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" My Girlfriends Sisters' Baby"

Chapter 14.......

Rob is gently awakened by Beth as she nudges him and pats his bottom, asking him, did he sleep good. Rob can't help but smile and reply, yes he did, he slept like a baby, Beth smiles, wrinkles her nose and laughingly says, " Yes you sure did, and you smell just like a baby too "

"C'mere Robbie, let's get you a fresh diaper", as Beth unzips my sleeper and gently pulls my legs out, she backs up and says, " OH MY GOD ROBBIE, THAT IS NASTYYYYY, WHEW BABY, YOU STINNNNNK!!!!!!!!"

Kim must have heard Beth talking to me, she came in the room with Cassidy riding on her hip, wearing just a diaper. Kim sees Beth waving her hand in front of her nose and starts laughing as she says, " Are you sure you want a baby, this is how they usually wake up, plus, look at the bright side of it, Robbies' diaper didn't have a blow-out and you didn't come in to find him finger-painting on the wall".

Both Kim and Beth laugh as Beth looked at me, scrunched up her nose, patted my very obviously well filled diaper and said, "You wouldn't do that to mommy, would you baby", both Beth and Kim laughed some more.

Kim then told Beth to get me changed and dressed while she took care of Cassidy, Beth mentioned she was probably gonna just throw me in the tub and Beth told her we didn't have time and to just change me and clean me up with baby wipes, then laughed and added, it won't hurt him if he has a little diaper stink about him, all babys do sometimes.

When Beth finally got me changed and cleaned up, as best she could with just baby wipes, we both walked into the kitchen where Kim was just finishing feeding Cassidy, Kim pointed at the kitchen counter towards a baby bottle and said, "There's Robbies' breakfast, he can drink it in the van, oh, and I went ahead and packed a diaper bag for him, we're gonna be gone all day and he'll definitely need changing at least a couple of times".

Beth looked at me, then said, "Well maybe I should get him something else to wear, I didn't know we was headed out so early", Kim walked over to me, pulled my shorts down to my knees, patted my bottom and laughed as she said, "Wow, you got him double diapered, well maybe that's good, since we have a nice long drive in front of us, and oh, by the way, I think the outfit you have him dressed in is just adorable, shorts for easier diaper checks and changes, and that Mickey Mouse T-shirt is simply adorable, I think I'll go ahead and dress Cassidy the exact same way, less the double diaper of course, she's not quite the little piss-pot Robbie is".

Beth handed me my bottle and sat me down on my make-shift highchair as Kim carried Cassidy in to change her clothes to match mine. Beth looked at me as I started to nurse the baby bottle and said, "We're going sight-seeing today baby, I know how much you love seeing the Hoover Dam so your Auntie Kim is gonna take us there today". I thought to myself, yea, I loved the fact that we were going to go see the dam, but hadn't ever thought about seeing it the was I was now dressed, I wasn't sure how I'd be able to handle that many people seeing me dressed so infantile.

Beth must have sensed my reluctance and concern because she brushed her hand thru my hair and softly said, "Robbie, there isn't gonna be anyone there that knows you or will ever see you again so don't worry about how you're going to be dressed, plus, you wanted to be treated exactly like a baby and babys don't care who sees them dressed in the cute little baby outfits their mommys pick out for them to wear".

Kim came back in the room carrying Cassidy and I couldn't believe my eyes, Cassidy was wearing almost exactly the same outfit I was wearing, I had to quietly admit to myself as I grinned a bit, she was a little cutie and the outfit was absolutely adorable on her, I could only hope it was as adorable on me.

As we all got situated in the SUV, with both Cassidy and myself strapped in our car seats, Kim explained that we would stop at McDonalds for some breakfast to eat on the way to the dam, this sounded good to me, I needed something more solid then this special formula they had been feeding me, little did I know, that a solid breakfast mixed with this formula would turn out to be one of my most embarrassing moments yet.

After leaving the drive-thru at McDonalds, I was happy to be actually eating a couple of Egg McMuffins, a hash brown and drinking real chocolate milk, even if it was out of my baby bottle. While I was eating I noticed that I had wet my diaper, not a lot, just enough to make it damp, but I figured there was no need to say anything, I for sure didn't want nothing to interfere with my breakfast, especially a diaper change, even if it was somewhat concealed in the back of the SUV.

We had passed through Henderson and was almost to the Railroad Pass Casino when I heard Kim say, DAMN, THERE'S A COP BEHIND ME WITH HIS LIGHTS ON. Kim went on to explain to Beth that she was sure she hadn't been speeding as she slowed down and looked for a place to pull over. Once we were stopped, Kim rolled down her window and waited for the police officer, as the officer walked up along side the SUV, I noticed it was a female officer( an extremely good looking female police officer ), she looked in the back seat and saw Cassidy and myself strapped in our car seats, Kim had her drivers license and proof of insurance out when the officer reached her window.

When the officer looked in the front window at Kim and Beth, she glanced in the back once more, looking back and forth at Cassidy and myself, noticing the very obvious matching car seats we were both strapped in and the matching outfits we appeared to be wearing. Kim asked why she had been pulled over and the officer explained that it was just a random traffic stop, and that since the 9-11 World Trade Center Disaster, security for all traffic going over the dam had increased and that they did random stops and vehicle searches numerous times daily, the officer went on to say that if Kim cooperated with a random search, that it would be over quick and we could be on our way.

Kim told her that would be fine and asked what we needed to do to cooperate. The officer requested that we all step out of the SUV and stand off to the side of the road while she conducted a quick search of the vehicle. While Kim and Beth were unstrapping Cassidy and myself, the officer watched as she asked the usual questions, Did we have any weapons, any drugs or illegal contraband or anything that we could possibly be hiding. Kim and Beth both responded that there was nothing like that in the vehicle. The officer searched under the carseats, the front seat, the back seat and storage area, then peeked in both diaper bags, when she looked in my diaper bag, she just stared for a second, as she held one of my oversized cloth diapers.

She then told Kim that everything appeared to be normal but she noticed there was a bulge around my waist under my shorts and asked me if I would have a problem being frisked. Beth jumped in right away and explained to the officer that I was a little slow and that the bulge was my diaper, I know I started to turn a little red when Beth said that, but what happened next was totally humiliating. The officer smiled and said she understood but she still had to check for herself and asked Beth if she could have me put my hands on the side of the SUV so she could frisk me, she also explained to Beth that if we preferred a male police officer to do the frisking, she could call for one and we could all wait for him to get here. Beth said it would be no problem and that I felt more comfortable with females then I did with males anyway.

As Beth took my arms and lifted them up to the side of the SUV, the unthinkable happened, I felt the warm mess oozing into the seat of my diaper and as if on cue, it just kept coming without slowing down. I knew the McMuffins and chocolate milk I had for breakfast had mixed with the special formula and now, along with an already damp diaper, I was gonna have an extremely messy diaper, and right here in front of this female police officer that was getting ready to frisk me, OH MY GOD, HOW COULD THIS GET ANY WORSE?

Well, I guess when you ask, you receive, yes, it did get worse. The female police officer started with both of her hands on my sides near my waist, her hands then went down the outside of my hips, thighs and to my knees, I was horrified when she then placed a hand on each side of my right leg and started up from the knees towards my crotch. When she got to the crotch area and the diaper, she gave the diaper a little squeeze, she then did the same thing to my left leg and once again when she got to the crotch area and the diaper, she gave it another little squeeze.

I stood there turning redder each time she squeezed the diaper and I could have swore I saw Beth and Kim grinning, then out of the blue, the officer pulled back the back of my shorts and diaper, peeked inside and stated as she swatted me on the bottom, I'm sorry, but I think I scared this little fella, he just made a horrible, yucky mess in his lil diapey, she then patted my bottom again and told me, " You can put your hands down now honey, you need to go tell your mommy you need your lil diapey changed, yuck honey, you stink".

I just stood there mortified as I finished filling my diaper and began wetting it too, the officer walked over to Kim and started talking to her when Beth took my hand and told me to hop back up in my carseat, I looked at her and wanted to tell her that my diaper was extremely messy and to sit down in it would be totally yucky, just then, Kim and the officer walked back over to where I was standing and the officer asked Beth if she needed some help strapping me in, Beth just laughed and said, sure.

The officer then took my hand and told me to jump up into my seat, I did so, reluctantly, and hesitated sitting down, just then, the officer gently pushed me down and started to strap me in, when she reached between my legs to bring the strap up and buckle it, she wrinkled her nose. As she buckled the strap, it spread the mess around in my diaper, I felt it going up the back of the diaper and completely enveloping and smothering my crotch, penis and balls, the officer wrinkled her nose again and said, to my surprize and total humiliation..................


Kim, Beth and the officer all laughed as I heard Kim say, thanks Stacey, I don't think he'll ever forget this, you was wonderful.

All I could do was sit there, turning redder by the minute from this entire humiliating and embarrassing scenario and wondering, where in the world was I going to get changed and what other surprizes do they have in store for me......................

"My Girlfriends Sisters Baby"

Chapter 15

As we slowly pulled away, I glanced back at the
police officer, she was smiling and winked at me as she
wrinkled her nose in an over exaggerated manner. I was still totally embarrassed and humiliated to the point of utter silence, not to mention the fact, that the smell of my dirty diaper permeated thru the SUV, so bad, it even made my nose wrinkle.

Both Kim and Beth put their windows down to help alleviate the odor, and I heard Kim tell Beth that she knew of a rest stop on the other side of the dam, and she would stop there so both Cassidy and I could get our diapers changed, that is, if Cassidy needed changed, there was no doubt that I did.

The drive over the dam was totally awesome, and I thought to myself, wow, here I am, not only am I traveling over this incredibly man-made creation, but here I am, sitting in an extremely wet and messy diaper, with two absolutely gorgeous females, who not only know I'm in a diaper, but approve of it, and treat me as if I was just any other baby.

As we wound our way up the mountains on the east side of the dam, the panoramic views were incredible. We must have drove for about 30 minutes when I noticed Kim pulling off the main road into what looked like a rest area, it turned out to be a scenic overlook, no facilities, but, an absolutely exhilarating view of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River winding thru the canyons off in the distance.

There were 3 other vehicles parked in the area and I saw numerous kids running around and people taking pictures of the scenery. Kim parked as far away from the other vehicles as possible, but in my mind, we were still way too close. Kim got out and went to the back, opening the rear door, I was shocked to see she had the back already set up like a changing table, she had a baby looking plastic cover over the entire back and both Cassidy's and my diaper bags, one on each side, sitting snug in the corners. The changing area was big enough to accomodate both Cassidy and me together if need be.

Beth opened my door and proceded to undo the straps on my car seat, as she bent down to unsnap the center one, she looked up at me, wrinkled her nose and said, "Whew, Robbie honey, My God babe, YOU STINK!!!
Kim was undoing Cassidys straps as she looked over at Beth and me and just laughed. Kim carried Cassidy to the back as Beth took me by the hand and led me to the back, as I stood there, just knowing that everyone was watching ( pretty much all in my mind, or was it, I would definitely discover later ), Kim told me to jump up and lay down, as she expertly and quickly changed Cassidy, who had only a wet diaper.

I jumped up, quite slowly and carefully, and was almost in position to lay down when Kim grabbed my legs, pulled hard, and my bottom smacked on the plastic changing pad, making the mess in my diaper literally splatter and explode everywhere, causing a near blow-out. Beth shook her head as she pulled my shorts down to my ankles and saw the mess that had oozed out of my diaper, only to be caught and trapped inside my plastic pants, as she said, "Thanks Kim, as if he needed that", both girls laughed as Kim gave Cassidy a toy to play with and volunteered to help.

The next thing I know, Kim was completely removing my shorts as Beth slowly and methodically pulled my plastic pants down to my ankles, wiping the inside of the pants with a baby wipe as she pulled them down. I glanced out the back and thought, OH MY GOD, IF ANYONE EVEN GLANCED OVER HERE THEY COULD SEE I WAS GETTING MY DIAPERS CHANGED, I know I was turning redder by the second when Kim must have noticed my embarrassment and said, "Sheesh Robbie, no need to be embarrassed, these people, even if they do see you get your diapers changed and your butt wiped like a little baby, don't know you and will probably never see you again, plussssss, real babys don't care who sees them get their diapers changed, and we all know, deep down inside, you're as real a baby as Cassidy is, now let's get you changed and get out of here"

While Beth finished wiping out my plastic pants, Kim unpinned my diapers, when she brought the front of the diaper back, I glanced over at Cassidy and she was pinching her nose with her little fist and saying ewwww, ewwww, both Kim and Beth started laughing when Kim told Cassidy, "Yes Cassie, him's a stinky lil baby", Kim proceded to efficiently and expertly wipe me down with the diaper as she removed it, and when she got me fairly cleaned up, Beth took over with the baby wipes as Kim wrapped the diaper up and put it in a plastic dirty-didy-bag with the plastic pants Beth had wiped out. After Beth had me securely pinned into a fresh double thick cloth diaper, Kim grabbed a bag and told her, try these, they might be easier next time we need to change him.

I was shocked when Beth brought out a pair of snap-on plastic baby pants, they were baby blue and had the Rugrats characters all over them, she told me to lift my butt and as I did so, she slid the pants under me, then slowly snapped up the sides, making sure the entire fabric of the diaper was secured inside the pants to prevent leaks, or as Kim would call it, wicking. I looked out to see what Kim was doing and she was shaking my shorts out, then all of a sudden, she smelled them, then told Beth, he can wear these still, they're not wet and they don't stink, suddenly, Kim was pulling the shorts up over my ankles and before I could react, she stood me up, outside of the SUV, in just a diaper, plastic pants and a tee-shirt, with my shorts down at my ankles, then reached down, and slowly pulled my shorts up over my diapers and plastic pants, as she patted me on the bottom, she said, "There ya go baby, all fresh, dry an clean again", as I glanced around, I noticed two elderly women staring in our direction, they both smiled and one of them waved bye bye to me and mover her lips, saying, bye bye baby, as if I was a toddler, I felt my face go flush as I realized, they had just sat there and witnessed my entire diaper change, I think?

As we got back in the SUV, Kim told Beth we would go ahead and drive down to Kingman, we could get lunch there, and then, take the back way into Vegas, thru Laughlin and Bullhead City, and maybe stop and go thru a couple of the casinos they had, that way, we could make a full day of it. I was all for that, especially the lunch part, not sure why, but I was starving, what I didn't know was, the lunch I was to eat in Kingman, would have an extremely unexpected effect on me in Laughlin, and we would all soon discover, Laughlin casinos don't have private diaper changing rooms, and when you take the famous Casino river walk and end up 15 blocks away from your SUV, experimental snap-on plastic pants and diaper blow-outs don't go together?

"My Girlfriends Sisters Baby"

Chapter 16

We arrived in Kingman within the hour and I was totally starving, the girls were hungry for Taco Bell and since I hadn't eaten there in a while, it sounded great to me too. Beth asked me how hungry I was and I told her I was starving, I guess the drive and the incident with the female police officer really created an appetite.

Kim got Cassidy a soft shell taco and Beth got me 2 spicy bean burritos and 2 soft shell taco's, both Cassidy and I had baby bottles, Cassies had Mountain Dew, I think, and mine had that special formula mix they had been feeding me, it did'nt matter to me, it was chocolate flavored and I thought it went quite well with the burrito's.

After we had eaten lunch, we got back on the road, headed for Laughlin/Bull Head City. The drive was only about an hour and seemed to go by rather fast, the scenery was awesome. Once we got into Laughlin, the girls decided to park the SUV and take Cassidy and me on the river walk ( this was a designated park trail that went alongside the Colorado River, dividing Bull Head City, Arizona and Laughlin, Nevada ), both girls felt this would be more entertaining, for both Cassidy and me?

Kim got Cassidy all set up in her stroller and Beth made sure I was dressed properly (shoes, and a light jacket if it turned cool), Beth also did a quick diaper check on me as I stood next to the SUV in the parking lot where tons of people were walking and driving by, Beth announced, surprizedly, to Kim, WOW, HE'S STILL DRY AND HE DOESN'T EVEN STINK, YET !!!!
Both girls laughed and Cassidy, as if she understood, started laughing to, all I could do was blush, look around and hope no one was watching us?

We headed down the River-Walk, and I have to admit, even tho the trail was rather crowded, being a holiday weekend and all, the walk was refreshing and scenic. We must have walked about an hour, past at least 4 big casino's that shared the river-walk, when all of a sudden, I felt a rumbling in my tummy, and without any warning or sensations at all, I filled my diaper up, literally non-stop, for almost a full minute. Beth was mesmerized by the scenery and didn't notice, but Kim, being the alert mommy she is, spotted me instantly, especially when my pace slowed down to almost a stop, then became a waddle, like the same type of waddle a baby gets when they're toddling around in a dirty diaper.

Kim lightly touched Beths' arm and suggested that maybe we should be heading back, since we had been walking almost an hour now and was some distance away from the SUV, Beth said she'd like to walk a little further, this is when Kim got her full attention, pointed to my backside, and said, I don't think your big babys gonna make it much further without a diaper change, Robbie just filled his lil diapey up. Beth immediately patted the back of my shorts (rather firmly), then caught a whiff of my dirty diaper as she started to take a peek, but then backed off, stating, WHEW ROBBIE, NO NEED TO LOOK THIS TIME, YOU ARE DEFINITELY POOPY !!!!!

Kim told Beth they could change me as soon as they got back to the SUV and found a lilttle bit more of a private place to park, I was thankful for that, the only problem was, now I had to walk back to the SUV in a very dirty diaper, that was already squishing around my balls, penis and slowly oozing up my backside, what I wasn't aware of, was, without knowing, feeling or realizing it, I was still pooping, those burritos mixed with that formula was really doing a number on me, as I waddled along, with Beth holding my hand and setting the pace, like I was a two year old, I felt myself now wetting my diaper also.

We were about half way back to the SUV when Kim hollered at Beth to hold on for a minute, Beth asked what the problem was and Kim asked me to turn around, when I did, Kim pointed out the wet marks on my shorts and explained to Beth, the only way you can get wet marks like that is if someone has a leaky diaper and trust me, everyone that sees him is going to know he's got a wet, leaky diaper on. Beth laughingly said, does it matter, he's a baby and don't all babys spring leaks sometimes? Kim smiled and said, oh yea, that they do, but, ummm, Beth, there's another thing that all babys experience sometimes. Beth smiled at kim and said, Oh, and what would that be? Kim smiled back, softly patted my bottom, wrinkled her nose, and replied, YUCKY, MESSY BLOWOUTS AT THE MOST INOPPORTUNE TIMES .

Beth was like, Oh My God, are you kidding, and as we stood there in the middle of the River-Walk with dozens of people passing by, Kim pulled back the back of my shorts as both her and Beth peeked in and said, just what I thought, those snap-on plastic pants can't hold this bad of a blowout, Kim was like, EWWWW, HE'S A MESS.

Unfortunately, the girls peeking down the back of my shorts didn't go un-noticed, a nice lady, mid 30's, walked up to Kim and said, I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but notice, it seems like you people have a slight problem. Both Kim and Beth were momentarily stunned and the lady once again said, look, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to just barge in on your crisis, but it looks like you could use some assistance. Kim regaining her composure replied, thank you for your consideration, but our SUV is only about another 30 minutes down the walk here, at the main parking facility. The lady introduced herself as Karen and explained that she was a nurse for Harrah's Casino (pointing in the direction over her shoulder), she went on to say, she was on break and noticed our situation, explaining that for me to continue to walk the rest of the way down the River-Walk would not only be uncomfortable for me, but would definitely be embarrassing, considering how bad I was leaking now and how much worse the leak would be if I continued to walk around in dirty pants. Karen asked if they had a change of clothing for me and Kim answered yes as she pointed to the big blue diaper bag, Karen just smiled and motioned for us to all follow her.

As we walked towards the casino, Kim expressed to Karen how thankful she was for providing
them a private place to change me, Karen just smiled and said, "no problem, I know how hard it can be to find a place to change diapers on a mentally challenged adult, I used to work in a full care facility", both Kim and Beth just smiled. When we reached the casinos side door entrance for employees, Karen had to get us the ok to enter from the security officer posted there, once we got in, I was happy to see the casinos medical area was just inside the door we entered, keeping us from having to enter the main casino.

As we entered the medical area, Karen motioned for me to scoot up on a bed, which resembled a giant changing table, Karen then brought a strap up across my chest, explaining to Beth and Kim that it was policy and she had to secure me down for insurance purposes. Once I was securely strapped down, Beth asked Karen if she could talk to her, in private, Kim proceded to change Cassidy's diaper on a different bed, her diaper was also wet and poopy, but nothing compared to what I was sporting. What I didn't know was, Beth, not trying to dupe or fool anyone into being a part of my fantasy and this scenario we were all playing out, was telling Karen that I really didn't need diapers, I just liked wearing them, so her and her sister Kim, was sort of giving me a fantasy vacation and went on to apologise if we had misled her in anyway and once again, thanked her for her kindness.

Karen stood there for a minute, then smiled and said, I had a sneaky feeling he was'nt slow, she had worked around a lot of special people and most people that need and wear diapers all the time don't blush when they make a dirty diaper in front of others. Beth went on to tell her how they had left me at a daycare and about their mother and her friend and the police officer and the planned 4th of July bar-b-que and the pediatrician that made up the special formula and how i couldn't stop using my diapers now even if I wanted too, Karen smiled and said, "well, looks like you and your sis pretty much thought of everything and he's getting the full baby treatment but she had 1 question and a couple of requests, if Beth and Kim didn't mind?

Beth called Kim over and told her that she had told Karen everything and that Karen wanted to ask them something and had a couple of requests, Kim was like, well yea, sure, whatever you want.

Karen smiled and asked, Do you think he would get really embarrassed if I walked over to him with his diaper bag and ask him if he needed changed?

Both Kim and Beth laughed nodding thir heads in agreement and saying, OH YEA, HE'D PROBABLY SHIT HIS PANTS, this made all 3 laugh.

Karen then said "My 2 requests are, one, I would love to be able to come to your bar-b-que on Monday, just to see how he re-acts to all of the attention and the surpize look on his face", both Kim and Beth said, sure, no problem, we'd love to have you, Karen smiled, then said, my next request is, I'd love it if you allowed me to change his diaper, right now, and allow me to talk to him in babytalk, if that's ok?" Both Kim and Beth laughed and said, almost in harmony, SURRRRE, IF YOU'RE SURE YOU WANT TO, HE REALLY STINKS!!!!!!!

Karen just smiled and said, no problem, I'm used to changing poopy diapers, as she grabbed the diaper bag and slowly walked over towards me, I watched her coming my way, and just as I started to blush, she said...........

"WELL WELL WELL, WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE, IT SMELLS LIKE SOMEONE MADE A BIG BOOBOO IN HIMS LIL DIAPER (as she pulls a diaper out of my diaper bag and slowly waves it at me, waving her hand in front of her face and wrinkling her nose), C'MERE LITTLE ONE, YOU STINK, LET'S SEE WHAT YUCKY SURPRIZE YOU HAVE FOR AUNTIE KAREN IN YOUR LIL DIAPEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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