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Baby Nick's Summer 2

Aunt Jessica was always the affectionate type and went up and gave Nick a huge hug and a pat on his pulluped butt and said she was so glad he would be staying with them this summer and that they will have a ton of fun! Nick just said thanks and that he just wants to get this stupid punishment over and get back to normal. Jessica just laughed and showed him into the house and helped him put his bags in the spare room. She then led him downstairs where his cousin Ben was in the playpen playing with his toys.

Jessica asked if there was anything fun he wanted to do, she said unfortunately the girls are gone for a few hours so its kind of quiet around here. Nick stated hes fine just watching some tv. Jessica said she was going to do some reading and said Nick can have control of the tv. Well at least I dont have to watch nickelodeon like mom made me do yesterday and switch on mtv and relaxed. After a while Nick's need to use the bathroom intensified, but he tried to put off the embarrassment of messing his diaper. He then had an idea that maybe he could talk Jessica out of his whole baby punishment. He then started up a conversation with Jessica about things he had seen in the news trying to establish adult status with her. Jessica held the conversation with thim and even complimented him on being so well informed. Nick then went back to watching tv, and was convinced he had re-established himself as a young adult and could make a run to the bathroom. While Jessica was immersed in her book Nick got up and walked down the hallway, he then stepped over the baby gate and headed towards the bathroom. Nick grabbed the door handled when suddenly Jessica looked up from her book and said "Whoa, Nicky what are u doing?"

"I just gotta use the restroom real quick, I'll be right back."

"No no no, I know your mom told you the rules, you cannot use the potty while you are on punishment, and she made me promise to stick to her rules."

"Seriously Aunt Jessi, I really gotta go I won't tell her that we didn't stick to the rules, honestly it will be less work for you and make my life much less miserable, it'll just be a minute." With that Nick began to try and open the locked bathroom door. Aunt Jessica then got up from the couch and stepped over the baby gate in the hallway and grabbed Nick's wrist and led him back to the living room.

"Nick, I cannot break my promise to your mom, now just so you know the areas that are guarded by the baby gates are off-limits to you, now just stay in the living room, or I will have to put you in the playpen too!" She then gave him a smile and patted his diapered butt again.

"why does she always have to do that," Nick wondered as this act always seemed to further enforce his babyish status.

Nick then sat on the floor trying to put off the inevitable. He then remembered what his mom said and figured he should try to get this done before Molly and Jenny got back. He asked his aunt when they will be back, she responded that their friends mom should drop them back off in about 45 minutes, then he will have some playmates closer to his age. She then went back to her book while Nick stared blankly at the tv, he knew he didn't want to have messy pants in front of the girls, but couldn't bring himself to delibrately mess himself. After 15 more minutes the pressue became unbearable and Nick knew it was time to take care of his need. He didn't know how to even do this and thought maybe if he left the room itd be less embarassing.

"Jessica, can I get a glass of water my throat is totally dry."

"Yes, Nick I'll let you go over the baby gate for this, but you get your drink and come straight back here, okay?"

"Okay, I promise I wont go anywhere else." Nick then went into the kitchen and proceeded to pour a glass of water. At this point he felt like he was gonna burst, he took a drink of water and decided it was time to do it, a little push was all it took and he had totally filled his pullup. He then began to cry just a little bit. He needed to get his composure he wiped his tears thinking how stupid he will look in a poopy pullup and crying.

"Nick, whats going on in there, you need to get back here"

"Okay, I'm coming Aunt Jessi, sorry I was super thirsty."

Nick then walked back to the living room and didn't know what to do he was too embarrassed to ask for a change. What was he supposed to do walk up to his coolest aunt and tell her he has a messy diaper, he decided to just lay by the tv and hope she didn't notice while he figured out how to confront this situation.

Nick layed there and again felt tears coming up, he tried his best to keep them in although a few streamed down his cheek, luckily Jessica was so immersed in he book she didn't notice. Suddenly Jessica got up and went to Ben's playpen, "C'mon lil stinker we need to get you changed, dont we" She then picked Ben up and retrieved the diaper bag in the corner of the room. She then set down the changing mat and laid Ben down and began to change his diaper. "Just wet? You must be a gassy baby today Benny because the room smells stinky." Jessica then playfully plug ged her nose and teased her baby.

Suddenly it hit her, Jessica hadnt even though Nick would have messy pants, but she knew that had to be the cause of the odor. She got Ben all changed up and put his pants back over his diaper and returned him to the playpen.

Jessica knew she didn't want to embarrass Nick too badly but she also could stand the stench anymore. She walked up behind Nick and pulled back the back of his pullup, "Looks like we have another diaper to change huh?"

Nick couldn't respond he just started to cry uncontrollably, "There there honey, dont worry, it happens I will get you all taken care of." Jessica brought the changing mat, wipes, and his diaper bag that was stocked with the Luvs his mom had bought him a few hours ago. "Come over here and lay down on the pad." Nicks cries were now almost hysterical as we waddled over to the changing mat. Jessica grabbed his hand and helped him lay on the pad, she then pulled a pacifier out of the diaper bag. "You take this until you can stop your crying, I dont want you to get Ben started up crying too." She then pushed the paci in his mouth, Nick resigned himself to his fate and just took the paci and laid down and closed his eyes trying to control his sobs. Jessica then ripped the sides of his pullup and used the diaper to wipe as much of the mess up as she could. Then it what seemed like a lifetime Jessica used 8-10 wipes before finally getting the whole mess cleaned off of Nick's bottom. She then coated him in baby powder before asking him to lift his bottom. Nick knew the only thing to do was comply and lifted up. Once he laid back down he felt the diaper on his bottom and continued to cry, although the pacifier helped to muffle his cries. He then laid back down and was quickly taped into his new diapers by Jessica who then gave him a little kiss on his forehead.

"See that wasn't so bad now was it honey. You keep your binky in for a little bit until you calm down and then we will see if we can get you some big boy clothes over your diapers before the girls are back home."

Nick knew he wanted to get some pants over his diapers more than anything so he sat in front of the tv trying to stop crying. After about 5 minutes Nick relaxed and focused on the tv and he stopped crying and regained his composure. Shortly after this Jessica noticed his mood had settled and went over and took the pacifier out. "Let's get you dressed so you dont have to run around in your diaper, ok hon?"

"Okay, that would be great, sorry about causing a scene, I guess I just got overwhelmed."

"Its okay baby lets see what we can find you to wear." With that Jessica led him to the spare room and pulled out his luggage. She found a pair of khaki shorts and a plain black tshirt, she figured she would give him the most adult thing she could find in his bag so he doesn't have another tantrum. Nick was very happy to be out of the Care Bears shirt he was dressed in this morning and quickly changed shirts and threw the shorts on over his diaper. They then retreated to the living room where Jessica then gave Ben a bottle, she told Nick she wasn't going to make him have a bottle too, as long as he was good she would give him some privileges like this. Nick was happy to hear this and hoped he could keep some adult status while Jessica cut him breaks like this. "Aunt Jessi?"

"Yes Nick?"

"Did you tell the girls about my uhm... diapers?"

"You know what I haven't they know your staying here but do not no about you being a 'baby,' should I tell them? You know they will find out eventually, but if you want I'll let you explain this too them."

"Ok thanks Jessica," Nick now wondered how the hell does he explain to his younger cousins hes back in diapers.

While he was sitting around the living room he couldn't escape the fact that the room smelled really strong of baby powder and diapers. He couldn't figure out if it was him or Ben that smelled like a baby or a little of both of them, he knew there was little he could do about it and just watched tv hoping this summer would fly by.

"Mom were home!" Molly and Jenny both yelled as they came in the door.

"Hey girls, how was class?"

"Boring," said Molly, "Awesome," said Jenny. Jessica just laughed and told them Nick is here now so now they have someone else to bother instead of her all the time.

The girls took there things to their rooms and then came down to the living room.

"Hey Nick, wanna play outside or something?"

"Sure, it beats laying around the house all day." Nick normally considered himself too old to play with his younger cousins, but he needed some fresh air anyways. Jessica had a large tire swing in the back yard and the girls suggested they play on that for a while.

The kids took turns pushing each other on the swing trying to make each other dizzy and send themselves up as high as they could go. Eventually they were all tired out and just sat on the grass for a while, talking and trying to think of fun stuff to do this summer. When the girls inquired why he was staying at their house this summer, Nick quickly lied that his parents will be to busy working and dont trust him to stay home alone all day. The girls bought it and figured it would be fun to have another friend around this summer, especially since he could push so well on the tire swing. Nick finally settled down and had forgotten about his infantile punishment and began to think this summer would be fun.

After a while, Molly was positive she smelled baby powder or a diaper, it smelled like Ben outside. She looked around and couldn't figure it out, but she could tell the smell was coming from Nick.

"Nick have you been hanging out with Ben a lot, you smell like a baby."

"What, I mean I was in the living room with him all day, that might be it."

Now Jenny decided to chime in "Your right it smells just like a baby out here."

Nick had to think of a quick lie, "Well sometimes my mom has me put powder in my shoes so that they dont stink that must be it."

"Oh ok," Molly said, however she wasn't convinced, she could just tell something wasn't right. They continued to talk for a while then Jenny suggested they play on the swing some more. Molly agreed and said she and Jenny should see if they can push Nick as high as he pushed them. "OK" Nick agreed and hopped on the swing. While they were pushing him Molly pushed just below his butt on the swing and could have sworn she saw a diaper. While she began to laugh a little to herself, she couldn't believe it. She then intentionally pushed on his lower back when he came around the next time and lifted his shirt up while she did it. Nick was oblivious to the whole act while Molly began to laugh uncontrollably to the point she could no longer push him on the swing. Jenny then noticed Molly's laughing and asked what was so funny. Molly was unable to even speak and finally after about 30 seconds she responded "Diapers... Nick wears diapers."

"No way," Jenny responded, "Are you serious?"

Nick now noticed they were no longer pushing and tried to see what they were talking about while the swing slowed to a stop.

"Jenny, I swear I saw it he has diapers on, that's where the baby smell must be coming from."

"That is so funny, but I don't believe you."

Nick then got off the swing and asked "What's so funny?"

"Your little diapers are what I am laughing about," Molly responded.

"What are you talking about?"

"I saw them when we were pushing you, your shirt rode up and I saw your diapers twice, trust me they dont make undies that look like that!"

"Whatever you are retarded I'm going inside"

"What to get your diapees changed" Molly quipped. Jenny quietly laughed but didn't really believe he was wearing diapers and furthermore if he was she didn't want to make her older cousin angry at her.

"No, I'm done playing with you idiots I can only deal with immature punks like you for so long."

"Okay, baby is fussy, maybe my mom can give you a baba so you settle down." Molly was really having fun at his expense at this point.

"Shut the F*** up, and leave me alone," Nick then stormed towards the house.

"Nicky the diaper baby, Nicky the diaper baby, wears his pampers all day!" Molly sung. At this point Nick turned around and charged at her, he tackled her and pinned her down. Nick knew not to hit girls so he pinned her down and just pushed grass in her face to shut her up. All the sudden Nick felt himself being lifted under his armpits and pulled off of his cousin.

"Both of you knock it off now!" Aunt Jessica screamed as she pulled them apart. They were led into the house where Jessica told them they are in for punishments.

"Mom I didn't do anything he just charged at me because he we quit pushing him on the swing."

"Dammit, Molly do not lie to me I saw and heard you teasing him, yes he is in diapers because he is being punsihed and if you dont watch it you will be too!" Jenny was shocked to hear this, her older cousin who used to tease her was back in diapers, this was too much for her to wrap her mind around. All she knew is this was going to be a fun summer!

"And Nick, you know I have no tolerance for violence."

"But Aunt Jessi she was.."

"No buts, I dont care what the hell she says to you, you do not attack my child like that. For your little outburst you've earned some playpen time."

"What? Seriously it wont happen again."

"Your damn right it wont now come with me." Jessica then led him by the hand to the playpen and had him sit down just outside of the structure. She then untied his shoes and removed them, then to his shock she pulled his pants down.

"What are you doing?" Nick wailed.

"We all know your wearing them, since you had a babyish outburst you can look like a baby for a while." The cool aunt who Nick knew was no where to be seen as she quickly lifted him up and deposited him in the pen. She then retrieved his pacifier and told him to keep it in his mouth and take a nap. Nick didn't know what to do, he pulled the baby blanket the was in the playpen over him to cover up his diaper and laid his head down and began to cry again.

This was too much for Molly, she was laughing heartily watching her cousin getting punished. Jennifer on the other hand knew her mom was mad and quickly retreated outside to avoid her wrath.

"And you young lady are not off the hook either," Jessica barked at Molly. "You know better than to tease and be a little smartmouth."

"Sorry mom"

"Saying sorry isnt gonna get you off the hook this time, you want to call your cousin a baby, well maybe you need to see what being a baby is all about too."

"No please mom I promise I won't do it again."

"I hope not, but for now your gonna have a little time out just wait here."

Jessica returned to the room a few minutes later and grabbed Molly's hand "Come on hun, its time for your punishment." She then led her to the high chair in the kitchen and lifted the tray. "Get in there this is where you will serve your sentence."

"No way, mom I dont want to do that."

"Either you get up here or you will end up in diapers in a playpen too, don't think I wont do it."

Molly could tell she was serious and sat in the chair while her mom lowered the tray and locked it into position. Jessica then retrieved a bottle from the fridge and set it on the tray. "Now I will let you out in 20 minutes or unless you havent finished your bottle. You will stay there until it is all gone."

Molly sadly took the bottle and stared at it for a few minutes before begrudingly taking it to her lips and beginning to nurse the bottle. "Good girl, I'll be back in twenty minutes."

Nick looked at his cousin in the high chair and felt a little better seeing her being embarassed. Molly noticed his smile and quickly flashed him a middle finger. Nick thought about telling, but he was exhausted and just closed his eyes and dozed off. This was gonna be a long summer, and Nick just wanted to sleep as much of it away as he could for now.

(to be continued)


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