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" Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "



            " Chapter 1 "


            Knowing all the pressures I had been under, Saundra, my online mommy from Tulsa suggested that I was in need of a little baby vacation.  She said that if I wanted to, we could meet at her best friends home in Oklahoma City, since her home in Tulsa was not a possibility due to her teenage children, but her friend, Andrea, who lived in Oklahoma City had a 2 year old and a newborn, plus she and her husband, Dave, knew of my AB fantasy from all of us chatting online together over the past couple years.


              Saundra, Andrea and Dave had their own fetishes, all 3 of them were nudists and enjoyed entertaining other nudists they knew, in their home.  Andrea and Dave had known me for about 2 years and were well aware of my AB side, and expressed to me that if I did come for a visit, that even though they themselves and their guests walked around nude,  most of the time, I, like the rest of the babies, would be diapered, and like the rest of the babies, there would be no attempt to try and hide the fact that I was diapered, regardless of who stopped by for a visit.  I knew that none of them would ever put me in harms way or in an illegal situation, so I reluctantly, but excitedly, agreed to visit Oklahoma City for a 2 week ba-cation ( short for baby vacation ) lol.


                I guess Saundra and Andrea had discussed it and both came up with some simple ground rules for me.  Since I had fooled Saundra to get out of using my diapers so many times when we met in Las Vegas, she came up with some basic rules that both her and Andrea would enforce once I got to Andreas home.


      Rule 1 :  I would be diapered for the entire 2 weeks I would be staying at Andreas home.  I would be diapered coming in and diapered going out at the end of the 2 weeks.


      Rule 2 :  I had to use my diapers for their intended purpose, just like any other baby, regardless of where we were or who was around.


      Rule 3 :  My diapers would be checked and/or changed, by whoever felt I was in need of either, at their discretion, depending on where we were and what privacy from the general public we were afforded, at home, they would be checked and changed as needed in whichever area of the house I was, backyard included, regardless of who was visiting.


      Rule 4 :  I would be dressed however they chose to dress me at home, be it just a diaper and t-shirt, onesie, rompers or shorts diaper-set, when we went out, I would still be heavily diapered with plastic pants, possibly a onesie to cut down on the sagging and drooping, and either sweat pants or a matching shorts and t-shirt set, depending on where we were going.


       Rule 5 :  I would be fed by one of them, this would include baby bottles of BABY FORMULA or apple juice, baby food, and of course they would include adult food, but if it was not finger food, someone would have to feed me.  During the day or when we went out, I did not have to use a baby bottle, but I would have to drink from a sippy-cup, no exceptions!  Any of their guests, at any time they were visiting, could feed me a baby bottle if they wanted to.


        Rule 6 :  There would not be, for any reason, any extenuating circumstances that would allow me to use a bathroom by myself and not use my diapers or be treated like a baby.


        Rule 7 :  If at any time, including the first couple days, I showed any hesitation or resistance to wetting or messing my diapers, exactly like a baby, Saundra and Andrea would not hesitate to use suppositories, laxatives, diuretics or any other methods they saw fit to get me to start messing and wetting my diapers, like a baby does naturally, for example, they vowed to shove a couple Dulcolax Suppositories up my bottom, re-diaper me, then invite a couple of their girlfriends over for coffee and chat, and watch as I squirmed and attempted not to mess my diaper in front of all of them.


        Rule 8 :  The use of pacifiers, rattles and other assorted baby toys will be at the discretion of whoever is watching me and at no time will I be allowed to play on the computer or with other adult items.


        Rule 9 :  When I meet with Saundra in Oklahoma City, I must be already diapered and at least damp or wet.  I have to bring my diaper supplies, both cloth and disposable diapers, my plastic pants, both pull on and snap on, my onesies, my shorts/diaper sets with the snaps in the crotch and on the waist to snap to the matching t-shirt, my rompers,my Oshkosh B'Gosh

coveralls with the snaps in the crotch and any other adult baby apparel I might have.


        Rule 10 :  Last but not least, once I've made contact with Saundra and Andrea and have walked into Andreas home, I cannot back out of the vacation and whatever plans they have in store for me, regardless of how embarrassing or humiliating I think it might be.


                 With all of these rules in mind, I had absolutely no problem going thru with my ba-cation and made the travel plans to coincide with Saundra coming down from Tulsa to Oklahoma City to meet up with me.  Since I decided to drive from Phoenix I figured I'd put a diaper on near Amarillo, this would give me ample opportunity to wet my diaper before I got to Okla. City, and if I was feeling froggy, maybe even deposit a little surprize for Saundra, nothing too messy mind you, I mean, I still had a ways to travel and didn't want to drive too far sitting in a messy diaper.


                 The directions Andrea gave me were dead on, and after the 14 hour drive, it was nice not to get lost.  I met with Saundra in a shopping center right off the highway just south of Okla. City.  She was as exhilarating and bubbly as I remember her being, from when we met in Vegas.  She told me Andrea was working but wanted to see me as soon as I got into town and was waiting to take her lunch break, Andrea worked as a cashier at one of the larger Walgreens in the area, a job which she enjoyed much more then her previous job as a nurses aide in a nursing home.  I agreed to leave my minivan parked and rode with Saundra to where Andrea worked, which ended up being just across the highway in another shopping center.


                  When we got to the Walgreens, Saundra peeked in the door and saw that Andrea was still working at her cash register so Saundra and I agreed to play a little joke on her, keep in mind Andrea and I had never met before.  I got in her line, fortunately it was a slow day and there was no one else in the store waiting, when I got up to her register, I asked her if they sold cloth adult diapers and if so, where could I find them.  She was very helpful and told me that they didn't sell cloth diapers but they did sell disposable adult briefs.  I asked her if she thought they had any that would fit me, as I stepped back from the counter and motioned towards my waist, she glanced down rather quickly and blushingly said she was sure they had some in my size.  I then asked her was she familiar with putting these style diapers on someone and she looked at me, smiled and said, "Boo, is that you"?


                   As soon as I started laughing Saundra came up, also laughing and asked Andrea if she was ready to take her lunch break, Andrea laughed and said yea, she'd meet both of us at the Taco Bell in about 10 minutes.  Once we all got together, we chatted and had a blast, Saundra told me I had to eat something since dinner was still a couple hours away so she got me 2 bean burritos, it hadn't even occurred to me why she selected that as my snack, also, I hadn't realized we were going to meet Andrea at her work, I figured Saundra would take me straight to the house, check my diaper and then change me.


                  That little surprize I had in my diaper for Saundra was starting to smush around and I was in dire need of having to pee again, I knew that this would only make the small mess in my diaper squishier and messier and that the smell would eventually start permeating through my diaper and plastic pants and it would be just a matter of time before anyone near me would know I had a poopy diaper.  When Andrea was finished with her lunch break we all 3 walked back to Walgreens together, I noticed Saundra and Andrea were whispering and giggling behind me.  When we got back to Walgreens, Andrea gave my bottom a very solid pat and said, "I'll see your little butt later on tonight", then just wrinkled her nose and smiled.  


                  As I was climbing back into Saundras minivan, she swatted my bottom and started to buckle me in, I told her we hadn't quite started  since I had not walked in to Andreas house yet, she smiled, wrinkled her nose and said, "From what I can tell by that droop in your pants and that not too pleasant smell coming from you, I'd say you've already started".  We drove back to my van and Saundra told me to follow her to Andreas house, which to my surprize, was only about 5 blocks away from the shopping center I met Saundra at.


                 Once we arrived at Andreas house, Saundra instructed me to pull my van up in the driveway, then pulled in right behind me, blocking my van in.  She asked me which suitcase had my changing supplies and I told her that I had an actual diaper bag, fully stocked, in the back.  She opened the back, grabbed my puffy, blue diaper bag, took my hand, then said, come on little one, let's get you in to a fresh diaper.  


                 When we walked into the house, the first thing I noticed was a very nice pool table in an open foyer type room, I then followed Saundra in to the living room where to my surprize was a very attractive girl, brunette with green eyes, probably about 24 or 25, sitting on the couch holding the newborn and watching cartoons with the 2 year old.  Saundra immediately introduced me as Rob, but told the girl she could just call me Boo, the girls name was Kelly and she was Andreas live-in babysitter, just then to my shock and embarrassment, Saundra held my diaper bag up and said................


"Kelly, can you excuse us for a couple minutes, I need to get this big guy changed, he smells a little ripe"


Kelly said, "I know the feeling, and if you don't mind, this little one needs changed too, she's probably just as ripe"


Both Saundra and Kelly laughed as Kelly stood up with the newborn, grabbing the 2 year olds hand, and to my surprize, followed Saundra and me in to a room where I saw a double bed, a small refrigerator, a changing table, a crib and what looked like a hutch, half filled, with diapering supplies for the newborn, with the other half sitting completely empty.  


Saundra instructed for me to lay down on the changing pad she had spread on the bed while Kelly layed the newborn on the changing table, the 2 year old jumped up on the bed playfully and was watching Kelly change the baby with Saundra oohing and aahing at the newborn.  Once Kelly was done changing the baby, she quickly checked the 2 year olds diaper, after finding it dry and not in need of a change, she looked at me and just smiled.


Saundra then said, as she pushed me back down on the changing pad, took off my shoes and socks and started pulling my pants down to my ankles, "O-K BIG GUY, YOU'RE NEXT, LET'S SEE WHAT NASTY LIL SURPRIZE YOU HAVE FOR YOUR MOMMY IN YOUR LIL DIAPEYS, SHOO-EEEEEE BABY BOY, YUCK, YOU STINK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

" Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                             " CHAPTER II "


           Now keep in mind, I know I made a promise to Saundra to follow and obey all of her rules for my Ba-cation, but I had absolutely no idea any one other then Saundra and Andrea would see me getting my diapers changed, let alone being involved with the changing, and yes, I remember what rule 3 stated, I guess I just wasn't ready to have someone as young, and pretty, see and assist in changing my diapers.


              As Saundra got my pants down to my ankles, Kelly had placed the baby in the crib and came over and stood next to Saundra.  Saundra smiled at Kelly and asked her, "Are you volunteering your diaper changing skills, you do realize he probably has a messy diaper to change", to which Kelly responded, "Sure, I'd love to help change him, Andrea said he would be staying with us for about 10 days, and I'm sure I'll end up changing a number of his diapers, of which I'm quite certain, some will be messy", Saundra just laughed and said, "Oh yea, I can almost guarantee you'll be witness to a number of his messy diapers, I babysat this big baby in Las Vegas and girl, I'm here to tell you, it seemed like every other diaper of his that I changed, was yucky and poopy", both girls laughed and Kelly said, "Dannnng Robbie, you make dirty in your lil diapeys more then a little baby, but that's ok, if hims wants to make poopies in hims widdle diapeys, we'll pat his bottom just like we do a little baby, wrinkle our nose, call him Mr. Tinky Bottom and change his yucky ole diapey", both girls laughed even harder.


              Saundra gently swatted the inside of my thigh and told me to lift my bottom up, and as I did, she pulled my plastic pants down, but left them around my ankles, she had already completely removed my other pants.  She then un-taped the disposable diaper and slowly brought it down in front, carefully peeking in, then she smiled, turned to Kelly and said, "AWWWW, hims not too poopy, hims just gots a lil stinkie for his mommy and his Auntie Kelly", both ladies laughed as Kelly handed Saundra some baby wipes and Saundra proceeded to wipe my bottom and clean me up.  Saundra then asked Kelly to grab another diaper for me from my diaper bag, after a second or two, Kelly asked Saundra if she wanted another disposable diaper or did she want to try the cloth diapers, Saundras eyes lit up and she said, "OH MY YES, let's get this lil stinker in a cloth diaper, that way I can pat his cushy, soft, little bottom every time he walks past me".


              Kelly came back over to the bed, carrying two, of my thick cloth night diapers and said to Saundra, " If you're fixin to be patting his little cushy bottom, we probably shouldn't use his plastic pants on him, instead, we can just double diaper him, that'll not only give you a lot of cushiness to pat, but it'll also make it possible for us to see when he's going potty in his diaper, he won't soak through two of these (holding up both thick cloth diapers) right away, but we'll sure be able to tell if his little bottom is damp, plus he's gonna look sooooo damn cute walking bow-legged because his diapers are so thick, just like a toddler", both ladies nodded their heads simultaneously and giggled.


               Saundra went ahead and pulled my plastic pants the rest the way off of me, told me to lift my bottom again, then expertly positioned and folded the double cloth diapers under me, another playful swat told me to set my bottom down, as I did, and my bottom touched the bulkiness and softness of that double diaper, it was such a euphoric feeling, it was almost dream like when Saundra pulled it snuggly up between my legs, and I felt the bulkiness of the diaper gently, but forcibly spread my legs apart, and when I looked up at Saundra, two blue ducky diaper pins, pursed in her lips, she looked back down at me, wrinkled her nose and smiled, then firmly pulled the sides of the diaper on the left side towards the front, and pinned the diaper, then as she pulled the other diaper pin from her lips, she snuggly pulled the opposite side of the diaper to the front, tightening it as she pulled on it, and pinned that side snuggly and firmly.  I looked over at Kelly and she was just smiling down at me, as soon as Saundra finished, she gave my bottom a little pat and Kelly immediately followed suit, patting my bottom and telling Saundra, laughingly, " He sure has a big ole bubble butt now, did you want to put one of these baby tees on him so he doesn't get cold", as she held up one of my infantile looking t-shirts I had packed in my diaper bag.  Saundra said sure, did you want to go ahead and put it on him and I'll go fix him a baba, he probably needs a nap after that long drive, Kelly said sure, she'd go ahead and get me ready for my nap, grabbed the tee, then took my hand, and after peeking in the crib real quick to make sure the baby was sleeping, she told the two year old to come on as all 3 of us walked into the front room.


               Kelly must have seen the confusion on my face as she was pulling my baby-tee over my head, and said, " Robbie baby, since the newborn is napping in her crib, you can take your nap out here on the floor, since we don't have rails or bumpers on your bed like a crib, the only time you'll sleep on your bed is at night when your mommy can be near you.  After Kelly motioned for me to sit on the floor, she went back in to the bedroom and came out with a blanket and what looked like a sheet with a water-proof backing, once she had everything spread out on the floor like she wanted it, she patted the blanket and told me to come over and lay down.  I laid down and she placed a pillow under my head, then asked me if I needed something to cover up with, when I said yes, she grabbed a nursery print sheet and covered me up with it, by this time, Saundra had returned with a baby bottle of Infants Good Start formula (with a couple added ingredients I knew nothing about), she sat down next to me and held the nipple of the bottle to my mouth, as I took the nipple and started slowly nursing the bottle, Saundra told me to just relax and nurse and she would feed me the bottle until I went to sleep.  I didn't think that would be happening but then again, I must have been more tired then I thought because it wasn't long until I was starting to nod off, still nursing on the bottle Saundra held.


                When I woke up a couple hours later, I wasn't sure how much of the bottle I had drank before I fell asleep, but I did know that I was feeling an over powering urge to pee, still half asleep, I remembered where I was and what was happening, forgetting I was wearing a thick, double diaper, I went ahead and slowly wet my diaper so it wouldn't overflow.  I sort of looked around and didn't see anyone but I did hear voices coming from what was probably the dining room, except it sounded like numerous voices, including a guys voice.  I just laid there, letting my thick diaper saturate all my pee, I felt the diaper area down near my crotch to see how soaked my diapers were, but to my surprise, my diapers were, at best, slightly damp.  Then I heard the people that were talking in the other room coming back in to the room where I was laying so I quickly closed my eyes and pretended that I was still sleeping. 


                 Laying there with my eyes closed, I heard Saundra telling the other people there that maybe she should wake me up or else I would be up all night and she didn't feel like staying up all night with a fussy baby, all of them started laughing and then I heard Andreas voice saying she wanted to be the one that wakes me up, Saundra laughed and told her, be my guest.  Andrea knelt down beside me and I felt the sheet being slowly pulled off of me, then Andrea patted the bottom of my diaper and immediately told everyone else, "I think our baby boy has a wet tush, his diaper feels a little damp".  Saundra asked her if I needed changed and Andrea replied, "No, I don't think so, whoops, hang on a second (Andrea pulled the diaper away from my leg at the inside of my thigh and peeked in), Nope, he's just a little bit damp and he's not poopy so he should be ok for awhile".


                Andrea then looked at me, gently tapped my shoulder as she played with my hair and said, "Hey baby boy, wake up honey, your Auntie Andrea and Uncle Dave are home and we want to chat with our big baby boy.  Now keep in mind, I do not fantasize about having a daddy, an uncle figure, or any guy at all involved with me being a baby, but I had talked to Dave so much on the computer over the past couple years, I had absolutely no problem with him seeing me in a diaper or being treated like a baby, as long as he had no part of the baby care, I much preferred that to be left to the more maternal type people.  When I opened my eyes, Andrea was kneeling beside me, smiling, and Saundra, Dave and Kelly were all sitting in chairs or on the couch.  Andrea looked at me and asked, "So Baby Boo, are you ready to see what being a full time baby is like?  We've all talked about it and have decided to treat you like you an 18 months old toddler, walking, but still dependant on someone for everything else". 


                 "Now keep in mind Baby Boo, us four will probably not be the only ones to see you in a diaper, or even see you get your diapers changed, we have a lot of friends that pop in from time to time, all of which we have told about you.  The ones that are not comfortable with us and you have agreed to stay away for about 2 weeks, but Boo, I'm here to tell you, there were only two people that felt uncomfortable with your fantasy, the rest are curious and extremely inquisitive and I can guarantee you, they will ALL stop by over the next 10 days.  I hear you've already met Kelly and she even helped Saundra change your poopy diaper and help dress you, just for your info, Kelly lives here as a live-in babysitter for Dave and I so she will more then likely be involved in your infant care, oh yea, by the way Boo..........


(As Andrea started patting my damp diapered bottom), Kelly is going out with a couple of her friends tonight, who also happen to know about you, and they'll be picking her up any minute now, but don't you worry your cute little tush over it, they've both seen wet diapered bottoms before, they're both mommys of babys under two years old...........................................

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