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Diapered with the Teacher


Author's note: This is the first-person account of my diapering in the presence of my teacher. Names have been changed for the sake of privacy. Retelling of a true story, so alot of detail, but it gets good at the end. Hope you enjoy!


                I was 16 years old and in high school when one of the most awkward and yet one of the most exciting experiences of my life occurred. I had always been curious about diapers, and even though I was potty-trained and whatnot at a regular pace, (I stopped wearing pullups during the day around age 4, and stopped bedwetting around 6) I was always touchy about them. I guess I just didn't want to let anything on. The farthest I had ever gotten to engaging my curiosity was when I "reluctantly" put on a diaper to cover myself when my pants needed to be washed from playing outside at our family friend's house when my parents were away. They kept it a secret, but their daughter, a toddler at just a few years my junior had some fun laughing at the "baby". Even this early incident was thanks merely to the suggestion of the parents, so I didn't consider it any kind of diaper play.


Anyway, on to the story


                                It was the end of a late fall school day at around 2 pm, and regardless of all of the free periods we got that day it still seemed to be dragging on, so I was happy to have my final class; Gym. The gym teacher at my high school was an attractive, sporty young woman named Ms. Bryanna. Being a lady, she never told us her age, but my guess was around 25, certainly nowhere over. She was always smiling and brimming with content in her job, and people around her could easily pick up on the preppy energy and enthusiasm she projected. She always wore athletic clothes, even on casual days, things like Nike, Adidas, and Puma tracksuits or just those tight women's t-shirts they all make and a pair of hip-hugger short-shorts. The latter was what she was wearing the day this story takes place. How good she looked between that, her pale, girlish face and demeanor, big brown eyes and long brown hair down to her toned butt, I can see why nobody complained about the  clothes.


                We were playing some indoor soccer that day, with her on the gym sidelines, and we all had some fun with it until she told us class was ending and we could change back out of our gym clothes. As I walked back to the locker room, she stopped me,


"Tyler!" (Yes that's what I'll call myself for this)"Can you drag that net back to the closet?!"


                "Yeah, no problem!" I shouted back across the gym. I jogged over to the end of the room and picked up the miniature net, I then lifted it up off the ground and hauled it into the closet, Ms. Bryanna letting off a "Thanks" as I walked by. When I stepped into the supply closet, I looked around for a spot to set down the net, and found one next to the large metal cabinet in the corner. For some reason or another, I noticed a tennis ball had rolled behind that same cabinet, and for sake of what I'm assuming was a sudden onset  case of OCD, I decided to retrieve it. I laid down with one leg in front of the big metal monolith, and the other off to the side, kind of a sitting yoga pose. Anyway, I found myself in this awkward stance clawing at the ball wedged up against the wall, and as I was doing so I heard the bell ring loudly behind me, followed by a stampede of kids on their way out the door. I gave the cabinet a shove so I could finally get the damn thing  unstuck, and immediately heard a metal creak followed by a *SLAM*


                The cabinet fell straight on my leg, and make no mistake, it was the worst pain I've felt in my entire life. I sat on the floor screaming and howling like I never had before, that is, until Ms. Bryanna came running.


                "Oh my God!!! What happened?! Are you okay?! Oh God!"


                "I don't...Know! Agh!" I couldn't say anything remotely coherent. Ms. Bryanna rushed off to get the nurse from down the hall. And even in my excruciating pain I still managed to catch a glance at her jogging away in her ass-length shorts. It wasn't long before she got help. Her and the nurse and another teacher lifted the cabinet off my leg, which alleviated the pain a little. As the nurse was looking at my leg Ms. Bryanna sat there on the phone with 911. She got paramedics on the scene in about 10 minutes, but spent those 10 minutes trying to call each of my parents, neither of whom answered, but they were probably in a meeting or busy with some other work, I thought.


                I couldn't just be dragged off to the hospital alone now, though, so when the medics asked who my guardian was Ms. Bryanna had to step forward and insist that she, as a teacher, would have to do, and the paramedics eventually caved. I don't remember much of the ambulance ride to the hospital, as my immediate reaction to the pain medicine I was administered was vomiting (I am very much a lightweight, being slim for my height and never having to take any kind of meds before, keep that in mind.) But once I got to the hospital, I had a path cleared for me so I could get wheeled in to the emergency room, foam leg casing and all.


                Once I got myself a stall, surrounded by curtains, rather than walls, nurses immediately came to attend to me, with Ms. Bryanna offering a "You gonna be OK?" as they asked her to wait outside the curtain, and I responded with a smile and "I'll be fine." The nurses proceded to ask me a series of questions "what exactly happened, do you have any allergies, did anything else get hurt etc." this somewhat distracted me while they poked at my leg, which I otherwise would have protested. After three of the four of them left, the last remaining nurse asked me if I needed anything else. I told her no, but as she turned I felt the urge to pee...badly.


                "Oh wait yeah! Stop! I need a bedpan...or...or...or something!" I shouted, but quickly hushed myself when I remembered Ms. Bryanna was outside. The nurse hurriedly reached for a metal bedpan from a tray at my side, and pulled down my pants gently so as not to disturb my leg. It didn't help that she was another twentysomething brunette, probably a nursing intern. I let go just as the slid the bedpan under me, I had to, for some reason the control just wasn't there. I sprayed on the sheets a little bit before I emptied into the pan, which took the nurse slightly aback. As I finished, the nurse said to me "Okay, it's alright, it's alright. Are you done?" I welcomed the reassurance that it was a hospital and this was normal, but I went on and just said I was done, but I wasn't. I continued to let out just a little more as the nurse removed the pan. "Oh no! I thought you were empt...can you control it?"


                "No, I, for some reason I can't..."


                "Then why would? Wait a minute..." She picked up my chart and answered her own question. "Oh wait, you got a dose a of pain meds in the ambulance already didn't you?"


                "Yeah, and?" I asked her.


                "I've seen some people have some...adverse side effects, and you might well have gotten too much considering how skinny you are."


                "So does this mean I won't be able to control my bladder?"


                "You tell me." The nurse shot back "But listen, we've had some pretty severe cases coming in for the past hour, so I can't promise that someone'll be here to put a bedpan under you as soon as you have to go. And you can't get any more on the bed since we can't be moving you to change the sheets. I'll have to get a catheter."


                "Well hey! Wait! I-I-I...there's no less...invasive? Option?"


                The nurse sighed, and realizing that she should now probably speak a bit quieter said "One..." as she lifted up a diaper from the tray next to the bed. I looked at it and thought for a second.


                "O-okay, I-it's less disconcerting than the catheter, and, I can keep my pants on over it so, *sigh* less embarrassing than having an accident with no bedpan around, I'll take that, I guess."


                "Alright then." The nurse said as she came up to me and pulled my pants back down. She went further and further, slowly down my thighs, and tried to get the white diaper under me, white with a blue wetness indicator one the front, but couldn't since my pants would go down no further because of the brace my leg was in. We both noticed, and the nurse was forced to take a pair of scissors and cut down the legs of my pants to remove them. She was now able to get a diaper fully under me and fasten the tapes. "Sorry." She said as she pulled back the curtain which was granting me privacy and walked away to respond to a call.


                And there I was, sitting in a hospital bed in just a diaper and my t-shirt, which covered little below my waist. Before I could think to pull up the sheets to cover myself, Ms. Bryanna walked in


                "Hey I saw the nurse leave so I figured it was okay to come back i...oh." was her entrance statement. She really must have been surprised by the sight of me, I mean, I knew that she had taken and taught a bunch of first aid and healthcare classes, but still, I was one of her students sitting in front of her wearing a diaper.


                "Can you just not get up orrr...?"


                "Pretty much." I answered her with a sigh. We were both silent for a few minutes before she looked at me and noticed that the front of my diaper was sagging and the wetness bar was gone. She must have sensed that I was in need of some sympathy, so she smiled and joked "Hey can I change you to practice for when I have kids?". A funny choice of words, I thought, but I enjoyed having the silence broken. After a few minutes and some light conversation between myself and Ms. Bryanna, another nurse walked past and asked me "The bed's okay after that last accident, right?" This drew quite a bit of attention, and it was now that I really started to blush.


                Ms. Bryanna, now fully aware of my predicament, tried to grant me some respite by closing the curtain, only to be stopped by a nurse who told her it had to remain open, in the event of an emergency. We looked at each other with the same expression, and Ms. Bryanna thought for a moment about what to do next. She told me "I'll be right back, I gotta go to the bathroom." and then proceeded to get up and leave before I could say anything else. All I could see from my bed was that she went to talk to a nurse, who, I presumed, led her to the bathroom. I waited, and waited for her, and when she got back and sat down I told her, "Geez that bathroom trip took you long enough."


                "I never said I did my business yet." Ms. Bryanna told me as she pulled down the front of her revealing Nike shorts to show a hospital diaper. She paused for a moment, looking first down at the diaper, then up at me, and said "Okay, NOW I'm done going to the bathroom." We both looked at eachother as she said. "I think we'll both be set for a while now."

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