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Meeting Daddy at the pub! – By Lil Kelly


It was the first time I was going to meet daddy. We had been talking online for a while and connected in many ways. I was nervous as I walked to the entrance of the pub. We had agreed to meet somewhere, where it was public as it was a safe option. As I walked inside I looked around and there he was. He had dark brown wavy hair, dark brown eyes and a charming smile, just like his pictures. He was tall and muscular. 6"3 compared to my small 5"4 frame. I was wearing a short denim skirt and a pink Minnie mouse top as requested by daddy.

 I walked over as he gazed up at me, my heart pounding.

 "Hello James" was all I could whimper.

 "Hello little girl" he said as he motioned me to have a seat. My cheeks were a blazed at his confident statement little girl. I felt the whole pub knew my secret!

 I sat down and we engaged in conversation about how we felt meeting up and our travels here. We had a bite to eat and drink and pretty soon it felt like we had been friends for ages. I saw he had a rucksack but knew he travelled a fair bit so figured he was in between places. I had drank quite a bit of coke as that’s all daddy would allow me to have and soon needed the toilet. As I was getting up to go daddy asked me where I was going.

 "I really need the loo" I responded

 "Well did the lil girl ask daddy if she could go" he said with a sort of assertiveness in his tone.

 Not expecting any of this I looked over at the toilets across the room and then back at daddy. I wasn't sure if he was being serious or not, after all it was our first meeting. I smiled but there was no smile back and my heart gave a big thud. Not knowing what to do I sat back down.

 "Good girl" he said. "Now what does my little princess wanna tell me?"

 We had always talked about these kinds of scenarios online but I never though how it would feel for real and now it was happening. My throat became dry as I tried to respond to his question.

 "Erm......, I need to go toilet please"

 "Is that a question or a demand" he said with piercing eyes.

 "Er..., a question?" I questioned.

 "Try again" replied daddy

 I knew how to ask it but the thought to do it in a public setting made me cringe and I’m sure daddy could tell by my rosy cheeks how embarrassed I was.

 "Please daddy" I mustered. "Can I go toilet please?"

 "Of course little one" He replied "Daddy will take you"

 I was sooo mortified at the prospect of him walking me to the toilet but I was also very desperate and got up and walked over to where they were. As daddy walked behind me I was glad to get to the ladies. Then I heard daddy call "Not that one young lady. You’re not a big girl just yet"

 I turned around and saw him point to the disabled toilet door as he opened it and pointed for me to go inside. I walked slowly to the door my heart beating with every step. I walked inside as daddy followed and locked the door.

 "Right then little one, panties down and sit on the toilet. Then daddy will wipe you."

 I felt so little and embarrassed and for some reason couldn't do what he asked me to. I didn't expect any of this on the first meeting and began to cry.

 "Aww don't cry little one!" Daddy said as he came and hugged me and held me close. "It's ok sweet heart I understand if you’re nervous"

 "I'm sorry daddy" I sniffled.

 "It’s ok but you must do what daddy says as I know best. Aren't you my little baby girl? I'm here to look after you ok"

 "Yes daddy" I said wiping away the tears.

 Just then a loud alarm sounded and someone screamed THE KITCHEN IS ON FIRE!

 Daddy took my hand and unlocked the door as wades of smoke filled the air. Everyone in the pub was running and we followed. As we got outside safely people were gasping for air and a fire engine pulled up outside.

 Everyone was told to stay on the grass area until it was safe to return. I pulled on my daddy's hand and said hysterically, "Daddy I desperately need to pee NOW!"

 My other hand was covering my private and I was jumping from leg to leg.

 "Come this way" He said as he dragged me to some near bushes on the other side of the grass area. Halfway there I stopped and tried to hold it more. I had never had a proper accident before and I wasn't about to now. I started walking again and could feel hot squirts release into my knickers. With all my might I continued on but to no avail. Just as we got near the bushes hot pee splashed down my legs and onto the grass. I just stood there peeing myself and crying. Daddy held me for a minute until I started to calm down.

 "I'm sorry daddy" I babbled. "I didn't mean to wet myself honest" I cried.

 "It's ok baby" and he was right. I felt like a big baby.

 "But I’m not a baby!" I cried helplessly.

 "No but you daddy's little girl and I said I will take care of you. Come behind the bushes."

 At this point I didn't know what to do so I just followed him. He told me to lie down on the grass.

 "Why Daddy" I asked but he didn't answer he just repeated the order.

 Reluctantly I lay down as he reached for my pants and slid them off. He was much stronger than me as I tried to hold them up as I didn't know what he was going to do. Was he going to rape me? Take advantage of an innocent young girl? I was getting more afraid buy the second. He then went into his rucksack and pulled out something white and some other items. Then he picked up the white thing again and started unfolding it. Immediately I could see it was clearly a disposable nappy.

 "Daddy I can’t wear that" I screamed.

 "But you've wet yourself and big girls don't have accidents so obviously you not ready to be a big girl yet."

 "I am daddy I promise, just please don't put that on me" I protested.

 Daddy didn't stop; he continued to unfold the nappy and then grabbed my ankles and slid it under me. I tried to squirm away but his grip was too tight and I found myself defenceless to his power. He grabbed some powder and sprinkled it on my butt as it stuck in the air; he then rubbed it in with his strong tender hands. I was truly humiliated as he continued to tape the sides of the nappy on. And there I was nappied by daddy.

 Daddy sat me up and gave me a tight hug and a warm embrace in his strong arms. Although I was red with embarrassment I couldn't help but feel a safe loving feeling explode in my heart. That’s when I knew I was truly just a little girl and was grateful to have daddy take care of me the way he did.

 We got up and made our way to a taxi station. Daddy got me a taxi home and as I was getting in he patted my padded bum and whispered,

 "Don't take it off tonight until I say so ok."

 I nodded and got in the car. I couldn't wait to see him again and was willing to now accept all he told me. That night I slept like a baby literally and even sucked my thumb. I finally had a real daddy and couldn't wait to see how things would turn out eventually. All I know is that I went to bed a very happy, safe lil girl!


To be continued……


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