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Sarah Begs

"Beg!" he commanded. Sarah stayed silent, she knew what was coming, she would break she would beg him but not yet. Now was the time to enjoy the build up.

"I asked nicely" her master said "but now it is time to persuade you". With that he pulled her by the wrist and towards the basement of their house.

The basement was warm, with soft carpet underfoot and well lit, it looked much like a den but the furniture was wrong, some things such as the cage could be mistaken for being for a family pet but there was no mistaking the cross in the corner with the leather cover and the straps.

"Now strip" he said. Sarah thought about this, she decided to be stubborn today.


"Have it your way" he said. With that he grabbed her and cuffed her hands before she had a chance to struggle, holding the cuffs he tied one end of a piece of rope around the chain that held them together. The rope went up to the ceiling and then through a pulley to a cleat on the wall. He pulled the rope and though she struggled Sarah was dragged forward, her hands going towards the ceiling until she was standing hands above her head feeing very exposed. She still wore her dress, it was light and clung to her c-cup bra but her thin waist and pert buttocks were now an easy target. Her master walked over to where she stood, she could already see that his cock was straining to get out of his trousers.

"So" he said "We are to do this the hard way". She smiled mockingly and sad nothing. He walked behind her and said "We will have to get you naked but it will be hard to get your dress off with your hands like that... Ah well" with that he pulled up her dress exposing her pink satin panties. He reached around her, his lips kissing her neck, one hand massaged her breast while the other hand pushed against her panties. She was already damp and he was rubbing her clit through the satin. She ground her pussy against his hand but when she started to get into a good rhythm he suddenly whispered in her ear "That's enough for now I think" and with that he spanked her hard once on each buttock. She straightened up at the shock and he swiftly pulled her panties down. As she stepped out of them he said, you are going to regret making me work so hard to get you naked. She started to worry a little and was about to ask to be allowed to strip when he balled the panties up and put them into her mouth, securing them there with some bondage tape.

"You had your chance" he said menacingly with that he pulled the skirt of her dress up over her head, securing it at to her wrists. Sarah stood there, trussed up the taste of her juices on her tongue not able to see anything and only hearing muffled sounds. She knew he was going about the room gathering equipment and while part of her was fearful of what would come she was tingling all over with anticipation. Then it happened and she leapt in the air at the contact the paddle made with her skin. Again he bought it down, 5 times on each cheek, just enough to turn her buttocks red. He whispered to her, "are you going to be a good girl?" through her gag she moaned "Good" he said patting her shaved pussy "Now spread your legs. He loosened the rope and she spread her legs keeping her arms upright. She felt the rope tighten again then felt a cuff being attached to each ankle. Sarah stood there above the waist she was bound up unable to see anything, her hearing dulled and just the taste of her own juices through her panty gag. Below the waist was her slightly reddened bottom and the spreader bar that kept her legs open. Her master walked around her occasionally flicking a riding crop against her legs, buttocks and once her pussy. Each time she straightened up and when it hit her pussy she screamed into the gag more in fear and shock than pain.

"Now lets see if you are a little more cooperative" he said. He untied her the skirt of her dress which fell down in an awkward way because her legs were too far apart to allow it to fall properly. Next he loosened the rope letting her hands down.

"You look very silly in that dress little one, I am now going to take it off you OK" she nodded as he undid the cuffs. He slid the dress over her head and removed her bra, he then cuffed her hands again behind her back. She stood there naked and exposed.

"Let's try this again he said" he removed her gag.


"No!" she answered back but then screamed as he slapped her breasts.

"Ok" he turned round to pick something up from the table near him. When he turned back he was holding a pair of clover clamps connected by a long chain. He clipped one to each of her nipples. Sarah clenched her teeth but she knew how sensitive her nipples were and eventually she let out a little yelp.

"I done want you making any noise unless I ask you to" her master said with this he grabbed a ball gag from the table and put it firmly in her mouth tightening the straps.

"That is staying in until I feel the need to ram my cock into your mouth. Now follow me" he gently tugged the chain on the clamps to get her moving. She had to waddle because of the spreader bar, Sarah though to herself that she knew that latter she would be waddling for another reason.

He led her over to a pillory. He positioned Sarah in the pillory so her head and hands were restrained while her legs were still bound by the spreader bar. She struggled against it wishing now that she had gone down an easier route, she longed for the end the diaper between her legs the feeling of him holding her instead now Whack! The first blow landed on her butt. He spanked her for what felt like ages and she started to cry into her gag the saliva drooling out of the sides. Each blow made her tits jiggle causing fresh pain as the clover clams dug in. She spasmed at the pain wishing for the end but enjoying the attention and rush it gave her, her pussy was so wet from the feelings she wanted him inside her or a dildo anything would do. At last he finished her bottom was red and stinging. He whispered in her ear, "Would baby like a treat now". She turned to look at him but with her head down in the pillory all she could see was the bulge of his cock in his trousers she nodded. He unclipped the clover clamps then he put on a pair of fur line gloves, but with these the fur was on the palm. He then gently caressed first her buttocks then her breasts not sexually but lovingly rubbing the feeling into them and letting her bask in the smooth feeling that enveloped her breasts and buttocks and where ever he touched.

"I am going to take off your gag soon, don't say anything. You have nothing I want to hear. If you put your mouth to good use I will let you cum" with that he went behind her again. Taking some lube from the table he rubbed her from the top of her butt right the way to the top of her pussy. Her pussy didn't nee the lube but this meant that Sarah had no idea what was going where. She shut her eyes as the butt plug touched her anus. At first she tried to clench, to resist, it was too private there, she never liked anything to go there. But one swat on her ass cheek made her open up and sigh as the intruder entered her. Next he took a remote vibrator and slipped it into her pussy. He set it on low at first and she breathed in deeply as it started to satisfy her. He tied them deep into her with a length of cord. There was no way she could either lose the precious vibrator nor expel her anal torment. He walked around in front of her and she saw that he was naked. His cock was inches from her face as he bent over her and undid the ball gag. As it came loose she had time for one deep breath before his cock was in her mouth. She sucked at it using what limited movement she had, she licked it and caressed his cock with her mouth and the more of it she took into her mouth the higher he turned the vibe. Sarah knew that she couldn't cum first she had to finish him. As she took his cock deep into her mouth almost gagging on him she felt him quiver, then explode into her mouth and tongue. He held his cock in her mouth and said "drink your milk baby" then her turned the vibrator to full. She swallowed the salty cum, then she could hold it no longer she came her cries of ecstasy muffled by his cock.

He withdrew his cock and turned the vibrator off. He crouched down to her eye line. Sarah was in a sorry state; her ass was still red from the spanking her knees needed to buckle under the pleasure, her mouth hung open from the gagging and there was a small damp patch on the carpet where juices had dripped.

"beg" he said almost pleadingly.

"Beg me to put you in a diaper. Beg me to care for you like a little girl. Beg to belong to me." She knew she was broken. She felt the plug in her ass, the soreness of her mouth and she wanted nothing more than to beg to be his diaper slave, his baby. But, not yet.


"You are stubborn tonight. Well, there is one guaranteed way to make you beg." He left her field of vision. She felt him remove the vibrator but leave the plug in, he patted her ass making the plug violate her even further. He left her for a few minutes as she struggled silently in the pillory. She hadn't pushed it this far many times and she wasn't sure what was coming. He returned she tried to see what he had in store for her but he remained behind her. Was she in for another spanking would he fuck her into submission or would he find some new way to make her scream for mercy.

She felt him slip the plug out of her ass, she was relived she felt a slight soreness already. But then she was violated again by another plug. He she felt this one swell as he started to inflate it.

"No! She cried! "I give in; please let me wear a diaper. Please." But then she yelped as he spanked her on her already sore ass.

"You had your change earlier you can try again soon but now is your next punishment." Then she felt the first trickle into her. She felt her bowels swell as the enema rushed in. Sarah felt the pressure push against her inside she felt the rising discomfort. At last nothing more went into her. He kept the plug in her and said "now you can beg"

"Please put me in a diaper!" she sobbed.

"I need to go potty" and there was no doubt she did now, she was wiggling her ass even with the inflated plug in she was full.

"What do you need to do?" her master asked.

"I need to shit my self she moaned" then with this confession he knew she was broken "I need to shit myself..." she repeated.

"Will you let me do one more thing to you first?" He asked gently.

"Anything." She answered "Good" with that she felt the plug deflate. She clenched her anus as it came out so that she didn't go there and then. She heard the longed for rustle of the diaper but before it toughed her she yelled out as she felt his cock penetrate her ass. She squirmed but it was just the tip and while she hated it she had agreed to this. Then when she thought this could get no worse she felt her bowels start to swell again. Her already full ass was being swollen even further as he pissed in side her, she felt dizzy with the discomfort and the humiliation. When he had finished he spanked her hard once on each ass cheek before he withdrew.

" don't let it out until I say" he told her and while she struggled to keep her enema in he did the diaper up around her waist, undid the spreader bar and let her free from her pillory. She stood up and started towards him, she realised she had not one but three diapers on her. She waddled and looked clumsy and off balance she longed for him to hold her. He sat on a couch and gestured for her to sit down. She had to crawl the last few yards to him. Before she sat on the couch he looked at her and said "you can go now." And she did. Sarah felt the trickle start from her ass, then it started to gush suddenly the river of water came, she felt her shit pooling in her behind warming her crack and buttocks. She saw him smiling as the wetness indicator on her outer diaper started to change colour, she gave her self to is pissing herself. Then she collapsed on the floor pushing her mess around in her diaper loving its warmth.

"Good girl" he said "now you can have your special bottle. She took his dick in her mouth tasting his flesh and the tang of the soap he had cleaned with. She loved him and was his baby girl, she wanted him and to be held by him she knew he would change her out of her shitty diapers in an hour or so she knew there was a fresh diaper, a warm onesie and a loving cuddle tonight. She hoped that he would make love to her tonight before the diaper went on. She knew that she was his baby girl who he loved, but right now she was his diapered slave; only fit to suck his cock while wearing a shit filled layer of diapers.

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