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How My Wife Put Me Back into Diapers

    I have always been an occasional bed wetter. I was very slow to potty train and was made to wear diapers when I had bed wetting accidents. Daytime accidents also occurred and I was diapered with just a T shirt and plastic panties for the rest of the day.  When I married my wife I had mostly gotten control of my wetting, with the rare accident, usually after drinking too much alcohol.

     My wife is a very controlling person and the first thing she did was to remove all my male undies and bought me silky nylon women's panties to wear. She made me feel very much like a child the way she made my decisions for me. She would always make me go potty before we went out, almost like a mommy. I really had no problem with this as I loved her and knew she was doing what was best for us. With all this controlling in my life I soon slipped back into having bed wetting accidents. This was puzzling me but I didn't think any more about it. My wife was very understanding and told me it was probably just stress. One weekend (after I had wet the bed on Friday night) I was doing yard work. It had recently rained and things were very muddy. I was almost finished when I had the urge to pee. I rushed through cleaning up and hurried into the garage to go inside the house. My wife met me at the door and told me I wasn't coming in as muddy as I was. I told her I needed to go potty real bad and she told me to hold on until I washed the mud off. I told her I was bursting and couldn't hold it any longer. She calmly told me that if I couldn't hold it to just go ahead and wet my pants. That was unneeded advice as I was soaking my jeans as I stood there. She just stood there telling me what a little baby I was and to strip and get in the house before the neighbors saw me. She grabbed my soggy jeans and muddy shirt and slapped my wet, pantied bottom as I walked inside. My white panties were see through at this point and cock were fully erect letting her know that I was very excited by all this. I was steered to the bathroom where she made me shower. When I came out she grabbed me and pushed me onto the bed and made love to me. She told me she had a feeling that I enjoyed wetting my pants and bed because I was not as upset with it as somebody who didn't. But she said that things were going to change. That's when I saw the stack of diapers and plastic panties on the dresser. She proceeded to powder and diaper me, pulling up the plastic panties and snapping them on my butt. She then informed me that I was going to be diapered for the rest of the day. Monday if I could go back to my regular panties as long as I could keep them dry, but I would most definitely be diapered at night. The only way I could get out of diapers was to have three consecutive dry nights. As she figured, I was soaked by bed time and she had to put on a dry diaper and plastic panties before going to bed. She was constantly cooing and calling me her little baby diaper boy as she was changing me. When she was finished, she gave me a big hug and told me she double diapered me so I wouldn't leak.  I fell asleep thinking about all that happened that day and her promise of being diapered if I was wet again. This didn't help matters as I dreamed that I was a baby again and needed to be wearing my diapers at night. Well as you can imagine I was very wet in the morning. My wife looks over at me and asked me with a big grin in her face if my diaper was wet. I pouted a little and told her it was soaked. She reached over and gave my cock a big squeeze through my soggy diaper and whispered that she knew I would be and that I would be diapered at night from now on. I started to get up and change and she told me to keep my diaper on until after breakfast as it wasn't leaking yet. I put on a T shirt that didn't quite cover my puffy diapered butt, much to the delight of my wife.She told me I was quite cute when I waddled into the kitchen. After breakfast she told me that for today I probably needed to stay in my diaper because I was wetting so much. I told her I could stay dry, but to no avail. I guess I was going to be her little diaper boy for a while. This was really good news for me because I secretly wanted to be back in diapers anyway! Nothing else feels so warm safe and secure as a diaper.


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