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The Diapered Twins Part 8

This is a work of fiction. If you would like to see more parts please send an email to

Morning came for the girls next day but since it was summer everyone decided to sleep in. Well almost everyone. Daisy had woken up from what she described as the best sleep she ever got. She felt so refreshed that she didn't even feel herself peeing nor did she hear it. She had a feeling that it had something to with the Magic Diapers but before she could ask Victora walked in wearing nothing but her Spanish Flag Diapers which had now left the flag pattern on them a mess of yellow, orange, and red.

"Victoria, you've very very wet." Daisy said.  “Let me change you into a dry diaper.”  Victoria laid on the bed and when Daisy took down her diaper, she suddenly had a wild desire to clean Victoria piss soaked pussy with her tongue and so she went down on her, and finding her clit, gave Victoria an amazing orgasm which made her pee more into the open diaper that was under her bottom.  Daisy loved this, tasting Victoria's piss and cum.

After Victoria was diapered, they switched positions and daisy got the same treatment.  Both women then cuddled under the covers for a bit reveling in the newly kindled desire that each was discovering for the other.

While that was going on Gina and Belle were still sleeping in another room. The French Girl and the German girl were once again cuddled up to each other and wearing soaking wet magic diapers. The diapers had gotten wet and full from all the piss and cum due to the sex they had last night yet they still didn’t leak. The flag was faded into a swirling mess of color yet the bed still remained dry thanks to the magic diapers. Right now both girls were having a wet dream about sharing their deepest desires with each other.

Belle was sleeping with her mouth still around Gina’s left nipple as she dreamt about having sex with her as the large E cup breasted German girl was fucking her on her hands and knees like a bitch in heat. Belle never told Gina about this because she couldn’t find the wright words to do so.

Gina was also dreaming of having sex with Belle, she dreamt that she was fucking her doggy style with a cock that allowed both of them to feel pleasure they gave off. Little did either of them know was that the magic diapers were going to help make that dream a reality.

Karen, Rose, and Sara had decided to sleep together in Karen’s guest bedroom this time while allowing Sarah, Katey, and Eloise to sleep in the Master bedroom. The three girls were currently awake and talking about what it was like to come from a family where the women were all completely bladder incontinent.

"You know" said Karen, before I met you two; I thought I was the only one who had a family where all the women were diaper dependent, at least for bladder problems."

"Well, like we said at the pool Karen, you're not alone anymore and you have friends who you can depend on no matter what happens." said Rose.  They all laughed at the diaper pun.

"I have an idea" said Sara.  Let's all wet our diapers at the same time and not make any noise and see what it sounds like for all of us to pee together."  The other two girls loved this idea but Karen said "Let's wait until we're all really desperate to piss so we really flood our diapers."  They all laughed at that idea so continued talking and drinking bottles of water.

"So, Karen," asked Sara is it true that extended nursing has made you and your mom closer?  I've read where couples who enjoy adult breastfeeding are closer than other couples and I'd assume that this would be especially true for a mother and daughter."

Karen became quite reflective and didn't say anything for a moment and then said "yeah, that's very true, at least for us.  Sometimes I feel like we have an almost psychic connection because we're so close, like we know what the other is feeling before anything is said."

Rose asked "but what's it like to breastfeed when you're older, Sara and I haven't done that and we'd be interested to try it out."

That gave Karen an idea and she'd have to talk to her mom about it, and maybe even Gina, since they all saw her nursing Belle earlier.

"Okay" said Sara, I've got to pee real bad, how about you two?"

Karen and Rose said "yeah, let's go on the count of three".  So they all counted 1, 2, 3, go.

There wasn't a sound in the room except for diapers being flooded with lots of hot piss and it turned all three of them on knowing that each was hearing the others wet.  After their diapers were soaked, all three of them mutually masturbated and then they all came together as well.

“That was so much fun,” Rose smiled, “Want to lay back and enjoy the moment.”

“I just want to see more of Karen’s Mom and Aunts,” Sara said, “Espically my name twin.”

“But what about Ciera?” Karen asked, “We can’t leave her all alone?”

“Something tells me she won’t be all alone by now,” Rose added.

Rose was right, Ciera was already making some coffee for the girls and heard the doorbell ring. She went to answer it and she saw a young woman in her twenties with brown hair and wearing a blue sundress.

“Hello is this Rose and Sara’s mansion?” The young woman asked. “Sarah, Katey, and Eloise asked me to meet them here. I’m Jessica.”

“This is the place Jessica,” Ciera said, “I’m Ciera. Why don’t I take you to Karen’s mom and aunts.”

Ciera led the way to Karen’s Mom and aunts as Gina and Belle were each getting ready to tell the other about their secret dreams.


Belle and Gina were lying in bed when Belle said "Gina, I have this fantasy but

I'm not sure how you'd feel about it and how we'd do it."

"Belle, you can tell me anything, after all, that's what mommies are there for right?"  she asked, giving Belle a sensuous kiss.  Their tongues danced around each other's mouths for a moment before Belle broke the kiss and said "for a long time, I've wanted you to fuck me."

Without hesitation, Gina said "that's a delicious idea but let's go to the spa room so we don't wet the bed again.  I don't want to make more work for our friend."  She said with a coy smile.

They went off to the spa and as they were walking, the both felt some strange sensations, and when they went to look at each other once they got to the room, they couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Belle and Gina had gloves, fake dog ears; slippers Gina had a fake tail. Gina had what looked like another tail protruding out of her diaper.  Upon closer look, Belle saw that it was in the front and very much shaped like a human cock. 

"We look very silly in these outfits but I'm so Horney that I want to take you right here and fuck you doggy style." Gina said starting to pant with excitement.

Belle got on all fours and said "Take me now!"

Gina needed no further instruction and she noticed that Belle's diaper had developed a hole just perfect for the erect cock that Gina had sprouted.

She began to slowly thrust in and out of Belle's soaking wet pussy and Belle screamed "fuck me harder and faster!"

Gina was loving this and grabbed Belle by the hips to help her meet each lustful thrust into her. Gina also took the time to fondle Belle’s firm and natural C cup breasts.

Gina then felt a strange sensation like she was going to cum but it was different than from when she came as a woman.  She felt a buildup and her cock got harder and harder in Belle's pussy as she tightened around the thrusting cock inside of her.

Suddenly, Gina screamed with delight as she let loose of what felt like a huge orgasm, squirting blast after blast of cum into Belle. Immediately, after she came, she started to set uncontrollable while still inside her, flooding her pussy with warm piss.

Belle couldn't contain herself anymore and came while Gina was pissing into her and both woman collapsed on the floor which was still dry to their amazement. Gina and Belle then felt themselves tied together from the diaper cock like actual dogs as Gina now sprouted a tail that resembled a dog.

When Gina and Belle looked up, there was a round of applause from Rose, Sara, Ciera and Karen who had stood watching when they went to investigate all the noises they heard earlier.

“Glad to see you two finally got together at last,” Rose said as she had the ears, Tail, gloves and slippers that resembled those found on a Lion, “All thanks to the magic diapers.”

“You mean the magic Diapers did this?” Karen asked.

“The Magic Diapers also have the power to bring to life the deepest desires of whoever wears them,” Sara said having the ears, tail, gloves and slippers that resembled the paws of a Tigress, “But if the wearer hides them the urges will only get stronger till they take over completely.”

“So what do we do if that happens?” Ciera asked.

“The only way to reverse it then is to surrender completely to those urges for 12 hours.” Sara spoke, “But the upside is that it’s not so bad. So want to fuck?”


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