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How My Love for Diapers is Growing

Recently my diaper fetish has become more aware to me as I now find the need to wear them twenty four seven. My previous story tells you of how I got in to diapers and last year after a couple of close calls with wetting myself I went for a check up.

The doc told me after tests that basically my bladder muscle is deteriorating. so now I am relying on diapers more in the winter.( cold weather affects my bladder more ) anyway now you know more about me I will tell you of a incident that happened maybe.

I am a mechanic and a handyman and one morning when I had the house to myself no work to do I laid there filling my diaper when the phone rang. On answering it I discovered it was Mrs Jones in the near by town.

Her garage door was stuck and could I come and fix it quickly as she had to go some where so I said I would be there in half and hour. I changed my diaper got dressed and jumped in my van.

As I pulled up Mrs Jones opened the door. Now she was fifty but with a body as beautiful as Venus, curvy and a nice pair of tits to boot and she was a widow. She thanked me for coming and led me through the kitchen to the garage I saw the problem and went to get my tools as I approached the van realised I need a wee knowing I had a diaper on I rather nervously wet my diaper.

Walking back to the garage I realised I had forgot to put my belt in these trousers so I pulled them up and hoped they wouldn't come down whilst Mrs Jones was there. As I climbed the stepladders to fix the door my trousers dropped a little and as I reached up to fix the door so did my tee shirt revealing the top and tapes of my diaper.

Just then Mrs Jones walked in and asked my if I would like a coffee not realising she could see my diaper I replied yes I soon fixed the door and went into the kitchen for my drink readjusting my clothes as I went.

As I walked in Mrs Jones had changed in to a nice but rather short dress She sat at the table and asked me to join her so I did we sat drinking and chatting when I realised I need to wee. I said I had better be going as you need to go out that's why you called me out. I didn't feel confident in peeing front of her but she must have noticed me squirming when she got up and locked the door. Now getting quite desperate for a pee she turned and said if you want to pee go in your diaper little boy. Of course I said I had no idea what she was on about and stood up to leave she walked over to me and undid my trousers as they fell to the floor she asked me to step out of them.

The pee dance was getting a bit bad as stepped out of my trainers and trousers she then noticed the wetness mark was a little smudged. She replied in a cross tone of voice that I was naughty boy for peeing with out her permission. I apologised whilst doing the pee dance it was then that she said I could wee it seemed to take ages to wee but when it came it came flooding the diaper and on to the floor I looked down I was stood in pool of wee. Mrs Jones disappeared and came back with a mop and bucket." here cleaning it up naughty boy" as I did she asked me all sort of questions about me been in diapers so I told her that I love wearing them and wetting them and watching women pee. Oh she said then I realised that I was peeing again and another pool formed. She gasped and asked if knew I was peeing. I said no and told her all about my condition she then asked if I had any clean diapers with me lucky I always keep three or four in the van and told her where they were.

She quickly went to the van and came back with them as I reached for them she said no I must be punished first for peeing with out permission she sat down on a chair and pulled me to wards her. I was nervous as well as aroused I stood in front of her and she undid the tapes on my diaper as she pulled the diaper way she smiled and said" we are a little boy then but don't worry little boy are more man than bigger ones"

Then she pulled me over her lap and spanked me hard as she did so I got more aroused until I was rock hard aching for some relief. she stopped spanking me and told me to stand up I did so covering myself she pulled my hands away seeing my erect cock she told me to stand in the corner facing away from her with my hands behind my back. I apologised and she just repeated her instructions and told me if I touched it or came I would severely punished. Well that turned me on even more the thought of been spanked again turned me on even more. I heard her get up and go somewhere then she came back after a few minutes. By backside by this time was cooling down from the spanking she told me to turn around on doing I noticed she was smiling and holding a big towel she fold ed the towel in half and laid it on the floor in front of the chair she then she sat down and told me to kneel on the floor as I did so she shuffled to the front of the chair and pulled up her skirt revealing a well manicured cunt she just smiled and leaned back I started licking and probing and she was getting so moist and squirming in her seat as she moaned I suddenly realised I needed to pee so I came up and told her." Go on the towel don't stop" so I went back to licking her out and soon wet the towel it was then that I realised her juices were slightly salty and thinner I soon guessed that she had peed a little. She then pulled my head up and smiled "come on " she said getting me to stand up and lead me into the bed room she stood there next to a bed covered in plastic sheets this is going to be great and messy I thought to myself. She kissed me and pushed me on to the bed she then stood there and took of her dress and climbed on top of me she soon mounted me and fucked me hard whilst I fondled her tits the suddenly she got of my cock and swatted over my cock. She gently massaged her pussy until her amber juices flowed out of her at quite a rate I started rubbing it all over my body she soon finished and rolled over I slid my cock into her and started pounding her until we both came me first then Mrs Jones as we laid there I realised I need to pee I asked for the bathroom and got told she was the bathroom so I knelt over her and let rip she started rubbing my piss all over her body.

We made love for another time when she suggested we clean up and I could have a special treat we sponged the pee and cum of the plastic sheet then wiped down for next time she said then showered together as I was cleaning her tits and playing with her pussy she was pulling my cock then she disappeared down and started sucking as I was about to cum I said so but I need to wee again so I warned her before I realised I had cum and started peeing in her mouth she took my cock out and pissed al over her tits .

After we got out and got dried she laid me on the bed and she put on a skirt and jumper then powdered me and re diapered me an lead me in to the lounge as I sat on the sofa in just my diaper she went in to the kitchen and came back with a cup of coffee and some biscuits we sat and talked for a while then I got up and got dressed kissed her good bye and went home waiting for the next time cos she still has my diapers.

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