifier out expecting me to answer.

"I don't know mom." I tell her.

Mom shakes her head as she sticks the pacifier back in my mouth. She begins striking the back of my diaper again, this time a little harder.

"They would laugh young man. They would laugh because you're a teenage boy who still gets diapered by his mom like a little baby. What would girls think? Do you think any girl your age wants to date a diapered boy like yourself?"

A tear rolls down my cheek as I begin to actually get embarrassed. Mom adjusts me on her lap once more and then continues to spank my diaper.

"You look ridiculous! With your little bib and your pacifier..."

My penis is on the verge of exploding into my diaper. She notices me crying and begins to talk to me like a baby as she spanks.

"Are we crying? Is the big baby going to cry because mommy is spanking his diaper? Aww the poor baby. Maybe he'll learn not to be such a bad boy for his mommy."

I can't contain myself any longer. I squirt a big wet spot into my diaper. My body jerking as I essentially hump my mother's thigh.

She must know what occurred, because just after I finish she pulls me off her.

"I think somebody had a little accident." She taunts as she rubs my sticky spot.

Mom reaches into the shoe box and pulls out the baby bottle.

"What would you like to drink, sweetheart?" She asks as she stands.

With my libido totally gone, I'm not sure I'm still into this. I pull the pacifier out of my moth and try "I don't think I want to be treated like a baby anymore. I promise I won't wet my bed anymore."

"I think I'll just get you some warm milk. Some warm milk will relax you." She says smiling. She grabs the pacifier I laid next to me and plops it back into my mouth.

Mom points to the floor.

"I want you to get on your knees and crawl into the living room. You're going to lay on the couch and watch television like a good boy until your bottles ready."

A few more tears roll down my cheek.

"I said get your diapered butt on the floor and crawl mister!" She commands as she raises my chin to her. I do as she says and plop onto the floor.

She walks backward slowly in front of me patting her knees and ushering me on in the humiliation.

"Come on baby! Come with mommy!" She coos as my diaper waddles my hips back and forth, crinkling with every movement as I follow her out.

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