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Asia Assignment

At 31 years old, Clinton was one of the youngest executives at JP Morgan Chase, and was just asked to relocate to Hong Kong from his current home in Chicago to take over the operational risk division in Asia. Clinton would be responsible for addressing immediate concerns in the division, as well as finding, hiring, and training a permanent replacement so he could return home. Clinton was excited for what this could do for his career, but also nervous to leave his friends and family for a year. He had a very comfortable life in Chicago. Clinton was also apprehensive about asking his wife Jenna, to put her career in nonprofit fundraising on hold for a year or more to follow him to Asia.

Jenna and Clinton had been together for more than ten years and made a great team. Jenna had also been very passionate about her career, recently earning a master degree. However, she was even more excited about the opportunity than Clinton was and pushed him to accept the assignment, assuming it was the right offer. Clinton said yes right before Christmas, and they planned on leaving for Asia in late January.

Accepting this assignment included a very significant raise for Clinton, beyond the ex-pat package which paid for flights, housing, storage and a per diem, Clinton also more than doubled his annual compensation. This change along with Jenna taking a break from working started a subtle, but interesting change in their relationship. Once resigning from her role in Chicago, Jenna began to see it as her job to look after Clinton, more so than before when they both worked full time. They used to split responsibilities like bills, housework, booking trips, laundry, etc. Now Jenna handled all of those items, and more!

Jenna and Clinton also always had a great sex life. However, a few years into their relationship a side of Clinton that had always been there but that he ignored after high school into college came out after an incident. It all began after Clinton was in a skiing accident while on a trip with Jenna visiting his family in Connecticut. Clinton fell hard after hitting some steep rollers and bruised his back. Around the time of that injury Clinton began having some issues with incontinence, especially when sleeping. Jenna was supportive and did not mind at all that Clinton wore diapers when needed, in fact on the way home to Chicago from Connecticut it was Jenna that purchased Clinton's first package of diapers. It started as Depends, but then moved into more premium brands like Abena X-Plus and even Bambinos.

At Jenna's request Clinton saw some doctors, but they all said tests were clear and medication would be marginally effective if at all but would have side effects. End result was the doctors issuing a diagnosis of "situation incontinence" and recommending Clinton manage with protection when he needed it, but to otherwise just keep on living. Clinton was not upset with this diagnosis. Although sometimes diapers could be a pain, like during hot summer months or when away from home, overall he liked the comfort of diapers. At times it was also a sexual turn on for him.

After a year or two of wearing diapers when he needed it, without directly addressing the issues of actually enjoying diapers with Jenna, Clinton began to think of ways to get Jenna more involved. For example, on one trip to her parents house Jenna was very sick with the flu and desperately wanted to make the 90 minute drive home but was afraid to be away from bathroom in the car. Clinton suggested she wear one of his diapers and that way they could head home, she agreed. Another time when traveling internationally, the both took ambien and afraid of having accidents on the plane, they both wore diapers. However, Jenna never came even close to indicating that she enjoyed it at all and got really angry when Clinton tried to push her into it more. Especially when Clinton would try to get her to wear a diaper, or ask her when having sex to put him in a diaper when done.

The only way Jenna got involved would be to help if Clinton needed it, for example Clinton injured his back again when planting trees for a volunteer event. Jenna helped Clinton put on and change his diaper, but only because he was injured and he need help.

Of course, again Clinton never really explained his feelings on the topic of being a diaper lover and his interests in exploring the whole "adult baby thing". The only time he came close was in bits and pieces when having sex, and Jenna never responded well to that. Clinton was not exactly good at explaining his interest or emotions at appropriate times. This was largely due to him being nervous at how she would react and if she would leave him.

Ok... Back to moving to Asia. The change in Jenna was so interesting, as she began to take care of Clinton. Clinton began to slowly lower his guard about his feelings related to wearing diapers. Still only in bits and pieces, but he told Jenna that he enjoyed wearing diapers because they made him feel comfortable. Jenna went out and purchased diapers for Clinton from the local pharmacy, which she almost never did in Chicago. He still was too afraid to have the real conversation, but he shared more than he ever had before about he enjoyed diapers.

At work Clinton was super stressed from the new role and balancing the Banks politics between headquarters in New York and the regional executives in Hong Kong. Clinton would come home emotionally exhausted. Sometimes this would frustrate Jenna, because she wanted her happy cheerful carefree husband when he got home, but overall she was incredibly supportive and understanding.

Clinton was particularly stressed one week while preparing for a regulatory exam from one of the notoriously difficult regional regulators. He wasn't sleeping, got a cold, and was irritable leading up the week and all week. Jenna was supportive and told him to just get through the week, that after the exam closed on Friday they would have a wonderful weekend relaxing.

Friday afternoon Clinton got home from work, excited the exam was over with no issues but completely exhausted. When he walked into their apartment, he expected Jenna to be ready to go out and have a drink and/or dinner. Instead she was in the bedroom and called to Clinton to come on in. Clinton walked into the bedroom and he just stood in the doorway in shock. He beautiful wife was wearing Clinton's favorite of her lingerie, a satin pink beaustia with a satin pink thong and was sitting up on the bed just reading her kindle. Next to her on the bed laid out was a buzz light year changing mat with a diaper (Bambino Bellisimo) on it. Near the top of that was a new large t-shirt with G.I. Joe on it. On the bedside table near the changing mat was a large sippy cup, a baby bottle, and some cheddar bunnies.

"Hi Bunny! Welcome home my love." Exclaimed Jenna as Clinton just stood in the doorway. Clinton wasn't sure what to do, so he just said "hi babe, what's going on?".

"Come on in and sit down with me."

Clinton walked in and sat on the corner of the bed. Jenna explained that earlier in the week she was working on the itinerary for their next mini-vacation in Asia to Thailand and that she needed his passport info. So she turned on his laptop to see if she could just grab the image of it that she knew he saved on the hard drive. However, once she got on his laptop she open Safari to submit the information to the travel website and the previous websites Clinton was browsing came up. That website was "Daily Diapers". Intrigued Jenna checked out the site, as well as other sites in Clinton's browsing history, all about diaper lovers and adult babies. Jenna kept reading...

At first, Jenna admitted, she was nervous and didn't know what to think that her executive manly husband wanted to wear diapers and be treated like a toddler. But then she kept reading and exploring and his behavior of the last several years made more and more sense. She read about how often for those into ABDL scene, it was incredibly stress relieving to leave all of their adult concerns behind and just relax comfortably as a two year old. It was then that Jenna decided, that although not her cup of tea, she loved Clinton and wanted him to be able to relax in his own way. She decided that Friday after work she would give him a weekend he would not forget.

After explaining, she didn't skip a beat and told Clinton to take off his clothes and get in the bathtub. Jenna followed him in the bathroom and grabbed the electric clippers. She gently and carefully helped Clinton shave his private area and then turned on the water and leaned over the tub and helped Clinton wash off the stress of the day. After the bath Jenna helped him dry off and led him back into the bedroom and on the changing mat on the bed. All of this while her amazing breasts popping out of the top of her lingerie.

By now Clinton had a massive throbbing erection. Jenna began to slowing stroke Clinton, then began to lick and give Clinton the best blow job he ever received. Before he cam, she pulled aside he little pink thong, mounted and rode Clinton. It only took him about three minutes to cum. Clinton immediate began to apologize that he came so quickly before Jenna could even begin to enjoy and she just put her finger over his mouth to stop him from talking.

She slowly rolled off Clinton, and went into the bathroom to clean herself up quickly. She returned with some hello kitty baby wipes and cleaned off Clinton, gently applied some baby powder and then got Clinton to raise his butt so she could slide the diaper under him. She pulled it up between his legs, adjusted it and taped it up nice and tight. She then had him sit up and pulled his new t-shirt over his head.

"Ok Clinton, time for cartoons and snacks"

She had him roll off the changing mat and sit on the bed in just his diaper and t-shirt. She handed him the sippy cup with apple juice in it and a small bowl with some cheddar bunnies. Then she grabbed the remote and turned on the cartoon channel. Yes, even in Hong Kong they have the cartoon channel.

Then she cozied up next to her man, and they both relaxed watching cartoons. While Clinton enjoyed apple juice Jenna had a glass of wine. After an hour or so of cartoons, Jenna ordered pizza delivery for dinner and a disney movie from Apple TV. Halfway through the movie, Clinton started to get up. Jenna asked where he was going as he got to the edge of the bed.

"I have to pee!" replied Clinton.

"Get back over here little man! You have a diaper on don't you? Now come back here and lay down"

Clinton got back in bed next to Jenna and after a few more minutes gave in and wet his diaper. At the end of the movie, Jenna asked if Clinton wanted to watch another, of course Clinton replied "Yes!". At the same time Jenna reached her hand over to the front of Clinton's diaper to feel if he was wet "Oh, my little man needs his diaper changed.. Let's get you changed and then we can watch another."

Jenna grabbed the changing mat and spread it out on the bed again next to Clinton. She pulled him over onto the mat and lifted his t-shirt. Jenna could tell Clinton was hard again even through the thick diaper! Clinton rarely wanted to have sex twice in one night! She slowly undid the tapes on his diaper and grabbed some wipes to clean him up.

As she threw the dirty diaper away in the bathroom trash she came back in to his rock hard erection and said "Oh bunny, someone wants more attention. This time, your baby-sitter is going to need some attention too!"

Jenna hopped up on the bed and gently pushed Clinton back so he was lying flat. Then she got on top of him near just below his chest and gave him a deep passionate kiss. Then she slow slide up and sat on Clinton's face. He didn't need to be told what to do, while Jenna moaned and slowly moved back and forth Clinton went to town eating Jenna's beautiful little pussy. Jenna came twice while sitting on Clinton's face, after coming the second time, she moved down and rode Clinton for almost forty minutes until they both came at the same time.

More slowly than last time, Jenna rolled off Clinton and went into the bathroom. This time she came back in her PJs. She came over and wiped up Clinton again with baby wipes and re-diapered him in his favorite diapers. Then she pulled down his t-shirt and they both snuggled back up under a blanket.

Jenna hit play on "Aladdin" but before they even got halfway through Clinton was asleep in her arms. The next morning Clinton woke up around 9:30AM and as he rolled over he noticed Jenna was awake and reading the paper next to him with a cup of tea.

"Hi baby" he said as he opened his eyes slowly starting to remember the amazing night before.

"You are the baby, funny bunny." replied Jenna as she reached over and felt the front of Clinton's very wet diaper.

"Let's get you cleaned up bunny and in a nice dry diaper, we are going to have a wonderful day together."

"Babe, it's OK, I know you don't love this side of me, I appreciate what you did last night but you don't have to do this if you don't want to" Clinton replied apprehensively.

"Listen young man, you are going to be in those diapers and be my two year old cute little bunny until I say so! If you give me any sass it will result in an immediate spanking. Now let's get your diaper changed and then I will show you the cute onesies I got you for our day out"...

To be continued...

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