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The Diapered Twins

This is a work of fiction. If you would like to see more parts please send an email to

Rose and Sara were 18 year old identical twin sisters, naturally endowed with beautiful brown hair.  Their breasts were large, firm, and natural E cups, which curved back down to otherwise slender bodies, and back up to almost unnaturally large asses.  The overall impression was much like a Stone Age fertility idol, complete with neatly waxed pussies.  Their curves were erotica made flesh, poised just right to attract the attention of either male or female observers. Rose and Sara both had the fortune to be heiresses, born into a wealthy family which lavished love and care upon them, along with copious time.

The two girls' minds were polar opposites; while Rose was a tomboy who wore blue and kept her blue streaked brown hair in a ponytail, her twin sister Sara was a girly girl who loved red and kept her red-streaked brown hair in braided pig tails. While Rose loved to work on cars or trucks and she was great at spots like soccer and basketball, Sara loved the more traditionally feminine activities of dancing, shopping, and fashion; she was also the more domestic of the two, making beds and folding up clothes. While Rose wore pants and long sleeve shirts when it was cold and wore shorts and t shirts when it was warm, Sara loved fashion, wearing mostly dresses and skirts all year round. Rose grilled and fried food, and Sara baked and steamed it.

But for all their mental differences, the two girls shared the same insatiable sexual appetites; they were bisexual and bladder-incontinent.  Like all the women in their family, both wore diapers. They'd been in diapers their entire lives so far, and would likely remain in them forever.  Their family's wealth meant that at this point they could've had their physiological issues resolved, but the truth is that they both found their problems to be sexually engrossing.  Both girls loved how they felt, and loved how they never needed to worry about going to a bathroom to pee. They loved how much freedom they had in their diapers, and how they could do anything. While others their age tended to look down on them for wearing diapers, the twins didn’t care. The two girls came from the same womb, and found each others' fingers to be sexually satisfying, particularly through the diapers.  The two bisexual girls saw nothing wrong with masturbating each other, coaxing each other into screaming orgasms in the shower. As identical twins, they did nearly everything together, and often joked that they'd get pregnant together someday too.

Rose and Sara didn’t have ordinary diapers though. They had special diapers that were custom fitted to their big beautiful asses as well as being color coded to match their hair streaks and would fade when wet. The diapers themselves could also hold a lot and wouldn’t leak even after the heaviest wettings and the twins did their heavy wetting at night.

One evening the twins were talking about how their summer vacation had just begun.  They'd just graduated high school with high marks, and had already both been accepted into college together.  They'd arranged to share a dorm room on campus, and planned to stay in their dorm room in just their diapers unless they were actually attending a class at the time.

“Isn’t this fantastic, Rose?” Sara asked.  She wore nothing but her red diaper; the pale pink circles of her nipples topping her breasts.  “No one minds if I put on a little show.” Sara proudly strutted around in the formal dining room, her breasts bouncing with each step as if she were in a fashion show modeling her diapers, “Mom and Dad are going to be in Europe for the whole vacation.  Do you know what this means?”

“It means that our parents trust us and that we can do whatever we want.” Rose replied, happily strutting around in her blue diapers as well. “And we can have friends over. You know, like boys.”

“That reminds me of something,” Sara said, “We do have plenty of friends in high school as well friends in middle school but we seem to be close to the children the most.”

“I guess it’s just because the kids like us a lot.” Rose said knowing that both she and her sister were so close to the kids is because of their personalities, “Besides even if we didn’t have the diapers the children would still like us.”

“True, but I think we could both use a diaper change.” Sara said noticing that her diaper was soaked.

“I agree sis,” Rose added feeling soaked and uncomfortable, “We both need a change.”

So Rose laid down with her back on the floor while Sara got one of Rose’s custom diapers out. She removed the old diaper from her sister and tossed it. She then gently cleaned her sister’s pussy making sure to pay extra attention to her sister’s shaved pussy and crotch. After a few minutes she wrapped her sister’s butt in a dry diaper. Sara then lay down as her sister proceeded to clean and put her in a fresh diaper.

“So now that we’re comfy and dry want to hit the sack early?” Rose asked feeling tired and seeing it was already dark.

“Sure sis.” Sara added. “We’re going to have a long day tomorrow.”

So the twins went to sleep right in the master bedroom on their parents’ bed in just their diapers and in each other’s arms as they masturbated each other in their sleep and rubbed their diapers up to each other’s crotches. Rose placed her fingers into her sister’s diaper and found her clit and began rubbing it as she finger fucked Sara while rubbing her free hand on her breasts. Sara then did the same for Rose as her fingers were rubbing her sister’s pussy and finger fucking her while she rubbed her own breasts. The twins then had each other moaning and squealing as they continued fucking each other while increasing the intensity of their love making session. Soon the two girls came loudly into their diapers and on each other’s fingers and then they sucked each other’s juices off.

“Wow sis you taste good.” Rose purred, “That was the best cum yet.”

“And I can say the same thing for you sis,” Sara squealed, “That was awesome.”

With diapers full of cum the twins fell asleep in each other’s arms and each had present dreams of having sex with the other.  

To be continued….


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