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The Diapered Twins Part 3

This is a work of fiction. If you would like to see more parts please send an email to

Daisy stood at the door wearing her maid’s uniform after she cleaned it. She was really nervous at seeing her charges friends. Daisy was thinking about backing out when she saw Rose and Sara walk up silk kimonos that their mother purchased for them when they went on vacation to china last summer. Rose and Sara each bought some kimonos for themselves and they chose ones that reflected their personalities.

Currently Rose was wearing a blue kimono with a black sash tied around the kimono. Her diaper was hidden underneath the kimono since the sash was tied above the waist of the kimono the outfit was a bit more tomboyish than most kimonos since it was custom made to fit Rose’s personality. Sara on the other hand wore a red kimono with a white sash tied around the front of the kimono and hers was more feminine of the two outfits since Sara was a girly girl and her kimono was custom fitted to fit her personality. The twins then began to chat with Daisy who was back in her maid’s uniform about seeing the guests.

“How are you feeling Daisy?” Sara asked, “Are you nervous about seeing our friends?”

“I’m a little nervous about seeing them.” Daisy replied, “But I’m sure they’re nice. After all you are my friends.”

“That’s right Daisy,” Rose spoke, “And as friends we want what’s best for you.”

“Alright if you say so,” Daisy said, “This is going to be a good experience.”

The twins opened the door and found their boyfriends waiting on the other side. The first boy looked to be about 19 years of age with blond hair, broad shoulders and he was built like a football player. The second boy looked to be about 18 years of age with brown hair, freckles and looked more like he was an honor roll student minus the glasses.

The blond boy was named Brian and he was the big man on campus. He was polite to his elders and he also was a good basketball player and did martial arts to hone his discipline in his spare time. He was fair to everyone except for bullies. Brian had no tolerance for bullying and he was known to report those who picked on others. He was a very popular guy and his popularity rose when he started dating Rose but that didn’t matter to him. Rose was a true friend who would be there for him when it counted the most and so would his pal Ray.

Ray the brown haired boy was what one would consider a bookworm. He took his studies very seriously and sometimes even tutored Brian when he needed help and in turn Brian taught him how to defend himself. Ray considered himself really lucky that he was dating such a pretty girl like Sara. He was a bit hesitant at the relationship and how it went at first but he realized that Sara truly loved him as much as Rose truly loved Brian.

Brian and Rey stepped inside the mansion and saw the twins in just their bathrobes.

“Hey Rose what’s up?” Brian said, “Something smells good and it’s not just the flowers.”

Rose blushed as she heard that comment, “Aw thank you Brian.” Rose smiled, “It’s always a pleasure to see you.”  

“And it’s always a pleasure to see you my little Rose.” Brian said kissing his girlfriend on the lips.

“Hello Sara,” Ray said shaking hands with Sara before hugging her, “How are you today?”

“Good so far but better now that you’re here,” Sara said moving closer to Ray before whispering in his ear, “And that’s not else that feels good. I can’t wait for Rose and I to give you and Brian your summer presents.”

Ray was nearly speechless before he composed himself and kissed his girlfriend on the lips. 

“Brian and I can’t wait for them either.” Ray said. “Isn’t that right Brian?”

“You know it Ray,” Brian replied back, “But first let’s have a little fun.”

“I’m down for that,” Rose said as she got out a board game, “So who wants to play twister?”

Brian, Sara, and Ray eagerly accepted the idea while Daisy volunteered to be the referee and spin the needle. Once that was settled the four players took their places on the game mat. At first the game of twister was easy and the group was having fun but as they continued playing they found themselves getting tangled up in each other. Rose and Sara felt their boyfriends’ penises touching them through their pants legs and that turned them on to the point of getting their pusses soaked. The twins were so horny that they had worn just their diapers under their kimonos. Eventually the game continued on until the twins began leaking through their diapers causing a drip and landing everyone on the floor. Fortunately they were playing on a carpet floor and the pee landed on the mat.

“Okay I think we’ll wrap that up for the time being.” Sara said standing next to Raymond.

“Yeah we should.” Daisy said, “I’ll clean up the mess that occurred. Why don’t you two go enjoy your boyfriends?”

“Thanks Daisy,” the twins said as they went with their respective boyfriends to their rooms.

“I don’t know how we ended up in that position.” Brian chuckled as he carried his girlfriend into her bedroom. The two of them were having fun with the game but landed in an awkward position causing all four of them to fall down. Rose’s pussy was soaking wet from feeling Brian’s penis on her. She was glad she had worn nothing but her diapers under her kimono and now she wanted to feel her boyfriend inside her.

“I didn’t hear anybody complaining,” Rose chuckled as her boyfriend gave her a kiss on the lips, “Besides we all enjoyed that. And I really enjoyed feeling your little friend touching me again.”

“Well would yo like to feel more of my little friend?” Brian asked as he prepared to set her down on the floor.

“I’m always up for having sex with you Brian.” Rose said, “Just set me down on the mat and I’ll let you remove my kimono.”

“Alright if you insist,” Brian said as he set his girlfriend down on the changing mat. “So are you ready?”

“I’m ready for you to unwrap your treat.” Rose said in a sultry tone.

Brian gently grabbed the ties of the kimono and carefully removed them. He then kissed her breasts gently as Rose took the time to remove his sweat pants and exposed his long thick seven inch penis. She laid back down as Brian continued removing the kimono gently until he uncovered her soaking wet diaper.

“Well Rose, I knew you and Sara were unique.” Brian said seeing Rose’s diaper, “I wasn’t expecting this and yet I like it.”

“You do?” Rose asked surprise, “Most of the other kids look down on me and Sara for wearing diapers.”

“Actually yes,” the football player said kindly, “If the other girls were as smart as you and your sister then they wouldn’t have to worry about wetting themselves during prom night.”

“That’s so wonderful Brian.” Rose said, “But enough about that. Come on and fuck me already.”

Brian removed his girlfriend’s diaper, rubbed her pussy clean of any urine, and positioned his penis into the entrance to her vagina and entered his girlfriend. Rose moaned pleasurably as she felt all seven inches of Brian’s penis enter her vagina. She could feel the tip of his penis kiss the entrance to her her cervix as he continued working himself inside her. Brian held himself inside his girlfriend for a few minutes before thrusting in and out slowly. He wanted to give Rose time to reacquaint herself with his penis before he began thrusting.

Rose on the other hand was enjoying the pleasure of the fucking Brian was giving her.

“Fuck me hard Brian.” Rose pleaded, “Fuck me hard.”

“Alright Rose,” Brian said, “If you insist.”

So Brian began to pick up the pace and sped up his thrusting as he fucked Rose harder and longer. Rose squealed and moaned in pleasure as her boyfriend fucked hard and long. She then felt him on the edge of cumming so she wrapped her legs around his back to pull him deeper into her.

“Oh shit I’m gonna cum!” Brian panted as he was close.

“Cum in me Brian.” Rose yelled, “Knock me up. Fuck your baby into me.”

That last statement sent Brian over the edge as he shot burst after burst of semen right into his girlfriend’s willing pussy and deep into her womb. He emptied his balls right inside his girlfriend until every drop of sperm was inside her pussy.

“Wow Rose,” Brian panted, “That was so hot.”

“I know Brian.” Rose sighed, “I loved that a lot.”

Both lovers held each other tight as Brian’s sperm swam up Rose’s cervix and into her womb waiting to fertilize one of her eggs.  

“I wonder what Ray and Sara are doing right now?” Brian asked.

“Probably the same thing we are.” Rose said before feeling Brian’s cock twitch inside her. “Looks like Mr. Cocky’s ready for round two.”

“Looks that way to me.” Brian said rolling over so that Rose was on top now. “Why don’t you be on top this time?”

Rose smiled happily as she began bouncing up and down on Brian’s thick cock while moving her hips from side to side and front to back. Brian grabbed her beautiful ass and massaged it gently and helped his girlfriend bounce up and down again as Rose laughed and moaned at riding her boyfriend like a cowgirl. She then came all over Brian’s crotch and as soon as she did Brian shot another load of sperm deep into her womb. The two lovers sighed happily at that experience as they continued fucking all night long.

To be continued…..  


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