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Baby Bloodsucker part 2

This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to any of my stories on Daily diapers please send an email to if I get enough feedback I will continue writing stories

Malicia as twilight approached began to regain her faculties. Finally as the sun set behind the horizon she remembered how to walk again. She stood up, her diapers sagged heavily around her hips and started to drip on the floor. She had been infantile for almost twelve hours in that time she guessed she had probably five or six accidents. Thank goodness she was wearing a diaper otherwise her house would be a mess. Getting tired of being in a soaked diaper she waddled over to the case of diapers she had ordered. She noticed she only had one left.

“Uh oh, I better get to the store soon or something.” Malicia said to herself.

It was almost midnight, she needed fresh air, thinking it was late enough she went out on her balcony in nothing but her diapers. She waddled out on the balcony taking in the cool night air touching her naked breasts. It was chilly but her vampire blood and the warmth of her wet diaper kept her warm.

Malicia’s vampire senses picked up something faint, someone quietly saying under the breath, “freak.” Her sharp vision spotted the snotty college girl who was very attractive that lived across the hall. Malicia wasted no time leaping off the balcony and landed in front of the girl.

Instantly she was under Malicia’s spell. “What’s your name?” Malicia said pulling the girl close and grinding her wet diapers up against the attractive girl.

“Elana,” She replied obediently.

“Well, Elana, your snide comment just earned yourself the privilege of permanent diaper duty missy.” Malicia said smiling leading Elana into her apartment.

Malicia lead her new slave into her apartment and lay on her back. “Change my diapers, but first take all of your clothes off.” Elana stripped naked, her curvaceous body small breasts and perfect ass made her a good candidate to be a diaper slave.

Elana retrieved Malicia’s last diaper as well as diaper change supplies. Elana efficiently cleaned Malicia’s pussy and powdered her pussy gently rubbing in the powder. Elana then taped a fresh diaper on her but before Elana could attach the last tape Malicia pulled her close and started kissing her passionately. Malicia stuck her fingers into Elana’s pussy and began stimulating her. Elana gasped from the tingle of her pussy lips being caressed.


“Eat me out,” Malicia ordered Elana. Elana got on her knees and untapped half of her diaper and began licking furiously. Malicia quivered from the feeling of Elana’s tongue exploring Malicia’s pussy lips. Malicia gripped the table and her vampire strength easily snapped the table leg. She gasped and moaned writhing on the floor, she could feel herself dribbling a little pee into her half open diaper and on Elana. “I want you to have an accident now.” Malicia commanded. As Malicia climaxed on Elana’s face, Elana was forming a pool around her knees as a her unabated urine streamed down her perfect legs.

“Clean that up and tape my diapers,” Malicia ordered. With everything cleaned and Malicia’s diapers back on she led Elana into her closet. Elana still naked, pee still dripping down her legs, shivered. Malicia routed through her closet looking for her old school girl costume.

With the school girl uniform in hand Malicia put three baby diapers on Elana, luckily she was no taller than 4’11” and had tiny hips. The triple baby diaper hugged her ass and hips tightly. Satisfied Elana was well suited for what was about to happen to her, then dressed her in the  school girl outfit. Complete with a mini skirt and the top was more of a bikini top than a shirt. Elana looked like a big toddler wearing baby diapers that hung out the back of her school girl skirt. Malicia then ordered Elana to come with her to the drug store.

Malicia and Elana entered the twenty four hour drug store and walked straight to the baby aisle. Malicia loaded up on baby stuff pacifiers, diapers large and small, everything you could possibly need. Before they went to the counter Malicia stopped them in their tracks.

“Elana whenever you hear the words ‘baby girl’ you will wet yourself, when you hear the words ‘diaper change’ you will mess yourself.” Malicia ordered.

“Elana, wet your diapers.” Malicia demanded and watched as Elana’s diaper yellowed and started to sag a little. “More,” again Malicia watched Elana’s baby diaper sag further. “Hmm, almost there. More,” Malicia this time watched her diaper start to leak a little down her long legs. “Now mess your diaper.” Elana obeying her master started to fill the back of her diaper with her warm mess. Malicia inspected Elana’s diapers. They were starting to drip, the front of her diaper was yellow and hung heavily. The back side of the diaper were brown and heavy. Satisfied with Elana’s appearance she put a pacifier in her mouth and sent her up to pay for the things they had selected. “Oh also start crying a little bit.” And with that tears started to roll down Elana’s face.

The cashier was a girl in her early twenties who looked up from her cell phone to see the strangest sight. A woman about her age, very pretty but she looked like a lost child. A very young lost child, then she noticed her diapers. She looked like an overgrown baby. She was shocked to see the woman in such revealing clothing that happened to reveal her infantile state. Elana’s diapers sagged and stank and through the tears she paid for the purchases and met Malicia in the car.

Malicia was busy on her cell phone as Elana sat in her car with a squish sound made by her messy diapers.

“Yah hey Tara this is your master, you need to come over now and wear that angel costume you had on the other night, we are going to have some fun with a new friend of mine.” Malicia said with an evil smile.

To be continued…


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