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Adult Baby

I got married back in the mid 50's. Shortly after that I learned that I had a prostate problem that was requiring me to get 4 or 5 times a night. The doctor suggested that I do what many other men with a similar problem did, and that was to wear a diaper to bed. If I could learn to sleep in a wet bed I would not have the problem of having to get up. Since my wife and I slept in separate beds, which were side by side, she said that my having a wet bed would not bother her. So I started wearing diapers to bed. After a few weeks I found that I really liked wearing my diaper, even though I did have a wet bed every night. I should mention that I am also a crossdresser, and my wife knew that when we married. We loved each other, and she had no problem with me dressing as a female, any more than she had with me wearing diapers.

We raised 2 wonderful children, who for many years did not know that their daddy wore diapers and feminine clothes. After they were grown and out of the house, my wife asked me if I would like to have SRS surgery so I could look more like a female. I told her that yes I would, but didn't think she would approve! She said that not only would she approve, but that she would pay for it! So I had it done, but there was a catch which I did not know about. My dear wife had asked the doctor to not only remove my male parts, but to also implant female parts in my body. When the surgery was done, I was no longer the man that I had been! I was now a female named Stephanie!! And of course I was still wearing diapers to bed!

Actually I was wearing diapers frequently during the day also, and using them like any baby! My wife knew that I was doing that, and let me know that she didn't care. She told me that she liked to see me in a diaper, and would be very happy if I would be her baby girl!!

I told her that I would happily wear diapers whenever she wanted me to. She told me that there were some conditions that I would have to agree to if I was going to wear diapers more often. The first one was that I would wear, and use, diapers 24/7 and that I would have to let her, or someone else, change my diaper when it was wet or messy! I would be a baby so I couldn't change myself. I agreed to that, and then was told that I would have to attend an Adult Baby School where I could learn to be a real baby. I also agreed to do that, and by the end of my month long course, I was totally diaper dependent!!

Of course I was now wearing my diapers 24/7, and using them like any baby. I was also wearing baby clothes, which made me look like a very big baby girl! Oh yes, my dear wife had hired 2 ladies to nurse me for several months to get me accustomed to being a baby. She also hired a fulltime Nanny to help take care of her baby girl! The Nanny was a nurse who was married, and she and her husband came to live with us. Since I was now a fulltime female her husband took care of my sexual needs, when they arose! The Nanny always treated me like the baby girl that I had become.

This all started 12 years ago, and I have been a baby girl ever since! My dear wife passed away several years ago, but she had made provisions for the Nanny and her husband to stay on as my Nanny and keep me in diapers and baby clothes. I live fulltime as an infant! I have not stood up or walked around for many years, instead crawling around like any baby. I have a playpen to play in, and I sleep in a baby crib which has been modified to accommodate me!! When my Nanny takes me out in public I ride in an adult baby stroller with my diaper and baby panties plainly visible!! My wife started doing that years ago, so people could see that I was really wearing a diaper!!

I am very happy to be a baby girl, and love wearing my diapers and frilly baby panties!! After I am now completely a girl baby!!

Stephanie (also known as Sissy)

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