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My Girlfriends' Sisters Baby"

Chapter 9

As the smell of a dirty diaper permeated thru the room, Amber jokingly says.....

"Welllllllll, to be fair to Robby, I guess we should check Cassidys diaper too, just in case it isn't all Robby"

Ashley just laughed, as she nodded her head and said.....

"Yeaaaaaaaa, Riiiiiiiight, Blame it on the real baby"

I thought for a second about her comment and wondered (what did she mean, real baby, as far as they both knew, I was no different then a baby, other then, somewhat bigger)

After Amber checked Cassidys diaper, she announced that Cassidy needed changed but she only had a wet diaper and that meant only one thing, I was the only one in this room sitting in a dirty diaper, and what happened next embarrassed me to no end, not to mention the fact that I was in total shock !

As Ashley set my almost empty bottle down, she motioned for me to scoot over and lay back. After she pulled my plastic pants down to my ankles, she started unpinning the diaper, just before she pulled the front of the diaper away, she peeked in, gasping, as she said.....

"Oh My God Robby, you really did make a mess in your diaper, I didn't believe it when Kim explained to us earlier this week about you, but after seeing you make a messy diaper, WOW, I guess she didn't exagerrate. The first diaper you had changed was only wet, and could have been faked, quite easily, just in case Kim was playing a joke on us, but Robby, YOU ACTUALLY MESSED YOUR DIAPER LIKE A LITTLE BABY, YOU COULDN'T FAKE THIS!!!! Well you wanted to see what it was like to be a baby, looks like you're fixin to see exactly what it's like, now let's get your poopy butt changed, WHEW, YOU STINK"

I was somewhat confused about the way Ashley was talking to me, if I had been able to hear the conversation going on between Beth, Kim and Elly, I would have understood exactly what it was Ashley was trying to tell me, unfortunately, I was clueless, so like a very embarrassed little boy that had been caught with messy pants, I just laid there, not saying a word as these two fantastically, gorgeous teenagers changed my diaper.

[ The conversation in the restaurant ]

Elly... What are you grinning about Kim ?

Kim... Oh nothing, was just wondering how Rob was doing and if he figured out that he got set up yet .

Beth... Set up, what do you mean ?

Elly... Oh My God Kim, you mean you didn't tell Beth ?

Beth... Tell me what ?

Kim... Oh it's nothing really, just a little surprise I set up for Rob, I didn't tell Beth because I didn't want her to spill the beans to Rob about what we had planned.

Beth... Kimmmmmm, what did you do ?

Elly... You had best tell her Kim, altho I'm quite sure she's gonna get a kick out of it too .

Beth... Ok, enough already, what have you two done to Rob ?

Kim... Ok, I'll tell you, but don't get mad at me, plus, you told me that Rob liked being humiliated.

Beth... Kimmmmmmmmmm, what did you do?

Kim... Well Beth, right after you first told me about Rob, I was curious so I asked Amber and Ashley if they had ever heard of a fantasy or anything like this, when they both told me that they had, I was shocked. They went on to tell me that (what they termed as, some infantilists), were excited by the prospect of being caught, then treated like a baby and forced to act like a baby, and that they actually GOT OFF on what they called, The Humiliation Factor.

Naturally I was shocked, but based on what you had told me about Rob and how he liked to be embarrassed, and then when you asked mom and myself for help in fulfilling his fantasy, I figured, why not give him exactly what he wanted, and then some, so I told Amber and Ashley about Rob a couple of days before you got here, and to my surprise, they both were not only willing to help, but it was them that came up with the idea of leaving him in the nursery, and if I'm not mistaken, I would think that by now he has made a very dirty diaper and they are both in the process of telling him that they know his secret, as they're wiping his poopy bottom and talking baby talk to him"

Beth... Oh My God, are you kidding Kim?

Kim & Elly (in unison)... Oh Noooooo, it's the truth !!!!!!!

Beth... (thinking for a minute, then shaking her head) OH MY GOD YOU TWO, I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim... So, shall we get back and see how our new baby boy is doing ?

Beth... Oh Yeaaaaa, I can't wait to see his face, and his bottom, I'll bet their both red.

All three girls laughed as they gathered their purses, paid the bill (with Robs winnings), and headed out the door.

[ Meanwhile back at the nursery ]

Ashley starts carefully wiping Rob with the edge of the diaper, wrinklin her nose as she looks at him. She then tucks the dirty part of the diaper up underneath him and starts wiping him with baby wipes as she smiles at him and says, in over-exaggerated baby talk.....

"Ewwww, hims such a tinky lil baby, yucky-yuck-yuck, look what hims did in hims lil diapey, peeee-eeeew, Robby baby, you're just a stinky lil baby, yes you are, you're so stinky, yes hims is, shall we show auntie Amber the yucky lil mess you made in your diapey so she can see you're just a stinky lil baby, AWWWWW, I do believe our lil stinky is blushing, and look Amber, I think hims likes his lil diapeys changed, hims is tryin to get a big boy erection with hims lil baby's pee-pee"

Amber glances over and giggles, but then goes back thru the diaper bag, stating that she can't find another pair of plastic pants, all that's in there are diapers.

Ashley pulls the dirty diaper out from under me, then finishes wiping my bottom and crotch area, she then looks at the plastic pants I had on and tells Amber.....

"I don't think we can reuse these without having them washed, he's got poopys all over the legs bands and on the waist band in the back"

Amber responds.....

"That's ok, he can wear just a diaper, we can double diaper him and keep him in the crib so he doesn't leak all over the place, altho, as thick as these diapers are, I doubt that they'll leak anytime soon, plus it'll be easier to see when he's wet or if he poops again"

Ashley agrees with Amber, then looks at Rob and says, as she finishes wiping his diaper area.....

"Awwww Robby, does hims feel all better now that we got that stinky ole diaper off, I bet hims does, don't you, yes hims does (as she gives me butterfly kisses with her eyelashes)"

She then says.....

"Now you know Robby, since you poopied on your plastic pants, the leg bands and the waist band will turn a kind of orange color, but don't you fret hun, that'll just tell anyone who sees your plastic panties that you make poopies in your lil diapeys"

Both girls laughed, as I turned red, once again !!!!!

Ashley pins the new, double cloth diaper on Rob, then pulls the crib side up, hands Rob another bottle and tells him to drink up and then go nite-nite, Rob looks at her, somewhat puzzled, since he just finished a bottle. Ashley sees the confusion on his face and then explains to him.....

"Robby Honey, I know you just finished a bottle, but I want you to have another, all babys get baba's when they are laid down for a nap or nite nite, now you can drink this baba by yourself, since you now know that we know you can, or, I can pull your crib out by the front desk, where you will be very visible to anyone walking by in the mall, and I or Amber will sit there and bottle feed you, regardless of who stops to watch or sees you as they pass by"

I can't remember ever sucking so fast on a bottle in my life.

Both Amber and Ashley laughed as I embarrassingly nursed that bottle and they smiled, now knowing, that I knew they knew I was not slow and that I was just pretending to be a baby.

Beth, Kim and Elly came back about 20 minutes later and all three sort of giggled when they saw me laying in the crib wearing just a cloth diaper, nursing on a bottle. Elly walked up to the crib, looked in and smiled as she said.....

"Well, it looks like someone is really getting in to this little baby game, look girls (As she pointed to a small wet circle that surrounded my bottom where my diaper came in contact with the crib sheet), it looks like someone needs a dry diaper"

Beth came over, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said as she wrinkled her nose.....

"Awwwww, does my lil stinky need hims diapey changed (as she patted my damp bottom)"

Amber was giving Kim a recap of everything that happened the past hour and a half, explaining that Cassidy was changed once because she was wet and that this would be my second change, the first one being a very messy diaper that Ashley changed, and also that her and Ashley had told me that they knew I wasn't really slow, that I was doing this because I wanted too, and how embarrassed I got when they told me, Kim just laughed.

Just as Beth was getting ready to change my diaper, Asheley came over and said.....

"I can change him if you like Beth, you'll have plenty of diaper changes over the next couple of days, plus, I like watching him turn red when I talk baby talk to him as I change his lil diapey"

Beth just laughed and said.....

"Go for it, I'm sure he enjoys it and I kind of want to see his reaction while being changed by other people"

Ashley didn't waste any time as she dropped the side of the crib down, wrinkled her nose, patted my damp bottom and started unpinning my diaper as she said.....

"Oh my, yer just a lil stinky piss-pot aren't you, c'mon baby boy, let's change that nasty, ole wet diapey, ewwwww, yucky, yer a wet lil stinker"

As she finished changing my diaper she bent over and blew raspberries on my tummy telling me.....

"Anytime hims needs hims lil diapey changed, no matter how stinky and yucky hims is, you just bring him over to Auntie Ashley and I'll change hims poopy lil diapeys"

Beth thought for a minute, then said.....

"Really, anytime, wet or poopy (Hmmmmm), I might just take you up on that offer, I'm going with Kim to take Cassidy to her pediatricians appointment for her two year old check-up on Tuesday morning and I just might need a babysitter if you're available"

Ashley quickly responded.....

"I'd love to watch him Tuesday morning for you, but, ummmm, have you checked with Kim and what her plans are"

Beth looked confused and said.....

"Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't aware the nursery would be open yet and you had to work"

Just then Kim walked up and asked what they were talking about and Ashley told Kim that she didn't think Beth knew of what her plans were for Robby Tuesday morning.

Beth looked at kim and asked.....

"What plans"

Kim responded.....

"Well, since you said Rob wanted to experience the entire baby scenario and both you, mom and I agreed to treat him the same as we would Cassidy, I went ahead and scheduled an appointment for him with my pediatrician for Tuesday morning also, the same time we take Cassidy in"

I sat there in shock, not believing what I was hearing, I mean, it was one thing to treat me like a baby the way they were doing it, but to actually involve a professional such as a pediatrician, I doubted this would have a good ending, and we could all possibly get in trouble for this.

Beth said.....

"Wow Kim, do you think that's a good idea, I mean, since it's not like Robs an actual baby, I'm just not sure if we want to take a chance and carry on this fantasy scenario with an outsider, especially a professional such as a pediatrician"

Kim just laughed as did Ashley, Amber and Elly, as Kim said.....

"Don't be silly Beth, I would never do anything that's illegal or that could get us in any trouble. Do you remember the doctor that made the powder mix for me that we gave Rob, to make him wet and poop his diapers automatically, without thinking about it"

Beth... Yeaaaaa, what about her?

Kim... Wellllllll guess what, that same doctor is Cassidys pediatrician and she knows all about Robby and is excited to see him and give him his 18 month old check-up, and since she can't make the bar-b-que on Monday, she's anxious to see him and see how well her powder is working so she offered to see him professionally, as HIS PEDIATRICIAN !!!!!!

I just sat there, mortified, and as Ashley pinned my dry diaper on, she got me dressed in my onesie, shorts and tee-shirt, then explained to Beth....

"You might not want to be out too long with him, his plastic pants were too yucky to reuse so all he has on is a double cloth diaper and his outer clothing and he is very susceptible to leaking"

All the girls laughed and Beth came up to me, helped me out of he crib and to my feet, patted my bottom and said.....

"Well Robby, you wanted to be treated like a baby, it looks like Auntie Kim and your Nanna have set up quite a week of surprises for you, but then, you shouldn't be surprised, I mean, after all, Cassidy's not surprised and you wanted to be treated exactly like her, so, there you go, now you got it, and Robby, you even have your very own pediatrician now"

All the girls started laughing as I just stood there, turning red, feeling a warm sensation spread thru my diaper and that yucky-icky feeling on my bottom that told me, I had just messed my diaper, again?


"My Girlfriends' Sisters Baby"

Chapter 10

As we walked out of the nursery, I was stopped by Amber and Ashley, they both patted me on my bottom, smiled, then giggled as Beth said.....

"We'll both see you at the bar-b-que baby, you keep that diapey damp, poopy and yucky-yuck for mommy, and maybe, just maybe, we'll bring you a little present to play with, k-k"

Both girls as well as Beth, Kim and Elly laughed, then Elly said.....

"We need to get going, I'm not sure what time that big baby store closes and I'm sure you'd love to at least see some of the clothing selections they have to offer Beth"

Beth nodded in agreement, then said goodbye to Kim, Amber, Ashley and Cassidy as she took my hand and led me out the door of the nursery, trying to catch up with Elly.

As we walked thru the mall at a rather, fast pace, my diaper was feeling just a tadbit yucky and a wee bit damp, I could only hope that we would get out of the mall before I wet thru the diaper and it started showing on my shorts.

When we, successfully reached the van, I was surprized when Elly volunteered to get me into my car seat, as I sat down and she brought the strap up between my legs, she stuck her finger inside of the legs of my shorts and felt my diaper, discovering it was damp, I saw her nose twitch as she said.....

"You're just a lil bit damp, you should be fine until we get to where you can be changed, or do I have to check and see if you're stinky too"

I quickly shook my head no as I looked down and away from her, sensing that even tho she was helping Beth with my fantasy, she wasn't too overly fond of any direct contact or handling of me as a baby.

She shook her head, not in disgust, but more in bewilderment as she nodded her head and said.....

Yea, right, I'm sure you're not stinky and yucky, almost as much as I'm not sure you're enjoying every minute of this and almost as SURE as I AM, THAT I DON'T CHANGE DIAPERS, NOT CASSIDYS, AND ESPECIALLY NOT YOURS, A 26 YEAR OLD MAN THAT WANTS TO ACT LIKE A BABY AND PEE & POOP HIS PANTS, NO SIR-EEEE, MY DIAPER DAYS ARE OVER"

Beth looked back at the two of us, smiled and said.....

"Oh mom, stop, you keep talking like that you'll make him think you don't like him and you'll scare the shit out of him"

Beths mom laughed and said.....

"Well if I do scare the shit out of him, you're changing him, and Rob, don't get me wrong, I do like you, I JUST AIN'T CHANGING YOUR SHITTY DIAPERS"

Beth laughed along with her mom as she said that, as for me, I felt about 2 feet tall, I was embarrassed and humiliated at what Elly had said to me, not to mention of how she went about saying it, and to add insult to injury, I felt my diaper filling up, not just a squirt here and there, but I had released everything that I had drank from those two bottles that I had earlier, and the mushiness and yuckiness of the oozing mess was quickly creeping and spreading all through my diaper, back to front and from the bottom to the top, this only reminded me and made me wish they had brought a clean pair of plastic pants, and yes, most definitely a clean pair of SHORTS?

As we pulled up in front of a well, secluded and semi-hidden, Adult Baby Store, Elly noticed the sign on the door stating that it was closed and would be until after the July 4th Holiday, Beth was obviously dissapointed but then said.....

"It's just as well, I know that Kim wanted to come here with us so she could check out the baby outfits for Robby, now we can all come back together Wednesday"

Beth's mom quickly replied.....

"As much as I'm sure it would be fun, I doubt I can make it Wednesday, I had some previous plans which I choose not to cancel, just to buy more diapers for a 26 year old"

Beth just shook her head and said, ok, no prob, as we headed for what I assumed was the direction of Kims house. About 30 minutes later we pulled into a driveway, unfamiliar to me. Both Beth and Elly got out of the car and Elly came around and unstrapped me from the car seat, wrinklin her nose as she did.

Beth came around and helped me scoot off the car seat and out of the van, causing the mess in my diaper to spread even more, and as I started to ask why we stopped here, Beth quickly replied.....

"This is Nana Ellys home, she has to run in and give her room-mate something real quick, and I am not leaving a baby alone in the van, do you want me to get in trouble"

Elly laughed, then surprizingly, took my hand and said.....

"Come along Baby Boy, let's go meet Nana's friend"

Just then, Beth yelled at her and said.....


Elly just shrugged her shoulders and said.....


Beth just laughed as she hopped in the van and pulled out, leaving me standing there, in a very messy diaper with a woman who preferred not to participate in my fantasy, over and above what she had already done, and to boot, now I was going to meet her room-mate in this highly exposed, embarrassing and humiliating situation I currently found myself in.

As we entered Ellys apartment, I was impressed, Elly definitely was an influence on both her daughters as far as the decor and exquisite furnishings and taste they all seemed to share. Elly told me to stand there, in the doorway, on the tile, for a minute while she went into the back of the apartment to get something. I just stood there, scared to move, even an inch, for fear that my diaper might start leaking, and I knew that if that happened, Elly would hate me even more then what I thought she already did.

As I stood there, a very charming, extremely good looking elderly lady came into the living room, I could only look down at the floor as I sensed her standing there looking at me, finally she spoke.....

"Well, well, well, what do we have here (as she yelled out to Elly), Elly, what on earth have you brought home, he's an absolute cutie"

Elly came out into the living room with what looked like, some type of plastic sheet, as she spread it out on the floor in front of the t-v set, she motioned for me to come over and sit down on the sheet, as I neared the sheet I discovered that it was indeed a plastic sheet, A BABY PRINT PLASTIC CRIB SHEET, decorated with baby bottles, rattles, diaper pins and blocks.

Elly once again patted the sheet, motioning for me to sit down, as I hesitated, Ellys room-mate walked over to where we were, questioning Elly as to why I had to sit on the floor, and on a babys plastic sheet to boot.

Elly smiled and quite calmly said.....

"Lori, maybe it would be easier if I just asked you to play along and do what I ask for you to do rather then try and explain to you what's going on"

Lori said, hesitantly, ok, so ask me, I'm game.

Elly...... Ok Lori, for arguments sake, pretend this little cutie is just a two year old and you had to check his diaper

Lori..... Hmmmm (laughingly), Ok baby boy, come sit down so Auntie Lori can check yer lil diaper

Elly once again patted the sheet, motioning for me to sit down

Lori..... (taking the initiative and thining she was playing along) C'mere baby, Auntie Lori will help you (as she takes my hand and starts to sit me down, suddenly, her nose wrinkles), Oh My God Elly, tell me this is a joke

Elly..... A joke, what do you mean, why, what's wrong?

Lori..... What's wrong, are you kidding, he smells like he's sitting in a poopie diaper

Elly..... (walks over to the door, grabs the diaper bag, then hands it to Lori) Are you gonna play along or bitch?

Lori..... Oh My God, you're serious, he really does have a dirty diaper and this I would assume is his diaper bag?

Elly..... Yuppers, give the little lady a ceegar for being correct-o-mundo, and guess what, your prize is, YOU GET TO CHANGE HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori..... Oh Myyyyyyyyy, well I certainly agree with you, he does need changed, he stinks, butttttttttt, since he's your discovery and since you are apparantly doing the babysitting, I think you should be the one to change him

Elly..... Nopers, I don't change diapers anymore, he'll just have to stay like that until Beth and Kim get back here and they can change him

Lori..... Ewwwww, you're not serious, you really wouldn't let him sit there in a messy diaper until your daughters showed up, would you?

Elly..... Ohhhhhh but you bet I would, there is nothing that would make me change his diaper

Lori..... (sits down beside me, wrinkles her nose as she slowly and carefully lifts up the legs on my shorts and attempts to peek inside of my diaper) EWWWWW, THAT'S YUCKY, come on Elly, we can't leave him like this, I'm not sure what's going on, and you can explain it to me later, but we need to get his diaper changed, he is a total mess. Tell you what, if you agree to help, we can change him together and get it over with, quickly, what do you say?

While Elly was pondering Loris question, the flood gates opened and I started wetting my already, over capacitated full diaper, as my shorts started getting those tell-tale signs of a wet diaper underneath, Lori looked at me, looked at my shorts, patted my bottom, then said to Elly

Lori..... Elly dear, we don't have a choice now, we can't wait, look (as she pointed to my wet bottom and shorts)

Elly..... Oh shit, alright alright, sheesh, I don't want him leaking all over the place and I doubt that crib sheet is gonna contain him, wetting the way he does (as she kneels down beside me, looking at me, wrinklin her nose as she starts to pull my shorts down) I swear, Beth was 100% right about you, you're just like a baby, laying there all wet and stinky waiting for your nana to change yer poopie lil diapey, well, you got it deary, lift yer bottom so nana can get those shorts off

Lori..... Oh dear, Elly, I'll be right back, I don't think baby wipes are gonna take care of this job, we need a wet wash cloth

As Elly nods her head in agreement with Lori, she turns her attention back to me, smiles as she wrinkles her nose, waving her hand in front of her face as she says.....

"You know Robby Baby, you might not want to get me used to changing your diapers, I always wanted a baby boy and if I have to change your diaper too many times, I just might ask Beth if can adopt you for the summer, now lets see what kind of surprize you have for nana in your lil diapey"

As I layed there, totally embarrassed over this new predictament I now found myself in, I could only hope that this would be a very fast change with very little talk, let alone babytalk, Lord, was I ever wrong, not only was Elly willing to change my messy diaper, she was, what I would soon discover, The Queen of BabyTalk.

As she unpinned one side of the diaper and slowly pulled it back, just as Lori came back into the room with the wet wash cloth, she gasped, wrinkled her nose, then said.....


"My Girlfriends' Sisters Baby"

Chapter 11

As Elly wrinkled her nose, she asked Lori to get a diaper from my diaper bag, Lori opened the diaper bag, fumbled around in it for a bit, pulling out various items, including a sealed plastic bag containing my previous dirty diapers, my onesie and some other misc. items, everything but a clean diaper.

Lori told Elly that there were no "Clean" diapers in the diaper bag, Elly replied, hand that here, let me look. After literally dumping the diaper bag out onto the floor, Elly just sat there and shook her head, then said, DAMN, his clean diapers are still on the changing table, where Amber must have left them when she was looking for clean plastic pants at the mall nursery, Elly quickly repinned the side of the diaper up she had altready unpinned, patted my bottom, stuck a pink Care Bears pacifier in my mouth (she had found in the diaper bag), and said.....

"Don't you move honey, Nana and Auntie Lori have to find something we can use as a diaper so we can change your stinky butt"

Elly stood up, whispered something to Lori, then both of them dissapeared into the back bedroom, meanwhile, there I lay, on a nursery print baby sheet, in the front room, out in the open, with an obvious wet spot beneath my bottom, in a very revealing messy diaper, sucking on a pacifier, and just when I thought things could not get worse or become any more embarrassing, I heard what sounded like a key unlocking the front door.

The door opened about the same time Lori walked back into the front room, altho I couldn't see who it was that had come in, I heard Lori say.....

"Hi Hon, what a pleasant surprize, I didn't know you was coming over today, if you can give me and Elly just a couple of minutes to finish changing the baby, I'll make us some tea and we can visit for awhile"

Just as I got a glimpse of who had come in, I heard this sweet, young voice say.....

"What do you mean, CHANGE THE BABY, (just then she looked over and saw me laying on the floor), WHOAAAAA, THAT'S A BIGGGGGGGG BABY MOM"

Lori told her that YES, I was, and went on to say that I was Elly's nephew from Arizona, a little slow and had the mental capabilities of an 18 month old. Elly then looked at me and said, laughingly.....

"Robby Baby, this is my baby, Cindy, can you say HI CINDY"

I just layed there, continuing to suck on my pacifier, as Lori's daughter, Cindy, knelt down next to me saying.....

"Well now aren't you just a lil cutie pie, awww, and look mom, I think someones just a lil bit bashful and shy too"

Suddenly, Cindy got quiet, I saw her nose do a little twitch as she looked up at her mom and say.....

"Ummmm Mom, You did say you was getting ready to change "THE BABY" didn't you"

Lori replied, "Yes Hun I did say that, only problem is, he's out of diapers so we're trying to find something to improvise, could you do me a favor and watch him for a sec while I help Elly find something, thanks Hun"

Lori the went back into the back of the apartment and I could barely hear her and Elly talking about what they could use, meanwhile Cindy took the iniative, knelt down beside me, did what I would call a quick sneak peek inside my diaper right near the inner thigh, and before I knew it, Cindy was unpinning my diaper as she yelled out to her mom and Elly.....

"Hey guys, I'm gonna go ahead and start changing him, or at least start getting him cleaned up, GOOD LORD HE STINKS, so hurry up with something you can use as a diaper"

Cindy then unpinned the other side of the diaper and started to slowly pull the diaper back, as she wiped me from front to back, with the inside front of the diaper, attempting to keep most of the mess inside the diaper. Once she got most of the front of the diaper down to just below my now (thoroughly embarrassed and limp penis), she tucked the diaper in under my bottom and told me to lift, as she gave my thigh a little love pat, as I slowly lifted my butt, Cindy carefully wiped my bottom with the rest of the diaper as she tucked most of the mess away and rolled my diaper up in a ball.

Once she sat the dirty diaper to the side, she grabbed the wet, wash cloth Lori had brought in earlier and started wiping me all over and around my diaper area. She patted my thigh and told me to lift again and as I did so, I felt the wet wash cloth wiping my bottom, in between my butt cheeks and going deep inside of my anal crack, as I moaned a little bit, Cindy kept wiping the front of me as she said.....

"I'm sorry BABY, I didn't mean to hurt you, but we gots to get you clean, you're just so yucky and stinky"

Just as she was finishing, Lori and Elly came back into the room holding an armful of what looked like giant beach towels, Elly was grinning from ear to ear when she saw that Cindy had already changed my poopie diaper and was just in the finishing stages of wiping me down.

Elly..... Well thank you Cindy, for changing Robby that is, he was a total mess

Cindy..... It was no problem Elly, I just couldn't see letting him lie there like that, especially after mom explained to me that he barely has the mental capacity of an 18 month old, I mean, I surely wouldn't leave an 18 month old sitting in a dirty diaper

Lori..... Well like Elly said hun, thanks a lot for cleaning him up for us, and now if you 2 girls don't mind, I think we best get this Lil Stinker diapered, wouldn't want him to be springing any leaks now would we

All 3 girls started laughing as Elly tossed all the towels on the sofa she had in her arms except one, she knelt down next to Cindy, with me laying in between them, handed her the towel and said.....

"Well Cindy, here you go, feel like finishing him up, or do you not know how to fold this into a diaper"

Cindy laughed and said.....

"I can assure you, I can fold this into a diaper with no problem, buttttttttttt, does it have to be PINK, can't you find another color towel to make a diaper out of"

As I looked over to Elly, I saw her handing Cindy a huge, fluffy HOT PINK towel and she was looking down at me when she said.....

"He's just a baby Cindy, he doesn't care what color diaper he has covering hims lil bottom, pink, white, blue, they're all gonna end up the same way with this lil stinker, wet, yucky, messy and stinky"

Cindy nodded her head in agreement as she started folding the makeshift diaper, not just once, but folding it twice, creating an enormously thick diaper, and not just any thick diaper, this would be a HOT PINK SUPER THICK DIAPER.

As Cindy patted my thigh and told me to lift, I raised my bottom allowing her to slip the thick diaper under me, as I rested my bottom back down on to the diaper, I instantly felt how thick and how incredibly soft it was, when Cindy brought the diaper up between my legs, it automatically forced my legs to spread apart, Cindy pinned the right side, then tugging tightly on the diaper, pinned the left side, as she patted my freshly diapered bottom, she said.....

"Wow Mom, talk about thick, it's gonna take him all night to wet through this diaper"

Elly..... Don't bet on it, this lil piss pot can have this diaper soaked in no time at all

Cindy..... Well maybe so, but you got to admit, he sure looks cute, laying there in a pink diapey, with baby blue teddy bear diaper pins and sucking on a pink Care Bear pacifier

Lori..... Yes he does, and hun, thanks again for changing him for us, I know that was a nasty job

Elly..... Yes, thank you very much, I can assure you I wasn't looking forward to doing it, WHEW, WHAT A MESS

Cindy..... No problem, it's no big deal, I mean, it's not as if he can help it or has any control over it, he's just a baby, and like the sign says "Dirty Diapers Happen"

As all 3 laughed, I could only lay there, try not to turn red from humiliation and act like I didn't know, or care what they were talking about, and maybe, just maybe, Cindy would never know that I was living out a fantasy and that I really wasn't an actual baby or as Elly said, SLOW, just as Cindy was leaving, Elly said something that made my heart go pitter patter and most definitely caused me to turn red, out of embarrassment.

Elly..... Cindy, you did remember about Kim's bar-b-que on Monday, remember, you're bringing a nacho dish

Cindy..... Oh no prob Elly, I remembered and I will definitely be there, plus Kim said she had a BIG SURPRIZE for everyone that was coming to the bar-b-que, and knowing Kim, I'm sure it's gonna be something TOTALLY WILD, and yes, I am bringing my reknown nacho dish

As Cindy looked down at me, noticing that I was a little red, she commented, "Is Robby gonna be there, and by the way, Elly, Mom, I'm not sure what this means, but from my experience, when a baby gets red like that, it's usually followed by some serious grunting and then some extremely serious nose wrinkling"

Elly and Lori looked at me, then Lori said, "OH MY, HE IS RED, YOU GET HIM NEXT ELLY"

Elly just laughed and said as she slowly started patting my pink diapered bottom.....


Cindy laughingly said, as she headed out the door, "I'll see you all Monday and then, I'll show you how to properly blow raspberries on a babys tummy after you've changed their poopy pants and they're all fresh smelling and cuddly"

Elly and Lori both laughed and Elly said.....

Sounds good, maybe we can have a diaper changing/raspberry blowing contest at the bar-b-que and Lil Robby can be the recipient, that is, if he can make enough wet and dirty diapers to keep us busy and make it fair so that everyone gets a chance to compete if they want to?


All I could think of was, OH MY GOD, if Cindy's gonna be at the bar-b-que, then she's gonna really find out the truth about me, and what does Elly mean, more surprizes, HOW MUCH MORE CAN THEY ACTUALLY EMBARRASS ME, AND EVEN WORSE, DO I REALLY WANT TO KNOW?


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