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Jenne and Timmy's New AB Life

Part 1

Jenne was walking into work and already her supervisor was on her case again. Being 22 and her boss twice her age, she felt like he was old enough to be her dad. Everyday its something and usually nothing that important. She feels like he only wants to single her out and make her feel bad all the time. She was tired of his remarks and bad attitude that she got, while everyone else seem to get the happy side of him. Any mistake on her part would lead to him jumping on her case, but look the other way for the other girls who waitress with her. She was glad when each shift was over. She would escape by going home and going online. She would chat with people who were like her. People who loved to be babied or what is called AB, Adult Baby. It was an escape for her, a way to remove herself from everyday stress. She met a guy who also enjoyed the same things she did. She would txt and call him just to talk about what they wish they could have. A life of no stress and someone who would care for their every need.

Timmy worked in an office where he has been working in an entry level position for 7 years without any promotions. He was ordered around a lot and was handed all of the stressful tasks, or the ones that no one else wanted to do. He had no choice, but to do them or lose his job, with hopes that one day he would be promoted. He had his doubts he would ever move up the career ladder, since co-workers which started at the same time as he had have now been moved up into better positions. He didn't like the people who he worked with and never went to any of the after work parties. He would rather go home, log online and chat with Jenne. They became close and one day exchanged phone numbers so they could talk and txt each other. Both enjoying the AB lifestyle and needing to escape the everyday stresses. They always talked about meeting one day, but never got the nerve to do it. Only living a hour away from each other, they weren't sure why they hadn't meet yet.

One day timmy was texting jenne as they do everyday for almost a year. As timmy sent a txt about a play date and wearing diapers, when he noticed he sent it to the wrong phone. Not knowing who nor how he did it, he was afraid of who was on the other side. He quickly sent a text to the correct phone telling jenne what he did. She wrote back "lol, you silly man. Don't worry about it" But soon after a text from the wrong phone wrote back, "who is this?" Scared he didn't know what to do. He decided to not respond and delete the txt, and then telling jenne. She still wasn't to concern about it and told him to just relax, you're over thinking again. He agreed and continued his texting with her. When all of a sudden the phone rang. OMG they are calling me, he thinks to himself. He quickly hit the button for it to go to his voice mail. Jenne still told him "just relax, they don't know who you are. You are fine." So timmy relaxed, once no more calls nor texts came from that phone.

Days went by since he last heard anything from the wrong number. He finally set up a date for jenne and timmy to have a play date at the park. He text jenne making sure they were still on and what they should wear. She told him, she would be wearing her thickest diaper if he did. Agreeing and packing a bag for himself, of stuff that included : extra diapers, blankie, binky, bottle, teddy and a few other items. When they got to the park, as they figured, no one was there since most were at school or work. They giggled as they hugged and said they were happy to finally have a play date. Playing like kids, they ran to the swings and began to swing. Pumping their legs as fast as they could, to get as high as they could. Both giggling like school kids and both feeling secure in their diapers. Like there were no worries in the world. They even began to talk like the three year olds, that they so wanted to be. Next they ran to the slide and were sliding for a while. Hugging once and a while as 3 year olds do while having fun. They continued to play in the play ground until timmy's phone rang. Puzzled, he waddled over to it, OMG its that number again. Jenne giggled at him and said "forget it, lets play." Setting the phone down he starts to walk over to the jungle gym with jenne when a text came. He waddled over to read it "You two babies look so cute playing in the park together."

Scared he showed jenne who now too began to be scared.

"How do they know we are here?" asked jenne.

"Me not know. But we should go!" She agreed and the grabbed their bags and started to walk to the parking lot, where there cars were. The only two, except for a white van, that now was parked by them. While they quickly walked to their cars, with little situation awareness, giving a quick hug goodbye. Standing next to the van and their cars, when the door flies open and a man and women jump out at them. The man grabbed timmy and placed a cloth over his mouth. timmy struggled to get free from the man, but the drugs took their effect on him quickly. Meanwhile, jenne was fighting with the women who also had a cloth over her mouth. Both struggling until they became too weak and were both pulled into the van. The kidnappers closed the door after a quick look around to ensure no one saw them. Inside the van the women had jenne on her stomach already and was tying her wrist behind her back. She pointed out their diapers to her male counter part who said "these two will be easy to regress. They already want to be babies. So they will over time, be willing to become our little toddlers." Smiling as he tied timmy's wrist behind his back. They quickly had both toddlers bound in hogties and a binky taped in place. The kidnappers had gone through their bags and found their own binkys.

A drive to their home in the country, off the beaten path, their soon to be new parents drove them up the long driveway. Well off the road and with no neighbors for miles. When they slide the side door open both timmy and jenne were struggling in their bonds. muffled moans as they see the two standing outside of the van watching.

"You two struggle now, get it all out of your system. Soon you will be our full time toddlers, 24/7." They looked at each other, with wide eyes after what the man said to them. Struggling more as the female walks over with two needles in hand.

"Night, night my babies." As she sticks each of them with the needles she pushes the sedative into their arms. Both fast asleep in their bondage and diapers while the two move them into their new room.

They had two of everything in the room. Two changing tables with nice straps on all four corners. Cribs with again straps on each corner. A play pen in the corner and all kinds of toys and stuff animals. They placed both of them on the changing table, checking their diapers and seeing that the sedative worked. Both being so relaxed they used their diapers. They were both strapped to their changing table while the new parents waited for them to wake up from their drug induced sleep. When both stirred to find themselves strapped to a table with their diapers full, they began to moan and struggle. Smiling as the new mommy and daddy began to change them. Mommy changing lil timmy and the new daddy changing lil jenne. Wiping them and cleaning them up and then placing a new diaper under their bottoms. With some powder and a a quick taping, they were both in new diapers, gagged with their binkys, and strapped down. Still struggling when they daddy began to speak.

"My my, still struggling huh? This is what you both wanted. To be babied and play like kids. This should come easy for the two of you. With how you all played in the park and all. But we have some drugs that will help you regress and become our little babies. I don't think its going to take much to make you, what you really want to be." The mommy smiling saying "you two look so cute in your diapers and I've got a few cute t-shirts to go along with them."

Pulling out the needles again she tells them, as they struggle more in their straps.

"This is the first shot of many. This will not only sedate you, but also regress you and the diuretic will make you use those diapers a lot. That way you begin too lose all control." Smiling as she sticks them both. Their struggles slow as the drugs sedate them to a point of being weak, but awake. They feel their straps removed but when they pull to get away, they get dizzy and their movement is slow. They are helped off the tables and brought into the play area. Where they are placed into the play pen area and the parents closed the door behind them. They blink at each other, sitting all diapered on the floor. Then mommy returns with their t-shirts, one saying baby boy and the other saying baby girl. Easily sliding the shirts on both of her new toddlers. As they are too weak to even put up a fight. She hands her baby boy a blankie and teddy and without thinking he cuddles with them. The daddy handing jenne her security blankie and her teddy as well. She too cuddles with them both, not thinking about it. The parents smile at each other, knowing the drugs are working, but the two are only doing what feels natural to them already. They cuddle on the floor and fall asleep cozy and warm in their diapers. They slept until the urge to pee over took all their senses. Jenne waking and moaning squirming on the floor next to timmy. He too waking up and starting to squirm as well. Moaning into his taped binky gag. They moan for a while as the parents watch from a distance. Knowing this is the beginning of their submission into babyhood. Jenne peed first as timmy could tell, as she blushed bright red. Timmy too could no longer hold back and went shortly after her. The mommy and daddy satisfied that they went, left them in their wet diapers, turning to the kitchen.

Both squirming in their diapers as they became cold to there flesh. Moaning into their binkys, wanting to be changed. A constant reminder of their new life ahead of them as they laid in their wet diaper. Needing someone to change them, since they were in no position to do it themselves. They now began to see their regression and their Independence slowly taken away from them. When they heard their parents return a sense of relief washed over them.

"Ok kids, lets get them diappies changed." Daddy picking up his baby girl and mommy helping her baby boy over to the table. They both remove their diapers and wipe them clean, leaving old diaper under them.

"Ok our babies need to be clean shaved, don't they."

"Yes they do." Said the daddy. As they use Nair to remove all their hair except for the hair on their heads. Using the old diaper, to place the hair into it and then tossing it into the trash. Wiping them clean and dry and then powdering their bottoms. Taping a new diaper in place as a whimper escapes both of them. Feeling warm and cozy again. SECURE!!! Then each receive a pink and a blue onesie to be pulled and zipped into place. They were then feed by bottles. And again little fight as they suckled on the bottle drinking the milk quickly. Once done, it was announced "Ok, bed time. Its been a long day for all of us." Moaning as they are helped into their cribs. Then strapped down to the four corners.

"The drugs will wear off through the night, so we can't have our babies waddling around the house." Daddy says. Once strapped in, they turn on a radio that plays soft sounds in the background and a soothing voice saying," its ok to be a baby. Diapers are good and should be used by babies. You need to listen to your parents. They know whats best for their babies. Bottles are what babies will drink from. Being babied is a worry free, and stress free life style. You so want to be a baby." This is repeated through out the night, as it soothes both babies to sleep in their cribs. Both with their blankies and teddies next to them. Sleeping and dreaming as the radio plays on.

Waking in the middle of the night and struggling in her bonds as jenne realizes she is strapped down, gagged and diapered. Having to go to the potty bad! She moans and struggles trying to get free and run to the bathroom, but unable to free herself. Only thing she accomplishes is waking lil timmy. Who also moans as he too has to go bad. They must have put something in their bottles as the can't control themselves and fill their diapers. Moaning in displeasure as they have no choice but to use their diapers. Their struggles continue as they lay in the dirty diapers unable to care for themselves. Then drift back off to sleep.

Waking to their daddy walking in and saying rise in shine my babies. Moaning sun coming in as the shade is pulled back. As they struggle and fight their bonds and beg into their gags for a changing.

" Awwwww do my babies need a change?" Shaking their heads yes affirming what he already knew. Since he slipped them the drug to make them go last night. Making them slip deeper into regression. Their eyes pleading with their daddy, to get them changed and into a new warm cozy diaper. Mommy walking in with two needles, one in each hand.

"Ok, heres how this is going to go. You will ask for your shots or stay in dirty diapers all day, is that understood?" Both shaking heads and So needing a change as they plead into the binkys for the shots.

"Good babies, you do know whats good for you." Giving each one their shot in the right arm. They moan and cry as they receive the shot. As they again feel the drugs kick in and make them weak as kittens again.

"Ok!!! who needs a diappie change?" as daddy unlocks his baby girl and carries her to the table. Pulling down the dirty one and wiping her clean. Then replacing with a thick new diaper. Powdering her, as the powder runs down her clean shaved groin into her bottom area. Then he pulls the diaper in front taping it in place snugly. Timmy receiving the same treatment.

"Lets go to the kitchen for some breakfast." Daddy carrying his baby girl and timmy walking along with hand in mommy's hand. Helping them into their high chairs and locking them in. Setting a bottle of milk on the tray and some mush of rice in a bowl. They remove the binkys after hours of wearing and as they yell for help, their parents tell them "no one can hear you. SO stop or SPANKINGS!!!" They both receive a lite slap and they stop yelling, blinking at their parents. Feeling so hungry they look at the spoon. As they reach for the spoon, they notice they are too weak now, to pick it up. Tears run down their cheeks as they realize they need to be feed, helpless to feed themselves.

"Ohhh baby, its ok, mommy and daddy will feed you from now on." As daddy feeds his baby girl and missing her mouth on purpose at times and gets it all round her mouth. Timmy getting his breakfast, much the same way. When they were done with their food, both were wiped clean, mouths and hands and then helped down.

Mommy taking timmy to the couch and having him lay in her lap and feeding him his bottle. Thirsty from the salty breakfast he suckled onto the bottle. Knowing it again was probably drugged, but so thirsty. Daddy taking jenne to a over sized chair and he too held her in his lap as she pleaded with her eyes too not have to drink the bottle.

"Drink it, my baby, or be punished!" Shaking her head no, still pleading with her eyes and begins to moan her pleas now too.

"Pllleasseeee no more, let us go!"

"That's it, my baby girl will not speak out of turn!" Spinning her over so quickly, she doesn't get time to realize whats happening. As her diaper is pulled down she figures it out and starts to cry. The drugs delaying everything. As her daddy gives her 5 quick spankings on her bottom.

"Need more?" No pleasseeee no...!!!" She pleads as she gets 5 more Spankings.


"nooo!!!" she whimpers out as again his hand strikes her bottom. Now crying and sobbing.

"Want more." She finally understands and shakes her head no instead of speaking.

"Good girl, now will you drink your bottle?" Shaking her head yes not wanting more spankings.

"Good girl. Now see, that wasn't so bad." Sobbing as he gets her settled back in his lab and moves the bottle back toward her mouth. She opens and begins suckling on the nipple as she drinks her milk. Her bottom still stings from her spankings. Timmy watching everything that happened as he continued to drink his, not wanting the same fate.

Once they were finished their bottles, they had the binks replaced and were told, "If they are removed, you will get spankings!! Understand?" Both shaking their heads yes and accepting their binkys. Slowly sucking them as they feel they need, to feel secure and safe. And are brought to their play pen to play while daddy and mommy clean up. They are handed a toy each and their teddy bears. Timmy got a toy truck and jenne a doll. They held them, but refused to play. They just blinked and looked at each other. Wondering how they got to this point. How did they know we would be there playing? So many question and yet no answers and no way to ask without punishment. For now, they would have to play along or risk the spankings, which had jenne wiggling in her diaper still. As timmy looked at jenne he could see her cheeks were flush red as she was blushing. The drugs making them feel dizzy and fuzzy. Movements were tough and uncoordinated, so they prefer to lay on the floor and suck on binkys. Mommy walking in and checking on them and was pleased to see both still sucking their binkys. She smiled and turn on her heel to head back out, the babies never noticing she was even there. As they lay on the floor just starring at each other with pleading eyes. Jenne's eyes so big and beautiful and filled with tears, as they slowly ran down her cheek. Timmy taking his finger to wipe the tear away, and almost poking her in the eye instead. Darn drugs, he thinks to himself. After a short time they felt the need to pee and sitting up, they both wiggled in their diapers. Not wanting to give in. Moans in their binkys had their parents interest. Walking just in the door to watch them squirm. Whispering to each other "Still fighting it, but that will change over time. Soon they will not even notice they have to go and just do it." Smiling at each other, watching as timmy was the first to give in and blushes as he feels wet. Soon after jenne gives in and relaxes her bladder and wets herself as well. Tears stream down both of there faces as they feel so humiliated. Laying down, not sure when they will get changed and still too weak to do it themselves. Both parents satisfied turn and walk back out as the babies just catch a glimpse of them. Moaning into their binky's, now knowing they were watching and both cried a little more. Heads resting on the floor.

The wet diaper cools, they have a shiver as they start to plead in binkys' wanting to be changed. Their parents hearing them and feeling a little bad, come in and get them on the table. Getting them changed into new thick diapers and powered. Then brought back out for another bottle feeding. Neither wanting a spanking, so they lay quietly in there laps and drink from their bottles with no fuss. Then back to the play pen for play time. But neither felt like playing. So their parents came back and put them on the tables, laying on there stomach. They wiggle a little not knowing what they were going to do. Then then felt the diaper moved out of the way and their butt cheeks pulled apart. Moaning and pleading into binky and shaking head no. Eyes go wide as they realize what they were going to do. Mommy taping the binky in place again and returns to timmy's bottom lubing it with a finger and then says "Relax and suck binky." She slides home the plug as he sucks wildly on the binky. The same is done to jenne as she too sucks on the binky and they both start to sob again. The diapers pulled back in place and then they are placed into the cribs. Locked down and were told they were being punished for not playing in the play pen. Now you will take a nap and think about being good babies. The last thing they do was turn on the radio with the soothing sounds and voice again. Walking out and closing the door behind them.

Both babies lay moaning into their gags, strapped down in their individual cribs. Their butts plugged for the first time in their lives and both feeling full. The drugs in their bottle beginning to work on them and they moan more as the cramping starts. MMMMMPPPHHHHHH could be heard from them, even in the kitchen, as the parents listen to their pleading moans. Knowing they can't do anything but suffer, since they were plugged. Another lesson for the two too learn. For they will learn that being a baby is a full time thing here. They will act, be treated and serve as their babies for now on. Never having a baby in their lives before, since she was told she couldn't and they didn't have enough money to adopt. The day they got timmy's txt, was the day they learn they could never adopt. They were crushed by this idea of never raising children of their own. Always wanting a family and now they couldn't. Anger crossed their minds, who can tell us, we can't ever have children. They were talking about taking a child from a hospital, or kidnapping one near a school. But feeling ashamed for even thinking about hurting another family, by taking what they worked hard for. To hurt them as much as they hurt, wouldn't make them feel better. They just held each other crying when the txt came in, "Wearing diapers all day in the park with you, will be so much fun." They responded back and then did their research on this lifestyle. Finding most ABs want this lifestyle as much as possible and that they could kill 2 birds with one stone. They could care for them and treat them as they feel fit. And the best part is, they wouldn't ever grow up. They would raise them like their own forever, without having to worry about them acting like teenagers. The more they learn about Adult babies, the better the idea of kidnapping two Adults seemed.

Their moans and pleads were getting louder in the nursery. Both parents looked at each other.

"Well I guess they have learned their lesson, lets go unplug them and allow them their much needed release." Walking in as two pairs of pleading eyes stare at them. Moaning pleads into their binkys. Please....Please.....Please are barely understood around their gags. The cramps so bad now, they were pulled up in a fetal position, well as far as their bonds would allow.

"Ok, my children! You going to act more like 3 year olds and play?" Shaking heads rapidly YES, and pleading more.

"Good, then we will allow you to use your diapers as they were intended for." Both moaning displeasure into their binky gags.

"Or stay as you are." Turning to walk away. Pleads return and they shake their heads no, as they look wide eyed at them. Both feeling so helpless in their position. To weak to fight these awful people who control everything now. Making them do things they never wanted and causing discomfort and shame. Tears well up as mixed feelings flood both of them. The need for them to relieve the cramps and the plug. Not wanting to use the diaper to do it though, as they are grown adults and prefer to use the toilet.

Taking them to the changing tables and each having their plugs removed. While laying on their stomachs, the diapers are replaced quickly to ensure they didn't make a mess. Allowing them to stay on the table, as they turn them over onto their backs and they watch intently for them to lose control.

"Its ok, you will feel better soon. Just let go." The babies turn to look at each other, eyes filled with tears and pleading for help, but neither could do anything. Turning back to face their captives and closing their eyes as the cramps return. Not being able to hold it any longer, pulling their legs up into a fetal position. Jenne and timmy release what was causing their cramps. Crying and sobbing with humiliation. Eyes still closed as relief fills them and the cramps dissipate. But unfortunately the feel of a messy diaper and knowing they were watched as they did it, embarrassed them both. Having no control over their bowels and using diapers made them feel vulnerable. Whimpers filled their gags as their parents tried to soothe them both while getting them cleaned up and replacing their diapers. What was worse for them, was the fact that they felt relief once the new diaper was replaced. They hadn't even notice that they both sucked happily on their binkys. Once the new diaper was put under their bottoms, they were just happy to have no more cramps and the clean diaper felt good against their clean bottom. Pulled snugly up in the front, after a good powering and taped in place. Both babies felt like everything was going to be okay again. What they didn't know, was that they had taken the first step to losing control over their bowels. The parents knew that the next time they needed to use their diapers, they would be happy too. Not having to wait for the parents to give them permission. The relief they would get from going right away, would out weigh the cramping.

They helped the newly clean diapered babies to the play area and locked them into it. While they got a snack ready for them. Handing them their toys again and watching to see what they do this time. Both look up seeing them watching and started playing on the floor. The parents smile and whisper something the babies couldn't hear..."The food we are feeding them will be so much easier for now on. Less mess and more peeing for them." They walked out to prepare another bottle of milk.

The babies played on the floor, as they didn't want to be plugged again. Sucking on their binkys to help ease their minds of all that's happen to them. While playing with their toys, they began to feel at ease. Their normal worries of their work days started to slowly slip their minds: What to eat, Cooking it, where to go, when to be where, Who is doing what, traveling, working, normal day to day things. They seem to forget those stresses, for now its when will I get changed, when do I play and when do I eat. While playing and mumbling into binkys, they never notice their parents return.

"Ok, kids, time for a snack." A little excitement rushes over them, Yea a snack! Now that their stomachs were empty and growling for more food. Helping them to the kitchen and into the high chairs. They locked them in and removed their binky gags. No words were spoken by either. They wanted to eat and not get punished.

"Ok, here are your snacks." Grapes and bananas, all cut up in small pieces. Both still too weak and need to have mommy and daddy feed them. Some banana being mushed in their face and the rest in their mouths. When done, they were feed another bottle of milk and then told it was bath time. They were taken to the bathroom, where both let out a sigh. Seeing the toilet, a sigh escapes them both, as they missed being able to use it.

"No, No, babies use diapers and not the toilet." Mommy reminds them.

"You are too young in my opinion, to use the toilet." Helping them out of their t-shirts and diapers, they are placed into the warm tub with lots of bubbles. Seeing the toys, they both reach for one and play, looking up at the mommy and daddy. Both smiling, affirmed to them, they were to play in here too, or be punished.

"Awwwwww how cute, their playing with their bath toys. I just knew they would love them."

After the bath was done, they were helped out and dried off. Their shirts and diapers placed on them, as they were told "Crawl to your room now, like good little babies." On the floor looking up, they glared at them. Not wanting to be forced to crawl as well.

"Look you crawl or that nasty lil plug will be used for nap time again!" Crawling quickly to their room, never wanting that again. Then helped into their own cribs and again strapped down. They take their binky's and start sucking on them slowly, as Mommy tapes them in place.

"You two take a good nap for your mommy and daddy, since last nap time you didn't sleep. Maybe it was from all that cramping you had." Turning the radio on and walking out, closing the door behind them. It didn't take long for them to fall asleep, after the long midday events..

The Sunlight blinded the two sleeping babies, as Daddy opens the shades.

"Wakey Wakey, my babies." Moans coming from both cribs, while their eyes adjust to the bright light. Squirming in there bonds as they wake up from their nap. Then it came to them, they so had to pee. Moaning and wigging in their diapers as they try to hold their bladders. Looking with pleading eyes at their daddy. Hoping they could go to the potty just this once. Daddy turns to their moans and walks over to them. Checking their diapers and finding them dry, he frowns and shakes his head.

"well I guess I'll come back in a few minutes, to let you have time to use them diapers." Moans increase and so does the squirming and wigging. Pleads to be let go muffled by the binky and duct tape, as daddy walks out of their room. Both not wanting to let go, but knowing its futile. Finally letting go so they can be unstrapped and changed. Moans of displeasure are heard along with sobbing. They knew it was time to go back in and check on them again. But instead they let them stew for a while. Maybe they will learn their lesson and will let go sooner. The waiting will be a little punishment for them. They continue to stay busy, although their lil cries made them want to run in and care for them. When they felt really bad, they finally walked in and released them from their bonds. Looking into their eyes, they see their pleads and relief that they were going to be changed soon. A simple task they were not allowed to do by themselves any more.

Bringing them over to their tables and releasing the tape in front, they pull back the old wet diaper and start to wipe them clean with a cool wipe. A shiver runs down their spines feeling the cool wipe on their warm flesh. Then the new warm diapers placed under their bottoms and powder being applied generously. The mommy and daddy then pull the diapers up in the front and taping them snugly around their waist. They remove the duct tape and leave only the binkys in their mouths. Helping their babies down off the table, and telling them to crawl into the living room. They begin to crawl and for every movement, they feel and hear the crinkling of the plastic diaper. They look at each other as they crawl and notice they aren't as weak as they usually are. They began to feel like this maybe their chance of escape. Still looking at each other, it was like they were reading each others minds.

As they crawled a few more times, they stood up and began to run toward the front door. They Spit out their binkys and wearing only a diaper and a t-shirt, they opened the front door and ran out. Still a little weak, but with enough strength to run. They heard the parents yelling behind them, but continue to run down the driveway. Hoping someone would see them as they ran toward the road, that seemed so far away. Looking back, they didn't see the couple running after them. They began to think that it worked, they had escaped. Then the roar of the van was heard as it came barreling down the driveway. They tried to run faster, knowing the van would be much quicker than they were. But this caused them to trip and fall, rolling in the dirt. They scramble to get back up, but the van was on top of them in no time. Still trying to get up when their "parents" jumped out of the van and grabbed them. Rolling and fighting, the parents worked to control them again. Scared of what they would do to them, now that they tried to escape. The babies fought as mush as possible to get free. A sting in timmy's arm and he knew it wouldn't be long before his struggles would be over. Daddy binding his arms behind him as his struggle decrease. Then his ankles are bound and pulled back to his wrist, finishing his hogtie. Daddy tossing him into the van and turning towards his new daughter. The needle being pushed into her arm and her struggles weaken. Mommy moving off her and pulled her arms behind her, wrapping rope around her wrist. Tying her ankles together and finishing off her hogtie as the drug takes over her. Weakening her every minute, as her struggles decrease. Placing her in the back of the van, when they notice a car coming down the road. Climbing in the back of the van and pulling cloth between their teeth, gagging them. The couple got out of the van and waved as the car pulls over. Closing the side door of the van and walking over to talk to the driver. The babies moan into their gags, but nothing is heard outside of the van. Their struggles to weak to make any noise.

The daddy and Mommy climb into the van and drive back to the house.

"You both are in Big TROUBLE, now!" They moan and whimpered into their gags. Carried back into the house, with them bounded and gagged and barely struggling. They are brought back into their room and placed onto their changing tables. Having their dirty shirts and diapers removed. Then they are picked up and carried to a chair, where they are laid across their parent's lap. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, each one harder. Then followed by 15 more spankings. Both crying and sobbing into their cleave gags, when their spankings were done. Their sobbing and crying continued as they placed them back on the tables. Caring for their cuts by cleaning them and putting bandaids on them. Putting a new diaper and powder on them and then a new t-shirt. They were placed onto the floor and told to crawl to the living room. They slowly crawled their way to the room and over to the couch. Mommy and daddy sat down with them and moved them into place for their bottle feeding. Their gags removed as they both worked their sore jaws. Feeling bratty and not wanting to do anything, they refused their bottles. They didn't want any more drugs and didn't want to have to use their diapers any more.

"You two need to stop being bratty, right now! Or you both will be punished again." Shaking their heads and trying to pull away. They are pulled down and over their mommy's and daddy's lap again. Shaking their heads no, as the spankings over the diaper start. They Plead to them both to stop and that they were very sorry. The spankings stopped and they were rolled back over.

"You might think you are sorry now, but just wait until tomorrow. Drink your bottles or we will use the plugs on you again tonight!" Whimpering, as their bottles were placed into their mouths and they were told to eat. They suckled their bottles, not wanting to be punished any more today. Once done, they were told "You were going to get a Disney movie tonight, but now its too late. Its time for bed! Now crawl to your cribs." Crawling to their room and then helped into their cribs, as the straps are again used to bind them. Then the binkys are put into their mouths and taped to keep them in.

"You two have a long day tomorrow for being so bad today. You will learn to be our babies and learn to give in and let go of everything you once knew or else." Then Mommy looks over her shoulder, as she turns on their radio.

"Night, Night my little ones! Sleep tight!!" Walking out as the two babies close their eyes, tears streaming down their face. Wondering what will be in store tomorrow. A shiver runs down jenne's spine just thinking about what they could do to them. Crying herself to sleep.....To Be Continued

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