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The Diapered Twins Part 4

This is a work of fiction. If you would like to see more parts please send an email to

Earlier that evening as Brian carried Rose up to her room. Sara was leading Ray to her bedroom. Ray was happy to be with his girlfriend as the two of them started dating for a year and while they did Ray and Sara often had sex with each other and they tried it in many different positions. Sara however didn’t tell Ray that she and her sister wore diapers since they were bladder incontinent. She never got the nerve to tell him until now.
“Well here we are Ray.” Sara giggled stepping into her bedroom with Ray following her. “Are you ready for your present?”

“I’m ready and willing.” Ray chuckled as he kissed his girlfriend while hugging her. “So where is my present?”

“I’ve decided to let you unwrap your present.” Sara said as she got on her back and down on the changing mat, “I’m sure you’ll love it.”

“Not as much as I love you.” Ray said kissing Sara as he gently untied the sash around Sara’s kimono. Sara giggled gently as Ray unwrapped her kimono from the top and began kissing her large breasts. She squealed as her puffy nipples became as hard as her boyfriend’s six and a half inch long cock that Sara was satisfied by. It was like Ray’s penis was meant to fit inside her vagina and she couldn’t wait for him to fuck her raw. Sara was getting so wet and turned on that she didn’t realize that Raymond had already uncovered her kimono and saw her red diaper soaked with her cum and piss.

“I guess the rumors about why your peers looked down on you and your sisters were true,” Ray said as he looked in his girlfriend’s eyes, “You really do wear diapers.”

“Actually both me and Rose wear diapers,” Sara said, “Were bladder incontinent and so are all the women in our family.”

“I don’t mind that you’re bladder incontinent.” Ray replied, “I fell in love with you for your personality and kindness.”

“That’s so nice of you to say that.” Sara said as she wet her diaper again. “Now where were we?”

“I believe we were right here.” Ray said as he gently removed the kimono and then removed Sara’s diaper leaving her naked on the floor, “Are you ready?”

Sara simply nodded as she spread her legs for Ray while he mounted her. Once her pussy was full of his cock she moaned in pleasure.

“Oh Ray that feels so good,” Sara moaned, “Fuck me.”

Ray complied as he buried himself balls deep inside of his girlfriend. Once she got used to his length he began thrusting in and out of her at a steady pace. He also took the time to fondle her breasts in the process.

Sara squealed and moaned as she was having the time of her life letting Ray fuck her unprotected. She and her sister had been saving this moment for their boyfriends for a long time ever since they first met them and now they were letting their boyfriends fuck them unprotected.

Ray was fucking at a timely pace as he thrusted into Sara’s vagina. Her pussy was so warm and her breasts were soft. He felt her pussy muscles milking him for what it was worth and he could almost feel the tip of his penis kiss the entrance to her cervix and without warning Ray gave one more thrust and blasted away filling Sara with his semen and painting her walls white with his cum. Sara had felt her boyfriend’s hot wet and thick baby making semen squirt deep inside her fertile pussy. She was so wet from Ray cumming inside her that she squirted right on his crotch.
“That was amazing Ray.” Sara panted, “And I feel like I could go all night.”

“I’m still hard and I’m ready to go again,” Ray said pulling out of her as only a little of his semen came out while the rest was in her opening, “I want to fuck you doggy style.”

“I like that position and that’s one of my sister’s favorite positions.” Sara said as she knelt on the bed and lifted her beautiful large ass to Raymond. “Breed me like I’m a bitch in heat.”

Ray got on his knees behind his girlfriend and sheathed himself inside her pussy once again. This time he began thrusting in and out of her moist warm pussy. Sara was once again riding the orgasmic roller coaster as she humped back at her boyfriend to meet his thrusts. She wanted to feel his sperm inside her cervix and inside her womb. She was getting hornier and hornier at the thought. The two lovers continued to fuck in doggy position and Ray began fondling Sara’s breasts to give her even more pleasure. Sara squealed from the extra pleasure she was getting by having her breasts fondled and she continued to hump back as the two lovers picked up the pace and eventually they both came at the same time and Sara felt more blasts of Ray’s hot wet cum shoot deep in her pussy but this time since his penis was aligned with the entrance to the cervix it shot deep into her cervix and right into her womb. Each blast of cum was more powerful than the last as it went deeper and deeper into Sara’s womb just as Sara’s fallopian tubes were releasing some eggs.

Sara and Ray both looked deep into each other’s eyes and that was all they needed to know to keep fucking. They fucked in missionary and they fucked in doggy. They even fucked from behind with all of Ray’s sperm ending up in Sara’s vagina as Rose’s vagina was receiving every drop of Brian’s sperm but neither couple realized this yet. The two boys then gently cleaned their girlfriends’ pussies before wrapping them up in fresh dry diapers before falling asleep in their arms.  

Next morning Daisy was up bright and early. She was reheating the leftovers for the twins and their boyfriends as well as munching on some for herself. Daisy was wearing a French maid’s outfit and a yellow bra underneath and a pair of fresh diapers. This time the diapers were printed with the Australian Flag and it would fade when she was wet. When the flag faded completely Daisy knew she had to get changed. Daisy wasn’t wearing an ordinary pair of Diapers though. These diapers were magic diapers that she purchased from the same shop keeper that the twins got their diapers from. The shop keeper threw in a case of magic diapers three days earlier and told her to take a magic diaper for each of the twins supply and let the magic seep into them. She had taken one for herself as well and placed it within her diapers and when she saw them they had changed from yellow to Australian flag diapers. Daisy was a bit shocked at first but she decided to let it slide figuring it was a onetime thing. When she checked the twins’ diapers they were still the same. Rose’s set of diapers were still blue and Sara’s set of diapers were still red but the magic diaper must have done its job since she could feel traces of the magic in the diapers.

“These new magical diapers are feeling wonderful.” Daisy sighed as they felt so comfortable on her. “I wonder what else the magic in these diapers do.”

Daisy wanted to ask the question but she finished dishing out the steak and eggs she heard the doorbell ring.

“Looks like Rose and Sara’s other guests have arrived.” Daisy said as she went to greet the guests. “Hopefully they’ll be as nice as Raymond and Brian are.”

The twins had been in their rooms with their boyfriends after they screwed their brains out all night. Rose and Sara’s diapers were wet and soaked to the brim with their pee but this time they had their cum in them from the wet dreams they had from their boyfriends stimulating their breasts as they slept in the spooning position. The twins wanted to sleep in a bit more but they heard the doorbell ring.

“Brian, time to wake up honey.” Rose said, “We’ve got company.”

“Who is it?” Brian asked as he got up next to his girlfriend. They had slept naked together in the spooning position albeit with some slight twists as Brian’s cock was rubbing up against Rose’s diapered ass. “I didn’t know we were having visitors.”

“You’ll like these visitors Brian.” Rose smiled, “And you already know them.”

Brian spoke kindly to that as Rose put on a blue bra and a simple pair of loose shorts that she could drop in an instant while Brian had put on a pair of shorts and a t shirt. The two of them then got out of Rose’s room and headed to the front door.

Over in Sara’s room Ray and Sara were just getting up as well with Sara wearing a simple red bra and a skirt that she could remove in an instant or allow Ray to fuck her while lifting it up behind her while Ray wrapped himself up in a pair of shorts and a t shirt.

“So what do you think of my outfit Ray?” Sara asked as the duo headed towards the front door.

“I think you look awesome in that outfit.” Ray said, “But you look beautiful regardless.”

Sara blushed at that comment as she kissed Ray on the lips. Ray returned the kiss as they continued walking till they met up with Daisy, Rose, and Brian. The five of them shared looks that knew that they had the best experience of their lives so far and more was to come.

“Daisy are you going to get the door?” Rose asked.

“Yes Mistress Rose.” Daisy said, “Right away.”

“Oh and by the way Daisy,” Sara said, “I love the French maid’s uniform. It looks good on you.”

Daisy smiled warmly at that compliment as she opened the door to greet the guests while the twins and their boyfriends went to another part of the mansion.

To be continued….


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