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This story is pure fiction. I don’t own anything in this accept my own plot. Thank you that is all.

Priya Rai was currently in the hospital getting a physical done on her. She had beautiful large breasts, a slim body and a beautiful ass. Right now she was in a hospital gown as the doctor had her sitting in the stirrups so he could examine the area between her legs.

“So you say that you’ve been having bladder problems these past few weeks miss Rai?” The Doctor, a male said, “And you’ve had the increasing urge to pee more often?”

"That’s right, doctor" she said, feeling embarrassed about the situation.

"Well," said the doctor, "there's no need to feel embarrassed about it." he said reassuringly.  There are a lot of things that can make people have this problem."  Are you under any particular stress over the last couple of weeks that you haven't experienced recently?"

“Aside from trying to find a college to attend and a home to stay in while I attend that college nothing,” Priya said.

“Well that does explain a few things,” the doctor said examining Priya’s pussy. “After examination I believe you’ve got a bladder infection. You should take some of these.”

The doctor then handed Priya a couple of pills in a bottle and a signed prescription.

“So how will these pills help me?” Priya asked.

“They’ll help by removing the bladder infection but you’ll have to take one pill every day for the next three months and I’m afraid you’ll have to take them with cranberry juice.”

Priya was now confused as she was expecting to take the pills with water since that usually clears out kidneys but taking them with cranberry juice seemed odd. Still she took a pill and got some fresh cranberry juice that the doctor had given her and took a pill. When she did though she had an even bigger urge to pee and on cue she peed all over the floor of the office. Fortunately the office was built with a concrete floor with drains in it so all the pee ran down to the sewers.

“What did you do to me?” Priya demanded as she stood up and peed again, “You said these pills would help but they’re causing me to pee even more.”

“It must be the cranberry juice its clashing with the medicine making it so that you’ve got the bladder control of a newborn infant,” the doctor said, “I’m afraid that you’ve got to keep taking the pills to remove the infection but there is something I can do for you.”

The doctor then removed his pants and underwear showing his big long hard cock and without warning he turned Priya around lifted her grown stuck his cock deep inside her pussy and began fucking her brains out. Priya enjoyed the fucking the doctor gave her as she moaned out her pleasure and wanted the doctor to fuck and cum in her pussy. The doctor happily obliged as he made her cum on the floor while she squirted. He then flipped her right on her back and into the chair but had her blindfolded first to heighten the pleasure as he fucked her brains out once again. This time he was going long and deep in the process as Priya began screaming out for him to cum deep inside her pussy. The doctor happily obliged as he came and came by the gallon stuffing her like a turkey, but he had something else as he cleaned her up and wrapped her up in something soft.

“Miss Rai you can remove the blindfold now,” the doctor said.

Priya removed the blindfold and saw that to her surprise and shock she was wearing a thick absorbent diaper and the strangest thing was that it seemed to be molded to cover her curvy ass. She tied to take it off but she found there were no tapes on the sides of the diaper and each time she did try the diaper would cling tighter to her.

“What is this?” Priya asked, “Why am I wearing a diaper?”

“Given what you said about the Juice and the pills clashing this is the best thing I can do for you right now,” the doctor said, “I’m sorry but you’ll have to stay in diapers till the infection goes away.”

Priya sighed as she left with the pills and the case of Diapers that the doctor had given her to wear.

Later that night Priya was outside a mansion doing a babysitting job. She was doing this to earn payment for college as she wanted to get in on her own. The door opened and Priya could see Addison Thompson wearing a pink frilly dress expecting her.

“Thank you for coming Miss Rai,” Addison Thompson said.

“Please call me Priya,” Priya said wearing a light sun dress with the diaper she had been put in at the doctor’s office.

“Then please call me Allison.” Addison Thompson said before a faint hiss could be heard. “Oh looks like I wet myself.”

“You wet yourself? But how?”

Priya was confused as Alison simply lifted her dress revealing she was wearing a diaper which was custom fitted to fit her ass.

“I’m bladder incontinent so I’ve had to wear diapers for my whole life,” Addison replied, “My husband knows about it and he accepts it since its part of who I am. That and he loves me because of my personality.”

“I can see that so let’s get you out of those diapers,” Priya suggested laying Addison on the floor and cleaning and powering her pussy before putting her in a fresh dry diaper, “So why did you call me here again?”

“My husband and I need you to watch our three adopted daughters. We’d get our other kids to do it but they’re busy tonight and we don’t want them to break their schedules,” Mrs. Thompson said as her husband came by.  

“And we’ll be happy to pay you enough money to get to college,” Mr. Thompson said, “We’ve got plenty of money but we’re not rich snobs.”

Priya thanked the Thompsons as they left and she went over to look for the three adopted daughters. She was still getting over the fact that Mrs. Thompson had actually lifted up her dress and revealed that she was in diapers of her own.

“Well as long as I’m here I may as well get to work,” Priya said still in her sundress as she was about to go to work. “I just remembered the Thompsons never taught me about the three adopted daughters they have.”

Priya was about to go and call them up when she walked into the living room and saw three girls sitting together and chatting. The first was a beautiful Hispanic Girl with large C cup breasts and an hour glass figure. She had wavy waist length brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. The second was a Japanese girl with waist length black hair and she had large C cup breasts and she had beautiful blue eyes as well. The third was a beautiful Greek girl with large breasts that were slightly bigger than C cup and a beautiful ass. She had blond hair and green eyes.

Priya saw that these three girls were very beautiful but what stood out was the fact that all three girls were naked save for the diapers which all bore the flag of the nation they were from.

“Hello girls,” Priya said as the three girls turned to see her, “I’m Priya and I’m your babysitter tonight. Your adoptive parents told me about you and they told me about your bladder problem. I’m surprised that you can be so comfortable wearing nothing but diapers around the house.”

“Oh hello Priya. We’re wearing diapers because it’s a bit warm to wear anything else and we’re used to it. By the way I’m Maria and I’m adopted from an orphanage in Mexico,” Maria the Hispanic girl said as she was in the diaper printed with the Mexican Flag covering it.

“I’m Sasha and I’m from and orphanage in Greece. I have a massive bladder problem and I’m completely bladder incontinent,” Sasha the Greek girl said wearing nothing but a Greece Flag Printed Diaper. “Mr and Mrs Thompson adopted me because they wanted to give me a loving home despite my bladder problems.”

“I’m Yukie and I’m from an orphanage in Japan,” Yukie the Japanese girl said wearing nothing but a Japanese Flag printed Diaper, “At first I was afraid of being treated differently but after a while I grew to love my new family and they treat me like a regular girl.”

“That’s good but how can the three of you be so comfortable wearing nothing but your diapers?” Priya asked.

“Because we grew used to it and our adoptive mother wears diapers as well,” Sasha said.

“Why would you ask that?” Yukie wondered.

Priya pretty much lifted up her sundress and showed the three girls the soaking wet diaper and began to explain her current condition. She then found that the girls were loving to have her around as their babysitter despite that and she began to strip to nothing but her diaper and joined them in playing board games and card games for the night.  

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