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Jenne and Timmy's New AB Life

Part 2

Her eyes popped open, when she tried to move and was unable to. Having to go potty, BAD!!! She squirmed around in the dark, slowly remembering that she is being forced to be a baby. Her cramps increase each time she wiggled. Her diaper, a reminder of what they want her to do. Ohhh please, no...Not again she moans into her gag. Jenne not wanting to use her diaper. She thought to herself, they must have placed laxatives in their milk again. Another punishment for running away. She whimpered into her binky, when will this all end. Ooooooowwwwww, another cramp tore through her. She was glad they didn't plug her this time. At least she won't need to deal with the cramps all night long. She doubted they would change her anytime soon, which meant she would be stuck in her dirty diaper for hours. She slowly closed her eyes and pushed slightly. It doesn't take much as she pooed what she had been eating lately. Without much solid food the past few days, it wasn't as much as last time. Still very uncomfortable as she squirmed in her bonds and soiled diaper. Closing her heavy eyes as the drugs force her back to sleep. Whimpers escape her binky as she whimpered in her sleep and woke up timmy. He now felt the cramping in his belly. He wiggled and squirmed in his diaper and tight straps. The cramps becoming too much and without warning he let's his bowels go. He finally begins to feel better as his cramps dissipate. He moans into his binky gag feeling uncomfortable in his dirty diaper. But the drugs drag him back into the dream world.

"Okay, lets wake up, my babies!! Long day for you today." You have to be punished for yesterday!" Removing their bonds around their limbs as they say "ppppppeeeeeeuuuuwwwwwww, someone is stinky." Both parents knowing they wouldn't make it through the night.

"Lets get a diaper change. Look you are learning to let go and submit to us." Tired moans are heard in their binkys as they are still tired from the drugs. They are moved to the tables, where they have the tape removed and diapers pulled down in the front.

"OOOHHHH, WOW, peeeeuuuuwwwwww.!" Wiped clean as they see a diaper rash. They use the diaper cream on both of them. Then applied powder to their bottoms and placed a new diaper under them. Pulling the diaper up and taping them in place.

"There!" patting the front of their diapers.

"All better!"

They are carried out to the kitchen for breakfast. Placed in their high chairs and locked in. They moan a little as their heads are still fuzzy. Binky gags removed, as their normal mush in a bowl was placed in front of them. Spooning the food into their mouths and their faces again. The mush something the parents found online for older people who can't chew, but has all the nutrients they will need. And easy to clean in a diaper.

Once they were finished feeding them, they help them with their bottles. Both too afraid and confused to fight their captives, right now. With the bottles finished, they clean them up and help them out of their chairs. They are brought to the living room as the parents put them both in bondage mittens. Both hands were locked into them so they couldn't get them off. The TV was turned on so they could wake up a little more and the parents could get cleaned up. They sat on the couch playing with their mittens, since they had never seen anything like them. They couldn't do anything with their hands. The mittens made them totally useless to them. They watched some cartoons as their heads began to clear up. The parents walked in looking at them, as the babies stared, blinking at them.

"Well you two babies ready for the day?"

Shaking their heads slowly, "No." Not wanting to go through the punishment.

"Too bad, today you will learn what real punishment is. You will feel everything today, since we didn't drug you. You will also be bound in some way, all day, since you will have your strength back. We don't want a repeat of yesterday. By the time we are done, you will beg us to baby you."

They help them stand and place straps and a short chain between their ankles.

"Now walk this way" as they push them down the hall. Their hobble chain made it difficult for them to walk. Being only six inches long, they had to take small steps. They waddle down the hall in their thick diapers.

They passed their room and went to another room, they hadn't seen before. They stopped at the closed door, while the Daddy unlocked it and pushed it open. They slowly walked into the room at first and then tried to back out.

"Oh no you don't. Get in there!"

They began to beg, "No please, let us go. Please, we are sorry. We won't tell anyone about this!"

"More punishment I see, for talking out of turn." The mommy tells them sternly.

They stopped them in the middle of the room so they could have a good look around. They see the walls had gags, floggers, crops, straps, plugs, chains, whips, etc. The room also had a few devises to be strapped down too. Pleading again, when a ball gag is pulled into timmy's mouth MMMmpppphhhhhhhh. Then jenne is gagged with a thick cleave gag, tied behind her head. Shaking their heads and trying to use their mitten covered hands to get the gags off. Jenne is dragged over to a padded horse. They pull everything off her, leaving her naked, standing next to it. She turned and looked at timmy with pleading eyes. Timmy looked at the floor, he felt her pain and couldn't bare to look at her. He saw the fear in her beautiful blue eyes. She is then pulled over to the padded horse and bent over it, with her butt exposed in the air. They clip her mittens to the horse as she pulled at them trying to get free, moaning into her gag. Next her hobble chain is removed and ankles are buckled to each leg, pulling them apart. MMMPPPHHHHHH as she struggled more, her strength now back to normal.

While she struggled in her position, timmy was dragged over to the cross, where he is removed of his diaper and shirt. His hobble chain removed as he was pulled up onto the cross and strapped with his ankles and wrist pulled wide apart. He faced the cross with his bottom exposed to his captives.

"Now you can see, we are into bondage and use this for tying each other, but today you will be punished in here. You're going to have a choice to make when we are done. Stay in here, where you will be spanked, whipped and flogged everyday. Or go back to being our babies and learn to completely submit to us." Their Daddy tells them

As Daddy moves behind jenne, he tells her "This is going to hurt me, more than it hurts you, my baby girl." As her struggles increased, when she saw him draw back the flogger. He struck her bottom with it.

"MMMMMM" she screamed into her gag. He continued to flog her, while Mommy walked over to timmy and started to crop his bottom. They continue to flog and crop them several times. So many, they both lost count. Then the parents switched and Mommy croped jenne and Daddy flogged timmy. Both had tears that streamed down their faces. Each strike drove them into submission. They now wished they hadn't tried to get away. Both missed the feel of the diaper instead of the punishment on their bottoms.

The Parents both changed positions again, as they put on gloves. Hearing the gloves, they both slowly turn their heads and whimper when they saw the lube and plug. They both pulled hard on their bonds and begged into their gags.

"Please, Please Please Nooooooo", but all their pleas are absorbed by their gags. Their butt cheeks are pulled apart and a finger lubes the outside and then pushed inside. Moans of displeasure are barely heard from their gagged mouths, as the finger is replaced with a plug. The parents slowly pushed the plugs in, then pulled them out. They slowly screwed them with the plugs, while both could only moan and struggle in their bondage. Finally the plug is pushed home. They then start spanking them with there hands. Their bottoms already red from their punishment so far. They kept spanking them until their struggles are barely seen and their moans are no more then a whimper. The fight, in both of them was slowly removed, as their drool mixed with their tears and snot from all their crying. They both now had full bladders, as they squirmed in their bonds trying to hold it and not have an accident. Their captives must have put a diuretic in their bottles again. They continued to pull at their bonds, wishing they could go to the bathroom.

The parents reached for a paddle and got ready to use it on them. When they pulled it back to spank them, timmy saw it and couldn't hold his bladder any longer. Letting go as pee ran down his leg. He began to sob as he felt humiliated. Next jenne did the same, as she too couldn't hold her bladder any more. She sobbed into her cleave gag as she felt belittled, having an accident in front of her kidnappers. She knew that was what they were waiting for. They both just couldn't wait any longer and the paddle scared them. Their bottoms were very raw already and were so sore. Seeing them let go, the parents stopped and placed the paddles back on the table.

"Awwwww our babies had accidents. They do need diapers after all."

Daddy walked over to jenne and removed her bonds. He carried her out the door and to the bedroom. He Strapped her down to the changing table as she laid limp on it, whimpering into her gag. Her bottom had never been so sore and she was so tired from struggling in her bondage. Timmy jumped a little, as he was startled when they unstrapped him from the cross. He was slowly lowered into Daddy's arms and brought into the bedroom. He too was strapped to the table, where he was too weak to move. Both laid on their tables as their parents removed their gags.

"Now you need to each decide what you want." Mommy told them.

First Daddy asked jenne "What would you like, my baby girl? More punishment or submit to us and be our baby?"

"Please, Please, baby me. I'll wear and use your diapers, just don't beat me no more," her voice no more than a whisper. Satisfied with her begging, Daddy began to care for his new baby girl. Mommy now asking timmy the same. Timmy answered weakly "Please, I beg you, please no more spankings. Please diaper me and care for me."

Mommy then caring for her little baby boy. They first unstraped them and flipped them over. Removing the plug and then wiping their bottoms clean. They both felt empty once the plugs were removed. Next they placed their binky's into their mouths, as they slowly sucked on them. They needed their binky's more than ever, feeling more secure and comfortable with them in their mouths. They then slowly spread a cream on their sore bottoms. Caring for them gently as they suck even more on their binkys. The parents turned them over and placed a diaper under them. Wiping them clean and powdering them as they pull the diaper up in the front and tape it snugly in place. They both felt better now that the diaper padded their sore bottoms. Happy to be back in diapers and having no more punishment. They started to submit to their diapers and wanted to be babied more and more. Their new parents were winning the war, one battle at a time. The babies had a onesie pulled over them and zipped in place. They were carried to their cribs and gently lowered into them. They were handed a bottle each as they were forced to hold it with both hands, still wearing their mittens. Drinking their bottles while their parents tell them.

"No bondage for your nap. Drink all of your bottle and go to sleep. If you get out of the crib, you will go back to the dungeon. Understood?"

Both still drinking their bottles, shaking their heads "Yes."

"Get some sleep now, my little babies." their Mommy said as she turned on the radio. Then the door was closed and locked. The two babies finished their bottles and pulled their legs up into a fetal position. Their bottoms still sore from their punishment, but feeling better with a cozy diaper wrapped around it. They closed their eyes and drift off to sleep.

The parents smiled at each other, after they got their new babies to bed. After a long day of punishment, they were glad it was over. They held each other tight, happy that things were slowly working out for them. It had been a tough road so far, but they knew it would be. Making two adults do what they out grew years ago. Even ones that have tendencies to play like kids and wear diapers. They thought about what they put their babies through, feeling bad, but knew it was a step they had to take. Finally he looked at his wife and said "We need to clean up the dungeon."

They walked into the room and looked around, they saw the mess they had to clean up. They knew it wouldn't be the last time they would drag them in here, but hoped they would learn their lesson soon. They began to wipe down the cross and horse. Everything had to be clean for the next time they wanted to use it. Once done they walked over to each other. He looked and saw the desire in her eyes, being in their playroom. She needed to be tied down and flogged, right now. Her own floggings would help her deal with the pain she was feeling. She hated having to punish her new children.

It was like he read her mind, as he kissed and blew lightly on her neck. Shivers ran down her spine as she moaned with pleasure. He undressed her and piled her clothes up in a pile. Then he walked her over to her favorite devise, the horse. He took her right wrist and wrapped the cuff around it and locked it tight. She pulled at it slightly as her first limb was attached to the horse. Next the left wrist was strapped in the cuff and again she pulled slightly. Feeling it wrapped around her wrists and pushing her towards submission. Her husband asked "Your wrist to tight?"

She shock her head no, as her eyes closed. She felt her ankles being strapped, pulling her legs wide and leaving her butt exposed. As she squirmed in her bonds feeling a little more submissive. Her husband walked behind her and ordered her to "Open wide." She responded with a little whimper and opened her mouth. He pulled the ball gag in and tighten it behind her head. He walked away from his squirming wife, bound and gagged on the horse, as she knew what was coming. She anticipates it, getting more excited as she squirmed and moaned into her gag.

The first strike of the flogger, made her jump in her bonds and moan into her gag. The sting from the flogger, just starting to settle in, when another struck her bottom. Each one stung a little more and drove her deeper into her own submission. The flogger, not punishment like her babies, but for pleasure. Not only does she want to feel each one sting a little more, but it was a need. An over powering need to be tied up, helpless and flogged. Her husband struck her again and again. He knew just how much and how many she needed to get what she wanted. She pulled at her wrist to ensure she could feel the straps wrapped around them tight. Needing to feel even more helpless as her groin began to burn with desire. The flogger worked her bottom until it was a bright shade of red. Each strike took her higher and the bonds tied her down. Moans of pleasure escape her gag, as she drooled around it. Another strike of the flogger stung her, as she wiggled in her bonds. Her moans of pleasure only exciting her husband, as he flogs her.

With her bottom bright red, and her struggles weaken, he unstraps her and walked her to the cross. Where she was tied to it, facing forward. Her breast exposed for him to do what he wanted. He used the flogger lightly on her breast. Her moans of pleasure increased and so did her squirming. He Flogged each breast, driving her deeper into submission. Without warning, she came hard in her restraints. Her body pulled at the bonds hard as she stiffen and moaned into her gag. The floggings to her breast were the only thing she needed to drive her over the edge. Her husband continued, wanting her to cum again. Her pleas in the gag, are ignored as she is helpless to stop his attack on her breast. He Struck again, after she had time to calm down a little. Then again and again: Right, Left, Right, Left. Each one drove her desire between her legs. Her gagged moans, only turned him on more. Wanting to stop and take her, but not until he forced her to have one more. She knew this was what he wanted and liked. Then he would extinguish her fire in her groin soon after. She closed her eyes tight and pulled at all her bonds holding her stretched to the cross. Her helplessness rushed over her as the next strike of the flogger. It sent her into a violent orgasm, that rippled throughout her body. She struggled in the bonds that held her tight, as the orgasm took everything out of her. She whimpered into her gag and begged for him to take her.

He unstrapped her ankles and then her wrist, picking her up and carrying her to the bondage table. Where he tied her wrist to each corner and then her ankles to the other two. Still gagged and moaning her pleads to be taken "Please, Please, Please...take me" are barely understood through her gag.

He climbed up onto the table and started to massage softly on her breast. Her moans increased, as does her squirming. He knew this turned her on more, when she really only wanted him deep inside her. He leaned in and sucked lightly on her right breast, nibbling just a little. Then did the same to her left breast. Her moans and struggles driving him insane as he slowly moved into position and worked himself deep into her, holding himself there for a moment. Then Pulling back slowly before plunging in deep again. Only teasing her more, building her desire, higher. She struggled in her bonds as she wanted it hard and fast, but unable to move her position, tied down as she was. Moans of frustration made him jump with excitement inside her. Doming her, only built his own desires, deep within him. Her moans increased, knowing he wouldn't be able to take it much longer. Then she struggled on the table, her head moved side to side as if she was struggling to get free. But only increasing her excitement of being helpless and driving him crazy. The control he had over her, enraged his own inner fire. As he started to pump, faster each time and her moans of pleasure increased. When he pinched her left breast, she had another orgasm, followed by his own. He laid on top of his submissive as he caught his breath, while she did the same. He removed her ball gag and slowly kissed her deeply. Then he got up to removed her bonds and helped her sit up. The desire in her eyes extinguished for now, but he knew it would return in a few days, as she would need to be bound again. Holding each other tight as they walked to the nursery to check on their babies.

When they walked into the room, both were still sleeping in a fetal position. Their bottles emptied and mittens drawn up near their mouths. They wondered if the mittens weren't on, if they would be sucking their thumbs. They looked so peacefully sleeping in their cribs.

"They look so cute when they are sleeping, don't they?" says Mommy.

Daddy agreed with her as he went to wake them up "Okay, babies, time to wake up for lunch." Waking and stretching in their cribs as they slowly opened there eyes and felt the pain return in their bottoms. Little whimpers came from each of them as they wiggled in their diapers. They were helped out and carried to the kitchen, where they were placed in their high chairs and locked in. They placed their rice mush on the tray, as Mommy and Daddy feed them. Then they were brought into the living room for some cartoons and a bottle. They laid in their laps and drank from their bottles, starring blankly at the cartoons on TV. Once the bottles were done they were given a binky each and left on the couch with a Disney movie. Mommy and Daddy cleaned everything up again and then came back into the living room. They sat down with their babies and began to tell them their story.

They told them how they couldn't have a baby on their own and how they found them both from timmy's text. They felt it was a sign when the text came when it did. Timmy raising his hand slowly.

"Yes timmy, you may speak, but only as a 3 year old."

"How you find us?" ask timmy.

"Well, it was easy with your full name on the voice mail. We found your address, phone number and a picture of you online. Then we followed you around and watched your every move. Waiting for the day in the Park with jenne. When we saw you two playing, it was agreed, that we needed you as much as you needed a Mommy and Daddy. We decided to set our plans in motion." Daddy smiled at his wife.

Timmy and jenne looked at each other and both sighed. Jenne couldn't believe timmy had his full name on the voice mail. Timmy couldn't believe how much information about him was online. As Daddy continued "We did all our research on an AB lifestyle. What an AB liked and needed. And it turned out to be what we needed as well. We are sorry we kidnapped you, but it was the only way we could make this happen." Both babies began to squirm and suck on their binkys. The extra drugs in their bottles helped keep them weak, so they didn't panic again. The squirming and wiggling in the diaper, told their story. They still didn't feel comfortable with the whole situation, but they did take a step closer to their submission.

"Okay, time for a bath and then a movie night with your parents." Mommy trying to change the subject.

Crawling to the bathroom and helped out of their clothes, bondage mittens and diapers. They were placed into the tub with their bath toys and lots of bubbles. The parents scrubbed them clean and left them to play in the tub for awhile. They walked just out of sight, so they could hear what they said. Listening to little whispers in the tub. They still won't accept their fate. But over time they will have no choice and will have to see its better for them. They walked back in and helped them dry off, diapered and placed in a onesie for the evening movie. They carried them to the living room and placed them on the couch. A table with two plates of cut up broccoli pizza was moved in front of them.

"Here is a snack for the movie." Mommy told them.

They were able to eat with their fingers, although, uncoordinated. Placing some of the food in their mouths and other pieces on the floor. When done eating they were cleaned and table removed. Bottles in mouth, they laid on the couch and watched the first Disney movie. The parents holding them tight while they watched the movie. Tears ran down their cheeks as the drugs are again placed in their bottle for them to drink. Their weakening state returned to them as they laid, unable to move away. The second movie started with yet another bottle for dinner. They watched for as long as they could, until the drugs caused them to fall asleep. They were taken to their cribs, where their one foot was locked to a corner. The parents watch as they moved around for comfort, until they were in a fetal position. Then their thumbs were drawn to their mouths and sucked slowly. Smiling as they watch them sleep and suck their thumbs. They held each other while they watched for a few moments and then turned the radio back on. The door to the nursery was closed, as was another chapter in their lives.

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