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The Diapered Twins Part 6

This is a work of fiction. If you would like to see more parts please send an email to

Early next morning the girls were all still asleep and were all wearing soaking wet diapers. Gina had put on her plastic pants as she was the heaviest wetter and she had peed so much she literally peed right through her diapers from the pleasure she felt from Belle Sucking on her E cup breasts. She slipped her hand underneath the diapers and found her soaking clit and rubbed herself furiously until she had a couple of orgasms.  After cumming twice, her bladder was again full so she just wet herself again and her moans from her overstimulated clit and her wetting woke up Belle who wasted no time latching onto a breast for her morning milk.

Belle had also wet quite heavily and followed Gina in her pursuit of a much needed climax so she masturbated as well, cumming and flooding her diaper again.

After both girls came down from their orgasmic high, they found that they had wet so much that even the bed was soaked and they loved their naughtiness but were afraid the maid might punish them for wetting the bed.

“Oh dear I think we’re screwed,” Gina said looking at the bed, “And these were the last of the diapers we brought with us.”

“Don’t worry about it Gina,” Belle said hugging her, “Rose and Sara will have more diapers waiting for us. Now in the meantime lets go into the bathroom and have some more fun in the tub.”

Gina liked that idea as both girls stripped naked and walked right into the tub of the bathroom. Rose and Sara had even made sure there was more than one bathroom and this one had a tub big enough for two people to share it.

While Gina and Belle were in the tub Karen was talking with her mother, Katey, and her aunts, Sarah and Eloise via web chat. Karen was in just her United Kingdom Flag diapers which were completely soaked from last night’s wetting and even now she was peeing them due to the three bottles of water she just drank. Sarah Katey and Eloise all had firm and natural D cup breasts and they were wearing nightgowns since it was still early morning.

They talked about how each was doing and was going on with all of them and Katey was happy to hear that her daughter had found some likeminded diaper friends who also shared the same problem of bladder incontinence at night.

Since it was a video chat, Karen could see that all three women were wetting their diapers and seeing this made Karen miss the closeness they all had during the school year.

Karen, with a tear in her eye said to her mom "I miss the special times we used to share and long for those sorts of moments again."

Katey was a bit surprised by this revelation and though Sarah and Eloise were pretty open, Katey wasn't sure how they'd take the fact that Katey had nursed Sarah until she had Karen.

“So do I Karen,” Katey admitted, “Which is why your aunts and I are paying a visit later today.”

“Wait you are really?” Karen asked, “But how?”

“The parents all decided that while Rose, Sara, and Daisy are responsible they’ll be a bit more comfortable with a few adults helping out so we said we’d go.” Sarah smiled, “So we’re going to pay a visit and help out.”

“And when the time comes we’ll also tell them about our family’s secret,” Eloise said, “But first we all need to get changed. We’ll see you later.”

Karen was so happy to have her mom and aunts over for the summer but she was scared about how her new friends would react to seeing her mom and aunts in diapers. She was so scared that she actually peed herself till her diaper was soaked and cold.

Over with Gina and Belle, the two girls were soaking in the bathtub while they were kissing and making out. The water in the bathtub was now mixed with the two girls pee and cum but that only turned Gina on and got Belle even more exited as they continued getting each other off.

After Gina and Belle finished getting each other off in the tub and took their shower, they returned to their bedroom to find Daisy standing by the bed and with all the sheets stripped off. Daisy was wearing nothing but her yellow diapers which were completely soaked with her pee. . 

“So this is how you two make out huh?” Daisy asked, “By getting so filled with lust that you pee all over the bed like babies?”

Gina and Belle, heads down and feeling ashamed of their activity, walked meekly over to where daisy was standing.

“We’re sorry Daisy but its our ticks,” Belle said, “I wet myself when I get exicted.”

“And I wet myself when I have orgasams,” Gina reminded, “I was even wearing my plastic pants last night.”

“True and I can understand that,” Daisy said before turning serious, “However you must still be punished for giving me extra work.”

Daisy then led Gina and Belle to a room in the Mansion that was esentally a Spa/Bathroom.

“This room is where Rose Sara and I come when something like this happens,” Daisy said before making the still naked girls bend over. She then locked them in braces by their hands and feet making sure that their legs were spread open. “Now its time for your punishment.”

“What are you doing?” Gina asked before Daisy began spanking her and Belle.

“Spanking you for peeing all over the bed.” Daisy said continuing to spank Gina and Belle. Gina was turned on so much that she continued peeing and Belle was so excited that she let her pee drip from her legs and on to the floor.

After Belle and Gina were severely spanked, Daisy put them in punishment diapers but didn't let the girls know how they were different from the regular diapers they wore.

Since Gina got turned on about being spanked, Daisy decided that, although it may be corrective to a degree, it didn't quite drive the point home that she shouldn't intentionally wet the bed.  Daisy felt that Gina should have asked to have her diaper changed when she first discovered that she had wet through to the rubber pants but she didn't, so Daisy's punishment, like Gina's accident on purpose, was going to be a bit humiliating for the girl. They were going to go out and run an errand.

“Come on girls,” Daisy said, “Time to get changed, We’re going out today and we’re bringing Rose and Sara with us.”

Gina and Belle followed Daisy to the closet where she handed them short frilly dresses that reminded each girl of their homeland.

As soon as Gina and Belle put them on they began to adjust till their diapers could be seen as soon as each girl bent over.

“I feel so out of my element right now.” Gina said looking at herself in a mirror.

“At least the dresses are cute,” Belle smiled loving her dress.

“Now all we need to do is get out of the house quickly,” Daisy said, “And run that little errand before they get up.”

“Which reminds me what are we doing?” Belle asked.

“We’re going to get some supplies for Rose and Sara to surprise some guests,” Daisy said ushering the two girls out of the house.

Since Daisy didn't want her car seats to get wet, she put rubber pants on Belle and Gina was already wearing a pair. Belle was very thrilled that the plastic pants

Before the 5 of them went to the store, Daisy stopped at a drive through and got sodas for every one since they were all thirsty.

Daisy didn't want them bringing empty cups into the store so everyone had to finish their drinks before they got to the store.

She ordered extra-large drinks for Gina and Belle and they both knew that they would be flooding their diapers.  Daisy didn't tell them that the diapers were cursed and wouldn't hold any liquid at all.  Even with rubber pants on, with as much as Gina peed, she'd be leaking all over the floor soon and she'd look ridiculous wearing what looked and felt like a giant water balloon. What Daisy didn’t know was that the Diapers themselves had another effect. One that affected the plastic pants but she’d know soon enough.

“We’re here girls,” Daisy said as they saw the supply store, “This is where Rose, Sara, and I come to pick up diapers.”

“So this is the errand that we’re running today?” Gina asked.

“Actually there’s more to it than that Gina,” Rose said, “We’re also going to pick up some fresh charcoal so Sara and I can do a backyard barbeque today. We’re also going to go swimming naked”

“Sounds like fun, when do we start?” Belle said as she was already starting to feel herself getting excited at the thought of swimming naked. Belle knew she was already peeing herself from excitement but what she didn’t notice was that she was peeing right through the diapers and into her plastic pants.

“When we get everything we need,” Sara said as the five of them began shopping.

Gina and Belle noticed that the supply store had numerous drains and that the floor was made of cement than Tile. Gina also felt herself getting turned on. She assumed that Daisy stuck a vibrator inside her pussy but she didn’t realize that it was the diapers that were doing this. They rubbed up against her sensitive areas in her pussy and she had a silent orgasam which in turn caused her to pee right through her plastic pants.

“I can see that the cursed diapers are working quite well,” Daisy said quietly to Rose and Sara who were following behind them.

“Great idea letting them test the curse diapers,” Rose said, “Now what about the Magic Diapers?”

“When are we going to test those?” Sara asked.

“Well it just so happens that you two are already wearing them right now,” Daisy said, “I diapered you in them just before we left and I put one on myself.”

“That would explain why the colors on our diapers are lighter than usual and why I couldn’t see any Velcro straps,” Rose said, “So how long till the plastic pants swell up like a balloon?”

“And how long till the effects of the cursed diapers kick in?” Sara asked, “More to the point what other effects do the cursed Diapers have?”

“We should be seeing them occur right about now,” Daisy said.

As the 5 of them continued walking, Gina noticed a sensation in her breasts. 

Along with the dress adjusting itself to fit in such a way that when she bent down to get anything it showed her diapers, it also had the effects of making her milk let down.  As a result, she had to have Belle nurse from her before the front of her dress was soaked with milk.

Belle noticed Gina's dress and seeing droplets of milk; she got excited and began peeing again.  Since her rubber pants were so full, Gina could hear the splash of urine as Belle wet and that got her turned on and she too began to pee uncontrollably.

Luckily, there was a bathroom around the corner so Gina could take Belle in and nurse her so her breasts would be relieved.  They had each also hoped for a diaper change but that wasn't going to happen.

Belle and Gina made a dash for the bathroom when it was in sight and their fast movements made their rubber pants slosh around like they were wearing giant water balloons.

 Once inside the bathroom, Gina desperately guided Belle's hungry lips to her nipple and she nursed.  This got both of them excited and they peed and peed, so much now that it was leaking down their legs and onto the floor.

After they were finished, they ran from the bathroom leaving puddles of urine behind them as, by this time, their rubber pants were filled to overflowing with piss and their cum from all the orgasms that usually happened when they were engaged in the act of nursing.

Gina and Belle were still running  to the checkout line where, Daisy, Rose, and Sara were when the plastic pants ripped and all the piss and cum started flooding onto the floor where everyone could see it.

There was so much of it that it left a large trail of urine on the floor and even then the two girls continued peeing all the way to the checkout counter.

“Did you enjoy your day so far?” Daisy asked sweetly.

“Daisy what’s happening to us?” Belle asked.

“What’s up with these diapers?” Gina said feeling another orgasm building.

“Those are the cursed diapers,” Sara said, “Daisy put you in them for peeing all over the bed.”

“They won’t come off until they’re completely soaked and from the looks of things they’re still partially dry,” Rose pointed out as Gina and Belle once again peed right through the diapers.

Gina and Belle could only groan as the diapers forced them into numerous orgasms causing them to pee and cum constantly. They kept peeing all the way out of the store and to the car.

“Now that that’s done we better get going,” Daisy said straping Gina and Belle into new plastic pants.

The two girls could only wonder what else was coming but for now they decided to enjoy themselves for the time being. 




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