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Russell's Punishment

Part One

Russell, despite belonging to an extremely wealthy family, and so being a bit spoiled, was your average young man of 18, he liked hanging out with his friends, going to the movies, listening to music that other people in his house abhorred, that kind of thing. The thing he thought about most however, like young men of his age, was girls, and there were a few attractive ones in his life. The three he saw most were the ones he lived with; his stepmother and two step sisters. He had only lived with them for a year or so, and so he didn't really consider them family, especially since he wasn't overly thrilled with his father getting re-married. All three of the step females in his life were extremely attractive. Jasmine, his stepmother, was 36, having had her first daughter (Amanda) when she was only 18. She still hadn't lost all the baby weight from her second daughter, Trisha, so she had a bit of weight on her. The weight complemented her rather well though, particularly as she had extremely large breasts and an amazing bubble butt. She always wore here sandy blond hair in a bun that, combined with the glasses she wore gave her a sort of strict school teacher look. Russell liked her well enough. He was occasionally resentful towards her when it came to having to listen to her, but his father would allow him to get away with a lot. His two step sisters were polar opposites in looks, though not personality. Jamie was the older of the two, at 20 years old. She was about the same height as Russell, maybe a little taller. She was very attractive, curvy, but not overweight. Like her younger sister, she had hair dyed jet black, but the physical similarities stopped there. Unlike Jamie and her mother, Amanda, who was 18 and the same age as Russell was taller by a good six inches was extremely petite. She was extremely beautiful and had a butt and small perky breasts that were perfectly proportionate to her size. Neither girl was overly fond of Russell since he tended to be selfish and lazy, leaving stuff around the house and never helping out if he could get out of it.

... ... ...

It was the third day of the week long spring break of the very prestigious private school that Russell's father had him attend, and he was enjoying it okay so far. His father was gone for business for several months, which meant he was stuck with just his step-family. This would normally have been fine, but since his bathroom (there was one for each sibling and the parents in the large house they lived in) was being re-modeled, he had to use one of his sisters bathrooms, and since he had a tendency to not lift the seat, and to leave pee on it, it caused a lot of confrontation. It was this very problem that he and Crystal were arguing about at the very moment. The bathrooms all had the kind of door that locked from the inside, and on the outer knob was a little hole that could be unlocked with the use of a small specialized pin. Tired of Russell leaving urine on her toilet seat, Jamie had decided to lock her bathroom at all times, and use the pin when she needed to get in. Russell had long ago lost his pin, but they never needed them for anything so he didn't care, and simply used Amanda's bathroom.

"Open the damn door Crystal. I have to piss like crazy!" Russell yelled at his older step sister. Crystal, still not bothering to look at him since the conversation started, kept typing on her laptop.

"No, go use Amanda's bathroom."

"I can't use Amanda's bathroom, because she's taking a shower right now, and I don't know when she'll be done."

"Well, then it sucks to be you doesn't it. Now get out of my room."

"I'm going to tell Jasmine when she gets back from the store, and she's gonna be pissed." Jamie didn't even bother to acknowledge that comment, clearly finished with the conversation. Russell snorted in contempt and said, "Screw you, bitch!" before retreating down the hallway and his step sister who was now flipping him off. He tried to decide what to do. He really had to pee, which was a problem as his parents always kept their room door locked, Amanda was in the shower, and Crystal was being a jerk.

Russell knew he wasn't going to make it until Amanda was out of the shower, so he decided to do something that seemed like the only natural course of action. Heading to the back door of his house, he slipped out into the backyard, and finding a suitable bush unzipped his pants. Removing his penis, he began to urinate. It felt splendid, and he breathed a sigh of relief as he finished up, put his member away, and went back into the house to continue playing Zelda.

... ... ...

Jasmine McComb, despite the wealth she had married into, still did everything herself. Her husband didn't believe in people waiting on you hand and foot, and since it was never something she had had, she didn't mind doing without it. She was in the grocery store, and had just decided to try a new brand of peanut butter when her phone rang. She noticed it was her next door neighbor Helen.

"Hello Helen, how are you doing today?" Jasmine asked, continuing her shopping while she talked. After a few moments of listening to the other woman talk however, she paused what she was doing.

"You saw Russell do what?...and you are sure that is what he was doing?...Okay thank you very much for telling me Helen, and I'm sorry that you had to see that." Jasmine hung up the phone with Helen and stood there speechless for several minutes, then after making a decision, she picked up the phone and dialed the number of her oldest daughter.

"Crystal? Yeah, tell Amanda I don't want the two of you going anywhere tonight."

"Well I'm studying and I think Amanda has no plans, but I'll let her know, why?"

"We will talk about it when I get home, which will be soon, I just have a few more items to get"

"Okay mom, I'll see you when you get home then."

Jasmine hung up the phone with her daughter and turned her cart around to head back to the aisle she had just come from. She had just added a few items to her list.

... ... ...

Russell awoke around 10am the next morning, and considered going back to sleep. He had stayed up until 4am playing Zelda, and was still really tired. He decided to go forage in the kitchen for some food before heading back to bed since his stomach was rumbling and he knew that he would have a hard time getting back to sleep if he didn't eat first. Jumping out of bed, he threw a robe on so that he was wearing more than simply boxers if he happened to bump into his step mother or sisters. He didn't find that likely however, since they had still been up talking at when he went down for a snack at around 2am. So when he reached the bottom of the stairs, he was taken completely off guard to see the three of them sitting in the living room sipping at coffee, or in Crystal's case tea.

"Would you please come in here, Russell?" Jasmine asked in a tone that made it clear it wasn't really a request.

"Ummm...I really tired, can't it wait for a few more hours?" Russell asked.

"No it most certainly cannot, now come here."

Russell sighed and headed into the room, taking a seat and crossing his arms to show he really didn't want to talk, "More coffee, mom?" Crystal asked as Russell sat down.

"Sure, thanks hun." Jasmine replied, then turning to Russell, she said, "So Helen from next door called yesterday, do you have any idea what she wanted?" Russell had no idea what the old bag had wanted, so he merely shrugged to show the point.

"Well," his step mother continued, "she called to tell me that she saw you urinating in the back yard. Can you please tell me why the hell she was able to see something like that?"

"Yeah, I can" Russell snapped, "Amanda was in the shower and Crystal locked her stupid bathroom, I had nowhere else to-"

"Then you hold it like an adult, you don't go pissing in the back yard like an animal! And don't even try to blame this on Crystal, we all know why she locked her bathroom door and I don't blame her, I wouldn't want to sit in pee either."

"Fine, I won't do it again, can I go now," Russell wasn't really in the mood to be lectured at this time so I figured he would hurry it along.

"No you may not, since you can't seem to hold your pee like an adult, and have to go in the yard in desperation, it seems like you will need to be treated accordingly until you can. Now undress."

"What, I'm not undressing in front of you guys, and what is that stuff?" Russell had just noticed the white adult sized mat that Amanda was finishing setting up, and the bags next to it. Amanda finished laying out the mat and came and stood next to him, just as Crystal returned from the kitchen, and standing on the other side of him, both girls grabbed him and quickly yanked off his robe.

"What the hell are you guys doing? Let go of me!" He yelled as the two girls, who alone would not have been able to overpower him, but were quite capable of doing so in a unit dragged him to the white mat. Once there his step-mother grabbed his legs and they forced him onto his back on the white mat. Then with Crystal holding his upper body, and his step-mom holding his legs, Amanda slid his boxers down and grabbed his scrotum, delivering one slap, not hard, but hard enough to cause intense pain in his balls, and get him to stop kicking for a moment.

"Shut up and listen," Amanda snapped at him, releasing his balls and sliding his boxers down to leave him nude, "Mom called us after what Helen said, and we all had a long talk last night. We decided that since even when you DO use the toilet, you don't do it properly, we are taking away all of your toilet privileges for a while."

With his balls still throbbing, the fight was gone, and he was suddenly aware of the fact that he was naked in front of his attractive step-sisters and step-mother. Still he was confused, "What do you mean take away my toilet privileges?"

Since Amanda had gone back to the bags and was fishing around, it was Crystal who answered, her cleavage in his face as he looked up at her, "We have decided that you will be wearing diapers until we think you can use the toilet responsibly, besides," she motioned toward his now exposed penis, "it seems you do have a little shrimp dick, I think it should be kept in diapers." Russell flushed with shame as she pointed out his penis, which though not microscopic was on the smaller side. Russell began to panic as he saw the white plastic covered diaper that Amanda laid next to him, as well as an electric razor. Now panicking, he looked to his step mother.

"Please, you can't do this, I'll be better about the toilet, I promise."

"No Russell, but this is how it is going to be. You are going to wear your diapers and you are going to use them, period, then maybe you will learn that it is smart to use the toilet properly, and stop being such a slob." She looked over at her younger daughter who now how the electric razor plugged in, and after giving her a nod, Amanda went to work, shaving his pubic hair down to the lowest possible setting. Russell began to cry.

"What is she shaving me for?" he asked his step mother, but it was Crystal who giggled and as they flipped him onto his tummy, so that Amanda could begin her work shaving his butt crack, deepening the humiliation.

"Silly boy, we don't want that hair getting in the way of your diaper changes, it will be hard to wipe your bottom if it's all hairy."

Amanda finished up her work and they flipped him over onto his back once more, and it was then that the meaning of Jamie's words struck home, and Russell tentatively asked through the tears, "Why would you need to wipe my bum, I'm not going to poop them."

"Yes you will, sweety," Jasmine answered in a gentler tone, knowing this was going to be an ordeal for the young man, "you will be going peepee and poopoo in your diaper, but don't worry, one of us will change you, even if you are a stinky boy."

The sobbing resumed as the diaper was unfolded and Jasmine lifted Russell's legs into the air, allowing Amanda to slide the crinkling disposable diaper under her brother's bottom.

"Please, don't do this to me, I don't want to wear diapers, please-"

"Perhaps you should have thought about that before going leaving pee on the toilet seats and peeing in the yard, and also, you will call me Mommy from now on."

With tears streaming down his cheeks and muttering "please" under his breath, Russell watched as Amanda pulled the diaper up between his legs and fastened the tapes. When she was all finished, she patted his crotch, and said, "all done little brother." With that he was allowed to sit up. It felt weird, the diaper was extremely thick, and it crinkled every time he moved.

"Now," Jasmine addressed the crying sixteen year old, "before we let you go back to bed, I'm letting you know that you only have to wear these diapers until spring break is over, however, if you misbehave in any way, in addition to any other punishment we give you, we will add two days, now would you like breakfast?" Russell shook his head no, he was too numbed by the fact that he was wearing a diaper and had just been exposed in front of his sisters.

"Ok then, you can go back up to bed, one of us will be up in a bit to check your diaper." Without a word, Russell headed back upstairs.

... ... ...

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