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The Sleepover, Road to the Prom part 6

This is a work of fiction and a request if you would like more parts to this story please send an email to and/or

Katey heard a knock at the door she quickly got up and walked to the door. She signed for the packages from the delivery man and easily brought the large packages inside. Katey was preparing for the girls sleepover and had brought many things online. Eloise and Sarah were already at Katey and Karen's house. Karen was told to wait in her room until her new friends arrived to keep the weekend sleepover preparations a secret.

Katey opened and checked each package; there were hundreds of much needed diapers of many sizes, styles and decoration. The others were a breast pump and a few pill bottles. Katey took everything into the living room where Eloise and Sarah in only soaked diapers were waiting. Katey stripped to only her wet diapers and threw her dress aside. Katey's diaper sagged and hung heavily around her hips, she hadn't had a diaper change in almost 5 hours. The same went for Eloise and Sarah, Their diapers were completely soaked and they had just finished wetting them for what seemed to be the fifth time that day.

"Ok if we’re going to have enough milk for everyone we need to get a head start so we all need to take turns with this machine to get as much as we can." Katey said to her sisters. "I'll go first, Sarah you and Eloise need a diaper change and so do I so change each other then it will be one of your turn with the breast pump." Katey stated, luckily her and her sisters were all D cups.
While all Katey, Eloise and Sarah were making party preparations Belle, Gina, Ciera and Victoria were all leaving their houses with their mothers driving toward Katey's house.

Katey's turn was over with the breast pump, it was Sarah's turn on the pump and Katey's turn to get a diaper change. Katey laid down and Eloise removed her wet diapers. Eloise quickly and expertly cleaned her sister's pussy and powdered her, before Sarah could get hooked up Katey was standing next to her wearing a clean diaper.

"Hey Belle come on in," Katey said welcoming in their last guest of the evening. Belle walked in with her mother Sera. Belle was already wet with excitement and she was peeing herself as she walked in excited that the fun was about to start. "The rest of the girls and the moms are here come on in sweetie."

"I should introduce myself, I'm Katey and this is my daughter Karen. I invited you all here because we all have a few things in common, all of you girls wear diapers for various reasons, and you also have some infantile tendencies. All of us are also not from America, so I thought since we all had so much in common we should all get to know each other." Katey stated filling in everyone. "All the women in our whole family are incontinent and we're from London, and Karen can't help but have an accident when she's scared."

Karen who was only wearing a soaking wet diaper blushed at her mother's comments and as if on cue she wet it even further.

"Hi everyone I'm Belle and this is my mom Sera. We are both from France, my trigger is when I'm excited I wet myself, I love fashion and bottles of milk, my mom has breast fed me my whole life. Since we all already know we have to wear diapers I assume it's OK if I just take off my skirt and leave my shirt on."

 Belle said unzipping her skirt and handing it to her mom. Belle sat back down on the couch with a squish and with her soaking wet French flag diapers exposed.

"Hi everyone I'm Ciera and this is my mother Lina." Ciera said standing up and removing her skirt leaving herself in just a t shirt and her Italian flag diapers. "We're from Italy, and we are all great cooks, my trigger for accidents is laughing, when I laugh I can't help but wet myself."

Ciera sat down with a wet squish and smiled glad not to have to pretend to be someone.

"Hey, everyone I'm Victoria and this is my mom Nina." Victoria said removing her dress leaving her in just her Spanish flag diapers that everyone noticed when Victoria stood up but the longer she was standing the heavier her diapers became. "We're from Spain, and my trigger is being nervous. I also love bottles."

Victoria finished sitting on the couch in just her soaked diaper and nothing else.

"Hello, I'm Gina this is my foster mom Jessica, I'm a tomboy at heart and love to get dirty. I'm from Germany; my trigger is I wet myself when I'm turned on." Gina said blushing and removing her dress and giving it to her foster mom. Gina was already a little wet as it was but her German flag diapers were still warm, it turned her on to be sitting in it as she started peeing them a little more.

"Well now that were all here there are a few rules you girls need to know before the party starts." Katey stated authoritatively. "First rule, you girls will not change yourselves or each other and diapers must be worn at all times. Second rule, diapers must be in full view at all times so we know when you girls need a diaper change. Third rule, all you girls will eat besides dinner will be breast milk from a bottle or be breast fed by your mothers. I run a strict household though if anyone is caught breaking the rules you will be severely punished." Katey finished her statement and all the girls nodded in agreement. All the girls who weren't already stripped to their diapers did so and gave the clothing to their mothers. "Now you girls each take a bottle finish it by dinner but in the meantime go upstairs and have fun."
The girls each carrying a warm bottle of breast milk ran upstairs into Karen's room. "Who wants to play truth or dare?" Karen asked.

"Yah!" All the girls said together and with that they all plopped down on the floor.

"I'll go first," Belle said. "Hmm, Gina truth or dare?"

"Dare!" Gina said quickly

"I dare you to...take your diaper off and leave it off until morning." Belle said with a smile. She knew Gina had to do it, she had been dared.

Gina gasped at the notion of not wearing a diaper until the next morning. She had accidents so heavy every night she had to wear disposable diapers and plastic pants and even then she might leak. Gina sometimes even had day time accidents. The prospect of not wearing anything, clothes or a diaper to protect her worried her. None the less Gina removed her already wet diaper sat back down naked and suckled on her bottle trying to not think about it.

It was Gina's turn now. "Belle, truth or dare?" Gina said smiling at the prospect of revenge.

"Dare," Belle said calling her bluff.

"I dare you to act like a baby until tomorrow, if you're not eating or drinking you have a pacifier in your mouth, you have to crawl anywhere you go and you will only get breast feeding for dinner." Gina said thinking she got sufficient revenge on her new friend.

"Not bad Gina." Belle said sucking on her bottle, "That's clever now who should I ask next. Ciera Truth or dare?"

Ciera didn't expect to be put in the spotlight so soon but none the less she answered. "Dare me."

"I dare you to stick a vibrator in your pussy." Belle grinned, “And leave it in there till somebody else is dared to remove it."

Ciera gasped as the thought of having a vibrator in her pussy, she had masturbated before but never stuck a vibrator in her pussy for an extended period of time. Still she took her diaper off found a vibrator and stuck it inside her pussy. With the vibrator on she covered herself again with her damp diapers.

"This feels quite nice." Ciera said with a moan as she felt the vibrator in her pussy doing its job. "Victoria Truth or dare?"

"Dare." Victoria said confidently calling her bluff.

"I dare you to walk outside in nothing but your diapers in front of the neighbors then wet them while they're watching." Ciera grinned. She knew Victoria had to do it she had been dared.

Victoria was nervous at the thought of walking in nothing but her diapers. She was already wetting herself in the process at just the thought of doing the dare. Victoria swallowed nervously wearing just her diaper and a pair of flip flops, she left the room and walked outside. All of the girls watched from Karen's bedroom window as she got the neighbors attention nearly naked and stood there for a few seconds, the girls then saw her turn bright red and nearly run back inside. Victoria was soon back in Karen's room, still bright red from embarrassment.

“So how was it Victoria?” Belle asked.

“It was embarrassing.” Victoria said, “I never did anything like that before in my life.”

“But at least you did it.” Belle said, “If I had been dared to do that I would’ve walked like a model as well in the process.”

“Wow you really do like fashion Belle.” Karen said speaking up.

“Yep.” Belle said, “By the way Victoria it’s your turn.”

“Karen truth or dare?” Victoria asked Karen.

“Since everyone else has done it I may as well pick dare.” Karen said.

Victoria looked around and saw that Ciera had just finished cumming with the vibrator. Instantly she had an idea.

“I dare you to take the vibrator out of Ciera’s pussy and stick it into Belle’s” Victoria said, “But you’re to eat Ciera out as Belle diaper humps you doggy style and then eat Belle out as Ciera diaper humps you doggy style.”

Karen was blushing bright red as she never attempted humping before. She was scared she’d do something stupid. Still she braced herself as she removed the vibrator from Ciera’s pussy.

“Are you ready?” Karen asked putting on her best sultry tone.

“I’m ready,” Ciera giggled as she peed while Karen removed her diaper. Karen began licking Ciera’s pussy as Belle started dry humping Karen.

Belle felt herself get more and more excited from the sexual pleasure as Karen started wiggling her hips up and down and left and right in a circular motion while she licked Ciera’s crotch. Ciera herself had no words to express how she felt from the licking Karen was giving her she was moaning with pleasure as Karen was doing a good job for a first timer as Belle began to pick up the pace with the humping. She then started fondling Karen’s large breasts to pleasure her even more. Ciera, Belle, and Karen continued humping and licking before all three of them came into their diapers and they began leaking onto the floor.

“Wow that was like.” Karen said. “Amazing.”

“I know,” Ciera said as Karen taped her up in her diaper. “I don’t even need to ask Victoria or Gina what they thought.”

The girls could see that Victoria and Gina had masturbated and came so hard Victoria had a diaper full of piss and cum while Gina now sat in a puddle of her own urine and pussy juices.

“Remember Karen,” Victoria reminded, “You still have to finish the rest of the dare.”

Karen smiled and nodded as she turned around to face Belle, untapped Belle’s diaper and began licking her just as Ciera got behind her and started diaper humping her as Ciera started feeling up her breasts. The girls once again began to masturbate watching this while they were enjoying the show. 

"So, Jessica why don’t you tell us about yourself," Katey said curious to know more about her daughters new friends’ mothers.
"Well there isn't much to tell," Jessica said blushing at the attention. Jessica wasn't used to people asking her questions she didn't have many friends and she was embarrassed. All eyes were on Jessica so no one missed a puddle of pee forming between her legs.

"Are you alright Jessica?" Katey and the other mothers asked concerned.

"Yes, I'm fine I didn't want you guys to know nor Gina because I wanted to be the parental figure not just another baby." Jessica said sulking, she lifted up her skirt revealing a soaking wet girls goodnight training diaper.

"You see my parents worked at a diaper factory and I was never potty trained because of it and when most girls were working part time jobs in high school I was a diaper tester. My parents made me have a nanny until I left for college at age twenty. Every day I would wake up in my over-sized crib, she would breast feed me change my wet diapers, then she would put me in the play pen with baby toys and a pacifier to play up until I went away for school as an adult." Jessica said holding back tears of relief.

All of the mothers were moved by her story and Katey grabbed her by the hand and laid her down on the changing mat. While she changed Jessica into one of her American flag disposable diapers she spoke to her softly.

"No one is going to think of you any different whether you wear diapers or not. In fact Lina Sera and Nina forgot to bring extra panties so I was going to diaper them too that way no one feels left out." Katey said helping up Jessica who was now freshly diapered. Jessica then volunteered to put Lina Sera and Nina into their respective national diapers.

Lina, Sera, and Nina laid back and removed their dresses and underwear as they allowed Jessica to diaper them. The three had commented that it had been a while since they were in diapers and things had been different then. Jessica however proved that she was quite good at diapering them as she made sure to clean their pussies carefully and gently. She even did it in while wearing her new American Flag diapers though she was still slightly embarrassed at the thought.  Soon the three women were diapered and put their dresses back on.

"I'm going to go check on the girls, everyone else head into the kitchen and get the baby food and bottles ready for dinner." Katey said heading up toward her daughter’s room.

The girls had already finished Karen’s dare an hour ago with Belle having the vibrator inside her pussy all night and just as Ciera was about to say Truth to Victoria the door opened and Katey walked in, the first thing she noticed was Belle writhing in pleasure and moaning in ecstasy and the second thing she noticed infuriated her, Gina was sitting on the hardwood floor her diaper and plastic pants were off leaving her naked sitting a puddle of her own pee. Without saying a word Katey grabbed her by the ear and sat down in a chair pulling Gina over her lap. Katey began spanking Gina's unprotected ass. It stung and it turned Gina on. Gina had another accident while across Katey's lap crying as warm urine streamed out of her moist pussy down her legs to the floor.

The girls were in shock at the harshness of Gina's punishment little did they know this was just the beginning. Belle was excited at the thought of being punished and wet herself a little bit, Victoria was nervous she might be punished and had a small accident. Karen was scared that she might be punished by her mother and she had an accident in her diapers as well. Ciera giggled and flooded her diaper snickering at Gina's punishment.

"If you want to act like a big baby and take off your diapers I'm going to treat you like one!" Katey exclaimed she shoved a pacifier in her mouth and tied a baby bib around her neck, "You don't deserve to wear a diaper until tomorrow morning and any mess you make you will clean up young lady. Now girls dinner is ready." Katey took them all downstairs to the kitchen leading Gina by the ear.
The girls walked into the kitchen everyone was wearing a diaper except for Gina who was naked her pussy out in the open with a trail of urine following them downstairs to the kitchen. Gina was the heaviest wetter so she knew she was in trouble already. All the girls were sat in high chairs and their mothers placed plates in front of them. On the plates was a meal consisting of mashed vegetables one small piece of pizza and bottles of breast milk. Everyone had a plate except for Gina. Gina was being breast fed by Katey and that's all she was going to get.
The girls finished their dinner and Gina received another public spanking this time from Jessica who bent her over the dining room table while the girls watched from their high chairs. Again Gina was turned on being punished by her friends and had made another puddle of shame in the kitchen.

By the time Jessica was done Gina's shapely ass was bright red and throbbing. The girls were then sent up stairs with Sarah and Eloise to change them into their overnight diapers and go to bed all the girls except for Gina. Gina was sat in one of the high chairs and two bottles were sat in front of her.

"As part of your punishment young lady you will drink both of these bottles and then go straight to bed." Katey said authoritatively.

"Can I please be put in a diaper." Gina begged the mothers even though she knew the answer. They all shook their head no. Gina sulked in her high chair and began drinking the bottles as Katey went to go help her sisters.

Katey arrived just as Sarah and Eloise first went to change Belle and Ciera into their overnight diapers. Katey also placed Victoria next to Belle so she could change her into her overnight diapers. Belle was first to have her diaper removed. Belle laid there naked in front of Sarah waiting to be put in a fresh diaper, she became so excited she peed all over Sarah's dress like an infant leaving Sarah's dress soaked in Belle's accident. Sarah removed her dripping dress leaving herself in just her barely dry Irish diapers.

Ciera lay there next to Belle naked she began laughing at what happened to Sarah. Ciera's laughing quickly triggered her to have an accident as well and in the same fashion as Belle she peed all over Eloise soaking her dress. Eloise too had to remove her dress revealing her Scottish diaper.
Victoria was laying on Belle's other side, naked and she was nervous at the thought of somebody else changing her diaper and as soon as Katey removed her diaper Victoria peed on Katey's dress leaving it soaked in her accident more than Sarah and Eloise. Katey too had to remove her dress revealing her completely soaked English flag diapers.
Eloise and Sarah had to then explain they as well were incontinent and had to wear diapers every day for protection from their own accidents. After they had cleaned up all the girls were sent to bed freshly diapered.

With the bottles empty and Gina very full from all the breast milk she had for dinner she was sent up to bed, by the time she got there all the girls were already asleep. Gina curled up in her bed and suckled her pacifier, knowing full well she was going to soak her bed; all she could do was try to get some sleep.
Gina awoke the next morning cold and very wet before the other girls. Gina examined her bed. The sheets were soaked and there was a large puddle underneath her bed. Gina shivered and began to cry frustrated at her situation. Soon her crying awoke Belle; she walked over to Gina to comfort her. Taking Gina by the hand she led her into the bathroom. Belle pressed her finger to Gina's lips to stop her crying.

"Do you still need to pee?" Belle asked Gina softly. Gina nodded her head with tears streaming down her face. Belle then did the unthinkable and removed the tapes holding her already wet overnight diaper up. Belle pressed her naked body up against Gina's and just barely managed to tape them both into Belle's wet diaper. Gina could still feel the vibrator humming in Belle's pussy.  Belle kissed Gina passionately with her tongue exploring her mouth, she then whispered into her ear. "Go ahead."

Gina who was now sharing the same diaper as Belle flooded her diaper with her cum and as soon as she filled the diaper with her juices she wet herself. It warmed Belle's cold diaper and turned them both on causing Gina's flow to increase dramatically, flooding Belle's diaper.

“Thank you Belle,” Gina said kissing her as she let the last of her juices flood Belle’s diaper. “I needed that.”

“No problem Gina,” Belle whispered, excited at the thought of doing that again with Gina, “Perhaps we could do it again some time.”

With Gina relieved in Belle's diaper the two babies broke their embrace and Gina left Belle in the bathroom with her now warm diaper sagging heavily with both their pee and cum. Belle was eager for a repeat performance as she soaked her diaper again out of excitement with her pee.
To be continued...



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