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Sarah's Submissive Playtime

Chapter 5 - Submissive Playthings

Candy watched Sarah prepare Billy for her deflowering. Her hands were still held in the restraints but she knew that being submissive meant just that and she knew Sarah wouldn't do anything to hurt her. Sarah climbed down off the bed and went to her bedside drawer and pulled out a condom and some lubricant. She always wondered if she would get the chance to use them and with Billy here to play and Candy wanting to submit to every want and need, she was pleased to help both of her submissives during their playtime together. Sarah opened the wrapper and with the condom in one hand she took Billy's hard cock in her other and rolled the condom down over the head and shaft.

"Billy, kneel between Candy's legs... that's right...Candy bring your legs up and spread them wide for me and Billy... oh yes... that looks so good!"

"Billy see how wet Candy is for you. She is ready to take your cock but you need to be gentle and go slowly ok." Sarah moved close to Candy and watched as Billy guided his cock to her wet opening.

"Candy... relax's time!" Billy pressed the head of his cock against her wet pussy. He felt her lips spreading and some resistance as he pushed gently. He could hear Candy moan and when he looked up Sarah was watching him. She nodded. Billy thrust hard into Candy's pussy, breaking the hymen and she cried out but her cries were muffled as Sarah kissed her. She kept kissing her as he began to slowly push his cock inside her hot wet pussy.

He withdrew a little before pushing again; he slowly continued until his cock was buried deep inside her. Sarah moved her hand down to Candy's clit and began to rub it gently. When she began moving her fingers faster Billy knew that he had to fuck Candy harder; until he could hear her crying out with the pleasure she was receiving from both Sarah and him.

Candy was so tight he knew it wouldn't be long before he came, but he also knew he had to wait for Sarah's permission to cum. When Sarah felt Candy starting to orgasm, she knew it was time for both Billy and Candy to cum together. She looked up at Billy and nodded and then told Candy to cum...

"Cum for me Candy... cum now, cum with Billy's cock deep inside you!"

Billy and Candy came together. Candy was blushing and shaking and she couldn't believe that her first time with a guy could be this good, the feelings were incredible. It hurt like hell but the pleasure after the pain was incredible and she wanted more. Sarah suggested that Billy should removed his used condom and dispose of it sensibly and then come back because both he and Candy needed bathing. Then she had a wonderful idea. They could both bath together and she could change them one at a time, before her submissives played some more.

"Candy... go and run a bath for both you and Billy!"

Candy climbed off the bed and felt her juices running down her thighs. She looked down and could see her blood mixed with her pussy juice but she didn't panic because she remember how good it felt to lose her virginity and to experience an orgasm with a cock buried deep inside her.

She walked into the bathroom and turned the taps on to prepare the bath. Like before it was a spa bath so there was plenty of room. Sarah followed close behind and called Billy in as well and once the water was deep enough she told her submissives to climb in and she would bath them. Sarah washed them both down... she washed Candy's pussy and Billy's cock and balls and ass and dried them one at a time.

Billy and Candy were hornier now than ever but they both knew they couldn't do anything unless Sarah gave them permission to have more fun. So they waited patiently for permission to play some more.

Sarah didn't want to rush playtime with Billy and Candy; instead she dried them off and led them into where her change table was. This time Billy would help her put a diaper on Candy. She'd already seen how horny Billy got when he saw her slide one under her ass before they played before and she knew he was turned on when he touched her and caressed her ass through her diaper.

"Candy climb up onto the change table please... Billy could you hand me a pink diaper?"

"Sure!" Billy wasn't quite sure what he should be doing but his cock was telling him that he was doing the right thing. He listened carefully as Sarah explained that he needed to slip the diaper under Candy's bottom, sprinkle some baby powder of her pussy and then pull the tabs around. Billy did such a good job that Sarah wanted to encourage him to go more. Most guys would balk at the thought of dressing a girl in a diaper and they would cringe if they were asked to wear one. So she wanted to persuade him to go a little further than dressing Candy in one.

"Billy, swap places with Candy. Yep... that's it... onto the change table. It's time for Candy and me to get you nice and comfy." Billy never said a word, although it was obvious that he was nervous. He was shaking and his cock grew harder as he climbed up onto the change table. He lay there waiting for them to dress him in a diaper just like the one Candy was wearing.

Sarah thought it was wonderful that both Billy and Candy submitted to her. And she wondered how far she could actually go before they stopped being submissive. Billy lay on the table waiting and his cock was standing tall. Sarah realized that before Billy could wear a diaper she and Candy had to do something about his erection.

"Candy, I need you to help me..." Sarah grabbed some lube from the drawer and asked Candy to hold out her hand. She dribbled some onto it and guided her hand to Billy's cock.

"Play with him Candy; stroke his cock up and down. That right. Don't hold him too tight, just gently now." Billy closed his eyes and moaned. The pleasure was incredible. He'd already cum once but he was horny from watching Candy in a diaper and the thought of wearing one as well made him hornier. He was started to thrust his hips up, hoping Candy would stroke faster, but he had to wait for permission to cum. His eyes pleaded with Sarah to let him cum. Candy was masturbating him, he could feel pre-cum dripping into her hand as she stroked him.

"Play with his balls Candy, squeeze them gently, now stroke faster... yes... faster... oh yes... make him cum Candy... make him cum! Billy... cum now... right now!"

As quickly as Candy started stroking him, it was over. His heart was racing. Candy went to the bathroom and brought back and clean wet washer. Sarah showed Candy how to wipe him down. With a dry cloth, Candy followed her lead drying him off before slipping a blue diaper under his bottom.

Billy's heart was still racing as Candy sprinkled some baby powder over his cock and balls and Sarah pulled the tabs around until they were firmly in place. Sarah and her submissive helped him down off the table. They both received hugs from Sarah and she smiled at them and suggested they should have a short break before it was playtime again. This time, they both have the opportunity to play with her.

To be continued...

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