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Tammy Finds Her Daddy Chapter 2

Part 1

Tammy was mopping the floor and was total engrossed in her work that she did not see Tom arrive at his usual time. It had been months since they spend that wonderful time enjoying the AB/DL lifestyle they both enjoyed. Tammy was very unsettled and did not treat Tom any different than she had before though it was hard to not run and jump into his arms each time he came into the store. Tom too it seemed was rattled by the revelation he discovered. But today was going to be different. Today he was going to take the lead again and see if they could go farther in their new found relationship.

Tom got his coffee, and walked to the pastry case and took out two doughnuts. He waited patiently for Tammy to finish her work and return to the register so she could wait on him, he had something he had written on a note and wanted to pass it to her. She put away the mop and sure enough returned to her register and Tom approached. She rang up the coffee and the two doughnuts, “$2.74”She said. Tom reached into his wallet and pull a $5 bill and a white piece of paper and handed them to her.

“Here ya go sweetheart” he said and then changed to a whisper “Read the note and I will wait in the parking lot for your reply.”

She took the note and set it aside as there was a line of other customers she had to wait on. She did put it on the side of the register so she would not forget it. The morning rush was dying down so she took the note and told her co-worker to call her is she needed her. She stepped behind the shelving to allow her time and space to be undisturbed while she read it.

“Had a glorious time, want to do it again as soon as possible. Can you get two days this time? Please try! I have things to tell you.” The note was short but left her a bit curious. She had a wonderful time as well. She had dreamed of nothing but the day she had with Daddy Tom. She wanted more but was too afraid to approach him. Her mind kept telling her that her being Trans was killing any chance of anything happening. Did he rethink himself? Did he want to do nothing but beat her? Why wasn't he talking to her? Was he afraid also? All these things ran through her mind over the months since they played together. Now Daddy took the first step, what was little Tammy to do?

Tammy made an excuse of going to sweep the parking lot to get outside and talk to Tom. She swept up to his car and approached the driver's side window. She squatted down to be on the same level as Tom through the window.

“You read my note?”

“Yes, I don't have two days off on this schedule, But I can talk to the manager to get two days off on the next schedule” Was her reply.

“Good, I have a few details to work out with my job, and I can be ready by then” He stated in that voice of power she had come to crave.

Tom then told Tammy to stand up, once she was standing tall, he stuck his hand out the window and grabbed the crotch of her uniform pants. “Damp” he said “you should change before you leak”

The abruptness of his action caught Tammy off guard. To do that in plain sight of everyone in the parking lot unnerved her again. Though for some reason it excited her.

“Yes Daddy, right away” she said meekly as her finger found it's way to her mouth.

Tom started his car and place the transmission in gear and said “I will see you here tomorrow, and we can discuss more.” With that he eased off the brake and slowly rolled his car backwards and then off he drove.

She walked back into the store, and went to where she kept her diaper bag and excused herself to the restroom. She walked in and locked the door behind her. She stepped to the middle of the room and lowered her pants down. She reach to the right side tapes of her bambino and unfasten them. The heavy diaper immediately descended downward till the other tapes stopped it. She reach down and took the heavy diaper into the palm of her hand and with her free hand she unfastened the other tapes. The diaper was free and heavier in her hand. She adeptly rolled it into a ball and secured it with the tapes and disposed of it in the trash. She took another diaper from the bag and opened it wide and placed it on the toilet seat. She took the powder from the bag and sat down on the diaper and began to powder your groin area. She thought to herself, if it would be possible in the future to have Daddy sneak in here and diaper while she was at work. The thought made her giggle like a child that got her candy. She pulled the left side up behind her and fasten the tapes. She then turned to the right side and pulled it up behind her and stretched it good and tight across her back and front so it would not leak, she has two more hours on her shift.

She finished her shift with many question in her mind about what Daddy Tom had said. What kind of arrangements with his job? Why two days? What kinda things will they discuss? Oh well I will find out soon enough she thought to herself.

Part 2

Over the few days since Tom passed the note, they discussed things like what she was to bring with her. How she was to have her hair. And he wanted her shaved totally smooth. She was to accomplish this the day before she was to come directly to his house after work the day before her two days off.

The day has come! She is to pack a suitcase with all of her outfits, her socks, her shoes, but most of all.......her Teddy and her Binky. She is not to worry about diapers. Daddy has plenty and will change her.

She is getting so excited putting on her bambino for work and her uniform. She takes the suitcase to the car and climbs in the driver's seat and drove to work. Work was hard that night. The task she had to get done and the constant draw on her attention of the things to take place later that day and for the next two days?

The long hours finally draw to a close. She is off work now. Funny Tom did not show up this morning. She missed his smile and friendly jokes. But she will see him soon.

She drove for the hour and half through rush hour traffic. Finally she made the turn down Daddy's cue de sac. She drove to the driveway and all of the sudden the garage door began to open. She drove her little beetle inside.

Daddy Tom comes through the door and walks to the back of the car and in his strong voice says “open the trunk!” She pushes the button in the car that releases the catch to the trunk and Daddy Tom takes out the suitcase. She is so excited she wants to jump into his arms but she cant he has her bag. So she will wait.

They both enter the house, Daddy leading the way to the nursery in the back of the house. She stands in the center as Daddy opens the case. He takes out a lovely blue, white and yellow sundress with a diaper cover laced in yellow. He then pulls out a Romper in pink and white. Socks that have frilly lace sewn on them, they are pink, blue, green, and yellow lace. Daddy takes these items and places them in a drawer in the dresser but the sundress he hangs up on a satin covered hanger in the closet.

He turns to face her and she cant hold back any longer, she lunges forward and wraps her arms around his chest. Her head falls just under his chin. She turns her head to the right so her left cheek is resting on his chest.. He wraps his arms around her and pulls her hard into his chest. This is a beautiful moment you only see in a Norm Rockwell painting.

She turns her head up to him and looks him in the eye. She doesn’t know what she is looking for, but she has to see those eyes. He looks down into her gaze and bends his neck down and kisses her gently on the lips. While she is distracted by the kiss he takes hold of her uniform blouse and begins to pull it over her head. This is the only thing that would stop her from kissing him.

As soon as he has her top off he reaches behind her and unfastens the hooks to her bra and releases her tiny breast to the freedom to hang free. He kneels down and grasp the sides of her uniform pants, which are only held up by elastic band at the waist. He pulls them down to reveal her very very soggy diaper. Now that her pants are at her feet he realizes he should have taken her shoes off first. He chuckles to himself. This is a mistake he will not make again.

He touches her gently behind the knee. She has never had someone touch her there, it is very arousing. She picks up her knee as Daddy frees her foot from the clothes. He lovely guides her foot back to the floor and then does the same to the remaining knee. This allows him to free the pants from her feet but it also has aroused Tammy in a way she hasn’t in so long!

“Now lets get you out of that dirty diaper and in to a fresh one. We will dress you for the supper I have prepared and watch some TV, k?” Daddy says almost playfully.

Daddy lays out the changing pad and helps Tammy to lay on it. He then presents her with her teddy from the suitcase. She imediately takes the bear and holds him up over her chest and starts babbling in sounds only a child could understand. Daddy unfastens the tapes on the diaper and pulls her feet into the air so he can pull it from under her butt. Daddy takes some wipes and while he has her ankles in the air he wipes her bottom and then her crotch. This time though he plays more attention to that tissue that is still there. He gently tugs is and wipes it. Once every bit of her diaper area is clean he takes some Johnson & Johnson's lotion and spreads it all over her diaper area. He reaches for a clean diaper and pulls her ankles back up in the air and slides the diaper under her. Being very sneaky he takes two suppositories and while she is happily playing with teddy he quickly pushes them deep into her backside. He places her bottom down on the diaper and pulls her legs wide and pulls the front of the diaper through her legs and quickly fastens the tapes.

He stands up and bends over and reaches out to her and she response by extending her hand to him. He takes her hand hand helps her to her feet. “Lets go to kitchen for a snack then we will watch some TV.” She giggles happily.

He helps her into the highchair by the table. Daddy turns to the pantry and pulls some cookies out for them. He then walks to the fridge and gets the gallon of milk and pours some into a glass and some into a sippy cup. He walks over to where she is sitting and places some cookies in front of her and puts the bag down on the table. They sat there just smiling and giggling eating their milk and cookies. He stops her “Cant spoil your dinner” He says in a deep throated voice.

He takes the tray from the chair and helps her down and they walk to the living room. He puts in a DVD of the Care Bears and they snuggle up on the couch. She has her head resting in the small of his chest by his arm. It did not take too long for the suppositories to do their job. She felt the rumbling and immediate pressure to release her bowels. Out of instinct she began to rise from the couch, Daddy Tom reach out and took her by the hips and pulled her down onto his lap. “Where do you think your going, little girl?”

“I need to poopy!” She said almost in a begging tone.

“No, havent you learned anything from our last time together? I will take care of all your needs. Besides I have other plans. So you will sit here and just let nature take its course!” He said very sternly.

She could do nothing. His powerful arms are around her now while she sat on his lap between his legs with her legs draped over his leg.

She let a few tears flow as her poor little muscles could not hold back anymore. Daddy Tom instinctively pull her head to his chest and patted her back. She cried for a few minutes till the odor filled both of their noses.

Daddy paused the DVD and took Tammy into his arms and they headed to the bathroom where again Daddy forced her to sit down in the mess in her diapers. He then looked at her and said, “This is a pill that will take most of the odor out of your poopy so it wont be so bad in the future. I will make sure you take it every day.” His words did not comfort her much as they did nothing for how she feels. Daddy looked her in the eyes and also said, “You are going to be my baby. You will do everything a baby does and that includes messy yourself. So get used to it. But there will be times when you will also be my woman, you will desire it just as much as I.”

Daddy laid her back and unfastened the tapes and removed the soiled diaper and started his clean up. This time he really paid close attention to the opening in her bottom. He slipped a finger in and it made her gasp and moan. The pleasure felt unfamiliar. Daddy wiped the rest of her diaper area while leaving his finger in place. He wiggled it and flicked it. She could not believe what was happening. He was getting sexually excited. She wanted him. She wanted him, NOW!

Daddy could see she was into what he was doing, each time he moved his finger she moved her hips in rhythm. “Would baby like to be a woman for a little while?” he spoke in a very low seductive tone.

“Oh golly yes” came the reply.

Daddy then took from the cabinet a bottle of lubricant and place some on him and some on her opening. He then moved till his body was over hers and with one hand by her shoulders and the other he guided himself into her. She yelped with pain and pleasure.

He slowly moved in and out of her to allow her to become accustomed to his girth. As she became accustomed to him he moved faster and she rhythmically moved with them. She could feel him grow in her and smell the perspiration growing on his body. She was losing herself. She had not felt this way in years. She wanted to be everything for Daddy Tom, His Baby and his woman! If it could always feel like this, she would forever be his!

Soon Daddy movements became hard deep thrust! Daddy was getting so excite he could not stop himself. He threw his head back and groaned loudly as he released his orgasm deep inside of Tammy. She too feel a warm flush fill her from her head to her toes.

He laid himself down on her, allowing his full weight to be on her. She kissed his neck and said words she thought she would never utter again.........”I love you” “Daddy your girl is everything you want her to be”

Part 3

After they both composed themselves, Daddy got up and clean himself up and dried off. He then turned his attention to his little one. He knelt down between her legs and got a diaper out of the cabinet and grasped her ankles and raised her butt into the air and slide the diaper under her. He pulled her legs apart and pulled the front of the diaper up and taped it shut around her. He stood and reached for her hands which she readily gave to him and he helped her to her feet., though still a bit shaky she stood there by him.

He took her hand and led her back to the living room and sat her on the couch and re-started the DVD. He told her to watch and he would get supper ready. She sat on the far end of the couch and watched as Love Bear and Cheery Bear saved the day.

Daddy Tom was making spaghetti with a delightful red sauce. A loaf of bread in the toaster to spread a little garlic butter on. He had think he was milling over in his mind. Would she go for it? Would she be will to do what he asked, would she really be his everything? His water is beginning to boil when he just gets the urge to peek into the living room and see what she is doing.

He sees her laying on the couch on her tummy boobs pressed into the cushion. Watching the TV, she was so engrossed nothing would take her eyes away. He strained to see, but his suspicions was right. She was getting the diaper wet. The diaper could hold more he is sure so back to the cooking.

He drained the water and added the sauce. He was ready to bring her to dinner. He walked into the living room and turned the TV off. She let out a loud moan. “It is time for dinner” He stated. She frumped herself into the corner of the couch, she wanted to finish the cartoon. “Now come on, it you fuss I can deal with that!” He said with an added bit of vibrato in his voice. And with that she sheepishly moaned and frowned. He says okay that is it! He grabbed her arm and yanked her up and held her under his arm. He walked over to the recliner and sat himself down on the end of the chair and dropped her down on to his knees and with a fast sweep of his hand the damp diaper was pulled down to make her buttocks available to him.

SMACK! Went the first swat, and she let out a gigglish yelp. Kinda half hearted cry mixed with a laugh. He thinks to himself, this will not do. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, the swats came faster and harder. She no longer had any humor mixed with her tears. They where just tears of pain. The ache in her bottom grew each time Daddy swatted her butt. He would switch from time to time when cheek he would hit. But it did nto matter to her. It hurt just the same.

Daddy, with the same ease it took to pull them down, pulled up the diaper and patted her damp sore bottom. “Guess we will not have any more of that tonight, eh?” he said through his smile after seeing the redness of her bottom. He stood her up and raised up out of the chair. He lead her to the kitchen and over to the highchair. He smiled as she grimaced when her fanny, though padded, it still hurt like hell. She did not know if she could eat with the ache in her backside.

Daddy afixed the tray to the chair and turned to the stove. He dished up a little plate and a large serving plate for himself. He placed the tray in front of her and a quizzical look came on her face.

“You have fingers dont you?”


“Well then eat up. There is plenty” He said

She took a hand full of spaghetti and dripped it into her mouth, and Daddy smiled and began eating. She smiled to herself, she made Daddy smile and it was worth it.

Though she wanted to talk to him and he to her they sat quietly eating their supper. The tension was building when Daddy spoke. “You want to ask me why don’t you?” She shook her head yes. “Well, I did some research online. After weeding through all the porn and other junk on the web, I found a site about TS girls as girlfriends. I read every article and read almost all the letters, but the most helpful was the chatroom. I went in and just talked about the weather and other stuff and got them comfortable with me. Then I put our situation to them. NO not the diapers but me being a male and you being TS. And they told me to not think about it as a difference. It is like someone with freckles. It is there but doesn’t make them any different from others. So I figured I would do with you this time what I wanted to do last time and see how you took it. And from how it went I assume you enjoyed it?” Again she shook her head yes. “Well I learned you are a woman in mind and soul just not body. And it is that person I am most interested in. the diapers are secondary.” He added

She had to ask a question of her own, “So you are saying that you are emotionally attached to me and not my penile tissue?”

“Yes that is what I am saying!” he replied “Now eat your dinner I have a treat for you after dinner.”

They sat eating their supper just looking at each other. He would smile and then she would smile it was all just so cute. They would even break out into uncontrollable laughter when a piece of spaghetti would fall from her hand or her mouth.

So after she was done eating and he had also finished. Before he took the tray from the chair, Daddy got a wash rag from the drawer and wet it. He then approached her and began washing her face. She tossed her head to each side to try and evade the cloth. He then washed her chest to clean the fallen spaghetti. He took his time washing each breast in turn.

When he was satisfied he had her clean he put the rag on the tray and removed it from the chair.
He put his big hands around her ribs and gently lifted her from the chair and told her to go to the living room he would be right there. She skipped out of the kitchen to do as Daddy had told her and he wiped off the tray and placed the dishes in the dish washer and started it. He too went to the liviing room to discover She had climbed up on the sofa and was lying on her back with her feet in the air, playing with her toes.

Daddy came into the room and states “Bath time!”

Daddy takes her by the hand and she skips along beside him. The get to the bathroom and she notices the nozzle is in the middle of the tub and not at one end or the other. How nice. Daddy starts to draw the bath. Warm and with a dash of Mister Bubble. She is giggling. Daddy turns to her and as she stands there before him he unfastens the tapes and allows the diaper to fall to the floor. He pulls her forward and helps her in to the bath and has her sitting on the south end. After he picked up the diap[er and adeptly rolled it into a ball he tossed it into the trash in the room. He turns toward the bath and undoes the buttons on his shirt, she see a little chest hair. This excites her to no end. She has always been drawn to men with chest hair. He then unfastens the belt and zipper on his pants and lets them fall to the floor. He is standing there by the tub with just what nature gave him. He leans over the tub and turns the water off. And he steps into the north end of the tub. Once he is settled into the bath, Tammy cups her hands under the bubbles so he cant see and splashes water at him. He dodges the wave of water and shouts “None of that! I will not be cleaning the bathroom tonight!”

Daddy signals to Tammy to turn around which she happily does and Daddy begins to wash her back and soap down her hair. He reaches around and washes her breast each time he would pinch her nipples through the wash cloth. Daddy turns around and ask Tammy to wash his back. This also she happily does. She washes his back and takes the wash cloth under the water and rubs it across each of his butt cheeks. She then reaches around to his front and takes his penis into her hand and strokes the cloth up and down the shaft and swirls around the tip for good measure., Daddy lays his head back and breaths heavily as she does this. She then takes the cloth up to his chest and she rubs soap all over him and plays lovingly with his hair.

She is getting terribly excited but tries to maintain her composure. Daddy pulls the drain and the water slowly runs out. Daddy steps from the tub and reaches for Tammy's hand. She reached for his hand and he pulled her up to her feet and helped her from the tub, he took an oversized towel and dried her off. He then dried himself with another towel. Which did not take long as he was dripping dry the whole time he was drying Tammy.

He then lead her to the master bedroom where there was a lavishly covered queen sized bed. He did not have to tell her what he had in mind. I was expecting it,. But this time it feels different! This time the guy has actually educated himself. He knows a Transwoman is not all about sex. But right now she wants him. She wants to make him feel wonderful about choosing her! That he took such passion and care should be rewarded.

The roles suddenly reverse. She takes him by the hand and leads him to one side of the bed. She places her hands on his chest and gently and lovingly pushes him down to a seated position. She then rubs her hands down his chest as she slowly lowers herself. She takes his limp member into her mouth and begins to work her magic. She is sucking, licking and rubbing it to make it hard and stiff. She takes the head and only the head in her mouth and sucks like you would a pacifier. Daddy throw his head back and his legs start to shake. He lets out a loud gasp for air as his loins empty through his rigid member and in to Tammy's waiting mouth. The suction is broken only after his member has returned to a more relaxed state.

Tammy stands up out of the puddle she made at the side of his bed. She thinks to herself, this will teach him. I have to be diapered all the time!.

She lets him lay there and recover. She goes to the nursery and powders herself and puts on a disposable diaper. And puts on a onesie and climbs into the crib and snuggles her teddy and puts her binky in her mouth and off to sleep she goes.

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