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The Diapered Twins Part 7

This is a work of fiction. If you would like to see more parts please send an email to [email protected]

As Daisy, Belle, Gina, and the twins were returning home Karen, Victoria and Ciera were starting to wake up. All three of them were wearing soaking wet diapers that left the flag patterns on their diapers a swirling mess of color.

Victoria was at the moment making up the bed and cleaning the room wearing her diaper.

Ciera and Karen were going to go downstairs and prepare breakfast and coffee for the whole house.  Karen needed her coffee, even before she got out of her first diaper, no matter how wet it was.

After Karen got the coffee going, she decided to have a little fun with Ciera and Ciera was thinking the same thing.

While Karen was standing at the counter reading her Facebook posts, Ciera snuck up behind her and gave her a hard playful spank to her soaked bottom.  This startled Karen and she began to wet again.

"I can't believe you did that" she said in mock horror.  "You made me wet myself again."

Ciera started running off into the kitchen but Karen gave chase, cornered the girl and started tickling her.  This made her laugh and she wet herself right there in the kitchen.

With both girls soaked, they collapsed onto the floor and in the heat of the moment, began to make out, reveling in the pleasures that only wet diapers can bring.

They didn't hear the front door open or see three older women standing there watching the whole situation.

Sarah, Katey, and Eloise had arrived and packed enough clothes to stay for the summer so they can be close to their daughter and her new friends. They were also expecting one more person to join them as well. For the time being the three women decided to make commented about the situation.

“Looks like Karen’s closer to her new diaper friends than we thought,” Sarah said, “She reminds me of us.”

“We used to make out like that in just our diapers all the time,” Katey said, “Even to this day we still do it.”

“Perhaps we can go take a shower first?” Eloise suggested, “Rose and Sara’s parents told us where it is.”

Sarah and Katey liked Eloise’s suggestion as the three of them headed up stairs into the shower room of the mansion.

Victoria was finished cleaning up her room and decided to clean the rest of the rooms as well and do the laundry. She saw that Daisy had returned with Belle, Gina, Rose, and Sara as soon as she finished and she could see that Gina and Belle were completely soaked.

 "Oh my!" She exclaimed, "Gina, Belle, what happened to you?" 

The two girls, tears streaming down their faces now due to further embarrassment and humiliation said "Our diapers and rubber pants leaked and left puddles of pee all over the place."

Daisy, seeing the impact that this punishment was having, especially on Gina, started feeling bad about how far she had taken their punishments.

Sara and Rose went out to the car and brought everything in and started preparing for the rest of the day so that Daisy could be alone with the two distraught girls.

"Gina, Belle, please come here" Daisy said softly.  They walked over to her and she hugged them both tightly saying "I'm sorry that I overreacted to this situation. I just wanted you to get the point that it's not polite to wet other people's beds." 

Daisy kissed each girl softly on the lips and while she was kissing Gina, she became aroused and began to flood her own diaper.

The three women took off for the spa bathroom for a short play session where they could pee on each other and make out without ruining anymore furniture. 

After they were done, Daisy changed both of them and they all got cleaned up and rejoined the rest of the group who were now all outside around the BBQ Pit and the pool. Sarah Katey and Eloise were currently in the house but nobody knew this yet.

They could see that Katey, Ciera, and Victoria were already in the Pool naked while Rose and Sara already stripped down to just their diapers and were manning the BBQ Pit.

“Everyone’s having fun already,” Daisy said stripping naked, “Lets go join them.”

Gina and Belle nodded at that idea as they too stripped naked and jumped right into the pool which was just the right temperature to allow them to stay cool even in the sunny weather.

Sarah Katey and Eloise were finished making out in the house and now were watching the proceedings from sunchairs. The three of them were currently wearing bathrobes as they chatted about the girls.

“So should we introduce ourselves to the girls yet?” Sarah asked, “I really want to get in the pool now.”

“Not just yet,” Katey advised, “Rose and Sara are still cooking. When they’re done then we’ll go introduce ourselves.”

“Well they’re already finished with the food so lets go,” Eloise said, “And we can show them our little secret.”

The three women got out of the chairs just as the twins called the girls over for food.

“Greetings everyone,” Katey said, “We’re Karen’s relatives; I’m Karen’s mother Katey.”

“I’m Sarah, one of Karen’s Aunts,” Sarah said, “And I’m from Ireland.”

“And I’m Eloise and I’m from Scotland,” Eloise said, “I’m also one of Karen’s aunts.”

“That’s interesting to know but what’s the big Secret?” Victoria asked.

Sarah, Katey, and Eloise simply dropped their bathrobes revealing that they were wearing nothing but diapers. Sarah’s diaper had the Ireland Flag covering her whole diaper, Katey’s Diaper had the English Flag covering her whole diaper and Eloise’s diaper was printed with the Scottish Flag.


Karen was already wondering what her friends would think about her mom and aunts revealing that they wore diapers. She was scared that they’d think she came from a weird family and she peed on the ground right next to the pool.

“Karen if you’re scared that we’d think any less of you or your family then just know that we have your back,” Rose said hugging Karen.

“Rose and I know what it’s like to come from a family where the women are completely bladder incontinent,” Sara said, “Why do you think Rose and I wore diapers all the time?”

“I had no idea that you and I had so much in common,” Karen said, “Thank you for your support.”

Ciera, Gina, Belle, and Victoria all hugged Karen, Rose, and Sara to let them know that no matter what they’d have their backs.

“Well the food’s ready so lets eat,” Daisy said as the girls chowed down on some of the food for a bit. After they ate their fill they then did a bit of sunbathing before Ciera came up with an idea.

“Whose up for some water sports in the pool?” Ciera said.

Gina got especially excited about the idea of fucking in the pool, had an orgasm right there on the spot and then peed.  Seeing this, the other women in the group all got turned on and hands went to tits and lips met as people kissed and fondled each other before jumping into the pool where people paired off into various groups to masturbate and pee on each other.

After a wild orgy in the pool, everyone got out and everyone was put into diapers by different women in the group done in such a way that no one person diapered herself. The women were all wearing the Magic Diapers that Rose and Sara had bought on their errand and the girls were going to experience the effects of them.

Everyone went into the house where wine and desert were served around a luxurious fire in the mansion's ballroom.

It was then that Katey and Gina felt the need to nurse their respective babies and in front of everyone, Karen nursed from Katey and Belle nursed from Gina.

"That was the other secret that the two of us had" said Katey. 

"Although I thought I was the only one who breast fed someone" said Gina who almost couldn't talk because of her usual orgasmic excitement surrounding the activity, Katey spoke in her place "and now you know you're not alone dear."

“Why don’t we all hit the sack,” Ciera suggested, “We could use the sleep for tomorrow.”

The women all nodded at that and they headed off to their rooms to get some rest.


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