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Friends Teach Me a Lesson About Diapers


I was invited by a few old friends to an evening around their back yard fire pit and Bar-B-Que. I had shied away from contact with these friends for some time due to a messy break up with my girlfriend Linda of many years. They were her friends from before we knew each other and I thought they might be angry with me over our breakup.

Kathy the host was very frank and rested my cares about everyone’s feelings. Come she insisted we all have missed you and hold no malice over what had happened. Well I sucked it up and told her I would come and asked what I could bring for the dinner. I hate coming to places empty handed when invited for dinner or an evening. Her answer was a bottle of wine would be nice and by the way Linda might show up later in the evening with her new date.

It was time to get by the breakup and start over so when Saturday rolled around I was on my way to the party. I arrived at the proper time and was met with hugs from many of the ladies as Kathy ushered me around. Seems like not a lot of the husbands had arrived yet so I asked why. All of the wives just said football game, they all opted out to go to the game. Here I was in the middle of about twelve ladies and a couple of the husbands that did not go to the game. 

We had a marvelous meal and a number of drinks, my head was swimming a bit. Dishes cleared away we all sat to have a few more cocktails by the fire pit when Kathy asked if I could grab a case of beer from the downstairs refrigerator. No problem I said and jumped up and headed into the house to do as she asked. Basement light was not working but I knew where the fridge was and stepped into the darkness.

Suddenly the light flashed on and I was grabbed by a number of hands. A soft black felt bag was pulled over my head and secured around my neck. I struggled but there where way too many hands to resist. I was lifted up and I could feel a thick padded bench or table under my back as I was dropped down and held tightly by all of the powerful hands. I called out for help only to hear the laughter of many people both male and female. Then a voice I recognized Linda my old girlfriend. 

Well well who do we have here? Remember me she said laughing out loud. I have a little surprise in store for you. Do you remember the missing diapers we could not find when you moved out? Well baby I found them and it is time to return them to you. OK everyone time to dress the big diaper baby. Strip him and all of the hands began ripping my clothes off. In seconds I felt the cool air all over my naked body as I was stripped naked as the day I was born. The laughter in the basement room was deafening.

Here are your missing diapers back baby. I could hear Linda saying as I was lifted up and placed down on a thick pad of cloth diaper material. Someone was jammed in between my legs forcing them apart over the end of the bench. I felt hot with embarrassment as I could feel a heavy dusting of baby powder and then the thick pad of diapers being pulled up between my legs. The diapers were pulled across my tummy and secured with diaper pins I could hear them locking shut They were tight and thick much thicker than I had ever worn before. Now for your rubber baby pants baby, we can’t have you leaving wet diaper spots all over now can we? Linda joked as the crowd laughed even louder. I could hear the plastic pants being shaken out and the sounds of them being slipped over my feet and ankles. Once more I was lifted up as the baby pants were secured over my diapers. I felt fingers around the leg openings and waist making sure no errant diapers were not secured within the baby pants.

I was pulled from the table to my feet, the floor was cold under my bare feet. I was pulled from the basement and up the stairs having troubles walking because of the overly thick diapers and baby pants. The cooler air of the back yard on my skin cooled the embarrassment of my head to toe blush. The roar of laughter and teasing as I passed out the door let me know there were a lot more people there than when I went down to the basement.

Hold his arms tight I heard Linda say as she pulled the black hood off my head. I was in the middle of a crowd of all of our friends wearing only a thick cloth diaper held on with pink diaper pins and a pair of pink plastic baby pants. The teasing was merciless from all of the crowd as I struggled to break free to run. As the crowd opened there in the middle of the party sat a high chair festooned with restraints for my ankles and my hands. With out much trouble I was seated in the high chair and secured with the restraints with the final blow a table secured in in front of me.

So you finally got your wish baby I put you in diapers just like you always asked when we had sex together. Linda led the crowd in laughter as she shoveled humiliation after humiliation onto me. I tried to answer and defend myself but with wearing only thick diapers and being restrained in a high chair it was kind of hard. Once more I tried to speak this time to beg to be let go  piece of head gear was place on my head and a large soother shaped mouth plug was forced into my mouth. The plug had a long plastic tube attached to it and it lead to a bag type affair much like an enema bag. Linda laughed at my predicament when she announced feeding time for baby. Our host Kathy appeared with a full jug of some white concoction and filled the bag to the top and hung it up on an I.V. trolley.

I tried to talk but it just sounded much like a hungry baby working on his pacifier. Lind reached over and clicked the little clip and the white fluid came sliding down the tube and into my mouth through the pacifier mouth plug. I was helpless to do nothing but drink this fluid pouring into my mouth through this giant nipple. The fluid tasted terrible, a taste I have had before, cod liver oil hidden in baby formula. I struggled at the volume of fluid but finished the whole bag. The head gear was removed and I was allowed to speak. I was exhausted and could barely speak from all that had been done to me.

Well baby I told you when we broke up I would eventually give you just what you deserve. Kathy I think it is time phone the police and report this pervert roaming your neighborhood in diapers. With that the chair table was removed and the restraints came off. Baby I think you should start to run before the police get here to arrest you or that formula makes you fill your diapers.

No clothes just diapers and pink plastic pants and a belly full of cod liver oil laced baby formula. I was not steady on my feet due to the earlier drinks but I followed Linda’s advice and ran out from the back yard to where I had no idea. I was some blocks away and drawing a lot of attention from the neighborhood as I could hear sirens in the distance. I was lucky that night and made my getaway and the many miles to my home. Thank god I had a key hidden in my garden to get in to my house. I stepped through the door when the cod liver oil laced formula took control of my bowels. I messed my diapers like never before filling them to capacity.

Since that time I have not heard much from all of those now past friends but I have received many pictures of the whole humiliation I endured. I keep them in a special place in my album, they really turn me on.


Diaper Kink

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