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 "My Girlfriend's Sisters Baby"

      Chapter 12...............

                  As I lay there, in a makeshift, cloth, pink diaper, so thick I couldn't put my legs together or make both knees touch, even if my life depended on it, knowing I was turning redder then even the hot pink diaper I was wearing, my mind was wandering and racing at 100 miles an hour as I thought to myself, MY GOD, WHAT HAVE I GOT MYSELF INTO?

                  As Elly and Lori were still amusing themselves with my girlish looking diaper, there was a knock at the front door.  I thought that perhaps Cindy had forgotten something and was just being polite by knocking, even tho she had left, just seconds earlier.  

                  To my surprize, and further embarrassment, it was Cindy, followed by Beth, Kim and Cassidy, and the look on their faces when they saw me laying on that plastic baby sheet, in, what I felt was an over exagerrated, super thick, hot pink diaper pinned tightly with baby-blue teddy bear diaper pins and sucking on a pink Care Bear pacifier, well let's just say, the look on their faces was priceless.

                   Beth immediately knelt next to me, patted my well cushioned bottom and said......

Beth.....  This is too cute, I just love the designer diapers, we definitely need to pick up more.

Elly.....    It was Loris' idea, and Cindy showed us how to fold the giant beach towel and shape it into a diaper.

Beth.....   Oh, did Cindy pin Robbys' diaper on?

Elly.....   (laughingly) Oh Dear, not only did Cindy pin his lil pink diapey on, she changed his stinky, poopy diaper and wiped his yucky bottom while Lori and I were looking for a makeshift diaper.

Beth.....   Ooooooh really (as Beth pats my bottom), well I sure hope hims was a good lil baby and didn't give his Auntie Cindy too bad a time.

Cindy.....   Awwww, he was a perfect lil gentleman, even if he was messy and stinky, it's not his fault, he's just a lil baby and I'll change his diapers anytime he needs it if I'm around.

As Beth, Kim and Elly all smiled, Beth and Kim realize, how embarrassing this must have been, having Cindy change him just like she would any other baby, not knowing, that he had the mental capacities of an adult.

What Rob didn't know, was that, unlike his white, cloth diapers, colored cloth diapers, especially pink, yellow and baby-blue colors, would show wetness almost immediately and the wetness would spread, slowly, from the bottom, both towards the front and the rear of the diaper, and the wetness would be highly visible even tho the diaper itself was not soaking wet.

As Cindy said her goodbyes, she blew baby kisses to both Rob and Cassidy, meanwhile Elly was explaining to Kim and Beth how there were no clean diapers in Robbies diaper bag.  Kim replied, "Well I hope that diaper holds up till we get home then, I think Amber and Ashley have all his clean diapers at the Tops for Bottoms Nursery at the mall, but then again, that's ok, since he's definitely going to be spending some more time back there"

As I listened to Kim, thinking, Oh My God, she's actually planning on taking me back to the nursery when it's really opened, I felt my bottom getting damp as I began wetting my diaper, even tho it was just a slight wetting, I had no idea that Beths' constant patting of my bottom would make the wet spot on the outer bottom part of my diaper appear even faster and that once the spot was visible on the outer part of the diaper, it would spread even faster.

Kim told Beth and Elly that she had to get going, she needed to get Cassidy home and fed, that's when Elly picked up my shorts and to my embarrassment, turned them inside out and smelled them, then stated, "These aren't too stinky and he didn't get any mess on them so they should be ok for him to wear home"

Beth immediately grabbed them, put them on my legs and told me to lift my bottom so she could pull them up.  It was at this time that Lori said, "Hold up a sec Beth", as she knelt down, pointed to my bottom, patted it, and said, "This Lil Stinker's got a wet diaper"

Beth looked at the spot, felt the bottom of my diaper, stuck 2 fingers inside the waist of my diaper, then stuck her fingers inside my diaper on the inside of my thighs, peeked in and said, "He's just a little bit damp and he's not messy or stinky, he should be ok until we get home"

Kim and Elly both smiled at Beth as Kim said......

"See mom, I told you Beth would make a good mommy if she ever had a baby of her own to take care of, she's already figured out that there's nothing wrong with leaving Robby in a damp diaper and that unless he's totally soaked, messy or stinky, it's ok not to drop everything she's doing just to change him, and I'm almost positive, that by time we get home, she'll have more then just a damp diaper to contend with"

Beth looked up at Elly, Kim and Lori, smiling as she pulled my shorts up over my thick diaper, and said.......

"You know, I think I could get used to this, I mean, having a baby full time, and I think that Lil Robby here has really gotten the hang of being a baby, at least he's gotten the hang of how to use his lil diapeys and how to keep Mommy and all of her friends busy and how to keep their noses a wrinklin"

As Beth wrinkles her nose at me, smiles and says.....

We might just have to mix up some more of that special powder/formula for you, 10 days might not be long enough for both of us to really get the full experience and sensations we're both looking for?


  "My Girlfriends Sisters' Baby"

            Chapter 13.........

             Cindy sort of scratched her head, then said.....
"What do you mean, Special Formula, and what sensations and experiences could he possibly be looking for, he is just a baby, RIGHT"

               Kim immediately replied..... "Well of course he is, did you not just change a very dirty diaper on him, and as far as his special formula, it's just something my pediatrician created to help keep him from getting constipated, his digestive system is more intricate then a babys would be and he needs the formula to keep him regular, what with the types of grownup food he eats, plus, he just might be part of the surprize I have for everyone at the bar-b-que", as she winks as Beth

                  Cindy smiled, and said, "O-K, he's still a lil cutie, especially in hims lil pink diapey", as she knelt down, kissed Robbie on the forehead and patted his well padded bottom, then said, "See you all at the bar-b-que, have a great weekend"

                   Elly and Lori then said their goodbyes as Kim picked up Cassidy and followed Cindy out the door, Beth told her mom and Lori that she would see both of them Monday at the bar-b-que, then playfully swatted Robbie on his bottom as she took his hand and followed Kim and Cassidy out.

                    Once both Robbie and Cassidy were strapped into their car seats securely, Kim gave Cassidy a baby bottle as she explained to Beth that it was a 45 minute drive home and she doubted Cassidy would wait that long for something to eat.
Beth smiled as she said, "All I have for Robbie is that special formula, do you think it would hurt him any if I gave him some more"

                     Kim laughed and said, "I'm not sure if it would or not, it definitely won't help him keep that cute, pink diapey dry and clean, and since he wants to be a baby, Cassidy's getting a bottle, so, what the heck, go for it, he'll just pee and poop a little bit longer then expected", both girls laughed as Beth prepared a bottle for Robbie, then stuck it in his mouth and explained to him, he had better drink all of it or there would be no din din for him tonight.

                       Rob knew that if this bottle worked the way any other liquids or foods have been working on him, there was no way he could keep from wetting or messing this makeshift diaper he had on, and with no plastic pants, it would be very obvious when he did.

                          After the 45 minute drive home, Beth went ahead and opened the door to the house and carried in both diaper bags as Kim got both Cassidy and Robbie out of their carseats, Beth wrinkled her nose and immediately blamed Cassidy telling her that she was just a stinky lil baby, Rob just kept his head down as Kim grabbed his hand after swinging Cassidy on her hip and headed into the house.

                          Once inside, Kim tells Beth that she thinks Cassidy is messy and needs changed, Beth immediately checks Cassidy, to find her extremely messy, she does a quick change job on Cassidy while Rob stands by, she then places Cassidy in her high chair and tells her, she's got din din for her, Cassidy giggles.

                            Beth grabs Robbie and tells him to jump up on his makeshift highchair, as he does, Beth wrinkles her nose, again, then does a quick peek inside of Robbies diaper, Beth quickly announces to Kim, and Robbie, she thought she still smelled a dirty diaper, and since she had just got done changing one, Robbie could wait until after dinner, Beth then looked at Robbie, winked and said, "Does Baby Robbie want some num nums, yes he does, hims just a hungie lil baby, yes hims is"

                              Both Kim and Beth laugh as Kim places baby bowls of mac & cheese in front of both Cassidy and Robbie, along with a sippy cup for Cassidy and a baby bottle of (special formula) for Robbie, Beth and Kim then talk about the upcoming bar-b-que and what they should do on Saturday and Sunday.

                              As Robbie sits there, eating his din din and sucking on his baby bottle, he feels the soft mess in his diaper shift, slowly oozing it's way up the front of his diaper and then, covering both of his butt cheeks with a yucky, stickyness, he can only think that this sensation has something to do with the type of fabric this makeshift diaper is made out of.

                             All of a sudden, this euphoria Rob is experiencing is shattered when Kim undoes the straps on his highchair as she explains to Beth, she'll change Robbie, give him a bath and get him ready for bed if Beth does the same for Cassidy, Beth immediately agrees but asks Kim, whey would she want to deal with the obviously, bigger mess, Kim says, she just wants Robbie to see what Cassidy goes through on a nightly basis, Beth just laughs and says, great idea.

                               Kim swats Robbie on the bottom, then quickly pulls her hand away as she says, "Oh My, can you believe he's soaked clean thru this thick diaper", then the scent of baby powder mixed with a dirty diaper hits her, "OH MY GOD, THIS IS HORRIBLE, MY GOD HE STINKS", Beth just laughs and says, "Hey, it was your idea to trade"

                                 Kim leads Robbie into the guestroom where she has him lay in the spare crib she went out and bought for him today.  As Robbie lays back, on the waterproof mattress and changing pad Kim had spread out in the crib, Robbie could feel the soft, sticky mess squish both up the front and back of the insides of his diaper.  Kim pulls the shorts off, then as if over exagerrating her motions, waves her hand over her nose as she says, "EWWW, HIMS A STINKY LIL BOY", Kim then unpins one side of the hot pink diaper, slowly lifting it up, ever so gently, then lays it back down quickly as she says, "OH MY, YOU ARE ONE MESSY, YUCKY STINKER, PEEE-EWW ROBBIE, THAT'S NASTY"

                                    Kim then unpins the other side, then slowly draws back the front of the diaper, wiping as much of the mess away as she can, she swats the inside of his thighs and tells him, "Spread Em Baby", as Robbie spreads his legs wide open, Kim continues to wipe the inner thighs of Robbie, between the thigh and the crotch area, she then wipes his bottom and his butt cheeks before she pulls the diaper away from him.  Once she is satisfied that he's as clean as he's going to get without getting in the tub, she takes him by the hand and leads him down the hallway, to the bathroom, past Beth and Cassidy, bare-assed naked, as Beth laughs.

                                     Kim fills the tub, constantly checking the water to make sure it's not too hot, the bubbles from the bubble bath she added hides a lot of the duckies and baby toys that she put in the tub, Kim slowly and carefully helps Robbie into the tub and tells him he can play for a couple of minutes before she starts bathing him.  Robbie, unthinking, starts handling some of the baby toys that are in the tub, Kim sees this and immediately starts playing with Robbie as she shows him which toys do what, talking to him in babytalk, Robbie blushes at the infantile attention Kim is showing him.

                                       As Kim notices Robbies blushing, she smiles at him and tells him, "Robbie Honey, you had best get used to this, this kind of treatment and talk is exactly what a baby goes thru on a daily basis, now let's get you all cleaned up so Auntie Kim can get you all ready for beddie bye".

                                        Kim does a thorough job bathing Robbie, then tells him to stand up as she helps him out of the tub, she then wraps him in a giant, soft, fluffy towel and starts patting him dry, with this done, she takes him by the hand, back down to the guestroom and tells him to hop up on his crib.  Beth, carrying Cassidy, follows Kim and Robbie as she watches Kim talking to Robbie and getting him ready for bed.

Kim.....  Ok Robbie, scoot your lil butt back, just a touch, that a boy, now lift your legs so Auntie Kim can get your nighty diapey on you, goood boy (as Kim brings the xtra-thick night diaper up between Robbies legs, Robbie can feel his legs spread apart, Kim pins one side, then tugging tightly on the other side, pins it securely), there you go baby, now let's get some plastic panties on you so you don't leak all over your new baby mattress and cute little baby sheets Auntie Kim went out and bought you today.  (As Kim shook out the pair of baby print baby pants, she gently grabbed one of Robbies Feet and guided it in thru the hole in the plastic pant, then as she guided the other foot in she motioned for Robbie to lift his butt), Oh what a good boy you are, all snuggled up in your lil night diapey.  (Kim then grabbed an adult size sleeper explaining to Robbie that Cassidy had one exactly like it, slowly, but expertly putting it on Robbie, she then reached down and zipped the sleeper up with the zipper that went from the ankle, up the inside of the thigh and to the neck), There you go baby boy, awww, hims such a precious baby boy, and hims smells so yummy, Auntie Kim just wants to gobble him all up.

                        Beth just smiled as she watched Kim raise the bars on the Robbies crib, then leaned into the crib, kissed Robbie nightie-nite and said..... "Well Robbie, how does it feel to be a little baby, so far, are you having fun, or are you having regrets, oh yea, and Robbie, if you are having regrets, oh well, I guess that's just too bad, it's not like you really have a choice, that formula should keep you in diapers for at least another week and boy - o - boy, do we have lots of lil baby surprizes in store for you.

                           As I lay there in the crib, watching both Kim and Beth laughing and giggling, I wondered, is this what I really wanted and if not, how could I possibly get out of it now, as I pondered these thoughts, I felt my tummy rumble and as if to answer my own question, I felt the oozy, soft, mess start to fill up the seat of my diaper, as it spread over the front and rear of my diaper, it just kept coming out, with no effort on my part, I figured the tightness of the sleeper was what was making it spread so quickly, and then it dawned on me, I was wetting my diaper also. 

                             I looked up at Kim and Beth, then said to Beth, "I'm loving ALMOST, every minute of this and wouldn't quit even if I could, Beth looked at me, wrinkled her nose, as if she knew I already had ANOTHER dirty diaper, then said.....

"That's so good to know honey, I'm starting to get used to having you in diapers and I'm almost positive you're gonna be needing diapers for an indefinite amount of time now", AS SHE HANDED ME ANOTHER BABY BOTTLE OF THE SPECIAL FORMULA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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