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Todd in Diapers

At School

Todd is average 10 year old who has a little sister,Kim age 7 and lives with both his parents. One day while in class, Todd had to go pee really bad. The teacher wouldn't let him go to the restroom. Finally, he couldn't hold his pee no longer. Soon his pee started to come out. Pretty soon he had a noticeable wet spot in front of his pants. The nurse didn't have any change of underwear. Since Todd is small for his age, the nurse grab a pear of pampers diapers she got in stock for the younger kids. Todd didn't want to wear diapersd, but the nurse told him that is the only option. After he got diapered, he spend the rest of the day in class hoping no one will notice that he have a diaper on.

At Home

When he got home, he was lectured by both his parents about learning to hold his pee. They told him to wear that diaper the rest of the day. His little sister, Kim noticed the diaper.

" Nice diapers big bro,did the poor little baby had a accident today at school," said Kim.

"Shut up you little twerp," said Todd.

"At least I am wearing big girl underwear and able to control my bladder, big brother," said Kim sarcastically.

"It's really embarrassing that I have a older brother who still wets his bed, now I have to hear now that he now wets his pants at school." Todd's parents called a family meeting.

"Todd, this incident at school was the last straw," said mom.

" We are going to the store right now and buying you some diapers to control your bedwetting and daytime accidents," said dad. Kim burst out in laughter.

At The Store

When we got to Wal-Mart, Kim ask mom,"what kind of diapers will Todd be wearing."

"Lets take a look and see what they have in stock," said mom. In the diaper aisle their is alot of assortments.

"This will be perfect." said mom."same type of diapers the school nurse put on you." She grabbed a box of pampers size 6. Kim burst out laughing," you would look really cute in pampers. I hope your new diapers will keep you warm and dry at night." Todd could do nothing but bow his head in embarrassment. On the ride back home, Todd pleaded with his parents to not wear diapers to no avail.

Later That Night

After mom diapered me, she let me watch tv in the living room. When Kim saw the bulge in my pajamas she burst out laughing unable to control herself.

"Poor baby. Whats the matter, You are afraid you are going to wet your bed tonight."

"Shut up you little brat," I said.

"Or what, you are going wet your diaper like a little baby that you are. Mom should have put you back in diapers a long time ago. You are nothing but a diaper wearing baby who can't even control his bladder in daytime. And to thing you are older than me and I don't wet my bed or my pants at school." Todd had nothing to defend himself with.

Next Morning and School

After getting dress out of his diaper Todd went downstair for breakfast.

"Did the baby soaked his diaper last night," teased Kim.

"Todd, you better not wet your pants in school again, or your going wear diaper there also," said mom. At school Todd dreaded about having to wear diapers at night. He fell asleep in class due to not getting enough sleep last night.

"Todd, wake up and go to the nurses off you wet your pants again." He was laughed out of the classroom. The nurse put him in another diaper for the rest of the day. She called Todd's mom. His mom came to the school and gave the nurse few extra diapers for Todd to wear.

"For now on if you wet in school you will go the nurse," said his mom."You will wear diapers full time day and night." For the rest of the day he wear a diaper at school dealing with teasing from his classmates.

Later That Night

When Todd got home, his little sister was waiting.

"It looks like my big brother is now my little brother since he can't control his bladder and stay dry at night." laughed Kim.

"Shut up you little twerp," I said in retaliation. i was so angry that I want to throw her across the room."You shut up, at least I wear underwear see," said Kim as she lifted up her dress revealing her white panties with flowers on them.

"Even though you are my big brother and older than me, I am more grown up than you at only seven years old and first grade. Years from now when we are both grown ups I get to brag to you and everyone who cares to listen that I beat my big brother in toilet training. I wear underwear at seven years old, while you wear a baby diaper at ten years old." I could not say anything to defend myself with.

"Todd, come upstairs this instant and get ready for bed," shouted mom.

"Yeah baby, time for your diaper change," laughed Kim."Get use to wearing these. You will not be wearing underwear for a long time,"said mom. Todd could do nothing be let his mom diaper him. That night he had a dream wear he was in school in nothing but his diapers and it was wet. Todd awoke in a very wet diaper.

To be continued

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