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Gemmas BBQ


So this involves a girl I work who found out about my nappy fetish a few weeks back and grilled me about it. I can actually imagine this story involving her and her friends. They are all lovely, they always have girlie nights in where they discuss random things. And as such this is my little dream written in a story, but could develop into a reality. Would I do it if asked, probably after a couple of beers!


Here goes….

So Gemma and I have worked together for 18 months. But it was only a few weeks ago, whilst I was off from work, that she revealed she and many other work colleagues knew my secret. We were joking via text, and I ended a text with ‘We all have secrets.’ To which she replied, ‘Yes, I know yours.’ That day I spent wracking my brains to which secret she knew, or even she was just calling my bluff. So that night, I plucked up the courage to text her. Here’s how it went

Me: So what do you think it is?

Gemma: u wear nappies 3 times a week. I new ages ago n never judged u

So over the next week or so she texted me asking loads of questions, I gave her all the answers she could want to hear. I showed her a picture, which she proceeded to show other people. But it was all gossip and after a couple of weeks it died down.

(Now for the fantasy part.)

So Gemma texts me again, asking me to come to her gathering. I had been to a few before, generally it was her, her boyfriend, sister, brother and her friends. They were all cracking people, we always had a good drink and a laugh. But this time she said it would be different.

Gemma: Would you come to the gathering tonight. And bring a nappy. I told my girl friends, and they are intrigued to see and hear about it.

Ryan: Are you for real? What makes you think I would want to stand in front of a load of guys and girls in a nappy and have to explain my life away?

Gemma: Honestly, there’s no guys. It’s just the girlies and me. Well I’m sure one of us could make it worth your while. Becky might even give you a quiz. Plus we’ll all be drunk and nobody will remember it.

I sat back and divulged all the text. I must admit, it would be pretty fun, but very intimidating to be sat in front of a group of girls in a nappy. But it would be pretty shameful, and I’m sure they would all be taking pictures to show there other friends. It was later that night that I got another text from Gemma. One, I wasn’t expecting, a blackmail text.

Gemma: So, are you coming round tomorrow night? If not, I’m going to send them the picture anyway. So they’re going to see it, and probably upload it to Facebook.

Ryan: What, you can’t be serious? Youre blackmailing me. And I thought I could trust you.

Gemma: Just come round, bring youre nappies and the other stuff you’ve showed me. Don’t be scared, they know most of it anyway. Be round for 7. And bring plenty of nappies.

That night I hardly slept, worrying about what I was going to have to do. The next day at work, I was pretty busy and come knocking off time at 4, I went home, showered and packed my bag. In it were the following:

·         2 x Tena Slip Maxi Medium

·         2 x Christmas Fabine

·         Wet Wipes

·         Baby Powder

·         Nappy sacks

·         Dummy, blue frilly pants and baby bottle

By now it was 6 o’clock and by the time I had a bit of Dutch courage and quickly a can of lager, I was finding myself slowly traipsing across town to her house. I had been there before for a few drinks and chat, but nothing like this. As I got closer and closer, my steps got shorter and shorter, and I could feel my heart racing. It was a pretty hot day, I was in my board shorts and a t-shirt. I prolonged the journey by stopping off at Co-Op, and purchasing a few crate of lager for the gathering. I entered her street and stood there staring at her house. I took a can from the crate and opened it, slowly chugging it until the inevitable happened. I found myself stood at her front door and before I could even knock, the door opened and there stood Gemma.

As she took my crate and bag from me, she proceeded to give me a hug. Now Gemma was one of these girls you would describe as a pocket rocket. Standing a shade above 5ft, she was a fiery character, just like her red shoulder length hair. She had the fake tan, the fake 30DD boobs, but also an amazing smile. I felt her make a cheeky grip of my backside, no doubt checking to see if I was wearing a nappy or not. After she released me, she handed me another can and ushered me outside, it was like entering the dragons den. There sat 6 giggling women, all their gazes on me. Too be fair, they were all lovely, all smiled and acknowledged me, probably trying to make me feel at ease before tearing me limb from limb. I sat down on the only available chair, practically in the middle of group, and just stayed quiet as they nattered away about various things. In the background was the bbq smoking away, usually it was a man thing, but true to her word, I was the only guy there. My attention was distracted by Gemma who was behind me, massaging my shoulders. She announced to the group,

“Well girls, he has kept his end of the bargain so far. I just checked in his bag and he has brought everything I told you about. Ryan, if you would like to go up to my room and get changed, you’ll find your things on my bed. Come down when you’re ready.”

My face turned a thousand shades of red. I could feel the heat, you could have fried an egg on my face. She patted me on the shoulders, ushering me from my seat. I leant down and whispered in her ear,

“Can we have a chat in the kitchen please.”

She stood up, grabbed my hand and we walked into her kitchen. In fact we walked further, she lead me through the front room, up the stairs and into her bedroom. Too my surprise, on the bed laid out were all the items I had brought.

“I know what you want. You want me to come help. Well I’m not going to help, but I will wait outside and hold your hand. There’s nothing to be scared about. Chris and his mates are away on a stag do, it’s just us and the girls. Now strip down, put a nappy on and then come out.”

With that she left, and I was left in her bedroom by myself, shaking. Slowly I stripped down naked, unfurled a tena nappy, sprayed powder on it and proceeded to lie on top of it. My focus was distracted by Gemma, who not only banged on the door, but proceeded to open it. And the sight she had was of me lying on the end of her bed, a big erection, covered in baby powder and me with the nappy halfway over me. She urged me to hurry up and I carefully did both tapes on either side. I stood up and looked in the full length mirror, the baby powder adorned my inner thighs, the nappy shone bright white against my lightly sun tanned skin. The waistband was huge on a tena, practically covering my belly button and halfway up my back. The outline of a six pack interrupted by the light purple shading of a nappy. Inevitably the door opened again and the first time ever, Gemma saw me standing in a nappy. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, I stood there frozen as she walked over to me. She cuddled me again, tucking up the waistband at the back and reassured me that everything would be ok. She grabbed my hand, and walked away, I was frozen to the spot. I leaned back to the bed to grab my shorts and t-shirt.

“Whether they see your nappy up here, down there or on that picture, they’re going to see it tonight. So put those down, follow me and let’s get this over and done with.”

I dropped the clothes and within a flash, I was following Gemma through the kitchen and I was out in to the garden. The girls nattering had stopped, I couldn’t bring myself to look at them as I stood in the doorway knowing I was on full display to them. Gemma grabbed y hand again and lead me up to the girls, who were sat there speechless.

“See that wasn’t too difficult was it?” She asked me.

I just looked at the floor again, I thought I was going to cry. And so did one of the girls, Karen.

“Ah, you look so cute. Come here and give me a cuddle.”

Before I knew it, Karen, a tall, dominerring blonde hair lady had her arms around me, and was doing that inquisitive thing of patting my backside. And as she let go off me, somebody else cuddled. A plethora of cuddles ensued before I had the courage to look up. And when I did, they were all smiling back, like it was the norm to see a 28 year old guy stood in front of them in a nappy. Gemma handed me a beer and then motioned for me to sit in front of her, my back resting against her legs. She gave it a few minutes before surprising me, by placing her hand over my shoulder and sticking a dummy in my mouth. Every now and again I would take the dummy out and have a sip of beer before putting it back in. All the girls were commenting on how well behaved and quiet I was, always referring to Gemma as the mother figure. Comments like,

“Gosh, I wish my kids were as well behaved and quiet as him.”

“He’s so sweet, want to trade him for Mason?”

Gemma just laughed it off and ruffled my hair. I let the girls chat for a while, occasionally suckling on my dummy and sipping the beer. It was long before I reached to my side for the can, only to find it had been replaced by my baby bottle, much to everybodys amusement. They all chuckled as I desperately tried to extract beer from the bottle, in the end I had to bite the teat and make a bigger hole.

“Why don’t you come over here baby. I will help you out.” Said Becky.

Becky was Gemma’s sister. A year younger than me, but she was pregnant, with her 4th child. She was lovely, similar looking to her sister, brown hair, an amazing smile and a shapely figure. But I harshly always had her down as one of these ‘kids for benefits’ women. Cruel I know, but in some respects very true. She came over to me, grabbed my hand and helped me to my feet. She was sat on the bench with Karen. She motioned for me to lay on her lap, but I was too big for that and it was going to be awkward.

“It’s ok. You can put your legs across me.” Karen said.

And with that I found myself with my head snuggled next to the breasts of Becky, and my legs laying across Karen, who therapeutically was stroking them. Becky inserted the bottle into my mouth and I looked at her longlingly, she was beautiful. She had raised 3 kids this way and not that she needed it, but I was the 4th to be fed by her like this. She smiled back, whispering that I looked cute and I suckled away, practically downing a baby bottle full of beer. But with drinking a lot, comes a lot of wee. I tried to hold on for what seemed an eternity, but I couldn’t anymore. I thought laying down was going to be a hard way to pee, but I was so wrong. Within seconds the nappy became flooded, and it didn’t go without notice.

“Oh my, it looks like he is just like any other baby; he’s got a wet nappy.” Karen exclaimed.

It wasn’t long before I found myself stood on my feet in the middle of the group, each of them looking at the wet patch, which too be fair was now a sag. A couple of cans of lager had passed through me, and it showed. A nice tight white nappy was now a wet, sagging mess between my legs. The glisten of pee on the inside of my thighs shone through, it was obvious after one heavy wetting the nappy was full. The girls all commented on how funny I looked, on how I had managed to soak the bum as well as front. And then the inevitable question arose,

“So Ryan, who would you like to change you?”

I stood there, frozen again. I knew exactly who I wanted to change me. But I was too scared to say anything through fear of being mocked. Funny, I didn’t fear the mocking about the wet nappy I was wearing, I feared being rejected by the one person I wanted to change my nappy. I didn’t answer them, so Gemma came up with an idea.

“Girls, I have put all of your names into a glass. Whoever’s name gets picked out, has to change his nappy. I’m sure there’ll be more opportunities in the future for someone else to change him.”

So potentially I could get the girl I wanted, but then again I could get one of the strangers, but hey, that would still be fun. I watched as Gemma shuffled all the names in the pot and then she pushed it in my direction. I was to be a master of  my own fate and slowly I put my hand in and pulled out a name. I unfolded the little bit of paper, and tried not to smile as my dream was coming true. I showed the girls the bit of paper, and managed to bring myself to look at the girl who was changing me.

“BECKY” Gemma shouted.

Gemma’s sister, the one girl I wanted to change me. Like I said before, she was stunning, an absolute catch. She just smiled back at me, then took a sip of her drink and carried on chatting with the others. I didn’t know what to do with myself so continued to stand there.

“Go on then baby, ask your Mummy Becky if she will change your nappy. I don’t think that thing could hold anymore.” One of the girls joked.

The rest of the girls laughed along and encouraged Becky to take pity on me and change me. I had no other choice, I did another little wetting which definitely took the nappy to bursting point.

“Becky, can we go change my nappy please?” I said quietly.

“I think you missed something didn’t you baby.” Someone remarked.

“Mummy Becky….” I began before being cut short.

Gemma came out from the house clutching a Christmas Fabine, baby wipes and the baby powder. The girls intrigued stepped up another notch; they were quickly passing around the Fabine nappy. This was all new to them; Gemma hadn’t given them the heads up on these. They were astounded and shocked that they made adult nappies with baby prints all over them. They proceeded to unfurl it and comment on how thick it was. And then Gemma sprung another surprise, she began to tell us how she had rummaged through her old baby things and found a changing mat, but to my shame and humiliation it was pink. But it was thrown in the middle next to me, so casually I just picked it up and stood there with it.

“Put that mat down then baby and let’s get that thing off you.” Becky ordered.

“What, down here? Can’t we do this upstairs?” I begged.

“Listen, you’re stood in front of us in a wet nappy. I don’t think you have anything else to be ashamed off. It will be fine, we won’t say anything.” She replied.

Before I knew it, I was down on the mat, looking up at that evening sky. The dummy was slipped inside my mouth by somebody and I just closed my eyes throughout the whole changing process, I didn’t want to make eye contact with anybody. I knew I had an erection, being in front of all these girls was pretty intense. I felt Becky undo the tabs on either side and pull the nappy back to reveal not only my erection, but the wet mass inside the nappy. I couldn’t block out the sound of the girls laughing, not at my erection they seemed to think that was cute, but the state of the nappy. Becy gripped me through a wet wipe and ran it slowly up and down my shaft. Too say she knew she was teasing me was an understatement. The girls all laughed as my legs twitched with each stroke. They were even taking on bets on whether I was going to cum or not. But after a couple of cleaning strokes Becky finished off by wiping my groin and inside legs. The shame didn’t stop there as she expertly grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs up in the air, pulling the nappy from under me and wiping my bum. More comments regarding how cute my bum looked were made, I was slightly beginning to enjoy all this attention. She let go off my ankles and bum nestled on the padded Fabine. She took her time and covered me in baby powder, probably a little too much. I felt it all over my belly, groin and thighs. She teased me even more by running her soft hands over the powder and massaging it in. As the nappy came over the front of me and she firmly taped the tabs either side, it was a dream come true. She grabbed both my hands and pulled me up to my feet, patting the nappy out and playfully smacking my backside. But then she did something I could never have imagined, she grabbed me and hugged me tight. This felt amazing, it felt so secure. She whispered in my ear ‘don’t worry baby. Everything will be ok.’ Surprisingly this reassured me, despite the fact I was stood in a now adult baby nappy.

The evening continued on as before, I found myself sat on the floor, only this at the feet of Becky. Gemma tried to play jealous, sticking her tongue out at me and trying to get me to crawl over to her. The girls wine drinking was definitely taking an effect on them., they were more jovial and laughing with each other. But they were all still really friendly and never mocked me. In fact, the more drunk they became, the more intrigued they became. I found myself sat  on a number of their knees explaining my life story to them, explaining why I wore nappies, where I got my nappies and what it felt like. They were engrossed, the questions were fired at me like crazy.

But after all there intrigue and questions, the night sky had drawn in and it was pitch black, the only light coming from the kitchen and the security light now and again. The girls had decided they were going to head to Manhattans, the only night club in our area. I wasn’t going there, too be fair they would probably be spending the night dancing with lads and I didn’t want to stand by myself. They all did their make up upstairs whilst leaving me sat in the front room, continuing to drink a couple of cans, even polishing off a couple of Jagerbombs. The girls came back down slowly, everyone of them looking even more glamourous. They sat with me, shared a Jagerbomb, had a chat and joked around with me, mainly at the fact I was sat in a wet nappy again. The last person to come down was Gemma, with my bag.

“Come on then, let’s go. I will lock up.” She said.

“Can I get dressed quickly first.” I asked.

“Into what?” She replied.

“My clothes I brought with me.” I replied.

“Unfortunately they suffered a bit of an accident, I spilt my wine over them. Don’t worry I will wash them and bring them back to you in the week.” She said.

“But I can’t walk home like this, in a wet nappy. People will see. You promised this would just be between us.” I begged, nearly in tears again.

“It’s ok, trust me. Beck y has gone to fetch a buggy. It will just look like we are pushing a baby along.”

“You can’t be fucking serious? Please don’t do this to me.” I screamed.

I threw a hissy fit. I jumped up and down and stamped my feet like an irate toddler. I couldn’t believe this happening, she wanted to push me home in a buggy. My hysterics hadn’t gone unnoticed by one of the group, Sarah. She was a big, blonde hair lady, very busty, one of those lovely faces that could turn terrifying in an instant. And in an instant, she did turn terrifying. She stood up, towering above me, grabbed my arm firmly and sat back down again, pulling me over her knee. The nappy was down to my knees and her hand crashed into my backside with a severe power.

“1. You do not swear at Gemma. And 2, you do not throw a hissy fit. My 3 years old don’t even through a hissy fit anymore. Then again they don’t wear nappies anymore.” She screamed.

It must have been at least 20 hard blows to my backside before she released me, pulling the nappy back over my bum and standing me up. The pain had reduced me to tears, underneath the wet nappy my backside was stinging all thanks to Sarahs hand.

“Now apologise to Gemma.” She shouted.

“Sorry for swearing Gemma.” I muttered through the tears.

“And how are we going to get you’re drunken and wet backside home?” Sarah asked.

“In the pushchair.” I replied, crying even more.

Before I could react 2 of the girls had pushed me back into the pushchair and had even managed to do the strap between the wet nappy and around my waist to stop me getting out. Of course I could get out myself using my hands but I didn’t want to risk another punishment. A dummy was shoved in my mouth and we were on our way.

Thankfully the streets were pretty dark and quiet and to my happiness Gemma and Becky had decided to separate from the other girls and take me the quiet way. But the sweet thing about the whole thing was every girl leaned into the pushchair and gave me a kiss on the lips. And promised that they would keep everything they saw that night to themselves.

Gemma and Becky continued to push me to my flat and let me out of the pushchair in my front room.

“Well baby boy, thank you for a good night, certainly was entertaining.” Gemma said.

“I’ll come collect the pushchair later in the week from you. Thank you, and we all promised to keep everything a secret.” Becky promised.

And with that, I shared a deep and emotional hug with the pair of them. The stench of stale urine, alcohol and cigarettes filled the air but it didn’t bother any of us. They knew what it meant for me to trust them and how much I opened up to all of them that night.

“Oh… and next time you come round, we will have even more fun.” Gemma said.

They left me to it, I sat on a towel on the chair and contemplated what I had just done. The final realisation was that I couldn’t take it back now. If anything was to come out, I only had myself to blame for letting my secret slip in the first place.


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