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Dream or Reality

As I diapered myself ready for bed I wondered if I would have the same dream. Ever since I visited the dreams come true shop and the old woman had given me a special mix of herbs I seemed to sleep well albeit that I dreamed a new weird dream repeatedly

It had all started a few months ago ....

Each night when I went to sleep I had struggled to have a good night and had only really wet myself on purpose, my sleep pattern was often better without a diaper on. Then after taking my special herb mix I had a dream that kept re-occurring .......

I was shopping for clothes for my girlfriend and the sales assistant ( very pretty) would ask to help. She would pick out a selection of skirts/ tops and lingerie, then after establishing that I was a similar size to my girlfriend would insist I try the garments on. (Despite the fact i was fully diapered) I would say No but she would be persuasive and I would walk out of the shop dressed in the clothes I bought (with a little accessorising)

I would head home and seemingly go to bed and fall into a deep sleep, that is when I woke from my real dream sleep fully rested and soaking wet .

This kept happening but the dream would vary slightly whereby I would go out after being dressed by the shop, the clothes were getting more revealing and my diaper would often be partly visible.

Then one day I woke up very wet and found I had no hairs on my body, at the same time I felt slimmer and seemed to have softer skin. Very weird I thought.

A few days later I woke and found that my underwear had disappeared from its drawer and in its place just diapers of many sorts. I did not wear in the day so had to buy new underwear. But from this day I had several daytime accidents and had to start wearing more and more just like a little baby :/(

A few weeks after this it appeared as though my nipples were getting sensitive and I developed seemingly large man breasts. At the same time i stopped shaving and my hair started growing very fast .

Again the diapers appeared and my underwear vanished only to be replaced by women's French knickers, stockings and other garments. What the hell was going on !!!!!!!!!!!

Then the unthinkable happened , I woke one morning to find my men's package was replaced by women's parts. My slim body was hairless and I now had what I can only describe as pert breasts.

I was a mans man and hung out with the guys, played sports, went drinking .

Now I was a slim attractive girl with firm growing breasts and an aching pussy ( I was now satisfying myself with a rampant rabbit vibrator) and wearing diapers 24/7 .

It was as though my dreams put me in a relaxed state and centred me where I wanted to be. The ability to let go and behave like a diapered baby at night,wetting without control and giving no resistance to sales assistants attempts to dress me like a woman . I had become what I dreamed of :-(

I rushed back to shop of dreams and the old lady smiled as I entered - so we let that dream keep repeating did we ? You could have stopped it at anytime !!!

But you did not tell me I shouted I want to reverse it please ease .

First you must finish the dream and then we can reverse it .She gave some herbal potion and said to take it before bed.

The next night I took the potion and began dreaming , I was in a bar with some guys having a laugh. Perhaps this was the side I needed to turn things back. We joked and drank beer and made comments about the women , it was a laugh. Later somewhat drunk one of the guys suggested some of us go back to his , we crashed into a taxi and then arrived at his place. We carried on drinking and then it all got a bit hazy, suddenly I came too...

I was sitting on one guy who was thrusting hard into me, the other was slowly entering my arse with his hot throbbing penis and a 3rd had hold of my hair and was ramming his member down my throat . I glanced across the room and I could see a pile of clothes, they were mine , a skirt , G string , stockings , suspenders and a skimpy lace top plus high heels. ( Plus they were filming it) I had not been one of the lads , I was their attention , I was the woman I had become. At this point I shuddered to a climax as all 3 holes were filled with their hot vibrant cum. They then changed over and systematically banged me, sucked me ,fucked me and groped my pert breasts until we were all exhausted and I was filled to the brim :-)

I woke up at this point to find myself back in my own bed but to my surprise I was bring spooned by one of the guys, it was part real, part fantasy xx I then surprised myself by climbing on top of my bed mates throbbing penis and riding him until I came .

After this he placed me in a diaper and told me to chill for the day. I immediately filled the nappy and sucked my thumb. I think I had become what I wanted .

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