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"My Girlfriends Sisters Baby"


  By BooBooBritches 


             CHAPTER 17


Karen just smiled and said, no problem, I'm used to changing poopy diapers, as she grabbed the diaper bag and slowly walked over towards me, I watched her coming my way, and just as I started to blush, she said...........

"WELL WELL WELL, WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE, IT SMELLS LIKE SOMEONE MADE A BIG BOOBOO IN HIMS LIL DIAPER (as she pulls a diaper out of my diaper bag and slowly waves it at me, waving her hand in front of her face and wrinkling her nose), C'MERE LITTLE ONE, YOU STINK, LET'S SEE WHAT YUCKY SURPRIZE YOU HAVE FOR AUNTIE KAREN IN YOUR LIL DIAPEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I was in total shock, but in an exciting way, as I squirmed around on the changing table, still restricted by the strap across my chest restraining me securely to the table, she asked me to lift my bottom as she slowly pulled my shorts down to my ankles and patiently unsnapped my plastic pants, and with each snap unsnapped, she would wrinkle her nose and say something babyish like,  "Eeeeeew, this big baby made a stinky in hims lil diapeys, just for hims Auntie Karen".  By time she got the last snap unsnapped, I must have been as red as an apple because she looked at me and said, "Don't you worry baby, I'll take my time because your mommy told me you love spending time and squishing around in poopy diapers, and then being talked to, just like a baby"


As she unpinned one side of my diaper, she commented to Beth and Kim, "Wow, I'm surprised you have him in cloth diapers, doesn't that get kind of messy and yucky to be dealing with full time, that is, if you keep him in diapers full time", Kim quickly replied, "He's only gonna be in diapers for the holiday weekend, anything longer then that and we would seriously consider a diaper delivery service, Lord knows we don't want to be washing his poopy diapers all the time", as both Beth and Kim laughed, Karen slowly peeled the diaper back where she had removed the diaper pin..........


OH MY GOD, WHAT HAVE YOU ALL BEEN FEEDING THIS BABY, TACO BELL?  As both Beth and Kim giggled and answered, YES, that and his special formula.


Karen asked Beth to get her a damp wash cloth and hand her the baby wipes, before she unpinned the other side, Karen had already started wiping my bottom with the edge of the wet, but still clean part of the diaper, as she unpinned the other side, slowly peeling the diaper back, she looked at me, wrinkled her nose and said, "Don't even think about moving, my God your messy", as she got the damp wash cloth and began the tedious task of cleaning my bottom, once the biggest part of the mess was cleaned up, she started wiping me down with the baby wipes, paying real close attention to my penis and balls, wiping them ever so slowly, increasing my excitement with every swish of the wipe to where I almost exploded in an orgasm, then without warning and very quickly, she told me to lift my bottom as she slid a clean diaper under me, expertly powdered my bottom and groin area, then brought the diaper up securely between my legs, pinning one side and th en the other, leaving me laying there, still hard and ready to explode.


"Hey Beth, have you got some clean plastic pants and a clean pair of shorts, these are really messy and they stink"


Beth handed her the clean plastic pants and shorts as Kim put the dirty diaper, plastic pants and shorts in a plastic didee bag, something else I never knew they had.


As Karen finished pulling up my plastic pants and shorts, making sure all the edges of the diaper were well concealed inside the plastic pants, she gave me a pat on my bottom and said, "He's all yours ladies, have a safe trip back to Vegas and maybe we'll all run into each other again, someday, maybe after you get this little feller here potty trained and out of diapers"  as she winked to Beth and Kim.  Karen also arranged for us to get a ride back to the parking lot along the river walk in a courtesy/security gold cart furnished by Harrah's.


I heard Beth and Kim talking about how nice Karen was and wouldn't it be nice to invite her to Vegas sometime in the future, as Kim was strapping Cassidy into her car seat, Beth was strapping me into mine, Beth gave me a little smile and a pat on my thickly diapered crotch, then grabbed the bay bottle Kim was handing her and stuck it in my mouth, Cassidy also got a bottle, but she was almost asleep, and to tell you the truth, I wasn't far from it, this entire experience left me totally exhausted and Beth must have sensed it, she looked at me and said, "Now baby boy, you have to drink all your baba before you take a nap", as she held the bottle up to my lips and I began to automatically nurse it.


The drive back to Las Vegas was uneventful, at least as far as I knew, at least more uneventful then the drive out, we didn't get stopped by any cops this time.  I slept most of the way, as did Cassidy.  I woke up as we were pulling into our driveway and I heard Beth saying, "Wakey Wakey little Babys, we're home".  As Kim carried the still sleeping Cassidy into the house, Beth handed me my diaper bag as she grabbed Cassidy's diaper bag, then firmly grasped my hand as we both walked into the house.  By time we got in, Kim already had Cassidy in her crib and was changing her diaper and getting her ready to go to sleep for the night.  Beth set Cassidy's diaper bag down by the door, then grabbed mine and set it down next to Cassidy's, she then took my hand and asked me if I was ready to go beddie-bye, I just yawned.


When we got in the bedroom, Beth pulled my shorts down and was pushing me back on the changing pad on the bed when Kim walked in, Kim offered to help her get me ready for bed, then suggested her and Beth could have a drink by the pool and unwind, Beth agreed very quickly, as she pulled my plastic pants down, then did a quick peek in the side gap of my diaper at the thigh, exclaiming, "Wow, he's not too poopy, and just a tad bit damp, but he still needs changed, he stinks".    Kim just laughed and handed Beth the baby wipes and a clean diaper, stating, "We probably shouldn't use plastic pants on him at night, he's starting to get a little red and might be getting the start of a diaper rash".


As the girls sat by the pool sipping their drinks, Kim mentioned that she noticed there was an urgent message left on the phone to call Dr. Jessica Reddy, her pediatrician, first thing in the morning, she figured it had something to do with Cassidy's appointment on Tuesday, neither girl felt it had anything to do with me, or the formula they had been feeding me 7 to 8 times a day for the past 3 days...................WE WERE ALL IN FOR A SHOCK, AND A SURPRISE, THE FORMULA HAD A BAD SIDE EFFECT !!!!!!!!

"MY Girlfriends Sisters Baby"


                                  By BooBooBritches


                                            Chapter 18        



                I woke up about 9 a.m., still in a daze about not only yesterdays events, but every day since this started.  I wasn't sure how much more I could take or how many more embarrassing situations I could handle, what I was sure of, was whoever created this special formula, sure knew what they were doing, as I squirmed around in bed, I could feel the sensation I've come to grow accustom to, a wet and dirty diaper.


                I laid there for awhile, just trying to see if I could hear anyone talking, I must have been making some noises and completely forgot about the baby monitor hooked up in the room, the next thing I knew, Beth and Kim's mom, Elly came strolling in, smiling at me and grabbing the wipes, a fresh diaper and the baby powder off of the dresser.  As she walked towards me, she said.....


"Well looks who's awake,  (sniffs the air), smells like someone has a lil pooper in hims lil diapey, c'mon lil one, lets let your nana change your yucky butt, you stinnnnnnk!!!!"


                As she pulled my blanket down I saw her nose wrinkle, she felt the bottom of my obviously dirty diaper, claiming "My my, hims such a stinky baby and hims gots a wet bottom too, I'm sure glad the girls aren't keeping you in plastic pants all the time, we wouldn't want our lil stinker to get a yucky ole diaper rash now would we"


                 She bent over me and slowly un-pinned the diaper pins, first the left one, then the right, as she pulled the front of the diaper back, she smiled and said "Well, it sure isn't as bad as it smelled, hims just a lil tiny bit yucky, yes hims is.  If you keep making dirty diapers like this, no worse then a real little baby, other then the typically normal blow-out every baby has from time to time, I just might volunteer to baby-sit you on a full time basis.


                 She used the edge of the damp diaper to wipe my bottom, then followed up with a couple of Baby Fresh baby wipes, after telling me to lift my bottom, she rolled and scrunched the dirty diaper up under my bottom and then pulled it out, very carefully.  After she sat the dirty diaper on the floor, she produced a clean diaper, instructing me to lift my bottom, as I did, she pushed the diaper under my bottom, as soon as I laid down, she spread baby powder over my groin and bottom, then she brought the thick, soft, cloth diaper up between my legs, forcing my legs to spread apart, she then helped me sit up, put a clean tee on me, then took my hand and said "Let's go get some breakfast little one, nana will fix you some eggs and a fresh baba"


                   As I toddled into the kitchen, in just a cloth diaper and a tee, I noticed Beth and Kim were not home, as nana was getting me set up in my high chair, she must have seen my apprehension, she immediately explained "Kim and Beth got up early and had to go pick up some things for the bar-b-que tomorrow, Cassidy was already awake so they took her and since I was here, I offered to baby-sit you until they got back, and yes baby boy, I knew you would probably have a dirty diaper when you woke up, but baby boy, nana doesn't mind changing her lil baby boy and wiping hims lil yucky bottom (with a cute lil nose wrinkle), I might as well get used to it" as she sets a plate of scrambled eggs in front of me and a baby bottle of formula.


                   I hadn't finished my bottle, but had gobbled down the eggs (with just my fingers), by time Beth and Kim arrived back home.  Beth came in the kitchen, saw me in the high chair and got this incredible smile and twinkle in her eye, as she came over to me, she gave me a big hug and a big mommy kiss (boy and girl kisses were not allowed when others were around).  Beth asked her mom if I was a good baby for her and Elly replied, I was a perfect baby, even had a little surprize for his nana in hims lil diapey, both Kim and Beth laughed and Beth looked at me and asked "Awwww, did my lil Booboo have hims yucky ole diapey changed by hims nana" (as I blushed) Kim said "Mom is sure changing a lot of diapers lately, for someone who said she was done with dirty diapers". Elly quickly replied "Trust me girls, the only dirty diapers I'm going to be changing will be Cassidy's and Baby Robs, I'll change their diapers and wipe their lil bottoms any time they need it", everybody just laughed.


                    Kim then told her mom and Beth that they had best get Cassidy and I ready to go, apparently they had some more shopping to do and had decided to finish it at the mall where The Tops For Bottoms Nursery was located.  As Beth wiped my face, got me out of the high chair, then took my hand and headed for the bedroom, Kim hollered out to her "Hey Beth, make sure you pack extra diapers and plastic pants for Rob, oh yea, and an extra onesie too, just in case we drop him off at the nursery so we can go eat lunch", Beth just laughed as she patted my thickly cushioned bottom.


                     Cassidy was dressed in a cute little romper set, Beth had me in an infantile looking tee, but did let me wear my sweat pants over my diapers and plastic pants, maybe because she had double diapered me and my butt stuck out like an overgrown baby in a diaper derby.  Elly informed us that she had no plans today and since she was paying for half of the bar-b-que, she was going shopping with us.


                     As we all started to get into Kim's SUV, I was surprized when Elly handed Beth my diaper bag and started to strap me in to my car-seat, inserting two fingers into the front of my sweat pants and diaper, then announcing to everyone "Oh my, we have a miracle here, this little piss-pot is still dry", everyone started laughing and Beth looked at me, smiled and whispered "I Love You".


                     The drive to the mall was about 20 minutes, not a lot of traffic for a Sunday, but when we got to the mall, the parking lots were semi-full.  On the drive there all 3 women were chatting about the bar-b-que and Beth asked Kim if she had called her pediatrician, Kim told her no, she didn't want to bother her on a holiday weekend and since we would be seeing them on Tuesday anyway for Cassidy's and Rob's appointments, whatever she had to tell her could wait until then.  As Kim parked the SUV, I could feel myself wetting my diaper, remembering that Beth had double diapered me, I doubted I would be much more then a little damp, at best, what did bother me, was that all too familiar rumbling down low in my tummy, I knew it wouldn't be long before breakfast and my morning baby bottle of special formula would be seeking a release, very soon.


As our little group walked into the mall, Cassidy in her stroller, Elly holding my hand and Beth and Kim toting the diaper bags, Elly asked Kim if the nursery was open today and was her and Beth planning on dropping the babies off there.  Kim told her that the nursery didn't officially open until Tuesday, after the holidays, but Amber and Ashley were training new girls today so that yes, there was someone there, and no, they weren't dropping the babies off.  When I heard this, I breathed a sigh of relief which both Kim and Beth noticed, Beth quickly whispered in my ear "Is someone tired of being a baby", Kim heard her ask me and they both stood there, tapping their foot, waiting patiently for me to answer, I slowly shook my head no and whispered back that I wanted to keep being a baby, Beth smiled, took my hand and said "Let's go s hopping girls"


                  We must have been walking thru the store for about 45 minutes when, without warning, I exploded into my diaper, I stopped quickly as Kim kept pushing the shopping buggy Cassidy was riding in and I was hanging onto, when Kim asked me why was I stopping the buggy, I just stood there, I must have had a certain look on my face because Kim just smiled, wrinkled her nose and said "Aha, did you just make a big booboo in your diaper Robby", Beth and Elly noticed we had stopped and came back to see what we were doing, as soon as they got there Kim wasted no time in telling them her SUSPICIONS.  Elly asked Kim if I had just messed my diaper, Kim said yea, she thought so, Elly laughed and said "Well Hell, no big deal, if we stopped every time a baby made a dirty diaper we'd be stopping every 10 minutes, plus, Baby Robby's had so many messy diaper s I'm quite sure that having to sit in one for a little while longer won't be all that big of a deal, babies sit around in messy diapers all the time", both Beth and Kim agreed and continued on with their shopping as Kim told me to hold on to the shopping buggy and not let go, I noticed Kim was sort of sniffing the air as she got behind me, I think the double diaper, plastic pants and sweat pants sort of masked the smell, at least I hoped it would.


                    As we stood in the checkout line, Beth and Elly were in front of the shopping buggy placing our purchases on the automated check out belt, Cassidy was still in the baby seat, I was hanging on to the side corner at the back of the buggy and Kim was standing right behind me.  Out of the blue, a good looking lady, probably in her early 40's, quietly mentioned to Kim "Oh my, what a lovely baby (looking at Cassidy), but I think your little one made a messy diaper", as she distinctly wrinkled her nose.  Kim replied quickly by sniffing the air, then saying "Oh My God, I think you're right, I am so sorry", the lady told her, don't worry about it, that's what babies do, at the least most opportune times, they both just laughed.  I'm not sure how red I was turning but I do know I was turning red, fortunately Kim didn't make a big deal out of it and expose my embarrassing predicament to the lady.


                     When we got out of the store, Elly mentioned she was ready for some lunch, both Beth and Kim agreed, then looked at Cassidy and I, Kim said there was no way we could take me into a restaurant and that she was sorry, but they had no choice but to take me to the nursery and get me changed.  I wasn't sure if I was ready for another round in Kim's nursery but as I walked thru the mall, feeling the mess in my diaper squish and stick to my butt I knew, I had no choice.


                      When we got to the nursery, Amber and Ashley had just finished up with their training classes and were the only ones there, when I waddled in, I couldn't believe how their eyes lit up and they both got big smiles on their faces.  They both rushed over to Cassidy and I and started hugging both of us, when Amber got to me and started to hug me, she just froze, sniffed the air, then wrinkled her nose saying "Huh huh, I see how it is, you don't bring Baby Robby to visit us unless he's got a loaded diaper".  Kim started laughing right away and said, "Well, unfortunately, this time, you're right, but honestly, he just messed his diaper while we were shopping and you don't have to change him, Beth will"


                         Elly immediately jumped in and said she was hungry and wanted to go to lunch, Amber sensed her urgency and told Kim "That's ok, if you all want to leave the babies here and go eat lunch, we can watch them for a bit, but my mom is coming by, so if that's ok, I mean what with Baby Rob and all".  Kim said "Sure, no problem, but is your mom going to have a problem with Rob", Amber replied, "No, Ashley and I already told her about what you all were doing and she thought it was kind a cute, hope you don't mind", looking at Beth, Beth replied "Sure, I have no problem, as long as she doesn't hurt him and she understands, he's just a little baby".


                         What I hadn't noticed was that while Amber and Beth were talking, Kim had already changed Cassidy's wet diaper and had her back in the stroller.  Beth looked at Kim and Elly and asked if they were ready, Kim said yes, she decided to take Cassidy with her since she had been such a good baby all day, Elly was eagerly ready and said LET'S GO.  As I stood there, with a full diaper, I almost had a tear in my eye when Beth gave me a quick mommy kiss and told me to be a good baby, Amber took my hand and Ashley grabbed my diaper bag as everyone walked out. 


                         Amber smiled at me, patted my bottom, wrinkled her nose and said "Let's go get you changed little one, you stink".  As we walked towards the back area of the nursery, familiarity set in quickly, Ashley yelled at Amber, "Don't change him until I get back there, I want to help".  When we got to the back area, Amber told me to hop up on the over-sized crib, as I did, I felt the mess squish and mush up my back and my groin area, Amber gently put her hand on my chest and pushed me down on my back so I was laying with my legs partly off the edge of the crib.


                          I couldn't see anything but heard Ashley come into the room, it wasn't long before I realized she WAS NOT ALONE, as I lay there, both Amber and Ashley appeared over me on my left side, and to my shock, I heard a lady say "Well well well, what do we have here, and here I thought it was that little baby who made a mess in her diaper", I looked to my right and up and I know I wet my diaper right there on the spot, I saw the lady who had been behind us at the checkout line, the one that commented she could smell a messy diaper, this was Amber's mother, Becky, as I lay there, She looked down at me, smiled and said "YOU GIRLS DON'T MIND IF I CHANGE HIM DO YOU, THIS LITTLE STINKER'S GOT A REALLY BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD DIAPER AND HE STINKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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