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The Diapered Twins Part 5

This is a work of fiction. If you would like to see more parts please send an email to [email protected]

Daisy opened the door and was greeted to the sight of five other girls waiting on the other side. These happened to be five of Rose and Sara’s friends. All of them had bags full of clothes and they were prepared to spend the summer with the twins at their mansion.

The first was a beautiful Italian girl from Venice; she had C cup breasts, beautiful black hair and delicate curves. She could speak both English and Italian fluently

The second was a beautiful Berlin born German girl who had enormous E cup breasts and long brown hair; her curves were just as strong as she was and she spoke English and German quite well.

The third was a beautiful petite, blonde French girl from Paris. She had C cup breasts and a cute ass. She could speak both English and her native tongue of French quite well.

The fourth was a gorgeous black haired Spanish woman who spoke both English and Spanish very fluently. She had large D cup breasts and gorgeous curves.

The fifth was a stunning red head from Manchester England she had a beautiful face and body with D cup breasts.

“Greeting ladies,” Daisy said politely as she was wearing her French maid’s uniform. “I’m Daisy. I’m the maid here for Rose and Sara and I trust that you all are comfortable here?”

“Yes we are,” the English red head girl said. She was a bit scared being away from her mother for the entire summer but was even more scared of Daisy finding out her secret. “We’re very happy to be here.”

“How wonderful, I’ll just go take your bags up to the guest room while you make yourselves right at home.” Daisy said to the girls and she went to go get their bags but before she could something spilled on the floor.

“Um excuse me miss,” The Spanish girl said, “I don’t mean to be rude but aren’t you going to clean that up?”

“Oh yes of course,” Daisy said sheepishly as she got on her hands and knees to clean up the spill. She didn’t notice until it was too late that she was flashing her diapers to all the girls in the room. After cleaning the spill Daisy stood up and she was a little worried about what the girls saw. “Um please don’t make fun of me for wearing diapers. I have a bladder problem.”

“Why would we want to do that?” The German girl said, “We’re not rude or cruel if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Didn’t our friends tell you anything about us?” The Italian girl asked.

“They didn’t say much but they did say you were polite.” Daisy said as her bladder problem made itself known and without realizing it she peed in her diapers, “So would you please introduce yourselves?”

“Sure I’m Ciera and I’m a 3rd Generation Italian chef from Venice Italy. I’m a bedwetter and I wear Italian Flag diapers at night. My trigger for wetting myself during the day is laughter. I can’t help but empty my bladder when I laugh,” Ciera the Italian girl said removing her skirt and leaving her in a green shirt and a pair of Italian Flag diapers which had the whole Italian flag covering them.

“I’m Gina and I’m a tomboy mechanic from Berlin, Germany. I love to work on cars and get dirty. When I have orgasms I wet myself and at night I’m an extremely heavy wetter which is why I have to wear plastic pants with my diapers whenever I’m sleeping,” Gina the German girl said removing her dress leaving her naked save for her German Flag diapers. Gina was turned on at being in just her diapers which caused her to pee herself. Ciera giggled at the pattern on them since they made it look like Gina was always wet which caused her to pee herself.

“I’m Belle and I’m from Paris, France. I love fashion and drinking breast milk. I’ve been breast fed since I was a little girl and when I get excited I can’t help but wet myself,” Belle said stripping off her skirt leaving her in a blue t shirt and her French Flag diapers which had the entire flag covering them. Belle was so excited to see her friend, Gina in just her diapers that she peed herself till her bladder was empty.

“My name is Victoria and I’m from Madrid Spain. I like bottles and I’m a part time babysitter for children. Whenever I get nervous I can’t help but empty my entire bladder into my diaper,” Victoria said removing her dress till she was wearing nothing but her Spanish Flag Diapers. She was nervous at being around a stranger in just her diapers and the nervous feeling caused her to pee till her bladder was completely empty.

“My name is Karen and I’m from London England, I’m completely bladder incontinent and so are all the women in my entire family. My Aunt Sarah is from Dublin, Ireland while my Aunt Eloise is from Edinburgh, Scotland. My mother Katey is also from London and they’re all Incontentnt. Whenever I get scared I can’t help but wet myself completely.” Karen said as she stripped down to just her diapers and as she did she wet her diapers till she was completely soaked.

Daisy could see that all the girls before her had the same problem as she, Rose and Sara did yet they didn’t try to hide it at all.

“I can see that all of you are bedwetters and wear diapers. That makes it easier for me to do this,” Daisy said taking off her uniform till she was naked except for her Yellow Diaper. “I didn’t want to tell you this but like Karen I’m completely bladder incontinent and I’m an extremely heavy wetter so I have to wear plastic pants to bed every night.”

“Well looks like everyone is getting comfortable,” Rose said as she and Sara walked down the stairs in just their diapers, “Glad to see everyone we invited for our visit is here.”

“You mean to say that the two of you planned this?” Daisy asked.

“Of course we did. We were holding a party but we didn’t tell you that it was a diaper only party,” Sara said as Rose and Sara’s boyfriends already left the mansion through the back door as Ciera and Belle removed their T Shirts leaving them in their diapers like the other girls. “Now lets all have some fun.”

The girls all cheered to that idea as they spent the rest of the day doing party activities and playing twister, truth or dare and even enjoyed some of the food that the twins were so kind to cook.  

Later that night the girls went to bed wearing nothing but fresh dry overnight diapers. The twins were sleeping together in Rose’s room. Rose and Sara had their rooms next to each other and their parents built a connecting door between the wall separating the two rooms so the twins could pop into each other’s rooms without disturbing anybody. Rose currently had her hand down Sara’s diaper as she fingered her sister’s crotch while she rubbed her sister’s large breasts. Sara was rubbing Rose’s large breasts with one hand and she had her hand down Rose’s diaper fingering her crotch with the other as the two of them made each other cum over and over.

Meanwhile, in another room in the mansion, Gina and Belle got ready for bed and for their nightly routine of adult breastfeeding, something they had kept a secret for now anyway.

Gina was Belle’s mommy and they had been mommy and baby for the last year after they had talked extensively online.

After the two girls had diapered each other, after all, mommies sometimes have to wear diapers, Belle began suckling on Gina’s nipples, drinking her milk and bringing her to several orgasms which soaked her diapers since she was a heavy squirter.  After she was done nursing from both breasts, her mommy slipped her hand inside her baby's diaper and fingered her to an enormous climax and was also rewarded with having her hand peed on.  She loved it and they fell soundly to sleep in a fond embrace that signified the closeness of their relationship.

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