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Tammy Finds Her Daddy.

Chapter Three

Tammy wakes to find that her diaper has leaked in the crib and Daddy Tom is in the room laying out her sundress. She makes a little sheepish moan because of the cold wet bedding. Daddy Tom turns to see his little girl awake and in distress.

“Is Baby awake now after a busy night last night?” He ask with a smile. That smile has always filled Tammy with goose bumps and affection.

“Ah huh” Tammy quickly lets out. “But Daddy” She says as she cast her eyes down to avoid his stare. “I wet the bed last night.”

“Well that is what you get for diapering yourself!” He snaps back with a bit of frustration in his voice. “You should have waited for me to prepare you for bed, that is my job!”

But you where so peaceful, I no wanta wake you was her answer for this.

“Well what is done, is done.” “Lets get you out of that bed and up and ready for the day.” Today was going to be special for Tammy, Daddy Tom was going to make sure of that.

Daddy Tom steps to the bed and takes his hands under Tammy's back and under her legs and lifts her up and free from the sticky wet sheets. He carries her to the bathroom where he has a tub of water with bubbles ready for her. He slowly lowers her legs till her feet touch the floor. When she is standing up he loosens the diaper around her waist and lets it drop to the floor. A squishy thud is emitted by the diaper that is filled way past capacity. He takes Tammy's hand and helps her into the tub and puts the rubber duck and froggy in the tub with her. “Now you wash yourself and dont forget to get behind your ears.” He says with a snicker.

Daddy Tom leaves her in the tub and returns to the nursery. He strips the bedding off and wads it up into a bundle and lays it on the hardwood floor. He goes to the changing table and gets a bottle of cleaner and a towel and returns to the bed. He sprays the solution on the plastic covered mattress and wipes away all signs of urine. The solution leaves a wonderful lemon scent in the room. Satisfied he cleaned the mattress well enough, he puts away the spray bottle and goes to the closet to get new sheets to fix the bed and ready it for tonight.

Tammy was having fun washing herself and playing peek a boo with the toys in the tub, hiding them in the bubbles and trying to find them again. But she made sure she did as Daddy told her. She washed behind her ears.

Daddy Tom returned to the bathroom with a very thick cloth diaper, powder and lotion. “Did little girl get herself all clean?”

“Ah huh, I's even wash behind ears” She responded to his question. Baby talk is coming easier and easier.

“Lets get the girl out of the tub, diapered and ready for breakfast. She has a big big day today. We are going to go to the grocery store and get some things to eat for supper.”

With that Daddy extends his hand to her to help her from the tub. She takes it and stands up and steps one foot at a time on to the floor. Daddy takes a beach towel and dries his little girl from head to toe.

Daddy helps Tammy lay down on to the cloth diaper. He spreads lotion on her bottom and all around her front. He then takes the powder and sprinkles a generous amount on her diaper area and pulls the front of the diaper up between her legs. He grasp the back of the diaper and tugs the front till they make a very tight fit around her waist. He pulls Tammy to her feet and holds open a pair of plastic panties with cute little bunnys on it. He pulls then all the way up and tucks all of the the cloth diaper under the panties. “We cant have the little girl wetting the furniture can we?”

“No Daddy, me no wet furrychuter.” She meekly states as her finger instinctively finds its way to her mouth.

“Now that baby is ready for her morning, lets go have some breakfast.” Daddy Tom rises from his knees and takes Tammy by her hand and they walk to the kitchen. Again Daddy Tom takes Tammy by the ribs and hoist her up into the highchair. Once she is seated Daddy Tom slides the tray on the arms of the chair. This time Daddy ties a oversized bid around her neck. “Breakfast may be a bit messy this morning.” He then walks over to the stove and takes some pancake batter and pours it into a skittle and begins to prepare a bunch of hotcakes for him and his new charge.

When he has about 15 cakes ready, he takes them on a platter to the center of the table. He turns and goes to the fridge and gathers some butter and syrup. He returns to the table and places them next to the platter.

“Is baby ready for her treat this morning?” “Yes, sir.” is the rapid reply from the little seated in the highchair next to the table.

Daddy places a hotcake on her tray and asks if she would like a little syrup on it. “Yes, pweease!”

Daddy pours a little on the center of the hotcake. He then serves himself about 5 cakes on his plate and butters them. He slatters a generous helping of syrup on his and starts to eat.

“When we go store Daddy?” She asks as the syrup is making a sticky mess of her chin.

“ We will go this afternoon, cant deny my little girl her morning cartoons can I?” He says with a laugh.

After the stack of cakes where gone, Daddy excused himself from the table and prepared a warm wash cloth. He returned to the highchair to wash his little one up and release her from the confine of the chair. As usual she turned her head this way and that to avoid the warm cloth. A quick slap on her exposed thigh stopped her and make her more compliant.

Once she is all clean, Daddy removed the tray so he could wash it and ready it for lunch. He then reach around her chest and lifted her from the chair. With a quick pop on her padded butt, he told her to go to the living room and watch her cartoons. It was Saturday so cartoons would be on the Television till noon. This should keep his little girl occupied for a long time.

After turning on the television and tuning it to her channel, he returned to the kitchen and cleaned the dishes and readied all the cupboards for the items they will bring home this afternoon.

When he was done, he went into the living room and sat down in his lazyboy recliner. Tammy seeing this immediately got off the couch and walked over to him and sat down on his lap. Daddy reached for her and she slid back till she was resting against his chest. She laid her head on his shoulder and watched the television from his recliner.

Part Two

When the last cartoon show had ended, Daddy Tom slide a finger into the leg opening of Tammy's diaper and noticed she was wet.

“Let's get you changed into a disposable and go to the store.” Daddy helped her off his lap and took her by the hand and lead her back to the nursery. When they got there, Daddy Tom reach behind her back and under her legs and lifted her free from the floor and laid her down on the changing table.

He pulled the plastic panties from the diaper and all the way over her feet till they swung free in the air. He laid them on the floor to clean later. He reached forward and lifted the safety catch on the diaper pins and opened them. He removed both pins from the cloth diaper and placed them on the shelf under the changing pad. He then opened the diaper from her crotch and hoisted her feet into the air so he could pull the wet diaper from under her butt. He took 4 wet cloths from the container on the shelf and wiped all of Tammy's diapered area. He blew a cold breeze onto her diaper zone and she giggled with glee at the sensation. Daddy took a very thick disposable diaper from the stack on the shelf under the platform which Tammy was laying. He opened it and tugged the gathers on the inside of the diaper free from the material inside. He grasp both of Tammy's ankles and raised her butt off the table and with his free hand, slid the back of the diaper under her. He then sprinkled powder all over her groin. He then pulled the front of the diaper up between her legs and began to fasten the tapes on each side till they where tight.

“just to make sure you are extra dry, I am going to put another pair of plastic panties on you over this diaper.” With that Daddy took a pretty pair of pink plastic panties from the shelf and ease them over each on of Tammy's feet and worked them up her legs till they where snug over her diapered butt.

Daddy Tom again reached under her back and under her knees and lifted her off the changing table. He lowered her legs till she was standing on the hardwood floor. Daddy Tom walked to the chest of drawers and took the apple decorated onesie and slide it over her head. He reach between her legs and began snapping the snaps to close the shirt tight against her diaper and hold it in place. He then took her denim shortsall with the snaps all along the inseam and helped her step into them. He pulled the straps up and over her shoulders and hooked them to the bib in the front. Daddy then reached into the second drawer and took a pair of socks. He put Tammy up onto the bed so he could put the socks on her feet. Once they wear on, he took each of her tennis shoes and put them on her feet. He tied them tight and helped her to her feet.

“Now go into the living room and wait while I get dress and we will go bye bye.” She skipped and hopped into the living room and sat happily on the edge of the couch and waited for Daddy Tom to come and take her by the hand and go to the car. Strange, she had never gone out in public dressed so, but some how she knew she would be safe with Daddy Tom watching over her.

Daddy Tom came out and looked so handsome. He was in black slacks and a light blue shirt with a dark blue tie. If she wasn’t a baby she would love to date such a handsome man.

Daddy Tom walked up to her and took her by the hand and they went to the garage to the car. Daddy lead her to the backseat and opened the door so she could get in. Once she was seated he reach across her and buckled her in and closed the door. He walked around the car and took his place in the driver's seat. He pulled the door out of the drive and headed down the road to the store.

After a few minutes, they arrived at the grocery store and Daddy Tom parked the car in a stall in the middle of the lot. He put the car in park and got out. He walked around the car to release his little girl from her confines in the backseat. She got out and immediately took Daddy's hand and they walked into the store.

Daddy took a shopping cart and they entered to the sales floor. They wondered the isles and picked up things like potatoes, cabbage and bread. But while they where by the frozen foods a lady made a heartless remark about how Tammy was dress. Daddy Tom walked directly up to the lady and said: “Look lady, several years ago she had an attack of Transverse Myelitis in her lower spine. This left her with problems. The way she is dress allows me to care for her. And if you weren’t so judgmental you would be a more understanding of your fellow citizens! Now if you will excuse me, me and my girl have to be about our business!!” The lady developed a very long face because she realized she was in the wrong and was denied the chance to say she was sorry.

This filled Tammy's heart with love and admiration for Daddy. He really would take care of his girl no matter what others think. She felt so safe with Daddy by her side.

They both proceeded to the check out to pay for the items that they wanted to purchase. Each item was scanned and the total was given to Daddy and he paid the amount. The clerk put the bags into a cart and was set to follow Daddy and Tammy to the car. When they got there Daddy opened the trunk so the clerk could load the bags. He then walked Tammy to the backseat and helped her in and buckled her in. This brought a quizzical look from the clerk but he said nothing. Daddy Tom Tipped the clerk money and they where off on their way home.

Daddy pulled the car into the garage. He got out and released Tammy and swatted her wet diapered butt and told her to go into the house. He went to the trunk and got the bags of groceries and carried them inside. Tammy was already in the kitchen to help Daddy put them away.

Once everything was stored, Daddy lead Tammy into the living room and they watched TV and played. Daddy got Tammy down onto the floor and opened her shortsalls and then un-snapped her onesie, pulled them up over her chest and he began to blow raspberries on her tummy. This made her giggle ans squeal with delight! She was laughing so hard she flooded her diaper. The wetness indicators turned bright blue. Daddy would not stop. He was enjoying the sound of her laughter and the feelings growing in him for his charge.

Part Three

When Daddy finally did stop, Tammy was so out of breath she panted. Daddy decided he would let her rest on the floor as he readied the nursery for her change and nap. When Daddy returned to the living room, Tammy was asleep on the floor. He had managed to really wear her out. He reach down and picked his little girl up off the floor and carried her to the nursery and laid her on the changing table and changed her into a clean dry cloth diaper. After putting the plastic panties on her he carried her to the bed and laid her in it. He pulled the side up so she would not roll onto the floor. He then pulled the shades to darken the room so his little girl could sleep better. He then went to the kitchen to start supper. Tonight his little girl will have a decision to make.

After an hour nap, Daddy woke his little one with a kiss on the forehead. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and smiled up at Daddy. A quick slip of a finger into the leg of the diaper and she is dry enough to last till after supper. Daddy lowered the rail on the bed and helped his girl out of the bed. They went to the dinning room table and she stood by the highchair waiting to be helped into it. “Not tonight Baby, I need you as a big girl for the next few minutes.” She was puzzled but took her place in the chair next to Daddy.

“Tammy, I want you to quit your job. And I also want you to break your lease and move in here with me. I have fallen in love with you and dont want to be without you.”

“But if I quit my job I will never be able to save the money for my sex reassignment surgery!” She proclaimed

“I will help you, and I will pay the penalties for breaking your lease” Daddy says. “I have worked it out with my company, I will be staying at home and working so I can care for you. And if I do have to leave I will just take you with me to the job sites.”

“I don’t know, This is unexpected.”

“Tammy I love you! Don’t deny me my little girl” He says with earnest in his voice.

“Okay, Yes I will do as you ask. I will be your little girl for now until the end of time.”

He reached for her and took him in his arms and hugged the stuffing out of her. She is very very happy! A handsome man who loves her for who and what she is. A man who wants her to be his baby and care for. Not a care in the world other than making Daddy a happy parent. Oh this is a dream come true. She cant believe her luck. Now her love for Daddy Tom has gone so far above all she has known in her life. Can she really “live happily ever after?”

With that Daddy Tom rises from the table and picks Tammy up under the arms and places her into the highchair for a much deserved celebration supper. Daddy Tom prepared steak and potatoes. Of course he cubed hers up for her. He truly was a lucky man. He found a little one to satisfy his need to care for a child, a woman of great spirit. Beautiful, caring and loving. He has to help her achieve her dream, it now has become his. Together they will make each other happy.

The End?

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