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Sara the diapered teacher part 10

This is a work of fiction If you enjoyed this story please send an email to
    Several hours passed it there was only an hour left before Sara would be dismissing the class, if her mommy would allow her that is. Jen still sat at her desk in front of everyone watching them write. Nothing much had changed in the hours the girls were writing except a few diaper changes.
    Jen unsatisfied with the girls lack of use of their diapers, cleared her throat to get her students attention and flipped her hair grinning. Jen instantly saw results, every girl in the classroom including Sara felt themselves lose bladder control and wet themselves. Sara blushed because she had been instructed to stand in front of the class while they wrote because Jen said "It would be easier for the students to see what a big baby you are if you model for them". All of the girls got to see their teacher flood her diaper at her student's mercy.
    Meanwhile Samantha while writing had orgasmed two more times and desperately needed a diaper change, and Chelsea was shivering from being naked and wet her only comfort was a pacifier. Jen finally allowed Samantha a fresh diaper and removed the vibrator because Samantha was sobbing and moaning after her sixth unwilling climax. Chelsea meanwhile was merely cleaned up and sat back down naked. with just a pacifier.
    "Times up girls, hand in your papers." Jen said commanding her students. One by one the girls walked up to Jen and handed in their papers, diapers rustling with every step. "Nurse bottles," Jen said. right after the request was made the nurse obliged and began handing out bottles to every student.
    While the students drank their bottles Jen handed her former teacher the first essay to read. Sara essay in hand noticed it was Chelsea's. "Why Our Teacher Wears Diapers" Sara read aloud blushing bright red. "I wears diapers because I is clearly  at best am just a toddler who cant control her bladder let alone teach." Sara read and continued for the next three students for continious but true comments about her. Sara reached her fourth essay and began reading about how Jen was controlling them all and shouldn't have that power. The student was quickly identified as Samantha. Samantha was immediately escorted to the front of the classroom. Her diaper was put around her ankles and she was bent over the desk by Jen. Jen began spanking her as Samantha cried and wet herself. Soon she had tears streaming down her face and standing was standing in a puddle. Samantha was returned to her desk and was instructed to leave her diaper around her ankles. Samantha in pain and nothing protecting her from having an accident all over herself, she now empathized with Chelsea who was in a similiar situation.
    Just after Samantha sat down the bell rang and the students were dismissed. "I'll see you all tomorrow be sure to pick up some spare diapers from the nurses on your way out or you will be punished." Jen said plainly. "I could get used to this," Jen said to herself smiling.
    The End

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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