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Baby Bloodsucker part 1

Malicia was a 36 year old fan girl, she was fairly pretty and had a nice body. She was single and was starting to feel she wasn’t as young as she used to be. She was an avid fan of vampire stories. She was obsessed with vampiric lore. She twirled her long black hair thinking of different Halloween costumes. When it finally came to her, she would be a big baby for Halloween, so she ordered some supplies and waited for Halloween night.

The day of Halloween her package came, just in time. She rushed off to her room to get dressed for a Halloween party her coworkers were throwing. She had chosen to be a baby because she missed her youth and truly wished she could be young forever as a vampire. She fantasized about it all the time. Then she got a devious idea, a new twist on her costume, she would go as a vampire baby. She tore open the package and took out several items: bibs, disposable diapers, pacifiers, bottles, baby wipes and powder. Malicia wanted to go all out, she wanted to feel young so she decided she would even smell like a baby.

Before Malicia got dressed she ran upstairs to grab a few vampire elements to add to her costume, she returned with fake fangs and blood. Malicia stripped naked and laid down on top of her diaper. She powdered her pussy and rubbed it in gently and taped the disposable diaper on. Satisfied her diaper was snug she glued on her fake vampire fangs. Malicia then put on her shirt, it was short and only came to the bottom of her breasts. She put on a bib and spilled fake blood on it and on the front of her diaper as well as her half shirt. She popped the red and black pacifier in her mouth and held a bottle in one hand filled with red soda. She looked a little younger and the diaper complimented her ass well. Satisfied she was ready to go she walked out the door and started walking the half mile to her coworkers house.

Malicia smiled and waved at children as she walked down the road and sipped her red soda out of her baby bottle. She was half way to her friend’s house when she heard everyone  around her making sounds of amazement. Malicia looked up in the sky to behold the most beautiful sight she had ever seen, a shooting star that covered the whole spectrum of colors left her in awe. Thinking quickly she made a wish, “I wish I could have eternal youth as a vampire.” She said under her breath as the shooting star disappeared into the night sky.

Malicia suddenly felt dizzy put it soon passed, feeling childish for wishing upon a shooting star she shrugged it off and kept walking. Things seemed normal until she realized she was hearing people but she didn’t see anyone. She thought it was odd because there was no one around. She also heard something else, she could swear it was the sound of hearts beating. She kept walking and rounded a corner to see something that had her fixated. A young woman had tripped on her own costume and had fallen, she had scraped her leg and blood was flowing down onto the warm sidewalk.

            Malicia froze she was completely entranced by the sight of the blood it smelled amazing all Malicia could think was how amazing it would taste. She stood and stared until the girl’s friend helped her walk home. Malicia saw the blood on the sidewalk and was immediately drawn to it. She crouched down, her diaper crinkling. She dipped a finger into the pool of blood and brought it to her lips. It tasted better than anything she had ever tasted before. Malicia then knew what was going on, the shooting star really hard turned her into a vampire, her wish had come true. She was so excited, she took out her pacifier and touched her fangs, they were real and rock hard. She was so excited she lept ten feet into the air and cheered. She landed softly with a crinkle. She then caught scent of something else close, her bottle wasn’t soda anymore, it was blood. She suckled the bottle dry until every drop was gone, and she felt much stronger.

Excited she kept walking to her friend’s house, then she noticed something, her diapers were sopping wet. She didn’t remember having an accident, then she gasped remembering how she worded the wish. She had wished for eternal youth as a vampire, she was going to spend eternity as a baby vampire.

Malicia a little shaken after her realization of the situation reached her friends’ residence. Before ringing the doorbell she adjusted her now wet diaper and made sure her bib was on straight. Satisfied she took a deep breath, her enhanced vampire senses picked up the sound of many beating hearts. She took a deep breath and rang the bell.

A few moments later the door quickly swung open and the Malicia’s old friend Tammy opened the door. Tammy was dressed as a cat with black spandex “Malicia! So glad you could make it, wow great costume a baby vampire how cute. You look so young.” Tammy stated stunned at how much different Malicia looked in a diaper. She could swear she looked ten years younger.

“Thanks Tammy, great costume.” Malicia replied happy her “costume” was going over so well.

Malicia walked into the living room and greeted many of her friends in varying costumes. Over and over friends complimented on how her costume, creativity and how young she looked. Some even commented on the wetness of her diapers. Malicia had a difficult time controlling herself around her friends who were full of fresh blood. It was after socializing for an hour or so she saw her across the room. An angel of purity; a beautiful young woman with jet black hair dressed in white. She gracefully walked over to the punch bowl her tight white shorts that barely covered her perfect ass and hugged her body tightly moving with her. She had tiny white feathery wings, a white bra and a halo above her head. Malicia was taken aback by her beauty.

Malicia’s vision of beauty then bent over to fix her white boot strap and gave Malicia a full view of her perfectly shaped ass. That was all Malicia needed she smelled delicious. She walked or thought she walked over to her. Her vampire speed had her there almost instantly. The angel took notice of her instantly.

“Hey there I’m Tara, great costume but your diaper is a little wet.” Tara said with a smile and a slight giggle.

“Hey I’m Malicia, great costume to you too, and I’m in need of a diaper change,” Malicia said blushing looking down at her feet. “Would you change it for me?” Malicia said only half joking knowing she didn’t have another diaper.

“I would love to!” Tara replied much to Malicia’s shock. She took her by the hand and lead her to one of the bedrooms and locked the door behind her. Malicia was speechless. Something wasn’t right Tara seemed out of it, Malicia had a hunch.

Tara’s eyes seemed cold, she seemed…hypnotized. “Take off your bra.” Malicia ordered. Tara immediately removed her bra. She was hypnotized, Malicia couldn’t believe her luck. “Fuck me.”

Tara began passionately making out with Malicia, slowly she removed the tapes of her diaper. Malicia slid her hand into Tara’s tiny white shorts, she wasn’t wearing any panties. Malicia fingered Tara’s wet pussy, she gasped. Tara finally removed the last diaper tape and got down on her knees. Tara began licking Malicia’s dripping wet pussy. Malicia quivered from the caress of Tara’s tongue. Malicia leaned over and lightly bit Tara on the neck and she drank the blood from the wound. Satisfied with her warm delicious pure blood she wiped her mouth clean. Malicia quickly was moaning and dripping into Tara’s mouth. Malicia suckled her pacifier and gripped the table she was leaning against. Her new strength splintered the wood. Malicia was nearing an orgasm, her breathing became quick and she moaned loudly. She finally came on Tara’s face and tore off a piece of the table at the same time. Taking deep breaths she recovered quickly and brought Tara to her feet. She kissed Tara softly, tasting her on pussy on Tara’s lips. She took her pacifier and rubbed it on her wet pussy lips. Malicia put her already wet diaper back on and slipped her black and red pacifier into Tara’s mouth.

“Find me tomorrow at work, now suckle on my pacifier.” Malicia said smiling and she walked out the door. As soon as the door closed Tara felt a strange feeling she looked down while suckling Malicia’s pacifier, her white short shorts were turning yellow as pee slid down her legs leaving a puddle.

Malicia got home at around six in the morning before dawn. She walked into her apartment and sat down, she had the best night of her life. She had been curious about something, what would happen if the sun light hit her. Malicia decided she would find out, so she changed into a pair of panties and sat near a window the sun was about to rise. After only a few seconds of wearing her panties they started to start to feel thicker. She looked down at her panties and before her eyes they were expanding and becoming more diaper like. Diaper tapes appeared and the butterflies on her panties changed into wetness indicators. In a few seconds her cute butterfly panties had changed into a thick overnight disposable diaper. Before Malicia could react she noticed the light of the sun quickly crawling up her arm. She wasn’t burning, she stood up and cheered then as the rest of the sun covered her body she felt all the strength leave her body. She collapsed to her hands and knees her vampire strength and speed were gone she couldn’t remember how to walk. “What’s happening to me why can’t I remember how to walk.” Malicia then felt something warm and wet on her legs. She was flooding her diapers, it was dripping out and sliding down her legs to a puddle where she was crawling. “I didn’t even feel myself pee what’s going on why me have  accident? Me diapee drippy.” Malicia froze, she could only talk in baby talk…

To be continued…                               

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