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Timmy's Diaper Punishment

                Timmy was a normal 11 year old boy, only weighed about 90 lbs with brown hair and green eyes.  Timmy had a fetish that he really didn’t understand; all he knew was he wanted to wear diapers whenever he wanted to.  His mother found his stash of used diapers on several occasions and just scolded him; even threatening to baby him again.  Things had calmed down, he had sort of mastered his hiding technique and things were going good.  Lately on the weekends when he was home alone, not only was he wearing diapers around the house, he had stumbled upon some of his old bottles in the kitchen cabinet and would periodically using them.  He would fill one with either milk or tea and while he was enjoying wearing his diapers he would drink from the bottles.  Now he had gotten good at making sure that he washed the bottles out and put them back as to not rise suspicion, one time he had fell asleep with the bottle still in his mouth when his parents come home but he was able to hide not only the bottle but that he had on a very wet diaper.  He had to wear the diaper til the opportunity came for him to take it off, as for the bottle; he had to wait til later that night when his parents were asleep so he could get it washed and put back.  The next weekend everything went without a hitch, he got the bottle put up and the diaper disposed of before his parents got home.  After getting home his parents put up what they had bought and his mom got on the computer while his dad watch games on TV.  His mother came in and said that she forgot something that she was going to WalMart to get what she needed. 

                Timmy was watching TV in his room when his mother returned for WalMart.  He could hear her talking to his dad when she called for him to come to their bedroom.  When he got to their room he noticed the WalMart bag behind the recliner chair looked like they had packs of diapers but he wasn’t sure.  His mother then explained that she had been noticing that one of his old bottles kept moving in the cabinet but she shrugged it off thinking she may have moved it to get it out of her way.  Then she said she had started to see what looked like water drops on the inside.  She didn’t understand why it would be wet because she hadn’t washed it in years, then the grabbed it and one of the others and noticed that it was cleaner than the others.  She then tells him that this morning before they left she set the computer’s webcam to record until they got back.  She reviewed the footage to find him not only drinking from the bottle but walking around in only a T-Shirt and a diaper.  Timmy’s heart just sank, he was caught with no way of denying it.  His mother explained that his punishment was not going to be good for him.  She then dumped the contents of the bags on the bed:  2 pacifiers, 2 48 ct boxes of Pampers size 6, 2 bibs and a diaper bag.  His punishment was to spend the rest of the summer (2 months) like he evidently wanted to be treated, like a “BABY”.  He was going to wear and use diapers like a baby, suck on a pacifier like a baby, be fed like a baby and drink from a bottle like a baby.  Also, since he liked so much of walking around without pants that he would not be allowed to wear pants except to Church where he will spend the time in the nursery with all the other babies.  When they go to the store he was to sit in the baby seat or be pushed in a stroller, whichever way he chose he still was not going have any pants on.

                About a month in to the punishment Timmy’s birthday came up, it was a swim party.  Timmy asked if he could go that day without wearing diapers.  His mother told him that he didn’t have to wear the baby diapers that day but all the rest was still going to be done.  The day before his party his mother came in and handed him something wrapped up.  She told him that she promised he didn’t have to wear baby diapers tomorrow, so she went and bought him his swim wear for his party.  Timmy opened it excitedly to find what his mother had wrapped up was XL Swim Diapers.  Timmy protested that she told him he didn’t have to wear diapers to his party, she replied that she said he didn’t have to wear baby diapers, because they will fall apart in the pool so he is going to wear swim diapers.  Timmy said he wasn’t going to where them, but his mother told him that if he didn’t wear the swim diapers that he would wear the Pampers instead for all his friends to see him in a baby diaper.  Timmy reluctantly agreed to wear the swim diaper.

                The day of his party his mother came in to wake him and changed his diaper to the swim diaper.  She told him that when he was done swimming and come in to take a shower that he would have to go back to the Pampers so he needed to make it last as long as he could.  Timmy still trying to find a way to not have his friends see him in a diaper, decided that maybe he could either already be in the pool before everyone got there of he could just sit around with a towel wrapped around him so no one would notice, he decided that he would go to the pool first.  Timmy had already gotten in the pool when the guests started to arrive.  So far no one had even noticed he was wearing the diaper, when it came time for them to eat cake and ice cream.  Timmy decided he was going to be last out of the pool, as he waited for everyone to get out and have their backs turned to him he hurried out and grabbed his towel and quickly wrapped it around his waist.  Timmy was sitting at the table waiting to blow out the candles when one of his friends next to him asked what kind of swimsuit was that he had on, that’s when he noticed the towel had come undone and the side of the diaper was exposed.  He quickly wrapped it back around him and said it was just a normal swimsuit.  His friend didn’t except that response and kept bugging Timmy about it, saying it looked like a pull-up, Timmy denied and tried to focus on getting ready to blow out the candles.  All of a sudden his friend got up and wrapped his arms around him and drug him off the bench leaving his towel there and now his diaper fully exposed.  A few of his friends hollered out “Timmy is wearing a diaper!”; they made fun of him until he started to cry and ran inside with his friends saying “Aaww, is baby Timmy ok?” “Does baby need his diaper changed?”  There was only 3 of his friends making fun of since the rest on the guests were family.  While Timmy hid in the bathroom his mother knocked on the door and asked what was wrong, he told her what had happened, she told him that he never should have been wearing diapers and drinking from a bottle and he wouldn’t have to deal with this.  His mother asked if he was done swimming, and he told her he was.  She told him to get a shower and she would be back in after he was done.  After his shower his mom came in with a fresh diaper and she also gave him one of his older sister’s long Bart Simpson shirts because she felt a little sorry for him.

                After getting the diaper on and the t-shirt, they walked out of the bathroom just as the moms were coming to pick up their kids.  One of the mothers of the kids that made fun of him had stayed to help with the party and when the other’s moms came to pick them up, she explained to them what they had done.  All three of them came up to Timmy and his mom to apologize.  Timmy’s mom explained that he was being punished for his actions a month earlier.  When she said that, it was like a light bulb went off in their heads.  All three of the mothers asked if she had any extra diapers she could spare, luckily for them she had just bought a new pack of diapers.  One by one Timmy’s friends were taken in to the bathroom and came out wearing only their shirt and the diaper.  Two of the moms apologized again and left while the other mom who initially stayed to help with the party stayed to help clean up and told her daughter that she was going to have to go around like I had to, wearing only a shirt and diaper.  With that both Timmy’s mom and her mom went outside to start cleaning up.  Mindy came up and apologized to Timmy for making fun of him; he accepted and they went back outside together since there were still family and other friends there, plus he still had to open his presents.

                A couple of weeks later, with only one more week left before school started back, Timmy’s mom decided that he needed to start back using the bathroom like a big kid.  Timmy and his mom went to Wal-Mart to get him some Pull-Up Training pants, since he had gotten use to using the diapers he had to be re-potty trained.  While in the baby dept. looking at the packages of Pull-Ups, they ran across Eric and his mom; Eric being the one that snatched the towel off Timmy at this party and made fun of him worse than anyone.  Eric was being pushed around in the buggy and he had no pants on, he was just wearing a t-shirt and a diaper.  While the moms were catching up Timmy was looking at Eric sitting in the buggy with his head down and pouting, when something caught his eye.  As he was trying to figure it out, Eric’s mom noticed and spoke up, “I see you’ve noticed his Princess diapers!”  With that Eric started to cry, as his mom explained that after the party that day, she was so mad at him that they came here to get him some diapers to wear as punishment.  As they were checking out Eric was so rude to the cashier when she poked a little fun at him for needing diapers he told her to “Shut Up” and proceeded to call her a “Witch”.  Eric mom had to apologize to the cashier and asked her to watch him for few minutes, that she needed to go swap out something.  She took the diapers she had just purchased and went back to the baby dept. to swap them out for the girly Princess design diapers to teach him a lesson.  She not only swap out that package but she grabbed two more and returned to the checkout so she could pay for the other two.  Eric’s mom said that he was going to wear every one of them until they were all gone, even if that meant wearing them to school, he still had 1 ½ packages left.

                The moms said their goodbyes and Eric’s mom kissed Timmy on his forehead and apologized again for what Eric had done, but not worry, he was going to learn his lesson real good this time because from now on when he gets into trouble, diapers will be his punishment.  As Timmy and his mom finished their shopping his mom leaned in and told him that she hoped he had learned his lesson and that he needed to focus really hard on his potty training this week, otherwise he may have to wear the pull-ups to school until he was potty trained.  He said he would try really hard, but it bother him that he may have to wear them to school because he knew Eric would be wearing diapers and would have to be re-potty trained too.  As for Mindy, she only had to go one week wearing diapers, the other boy had been so rude and hateful towards his mom that he had to wear diapers for one whole year.  Timmy and Mindy grew closer together through all of this that after they started High School, they got together and stayed together forever.  Eric had also joined their group in Middle School and the three of them were known throughout High School as “The Three Musketeers!”  If only anyone knew why they were such close friends, they would probably be known as “The Three Diaperteers!”


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