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Baby Bloodsucker part 3

This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to any of my stories on Daily diapers please send an email to if I get enough feedback I will continue writing stories

                Tara arrived at Malicia’s door wearing her angel costume. The tight white shorts complimented her body. Malicia escorted Tara inside and ordered her to change Elana and her dripping wet diapers.

            Once Tara had completed her task Malicia pressed her body against hers. Malicia pressed her lips to Tara’s kissing her softly. Malicia cupped Tara’s small breasts and fondled her ass. The angel costume was a huge turn on to Malicia. Her vampire instincts started to kick in and she gave Tara a playful bite drawing a small amount of blood. She drank Tara’s warm innocent blood and savored it. She spanked her making a soft smack sound. Malicia was practically dripping wet inside her diapers. “Wet yourself.” She demanded.

            To Malicia’s pleasure and arousal Tara obeyed. Instantly warm pee was running out of Tara’s now yellow shorts into a puddle after sliding down her long beautiful legs. Malicia gasped from excitement and sucked more of Tara’s blood. Malicia removed Tara’s shorts and began fingering her pussy. Tara was ordered to do the same to her master. Malicia and Tara both gasped from the pleasure and continued working toward climax. Malicia could barely feel herself wetting her diaper over Tara’s dripping fingers. Soon both women reached a shaking climax followed by Malicia flooding her diapers beyond capacity. Her warm urine ran down her long legs pooling at her feet.

            Tara was quicker to recover from the intense experience. “Would you like a diaper change master?” she inquired seeing the puddle forming at Malicia’s feet.

            “No, but I would like to see Elana cum all over your pretty face Tara. First though you need to put on one of masters’ diapers.” Malicia smiled wickedly thoroughly enjoying her warm wet cum filled dripping diapers. Malicia order was quickly fulfilled, Tara was in a thick white diaper wearing nothing else and was on her knees underneath Elana licking her pussy. Elana shuddered from the stimulation and caressed Tara’s hair. After several minutes of being eaten out Elana came twice on Tara’s face. Elana after she gushed onto Tara’s face was shaking and beginning to tear up from the exertion. Exhausted from the experience she collapsed to her knees. Malicia was dripping wet from watching the show and thought of a devious plan.

            “Both of you two will no longer have bladder control no matter what.” Malicia said smiling. Both girls gasped and obeyed nearly instantly Tara was first, her fresh diaper began to sag around her hips and turned yellow. Elana was still on her knees and right after Tara began flooding her diapers, Elana obeyed, flooding her panties. Elana moaned as relief washed over her and warm pee washed over her legs.

To be continued

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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