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Tammy Finds Her Daddy

Part 1

She was squatted down getting the packets out that held the coffee. She had to make the coffee for her customers. They had come to expect fresh brewed coffee each morning with their donuts and the loved the fact she kept it fresh for them.

While she was engrossed in her task, she felt a touch on her shoulder. The touch was gentle yet somehow familiar. She turned with a start to see a gentleman whom she has seen every day for weeks. His name is Tom. And he has always been friendly and respectful to her each morning and she has come to enjoy the fact he always had a smile on his face. It made her morning to see him coming.

Tom said “Good morning Tammy. I see your hard at work again.”

She replied “oh yes, I am just living the dream.....But I need to change co-stars”: she giggle lively “Bella Lugosi is getting old”

They both laughed. Her humor and his has been noted by other customers and it seems to draw everyone into a good mood for the day.

She finished making the coffee and returned to her register. She checked several customers out while Tom made his coffee and took his favorite doughnut from the pastry case where they are kept.

Tom brought his purchase to the counter and smile in a rather unusual way at her. This confused her for a bit. He paid for his items and then stepped to the side and allowed other customers to be checked out with their purchases.

The morning is very very busy and Tom knows it so he stands patiently along side the check stand and waited for the opportunity to talk to Tammy about something he had in mind.

It took several minutes but the number of customers finally dwindled down and gave him the opportunity to speak with her.

“Tammy,” he begins “I have wanted to ask you out to dinner for a long time. Would you consider a friendly dinner with a guy like me?”

Tammy replies “Well I am not suppose to date customers, but I have never seen that policy in print.
When where you thinking about doing this?”

As soon as possible was his reply.
“Well I am off the rest of the day and tomorrow is Saturday and I am not due back to work till the morning on Sunday, Would tonight work for you?”

“Yes” he answered kinda nervously, he could not believe it was this easy. He was so nervous she would react badly to the invite or worse call the cops and have him arrested for harassment.

Do you want me to come pick you up or do you just want to meet me at the restaurant? He asked her.

“Well I usually go dutch on the first date with anyone, Sorry just a rule I have” She said with mild authority in her voice. She has been abused in the past and did not want to repeat it with Tom, She has secretly like him and his handsome 6'2” inch frame. He appears to have rather powerful arms and short, neatly cut black hair. She has to wonder why such a gorgeous man would want to have dinner with a girl like her. She resolved to herself she would demand an answer tonight at dinner.

Tom gave her directions to the restaurant and in what was unusual for him a very strong and powerful tone “Be there at 8:00 sharp” This made her tingle. Wow a powerful guy wants to go out with me she thought to herself.

It weighed on her mind as she finished her shift at the convenience store and headed home. When she got home it became apparent to her, her diaper was really really wet. It leaked out around her thighs and made her uniform pants wet. With out a thought about it, she undid the tapes on her bambino diaper and balled it up and put it in the trash. She readied he4r cloth diaper for her short nap so she could get up and ready herself for the events later that night.

She pinned on the thick diaper with two soaker pads and snuggle up to her teddy with her binkie in her mouth and drifted off to sleep.

Part 2 The date

Tammy woke as usual wet. She has had incontinence problems ever since she was hit with an infection to her lower spinal cord. She has come to terms with it and besides she loves cute baby things. Embracing it has brought her great peace of mind and made life fun again.

She rolls out of the bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed she pulls the plastic pants down to her knees. She then pulls the safety clips up on her diaper pins and unfastens them and lets the cloth diaper fall to the floor with a thud.

She steps out of diaper and picks up the damp cloth and places it into her diaper pail to be wash later.

She goes to the bathroom and draws a bath, knowing about her date she decides to shave her body bare should this guy she has had a secret crush on for months approach her to be intimate. She can only hope.

This restaurant is a very fancy place and she doesn’t want to embarrass Tom since he cared so much to make a very big deal of asking her out. She put on her bambino and a pair fanny shapers to help keep the bulkiness down so it will not be noticed. She slips her floor length halter dress over her head. She looks in her full length mirror and made very sure her diaper did not show. This is one of the few times she gets upset that she has to wear such things. I makes date problematic at best. She isn’t really even sure why she is going on this date. Men don’t react well to girls like her or even to a girl that has to wear a diaper.

7:30pm time to leave if she is going to make it by 8:00pm sharp. The words ring in her ears and for some odd reason they excite her and make her tingle. That is it! That is why she is going to do this. He is strong, in spirit as well in body.

She climbs into her Volkswagen and with a nervous shake in her hand she turns the key. She thinks to herself no turning back now girl, you can do this.

She arrives at the restaurant. With 2 minutes to spare. Her nerves are on fire now. Her mind races with ideas of how the events of the night will go.

She is standing on walk to the front door, nervously watching the parking lot, she sees a white car pull into the lot and her heart immediately starts to race. It is the same car she has seen in the parking lot of her store for months on end. Her heart leaps each time he step from the car, but this time it is different. This time her emotions well up and she is about to run back to her car and quickly leave the parking lot.

Be strong Tammy she thinks to herself, you can do this. It is just a date. Unknown to her it is so much more.

Tom stepped out of his car, dress in a deep blue three piece suit and a bright red tie. He looked so different than he does in the store each day for the last few months. His looks and his walk fills her with awe. He appears in charge and determined as he walks directly to her.

“Good you are here on time, and you look fabulous in that dress” he states as that wonderful smile she has come to enjoy each morning shines from his face. “Lets go in, I have reservation set for us and a special table where we can talk and not be interrupted”

She steps toward the door as his hand falls on the small of her back and the other reaches for the door to open it for her.

They enter the restaurant and it is dimly lit, the light seem seductive in its way. The Matradie leads Tom and Tammy to a small intimate table along the outside wall in the back. Tom looks to Tammy and ask if she would enjoy a glass of wine. She smiles and answers yes, He orders a red wine.

They sit in silence just looking at each other, this is uncomfortable for her, she is a lively person even though she is nervous she decides she will start.

“So Tom, what happened to make you decide to ask me out after all these months of seeing me at the store?”

“Well, I have always been impress with you.” Tom replied. “I see you working hard. But you always smile at the customers and have a joke on your lips. You are a wonderful person, but to be honest I saw something about two months ago that caught my eye.”

Tammy was genuinely curious. Her puzzled look said it all to Tom as he was studying her face for the reaction to his revelation.

“You where kneeling down and reaching in the cabinets for the coffee as usual, and that is when I saw it.”

Saw what she asked honestly confused.

“Your diaper sticking out the top of your pants.”

She immediately turned bright red with embarrassment. It could not be seen in the dim light of the restaurant.

“Don’t be embarrassed!” He said earnestly “It turned me on, I was impressed with you before but that took you to a whole new dimension.”

She honestly ask: “Why? Every other man gets disgusted and run away from me like I have leprosy”

Tom answers, “I am a Dominate, a Daddy figure if you will, and since I am already attracted to you, the fact you wear diapers told me you are the one! So I have taken the last few months to get things ready for just this night. The night I ask you out and approach you to allow me to be your Daddy. It is a big risk for both of us, but I have noticed that you are drawn to me too otherwise you would not be here!”

She sheepishly admits yes she has been attracted to Tom for months but never had the nerve to ask him.

“After we eat, I want you to come home with me for the weekend, well at least till late night tomorrow night and enjoy giving in and being babied for awhile.” “You work so hard for your customers, let me work hard for you and let you escape the world even for a short time” Tom said, Not much in gentle requesting tone but one that was strong and powerful as if it was an instruction not a request.

Tammy could not believe her next words, “Yes Tom, I will do it”

“Good!! But from this time forward you will call me Daddy” Tom Said with conviction in his voice.

Tammy's head dropped down and she meekly replied “Yes Daddy”

The dinner they had ordered arrived and they talked for hours about how they both had found about infantilism. He made note of each time she forgot to call him Daddy, he would use this later. He admitted he was a Diaper Lover, he like to wear them when he was at home but had not desire to regress. She had to admit to him that she discovered it by looking on the internet for cloth diapers to cut down on her expenses of disposables. It had always fascinated her and she sleeps with her teddy and a binkie.

When the meal was finished, Tom asked her if she wanted to leave her car in the lot. He knew the owner and it would be safe there. She said no, She would like to spend the most amount of time with Daddy. She would have more time if she drove then she could just leave from his house instead of having to be driven back here and then drive home. He agreed.

Part 3 Daddy's home

As she pulled out of the parking lot, she made sure that she was following right behind Daddy's car. Her mind raced about the things to come. But she was resolved that she was going to go through with this come hell or high water.

The drive took the better part of an hour and she thought to herself, wow Tom really was serious about this if he would drive so far just to ask her what he did. Her heart felt something she had not since she had to kick her ex-fiance out. Could it be the beginings of love? She would have to wait and see. She has rushed into relationships so fast in the past only to have them fail because of her diapers and other things.

Tom turned down a cul de sac and his house was at the apex with a large privacy fence inclosing the back yard. A two car garage which he motioned for her to pull her car into the empty bay.

A strange feeling came over her, a feeling of fimilarity and of be3ing at home. The garage was neatly ordered and very very clean. It was not like she exspected. They walked in the door off the garage and into a foyver. Tom imediately turned and wraoppoed his arms around her and pulled her to him. He bent his tall head and neck down to her 5'8” frame and kissed her so very passionately on the lips. She started to pull away from his embrace but his powerful arms held her tight, She could feel his energy flowing through his lips and into her, her fear of things to come gave way to a welling of passion for this man who has excited her for a long time.

Daddy leads her by the hand into the living room and stands her in the center. “Now we have to get you out of that dress and I assume a very wet diaper.”

Yes Daddy she said with a grin that is only understood by little children when their parents take charge.

He left the room and came back with an oversized changing pad covered with faries and princesses. He laided on the floor next to the coffee table which was place close to the couch.

She reached behind her neck to untie the halter straps to her dress, “NO!!” Tom said in a loud voice she had not heard. “I will do everything for you this weekend, that means everything. Do I have to get the mittens and put them on you or will you obey me?”

“I will be a good girl, Tom, errr Daddy” Wow, how could she forget, she thought she was doing so good with staying as a baby in his presence.

“That is 4!”

She was confused, and her puzzlement was showing. “That is 4 times you have forgotten to call me Daddy. I think we will have to do something about that”

Tom steps behind her and raises her hair up so he can reach the loose ends of the knot holding her dress up. He unties it with a slow steady pull and her dress drops to the floor. He sees the shaper holding as best it can a very very wet diaper. You can see the discoloration of the pee up the backside of the diaper and he says “Wow my little girl drank way too much at the restaurant”

I pulls the shaper down to her feet and tells her to step out of the garments just leaving her there standing in the center of the living room in only her diaper. Her tiny boobs and nipples are getting chilly so she covers them with her arms.

Tom takes her by the hips and moves her to the changing pad. He helps her lay down on it. He reaches for the top tape on the right side and pulls it away. The sound of the adhesive being torn loose echos in the room and fills them both with delight. Tom reaches to the other side and pulls the left top tape. He then moves to the lower tapes and opens them in much the same way.

Tom pulls the front of the diaper down and lurkes bacwards in shock! “What the hell!!” “YOUR A TRANNY!”

Tammy lays still and looks at Tom with deep emotion filled eyes. “I am a person who happens to be Transgender” “My genitals don't define who I am, you know this. You have only known me as the person I am, and how I treat everyone.”

Tom starts to rub his chin. There are things racing in his mind. “Well if you can accept me for who I am, I can surely accept you for who you are!”

Tammy ask if this changes things. Not really Tom replies. “It shocked me, you should have told me”

“I did not tell you because it did not matter. Are attracted to me or to the genitals you thought I had? If that is it then our relationship is doomed from the start”

“I am still the little girl you have been fascinated with all night, Daddy”

“Yes you are.” Tom giggle loudly. “Now to give my girl what she need for making her mistakes all night!”

Tammy's heart races though she is not sure why, is it racing because Daddy Tom is a truly rare person and accepts her, or is the impending doom of knowing she is going to get a spanking?

Tom grabs her by both hands and pulls her quickly to her feet. He pushes the coffee table from the couch to give him more room. Daddy pulls his little girl down onto his lap and places his leg over hers. “This is to keep you from kicking, well kicking too much.” Daddy Tom takes his free hand and pulls Tammy's arm that is away from him behind her back. He snickers and says those infamous words. “This is going to hurt me more than you!” Wow, Tammy thinks to herself, he really has this Daddy role down.

SMACK! The first strike falls on her hiney. She jumps. Each blow comes as a little shock to her. Tom is watching her backside grow red with each impact. His heart grows full of the feeling he felt before he made his discovery.

“And this one is for keeping secrets from me!” He lands a spanking slap that is so hard even his hand stings some.

“I will never lie to Daddy again, me promise” Tammy says though the tears mixed with emotion and pain. She is very emotional because this man is growing in her heart like no other has before.

Now we will get baby ready for beddie bye. Tom says so mater a factually. He leads her back to the changing pad, and lays her down. He takes a cloth diaper and says “As I told you I have been planning this for two months, so I have plenty of diapers cloth and disposables. I even have outfits for you to wear. I have made a nursery for you, and put up a privacy fence so you can play outside tomorrow. Nothing is changed between us, you will still call me Daddy and I will take care of you. You are right, I want that happy person I am attracted, NOT what is between you legs.”

Tammy doesn't know what to say or even if she should say anything. She just lays there on the changing pad as Daddy Tom leaves the room to go to the kitchen. He returns with two bottles of what looks like chocolate milk. He gently places the nipple of one bottle to her lips and she takes it and suckles in earnest.

Daddy pulls her to her feet again and sits down oh the couch and pulls his new little girl up on his lap. Out of instinct Tammy lays her head over onto his shoulder while still suckling on the bottle he gave her.

“I will dress you for bed when you Have finished your bottles. I have a few things I need to do to be ready for tomorrow” Tom says as he is rubbing Tammy's back.

When she is done, he takes her into his arms and lift her up and carries her down the hall to the room at the far end of the house. Inside she sees a baby bed, slightly larger than most she has seen. Butterflies adorn the walls and a mobile of Disney characters is mounted above the head of the bed. He lays her down in it and goes to the chest of drawers and takes out a pink onesie with a baby bunny embroidered on the front. He pulls it over her head and she lays back so Daddy can snap the crotch shut. He bends down and kisses her on the forehead and says sweetly “Night Night My special little girl” he walks to the door and turns down the light.

Tammy is so excited for the days events. The burning on her bottom has subsides some and she is relaxed. Sleep comes easy even though she doesn't have her teddy or her binkie.

Part 4 Saturday

Tammy woke to Daddy Tom coming and and putting his finger into her diaper at the leg. He smiles really big. “Ah she is awake and very wet.” He leans over and places a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Tammy's heart jumps for joy, it wasnt a sweet dream it was real! She starts to open her mouth to speak with Daddy and he places his finger over her lips and shushes her. “Dont talk, I want ti get you out of that cloth diaper and into a dispoables quick and feed you breakfast. Then we will go into the back yard, I have a surprise for you.”

Daddy Tom dropped the side of the bed down and cradled Tammy into his arms and carried her to the bathroom for a quick bath. A rubber duck and a cute little frog awaited her in the water. Daddy Tom undid the pins and let the diaper and plastic panties fall to the floor. He held her hand as she step from the wet diaper. She then stepped into the water in the tub it was just the perfect temprature.
Daddy Tom took a wash cloth and rubbed every inch of her body, she was amazed that he even washed her penile tissue with loving care but not with too much attention.

A warm terry cloth beach towel awaited her held in open arms as she climbed from the tub. Daddy Tom drew her close to him as he wiped the moisture from her body. His touch was so gentle that Tammy got lost in feelings of lust for him. A quick smack on her naked bottom brought her back to reality.

Tom laughed out loud as Tammy jumped from the impact of his hand on her bottom. “lets get that pretty hiney covered and get little girl some breakfast.”

He laid her on to the cold linoleum floor in the bath and took both of her anklesand raised them up and put lotion on her bottom then slid a Cushie brand diaper under her butt then let her bottom down to rest on the diaper. He pulled her legs open and put more lotion on her genitals and her diaper area. “Now you are ready” he pulled the front to the diaper between her legs and fasten the tape snugly to each side.

He helps her to her feet and they walk down the hall to the kitchen. She sees an over sized highchair and starts to climb into it. Daddy Tom smacks her hands and reminds her He is to do everything for her. He is so stroing he grabs her on the ribs each side and hoist her up and places her into the chair. He places the tray in front of her and slides it back till it just touches her tummy.

Daddy turns to the fridge and takes out some milk and then a box of ceral from the shelf. “This is for me” it is then she notices a small pot on the stove warming a couple oif bottles and he reaches in and takes a couple of jars of food that have also been warming.

Daddy pulls his chair up close to her, and places the jars of food on the table and his bowl of cold cearel. He then takes his time spoon feeding all of the jars content to Tammy's eger mouth. They finish breakfast. He lets her from her confinment in the highchair.

He takes her by the hand and they walk to the back door. As she looks out she sees it. A wonderful redwood jungle gym and swing set. She turns to look at Daddy and smiles while she ask “For me?”

“Yes for you!” comes his reply seeing the joy deep in her eyes. He cant believe it but he is really falling for her, even more after finding out her deepest secret. “Now lets get you dress to play outside”

He laid out a wonderful denim romper. It had a little teddy bear girl on the bib dress in a pink dress. He told her to raise her arms and he pulled a pretty pink T shirt over her head and fasten the bib to her chest. He swatted her diapered behind and said “Now get outside and have fun, I will be out in a few minutes to play with you.”

She flung the door open and ran straight to the swings. She sat in the seat and push off with her feet and started the back and forth motion to get the swing going, She drew her feet beneath her and kicked them forward to propel herself higher. She was lost in her freedom and never paid attention to the rubbling in her tummy.

Daddy Tom looks out the window and yells to her, “Dont go too high honey, it is dangerous.” She barely heard him as she was giggle and totally enjoying herself.

She brought the swing to a slow stop and climbed out of the seat and headed to the slide. She started to climb the steps to the top when it hit. She felt pressure and a strong cramp in her tummy. A look of terror ran across her face. She did not poop in her diapers. It was just something she did not do. Daddy Tom was watching her the whole time from the window in the kitchen and knew in an instant that the laxative he gave her last night in her bottles was doing its dirty work. He was looking forward to it with glee. Tammy climbed back down the ladder, and each step toward the house was weak and febble.

Daddy Tom came out to the yard and in a false sense of concern as he knew full well what was happening. “Baby girl, what is wrong?”

She squeaked out “My Tummy hurts, I have to poopie” and tears filled her eyes as she came to realise she would not make it to the house and the safety of the potty.

Daddy Tom rubbed her back and whispered in her ear, “Go ahead and mess your Didie hon, I am here to take care of you and that is exactly what I will do.”

The comfort of his words did help, She locked eyes with his and let the contents of her bowels flow into her diaper. A wide smile came across Daddy Tom's face. He could see the trust building in his little girl for his care. This made his heart warm with love and concern for his charge.

“Shewwwie, Someone made a big stinky, I can even smell it outside!” He laughed as the words flowed from his mouth.

Tammy turned several shades of red. But the event wasnt over. The cramps came in waves and with each one her body deposited more into her already full Diaper.

He was waiting with total anticapation to hear the words she was about to say. “Daddy, Me poopie! Me need a new didie.” He grabbed up under her legs and again hoisted her up into his arms and carried her back inside the house and to make things easier on him, straight to the bathroom. She thought he would stand her up, but no. He placed her directly on her bottom. She felt the mess squish up the back of her diaper and also flow forward at the same time. This was a total neww sensation for her. She never pooped her diaper before.

Daddy Tom placed his hand on her shoulder and gently push her onto her back. She let out a tear or two. She had never felt this childish before or can remember someone being as gentle. Her ex-fiance would have beaten her to within and inch of her life if this would have happened back then.

Daddy Tom unfasten the snaps in the inseam of the romper and pulled the front half up to her tummy. He patted her gently there and asked if all the cramps had stopped. She wimpered that they had indeed stopped. With that Tom unfastened the tapes and pulled the front of the diaper down to see his handy work at forcing the mess all around in her diaper. The smell filled the room. She was so ashame that such a smell came from her. Daddy Tom saw the frown on her face and said “If you are goiong to be my baby you will do everything a baby does, and that includes messing your diapers.” He reach behind himself and pulled a warm bottle of white milk and put it to her lips. She took the nipple in and suckled.

“That will keep you quite while I clean wittle miss stinky pants.” He raised her ankles high into the air and slid the dirty Cushie from under her. With that he took some baby wipes and started his chore. He wiped her clean in the front and wiped her genitals till they where as fresh as the day they where born.
He rolled her on to her tummy and took baby wipes to her bottom and wiped it clean. He did take a few liberties with her rosebud. She thought this unusual but made nothing of it.

Daddy Tom rolled her back over on top of another Cushie diaper. Lotion and powder before pulling up the front and securing it with the tape. She sat up and gave Daddy a hug. Daddy Tom smiled and they both stood up. Daddy took her hand and said let both go outside and play.

They spent the next 4-5 hours outside in the sun laughing and playing. Free from all the cares in the world. They where lost in their roles of Daddy and his little girl. After a quick lunch they went the living room to watch all the DVD's he had rented of Cartoons. She sat enthralled in Horseland and watched till she felt sleepy. Daddy Tom laid her down on the couch and let her nap for a while as he went to prepare supper for them both.

After about an hour, Daddy Tom came in to wake her with a kiss on the forehead. She roused and wiped the sleep from her eyes. Tom smiled down at her as she looked so cute in her romper.

“Come to dinner sweety” he said as he took her hand and lead her to her highchair, picked her up and put her into it.

He took a three section plate and put a few stocks of stemmed Broccoli, and in the others he put cubed chicken breast and apple sauce. He also brought her a sippy cup of chocolate milk. He sat down to a Chicken breast meal of the same as his little girl. They dined and giggled as each piece slipped from her grasp only to fall on the highchair tray.

When the meal was over Daddy Tom asked Tammy when was she going home. The words broke her spirit even though she knew she had to to keep her job.

“Daddy I really dont want to leave, but I have too.” “Would it be too forward of me to ask if we can do this again sometime?”

“We will have to see.” was his reply.

He stood up and took the tray from the chair and helped her down. They walked quietly to the living room. Daddy Tom asked if she needed a change before she was to leave. She blushed and said that yes she did. Daddy Tom took her hand and they slowly walk down the hall to the nursery. He laid her down onto the bed and took the bib loose and pulled the romper down and let it fall to the floor. He then told her to put her hands in the air. When she did he took the pink Tshirt off. So she is there in nothing but her Diaper which is sagging because of the weight of the pee in it. He laid a fresh cushie on the diaper changing pad and helped her down on it. He powdered her butt and diaper area then pulled the front up and taped it shut.

She looked and saw her halter dress laid out neatly on the dresser. Tom left her in the nursery by herself. She dressed her self and with a heavy heart she walked back into the living room where Tom was. He stood up from his chair and they walked silently to the door to the garage. She could hear the garage door open. She took two steps and she turn around and ran into his arms and embraced him in a deep kiss. She let all of her energy flow from her into her kiss and hope he could feel the love she was sending to him and for him to know how important this time has been for her.

She drove home with tears in her eyes. She was crying because it came to end, She was crying because she enjoyed it so much. But most of all She cried because she realised someone knew her secret, what would he do with the information. He could ruin her. I guess as Daddy Tom said:

“Time will tell”

That is my story. I hope you liked it. It was my first attempt. I hope it shows that transgender people still have the same hopes, needs and desires as everyone else. We are people too and that is the best word to describe us.....PEOPLE.

[email protected]. Please put “about your AB story” in the subject line or I may delete it.

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