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This is a story I wrote a little while ago. Please do not re-distribute copy or upload anywhere else with my permission. Thank you.


Spanked by Daddy – By Lil Kelly


"WHATS THIS" shouted daddy.

 I knew I was going to get in trouble, after all i did promise daddy i wouldn't wet my knickers if he let me be a big girl today.

 "I'm sorry daddy it was, it was a, a accident." I started to cry as i knew daddy was really angry.

 With that daddy pulled down my skirt and left me to stand in my wet pink panties in the corner.

 "You will stay there for 20mins so I can get dressed. You should be very ashamed of what you have done. Then I will come back and spank your behind." He scolded.

 With that he left and I burst out crying as I knew i would get a very hard spanking. It wasn't even my fault! I was watching a movie and got up to go to the toilet and daddy was in there having a shower. I returned back to the living room to continue watching the movie and laughed so much that i soon felt a warm trickle down my leg. Before i could stop it I had peed all over the floor. That’s when daddy came in with his towel wrapped around his waist and looked very unimpressed.

 Standing in the corner felt like hours. I was feeling so scared and was thinking if I could say or do anything that would stop daddy from spanking me. Just then I heard footsteps as daddy came in. I wanted to turn round but was to frightened but i could tell he was mopping the floor where i had peed. He went out again and I waited some more. I had stopped crying by now and was feeling quite uncomfortable as the slight breeze in the room brushed against my now cold clinging knickers. As daddy returned he sat on the sofa. "Come here" was all he said.

 I turned around and walked over to where he was. He pulled my arm down so that my body went over his lap.

 "Now you have been very naughty wetting your pants like a baby so daddy is gonna spank you as a punishment. Is that understood?"

 He was talking more calmly now but it still gave me a rush over my body of fear.

 "Yes daddy" was all i could reply.

 I waited and waited and the PLOW!

 "Owwwwwwwww" i screamed. PLOW PLOW PLOW!

 "Daddy stop please" I yelped, i screamed and I cried and kicked my legs. "I'm sorry daddy please."

 With every whack i felt my shameful wet pants cling to my bum.

 Suddenly daddy stopped. I was relieved that he had finished. I then felt his hands pull my knickers down past my thighs and then WHACK WHACK WHACK.

 I screamed and cried my eyes out as daddy shouted "You naughty little girl" WHACK WHACK. "Wetting your panties like a lil baby" PLOW PLOW PLOW. "Naughty baby" WHACK.

 With every whack i felt my bum sting and jiggle. I became very limp over daddy's lap and just kept crying.

 "Right" Daddy said. "stand up and lets go to the bedroom" he said as he took my hand. I was still sobbing, my bum absolutely burned with pain and as we walked across the hallway I couldn't help but rub it with my other hand.

 "Lay down on the bed" Daddy motioned.

 I did as daddy said not wanting to get into any more trouble.

 I saw daddy rummage through the draws and come back with a nappy, lotion and powder.

 "Daddy i don't wanna wear a nappy." I cried.

 "Yes you will after what you just did today, you'll be wearing them again for the whole week."

 "Daddy please i don't wanna and I won’t." I said through tears.

 "Do you want another spanking today?" Daddy looked so serious and I definitely didn't want another spanking ever again. Daddy continued to unfold the nappy, then he took my legs and slid it under me. He rubbed some cold lotion on my sore bottom which soothed the pain a bit, and then he dusted some powder all over my butt and hairless private.

 "Obviously my lil girl isn't ready to be a big girl yet" he said as he taped me in.

 I felt so small and was quietly crying again. Daddy then shoved a dummy in my mouth and told me to hush. He dressed me in a pretty pink dress and put my pink dolly shoes on me.

 He sat me down on his lap and said "have you had enough of trying to be a big girl now?"

 Yes i nodded and he cuddled me and kissed my forehead.

 "We will try again another time ok sweetheart"

 Again nodded and wrapped my arms round daddy's waist.

 "I'm sorry daddy" i mumbled as my dummy was still in my mouth.

 "That’s ok princess, now let’s go we got shopping to do and if your good i'll buy you an ice cream.

 I smiled at daddy and got up. We got our coats and went out, daddy holding my hand with every step and I knew he loved me very much.


The end


I would love to know what you thought about this story.                                                                                     

To leave any comments or for chat please email me:

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After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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