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Brent's New Neighbor (Part 1)


True Story


                Brent was a 32 year old attorney who lived and worked in Chicago for one of the most powerful law firms in the country.  Brent had a lot of expectations for what he wanted to get out of life and so he worked really hard and in just seven years he had made partner.  He had a nice apartment, new BMW X5, and when he pulled himself away from work he took his siblings and their spouses on nice vacations either to Nantucket in the summer or Deer Valley to go skiing in the winter.  Brent was from rural Connecticut, and his family all lived comfortable middle class lives. 


                As a young man Brent argued constantly with his father and decided he need to get out as soon as possible.  In High School he was lazy, but really smart, tested well and got great grades.  Brent was accepted to Northwestern University and where he got his undergraduate and then law degree.  Brent had a lot going for him, except that he never really had a relationship that lasted longer than a year or so.  This was generally due to two reasons, first is that Brent worked like crazy and so often times did not make time for a girl in his life.  The second reason is that Brent liked diapers.  He liked to wear them himself and liked the idea of having a parter that also enjoyed diapers.  Brent had yet to meet a women who he felt like he could tell.


                In March of 2012 Brent decided it was time to stop renting and buy a house in the Chicago so he started looking.  He found a beautiful 2,800 square foot old row house in Lincoln Park and got a great deal on it because it desperately needed a total gut rehab.  Brent hired one of the best architects and contractor firms in the city and after about eight months of work the house was finished.  Brent had then build in a secret room behind the fireplace in the master bedroom, that when opened the fireplace opened to both rooms.  He hired an interior decorator and had the house furnished with beautiful furniture from Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and Crate and Barrel.  The only exception was his secret room which he left empty. 


                The morning of October 20 the movers pulled up and started to move Brent into his new house.  By early afternoon the movers had left and Brent was unpacking some boxes when the door bell rang.  Brent went downstairs and opened the front door to a beautiful young woman in tight black running pants and tight orange top with a box at her feet, the top only partially closed.  “Hi, I am Lisa and live in one of the condos in the building across the street, welcome to the neighborhood.  I was just getting back from my run when I noticed your movers had left this box near the end of your driveway and I was afraid you forgot about it.  Just wanted to get it inside before someone grabs it.” 


                Brent was trying to keep his cool, “thanks, that’s nice of you, can I get you a water or anything?”  Brent grabbed her a water from the fridge and invited her in but she wanted to go home and shower after her long run.  “Ok, well how about I take you to dinner to thank you?”  Lisa said she would like that, and she would stop over around 7:30 that night.  Lisa jogged off and Brent reached down and grabbed the box to take it inside, as he looked down he noticed it was one of two boxes he had packed with a combination of his favorite diapers, Abena X-Plus and Bambino Bellissimo.  Strange, he was pretty sure he had sealed the box so the movers would not notice the contents.  He was also a little worried Lisa had seen the contents, but since she agreed to go to dinner with him he assumed she didn’t notice.


                Brent opened the door for Lisa at 7:35 and she looked pretty hot in a pink flannel shirt, sexy black boots, and really cut white top.  Brent let Lisa pick the restaurant since he was new to the neighborhood and they went to a cute little Thai place around the corner.  They talked about their jobs and family.  Lisa was 25 and a nurse at Masonic hospital right around the corner in the neighborhood.  After sitting together for more than three hours, and finishing two bottles of wine they thought they should call it a night.  Brent walked Lisa to the door of her condo building and gave her a long kiss goodnight.  Just as he was about to walk away, Lisa said “Hey Brent, I noticed what was in your box and I just want you to know I think that is cute.  Have a good day at work tomorrow.”


                Brent could not stop thinking about what she said, he hardly slept that night and the next day at work he could’t concentrate on anything.  He desperately wanted to call or text Lisa, but he wanted to play it cool and he still wasn’t sure what she meant.  After work he went home and finished unpacking the last few boxes putting his diapers in one of his dresser draws, and then went for a long bike ride, got home and had a protein shake and then decided to call it a night.  Despite an exhausting 40 mile bike ride, he could’t sleep and kept thinking about what Lisa had said.  He got up around 2AM and put on a bambino and climbed back into bed and was fast asleep.


                The next morning was Friday, and Brent still could’t stop thinking about Lisa.  By 2PM he could take it anymore and decided he had nothing to lose so why not..  He sent her a text, “thinking about you...  Dinner tonight?”  She replied a few minutes later, “have to work until 8PM, but can come over after work, should we order in?”  Brent was pretty excited, he ordered a big salad and pizza from Homemade Pizza.  Lisa came over around 9PM and Brent gave her a tour of the house.  She was amazed at how beautiful it was and told him he loved it.  He decided to show her the secret room, he pushed the button behind his dressed and showed her the room which was still completely empty.  Lisa thought it was pretty awesome.


                They went downstairs and had dinner together and finished a couple of bottles of wine.  Brent was trying to work up the courage to ask Lisa what she had meant the other night when she brought it up.  “So Brent, I have to ask is there anyone else in your life?”  Brent told her he was completely single, had a bunch of friends but that his entire family was back on the east coast.  Lisa then asked, “so I assume the diapers are yours?”


                Brent went completely white and wasn’t really sure what to say, he had never told anyone before and part of him was terrified, the other part excited.  Before he could say anything, “I just thought I should tell you that I know and I think it is really cute, it is kind of thing of mine...  I have always had a fantasies about diapers, either being put in diapers myself or keeping my man in diapers...”


                Brent had never been so turned on before in his life, all he could get out was, “wow, I had always wanted to be able to talk to, share with, someone about this but I was always terrified.  I can’t tell you how hot I think it is you came right out and brought it up.”  Lisa kind of giggled and said, “well you know, it isn’t like I brought it up out of the blue, I did find your giant box full of diapers sitting at the end of your driveway...”  They talked for another hour about each other and shared more in a few hours then Brent had shared with any woman he dated ever before.  They moved onto the couch to put a movie on and Brent turned on the gas fireplace.  Lisa sat in the corner of the couch and Brent sat next to her and leaned in and they started to make out.  They rotated between making out and talking until about 3AM. 


                Lisa said, “Brent I could do this all night, but I have to be at work for a 6AM shift tomorrow.  Can I tuck you into bed, and then maybe tomorrow you can make dinner for me when I get off work?”  Brent led the way up this bedroom and as he headed into the bathroom to brush his teeth Lisa asked, “where are they?”  Brent kind of blushed and pointed to his dresser draw containing all the diapers.  Brent brushed his teeth faster than he ever had before and walked out back into the bedroom in his boxers and tshirt.  Lisa was sitting on the edge of the bed with a bambino on her lap, “come on babe, hop up on the bed”  Brent laid down next to Lisa and she pulled down his boxers, exposing his rock hard penis...  Lisa opened the diaper and asked Brent to lift his butt while she slide it under him.  “Oh baby, I wish I could stay and help with that, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.”  She pulled up the front of his diaper and fastened the tapes nice and tight.


                She gave Brent a deep and long kiss goodnight, had him slide under the covers and let herself out, locking the front door behind her.   




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